Barren Glory Part 6 by Karn

Glory hadn’t really heard the argument between the green stallion and Rascal, lost in her own despair. It was only a few bright times ago she still had a home, still had her human mother. Sobbing as she thought back to her old life, Glory found it odd how little she ever saw her owner, with her attendant Reginald being the one who fed and cared for Glory. Still, when the pegasus thought back to the few times she remembered her owner’s smile, it made her warm inside.

But now she hated Glory! She had screamed and screamed at her for so many forevers, calling her words that Glory somehow knew were very mean. It was her fault of course, the pegasus thought as she sobbed, her body shuddering against the forest floor. She was like the blue pegasus, something was wrong with her, but she didn’t know what.

As she felt the warm embrace of the green stallion, Glory began to calm, her sorrows lessened but not abated. Leaning in, Glory held her new friend, enjoying the new and comforting sensation of hugging. Why hadn’t Glory known about this sooner? It felt so wonderful, and almost second nature.

“Fwuffy sowwy bout’ Wascaww. Nu am meanie…onwy cawe bout’ fwends. Yu otay Gwowy?”

Her head still buried in the stallion’s chestfluff, Glory shook her head, her hooves tightening around friend.

“Nu…Gwowy nu am otay…tu mani heawt huwties…buh huggies hewp…tank yu…”

Nuzzling her and lightly licking her cheek, the green stallion stood, helping glory to her feet.

“Fwuffy pwomise tu hewp Gwowy. Wiww shawe nestie fow nu bwite time.”

Leading her back to the hollowed out log, Glory could see that Rascal and the others had also made their way to the small grove, even the blue pegasus. They were pushing leaves into a pile to make both a bed for the evening and breakfast once they woke. Glory couldn’t take her eyes off the blue pegasus, the one winged fluffy smiling and laughing, as though nothing had happened earlier. Noticing Glory, the blue pegasus ran up to her, with Glory unwittingly letting out an audible yelp as he hugged her.

“Hewwo gen, nyu fwend! Gud tu see yu!”

Paralyzed with fear, Glory held perfectly still, save for the quivering of her legs, terrified of somehow frightening the pegasus again. Looking around nervously, she noticed Rascall watching her closely as he moved the water bucket closer to their leaf pile.

“Bwu fwend! Nee’ mowe hewp wiff nesties!”

Giving Glory one more tight and loving squeeze, he smiled at her, and then to Rascall. Calling back to the red stallion, he trotted back to the nest.

“Otay! Fwuffy comin’!”

Finally relaxing after he let go,Glory let out a sigh of relief. She watched the blue pegasus run away, shaking her head with confusion.

“Bwu fwend nu membew…”

Turning around, Glory saw the green stallion. He has witnessed the whole thing and could see the uncertainty on his new friend’s face.

“…Wat yu mean bwu fwend nu membew?”

“Bwu fwend nu membew wen bwu fwend yeww ow scweems…it taek wong timesies fow Wascaww tu hewp cawm bwu fwend…buh wen bwu fwend otay gen, bwu fwend nebah membew…”

Looking puzzled as she gazed at the green stallions somber face, Glory looked back to the blue pegasus, who was throwing leaves at Rascal and the pink unicorn, the three of them laughing as they played.

“Buh…buh bwu fwend yewwed an’ scweemed su mani…wike bwu fwend hav wowstest huwties. Bwu fwend weawwy nu membew?”

Shaking his head, the green stallion stood next to Glory, the pair of them watching the other fluffies.


Interrupting their somber conversation, the blue pegasus called out to them, inviting them to join in the festivities.

“Gween fwend! Nyu fwend! Come pway!”

Looking to Glory and then nodding towards the romping fluffies, the green stallion joined them in a game that the pegasus mare had never seen. One of the fluffies would chase the others, trying their best to touch them. When they finally succeeded, all the fluffies would hug, and then the one that was caught last would become the new chaser. After a couple of quick rounds of the strange “huggie tag”, the green stallion realized that Glory was only watching. Smiling, he ran over and lightly tapped her with his hoof.

“Gotchu! Nao Gwowy wun aftah fwuffies!”

Still confused, Glory was suddenly the center of a fluffy hugpile, the lingering cuddles and affection making her smile, awash in the warm, comforting sensation of being held. Even Rascal had a hoof around her, with the other firmly around the one winged pegasus. The pink unicorn seemed only slightly hesitant, but clearly hugs were far more important to her than holding a grudge.

They then let go, running away as they laughed, with Glory suddenly snapping back to attention, suddenly missing all the attention she had been getting. Seeing that Glory wasn’t pursuing them, the green stallion chuckled, calling out to her.

Gwowy! Wun aftah fwuffy fwends! Twy an’ gib fwuffies touchies!”

Slowly understanding, Glory began to smile as she ran after the wild fluffies, enjoying the strange but wonderful game for many hours before the sun began to set. It was Rascal who suddenly stopped, his chuckling and smiling suddenly halted as he scanned through the trees to the horizon.

“Otay, nuff pwayin’ fow nao! Bwite time neawy ovah an’ woodsies gunah be cowdies soon! Aww fwuffy fwends tu da nestie!”

Only slightly disheartened by the end of their game, the fluffies walked over and began to lay down within the leaves piled in front of the hollow log. Watching as she slowly walked towards, Glory saw that Rascal presses the leaves around, making a comfortable spot for the one winged pegasus before the two began to cuddle, the pink unicorn joining them shortly after.

Feeling something lightly pushing her, Glory turned to see the green stallion lightly nudging her to the fluffpile.

“Fwuffies gu sweepies nao…Gwowy way wiff fwuffies an’ nu be cowd…”

Glory had thought that she’d be sharing nests with the green stallion, not the entire group of wild fluffies. Slightly embarassed, she crept over and lowered herself onto the leaf pile, putting a small bit of distance between her and the others. As she wiggled and patted around, trying to get comfortable, she watched as the green stallion yawned and laid next to the pink unicorn, looking to Glory as his tail wagged lightly.

Gwowy wan way wiff fwuffy an’ git sweepy huggies?”

Moving closer, Glory tried to hide her widening smile as the green stallion placed his hoof around her. Snuggling closer, she began to tire, yawning as she nuzzled against the green stallion.

“Gud nite Gwowy…wuv yu.”

Her heart fluttering slightly, Glory slowly fell asleep, her troubles forgotten, at least for the moment.


I am so enjoying this series.


I’m glad
I love writing it and it’s a good way to space out working between series.


Hope nothing happens to greenie, it would destroy Glory, she don’t need more heart hurties.


Its sad blue have somewhat epilepsy episode? :cry: Hope Green wont be hurt knowing Glory is barren.


it’s unclear as of now what is wrong with the scarred pegasus.

the only things that have been revealed are

1.he is missing a wing and is heavily scarred on that side
2.touching him there will send him into a PTSD fit is usually Rascal who has to calm him down
4.he doesn’t remember these attacks he has
5. he dreams of whatever abuse he endured


Poor guy :cry: