Aww dat gwittews am nu gowdies! Part 1 (By no_sketti_on_tuesdays)

Inspired by Carpdimes 2017 Carpdime Hugbox of fluffies and food

Enjoy folks.

Your name is Princess Angelina. You are royalty. You are a white pegasus fluffy mare with a long purple mane. You are also a mother to a brood of finely colored foals. Not one single poopy or monster babbeh. Perfection. Just as father expects.
There’s Reginald. A beautiful crimson unicorn colt, Ebeneezer a delightful emerald green pegasus colt, and last but certainly not least. Your precious bestest. A white pegasus Filly with a beautiful purple mane just like yours. You’ve names her Angelique.

“Daddeh. Pwincess wouwd wike ta hab bestest sketti an meatbawws. Hoofsie made sketti noodwes wif bestest gwound wagyu beefies foh da meatbawws. Sketti sauce fwom Itawy dis time. Nu fwom poopie powtugal. Chop chop imbeciwe Daddeh!”
And like that. You’re being waited on hoofsie and tail by daddeh’s servant. They cook you the finest food a fluffy (or human for that matter) could ask for.

After your meal that would make the most stout supporter of any bourgeoisie blush you decide it’s time for your foals to be graced with your milk.
“Babbehs. It am tim foh finest miwkies.”
Of course your bestest drinks first. You’ve taught your other two foals to wait patiently until she’s done. She loves to drink from both of your milky places. The others must wait as she suckles half of the milkies from both of your milk sacks. Leaving only half a portion of what she drank for her brothers.

“Ahh. Babbeh dun mummah. Nao am dummeh bwuddas tuwn.”
Bestest says as she trots off into your beautiful saferoom.
A king size bed with a walk up ramp just for you and your foals, golden balls, Pure silk stuffy friends, a 90 inch TV, French designer blockies, and a bell to call your loyal subjects. It truly was a kingdom, and despite your name you were no princess. You were a queen.

Suddenly the door opens.
“Hewwo Daddeh. Am it tim ta go tu da fwuffy spa?”
You ask. Daddeh looks at you.
“Angelina. Where is daddy’s favorite slippers?”
Daddeh asks.
“Oh. Weginawd an ebeneezah nu wike weguwah wittah box. Su pwincess Angewina gib dem daddeh’s swippews as babbeh wittah boxies.”
You say.
“Babbeh make bestest poopies in swippew!”
Reginald says.
“Ebeneezy nu wike dummeh swippew. Gib it wowstest sowwy poopies! Ebeneezy wan wittah paww!”

Your babbehs used to have a litter pal but Daddeh said it was “inhumane” whatever that means. You don’t care. All you know is your babbehs missed getting lickey cleanies after making poopies and you’re darned sure you aren’t Numming any poopies.
“I’m not getting you a damned litter pal. Those things are just down right wrong. The fact that they even exist makes me question humanity. I had a custom tiny bidet made for you to clean yourselves. Why aren’t you using it?”

“Babbehs nu wike wawah touching dey poopy pwace. An mummah nu bwame dem. Dey desewb aww da wickey cweanies. So get dem wittah paww Daddeh! Dey am pewfect babbehs. Dey desewb da BESTEST!”
You demand.
“YE! BESTEST! BESTEST BABBEH WAN MOH TOYSIES! Bestest babbeh wan bestest OWN toysies. Bwuddas nu DESEWB ta shawe bestests toysies!”
Bestest babbeh says. Her fat cheeks shaking with extreme blubber as she yells.

Your name is Max. To sound fancy you call yourself Maximilian around your peers but your friends call you max. When you were around 25 you struck gold and hit the lottery. Being a savvy spender instead of blowing it all you started investing. You’ve managed to accumulate a decent sized fortune. You’re no bezos or musk but you’re certainly still in the top one percent. That being said you’ve never had time for a wife and children. Though it is something you’ve always wanted. You decided to buy a Fluffy. You’ve heard that they’re basically like having a child.

Your niece who is way more knowledgeable about Fluffies than you helped you pick one out. A rather expensive filly that she said looked like some cartoon pony. You spent money converting an old bedroom into a top tier fluffy saferoom and filled it with expensive children’s toys. After all you are loaded. Why not spoil them a little…

This was my first mistake.

As it turns out a spoiled fluffy makes a spoiled child look like an absolute angel. It wasn’t bad at first. St first she just started refusing kibble. That was fine. I started buying the premium fluffy food. This she started refusing too.
“Icky can Nummies! Nu wike! Pwincess desewb Betta Nummies! Wan sketti! BESTEST sketti!”

Spaghetti… This thing wanted spaghetti? I mean ok. I guess.
Eventually realizing that I don’t have enough time to really take care of her I hired a nanny. This also backfired. The nanny did everything that Angelina wanted. Angelina started referring to her nanny as “daddeh’s servant!” God I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I got here through hard work and dumb luck. I don’t need servants.

This next part isn’t the nanny’s fault. Though she caused it. The nanny loved watching cooking shows and watched them a lot while Angelina played with her toys. Angelina learned all kinds of things like how Wagyu beef and imported cheese were apparently must haves.
Luckily with Fluffies being so stupid you just give her canned spaghetti and frozen pre made meatballs. She doesn’t know the difference, but it’s the principle of the matter. She THINKS she’s getting those things so in her mind she’s the best.

Then my last mistake. Foals. After watching babies on fluffy TV she insisted that she needs foals.
“Daddeh! Pwincess nee babbehs! Pwincess nee bestest Speciaw fwen ta make bestest babbehs eva! Pwincess wan babbehs NAO!”
Once again. I relented. I paid for a stud stallion to give her the foals she wanted. Then it got worse. I was introduced to Bitch Mare Syndrome.

Nothing was good enough for her and her unborn spawn.
“Daddeh pwincess nee moh Toysies foh when tummy babbehs get hewe! Daddeh pwincess nee MOH Nummies! Nee make sure tummy babbehs am gwowin! Pwincess can nu use wittahbox Daddeh. Mobing am nu gud foh tummy babbehs.”
It was at this point I cracked and decided to do my research on these things. I immediately learned that I already fucked up. I learned about BMS and all of the symptoms. I also learned that this would more than likely cause her to pick a favorite and mistreat foals she considered bad colors.

Then the day came when I heard her scream and go into labor.
I immediately ran in. She had five foals but I only let her keep three. The first two were brown alicorns. Both male. I decided to keep these two but keep them in a separate safe room with a wet nurse mare who they affectionately refer to as mummah. She didn’t question why she felt five pop out but only had three.

She immediately deemed the white Filly as bestest and has spoiled it since. It’s nothing but a walking ball of fat that Angelina swears is actually muscle. This isn’t to say that the other two are mistreated. They’re all spoiled brats. It’s just the bestest is the worst.
I tried to name them after the three stooges but this made Angelina angry.
“NU IMBECIWE DADDEH! Bestest babbehs nee bestest namesies. Wike da fancie hoomans on TeeBee.”
This they ended up being named Reginald, Ebeneezer, and Angelique. Three boring snooty names.

Within a day she’d already ruined them.
Even as chirpies they yelled for milk. The white ones fat cheeks flapping every time it opened it’s mouth. You tolerated it for three weeks. They’re now talking foals about to start the weaning process. Angelina demanding their first meal be Lobster with white Truffle served on a bed of Safron. Three foods she’s never had but is CONVINCED must be the best foods in the world because they talked about them on TV.

I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve ever had a white truffle or Saffron anything. Lobster I’ve had a good bit of but that’s besides the point. I’m a business man. I never have time to sit and eat this fancy shmancy shit. My day to day diet consists of McDonald’s and caffeine.
I’m not buying that shit for a pet.

Today was the last straw.

Daddeh looks at you.
“Angelina your foals are getting older. It’s time to get them weaned.”
Daddeh sits a bowl down.
“Ahh yiss. Babbehs. Go git da bestest Nummies. Mummah had da sewvent make babbehs bestest fiwst weaw Nummies. Wobstew an twuffwe wif safwon!”
Your babbehs start running off the bed. You hold the other two and let bestest get a head start. She deserves first bite.
Angelique’s fat bounces as she makes her way to her Nummies.

Your babbehs have been looking forward to this for a while. You’ve assured them it will be gre-
You hear bestest yell.
“… Daddeh. Whai babbehs nu hab twuffwe wobstew?”
You ask. Daddeh looks at you and scowls.
“Because I’m not buying some hoity toity food for three foals who wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and a can of spam.”

Did Daddeh seriously just say that he wasn’t going to give YOUR precious babbehs the bestest Nummies? He’s not allowed to do that. You’re the princess here.
" Siwwy Daddeh. Now gu gut babbehs dewe twuffwe wobstew. Nu moh jokies."
You say figuring this is a prank.
“I said. No. Your foals can eat the milky kibble. I’m tired of this stuck up attitude of yours. You are a fluffy, and it’s time I start treating you as such.”
… he’s serious? He can’t be. Yes you’re a fluffy. The BESTEST fluffy. You deserve the BESTEST!

“AHEM… Daddeh. Maybeh ou fohget. Angewina am a pwincess. Dat mean Angewina git what Angewina wan… Go. Git. Babbehs. Twuffwe. Wobstew.”
You say stomping your front hoofsie with each word.
“You’re not a princess. I bought you from a shelter. And you WILL NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT IN MY HOUSE!”
Daddeh yelled.
You say back.

Bestest charges at daddeh giving his leggies wowstest sowwy hoofsies. A pitty it came to that but it has to be done. Daddeh must learn his place in the hierarchy.

Whelp here we are. Fat fuck bestest is punching your leg. While it doesn’t hurt at all it’s just the gaull these fuckers have. Here you are giving them things the average fluffy could never dream of and this is how you’re repayed. If you wanted a little brat that hated you you’d of had a real kid. They have their own king size bed for Christ’s sake. A bed that’s now ruined from their many fecal related “accidents” aka they were just too lazy to go to their litter box. Yes the toys are just spray painted gold but they don’t know that. They think it’s real.

Finally it turns around and squirts a stream of liquid excrement into your shoe.
It yells. It’s blubber bouncing with every word.
Suddenly Angelina speaks up.
“Teehee! Gud bestest babbeh. Nao wah do ou say aftah sowwy poopies?”
She says.
The bestest turning back to you with a triumphant grin.
“Nao num aww bestest sowwy poopies! Num dem aww gone. Den bwing twuffwe wobstew dummeh!”

As it stands their posing for it’s mother you’ve had enough.
Without a single word you lean down and grab the fucker.
“BAD UPSIES! Mummah hewp!”
It screams.
You use it as a rag to wipe it’s rancid shit off of your shoe.
Angelina yells. After you’re done you throw the little fucker. Not as hard as you should of. It was more just a toss but it was more than enough to scare it.

It yells while crying.
Angelina looks at you with rage in her eyes.
She demanded.
“I don’t think I will. I’m done.”
You say as you walk out shutting the door behind you. Angelina screaming for you to come back and lick the shit off of her spawn.

You pull out your phone.
You didn’t think you’d ever do this but ya know what? Little fuckers need to be taught a hard lesson.
You call your old surgeon. You haven’t talked to him in years. Not since he got those malpractice lawsuits.
“Hey Doc. It’s Max Duffy. Yeah the guy who’s appendix exploded. Yeah I’m fine. That incision healed well. It’s nothing medical related. I hear you’re in the fluffy business… If you know what I mean.”
You spend the next few minutes relaying your story and telling him how you want him to deal with them.

“That’s about it. Yeah I’m still living in the same place. Snootyville USA man. Alright. I’ll see ya then. Bye Bruno.”
You say hanging up your phone. Though you’ve never condoned the abuse some inflict upon Fluffies sometimes it was necessary.

You can’t believe Daddeh. Not only not giving your foals the bestest Nummies, but also giving bestest sorry poopies.
“Mummah! Buuhuuhuu! Pwease cwean bestest babbeh. Nu feew pwetty. Nu smeww pwetty. Buuhuuhuu!”

You look at your now half brown foal.
“Nu bestest babbeh. Mummah am pwincess. Mummah nu num poopies. We wait foh dummest Daddeh to cum backsies an cwean babbeh.”
You say.
“B-buh mummah! Babbeh wub ou! Bestest babbeh nu desewb poopies!”
It whines.
“Teehee. Dummeh sissy covered in poopies. Am poopie babbeh nao.”
Ebeneezer says.
“Can weginawd be bestest nao mummah?”
Reginald sneers.

“NU! Angewique am stiww bestest. She jus nee cweanies am aww.”
You say.
“YE! Stiww am bestest dummeh bwuddas!”
Suddenly the door opens back up.
“Did Daddeh cum backsies ta cwean bestest babbeh?”
He looks at you before dropping a bowl and walking back out. The smell hits you.
" DAT AM SKETTIS! Babbehs. Tim foh Nummies! Mummah wanned ou fiwst weaw Nummies ta be twuffwe wobstew. Buh bestest skettis am just as good."
You and your foals walk to the heaping bowl of spaghetti.

You all start to num.
“Dis am bestest Nummies evah mummah!”
Reginald says.
“Mmmm. Betta Dan miwkies!”
Ebeneezer declares.
“… It am otay… Bestest babbeh stiww wan bestest twuffwe wobstew tho. Mummah gib miwkies?”
Bestest says. Oh course you’ll give her milkies while the others Nummie sketti. After all. She deserves it.
Suddenly you get really sleepy. The door opens again. Daddeh walks in with another man you don’t know.
“Yep. All tranqued up and ready to go Bruno.”
Daddeh says.
“Ooh good colors. I’ll make good money off of these guys. I’ll send you pictures after I’m done. Video if you wanna pay extra Max.”

The new man bends down.
“I’m your daddy now shitrat.”
You black out.

You wake up a little later. You’re not in your beautiful saferoom anymore. You’re in what looks like a pen on a hard rock floor. It’s cold. The air is moist and a bright white light hangs over you.
“Whe…whewe am pwincess?”
You ask.
“Oh you’re finally awake! Welcome to my lab pWiNcEs”
He says mockingly.
“I hope you enjoyed your old life. Because we’re about to have fun.”
He smiles letting his brown stained teefies shine.


Sad max have to realize first hand the worst thing to spoil a sheltered fluffy.

Imbecile and dummeh daddeh was the red flag blaring all over on that.

Glad the two alicorn was seperated from that bitch of a mother.

And the fun begins!


I imagine the 2 alicorns are just blissfully happy and never have to see or deal with their shitty biological mom.

Speaking of which, I cannot wait to see the spoiled bitch and her shitty children get what they fucking deserve.


I always get so excited when you upload.

Also, has Princess been fully kicked out of Max’s house? Or is this just an attitude adjustment thing?




The poopy munstah brothers are gonna be having a good time with all their “new” fancy toys.

What a miserable little billionaire.
Can see why his pets might start to think they were his owners.