Barren Glory Part 7 by Karn

Shaking and kicking slightly, Glory found little respite from the dread she felt as she slumbered. Her mind awash in images of her screaming owner and brooding over her abandonment, the pegasus’ eyes shot open as she woke, gasping for air.

Her chest heaving, Glory tried to get her bearings. It was so dark, with naught but the moonlight casting a dull luster. Able to just make out the other fluffies, Glory noticed Rascal trying to comfort the blue pegasus.

He was shaking violently, despite being asleep, the poor creature occasionally pleading and begging with some unknown terror within his dreams. Standing over him, Rascal was singing softly, so as not to wake the others as he gently rubbed the agonized fluffy along his stomach.

“Wascaww wuv fwuffy”
“Fwuffy wuv Wascaww”
“Wascaww keep yu safies’”
“Nebah be awone”

While the caressing and soft singing seemed to soothe the scarred pegasus, albeit slightly, it was striking to Glory how scared he looked, even as he slept. Was that how she had looked moments ago? Was she like the poor blue pegasus now? Were they as her green friend had said? Broken?

Suddenly feeling something warm around her, Glory looked to see that the green stallion had lightly stirred, putting his hoof around the pegasus and pulling her lightly, his voice soft and still near slumbering.

“…Gwowy nu be cowdies…git huggies an’ gu back sweepies…”

Now warm in the green stallion’s embrace once again, Glory felt her thoughts drifting away, the ennui abated at least for the moment. Trying to nuzzle closer until her back was firmly against his chest, Glory sighed contently. Maybe things weren’t all bad, she thought as she drifted back to sleep.

It was just after sunrise that Glory began to awaken, the squirming and wiggling of her nest mate rousing her from slumber. As her eyes fluttered open, she saw the green stallion, stretching and yawning as he stared towards her, smiling.

“Gud bwite timeGwowy. Yu sweep otay?”

Happy to see him as she rose, and not wanting to ruin his clear good mood, Glory decided not to mention her restlessness. Rubbing her head lightly against his, she giggled as the stallion licked her face.

“Gwowy sweep otay. Nebah sweep wiff odah fwuffies befow. Am su nices’.”

The pair now standing, yawned as they stretched, with Glory pushing her front hooves forward as she arched her back. Looking past the hollow log, she could see that the other fluffies were already awake, with the scarred pegasus running and chasing the pink unicorn, while Rascal sat outside the clearing, staring cautiously past it’s entrance.

“Wai Wascaww obah deww?”

A look of confusion and slight apprehension on his face, the green stallion glanced towards Rascal.

“Nu kno. Fwuffy gu see…”

Glory watched as the green stallion trotted over beside Rascal, the two fluffies clearly discussing something for several minutes. Walking back afterwards, Glory couldn’t help but notice he seemed almost nervous, the green stallion glancing around cautiously as he approached the concerned mare.

“Am gween fwend otay?”

His expression shifting quickly, the green stallion suddenly smiled, placing a hoof on Glory’s shoulder.

“Ob cowse Gwowy. Nu wowwies. Wascaww wan fwuffies tu weave hewe soon wiffow’t Wascaww. Teww fwuffy dat Wascaww wiww meet fwuffies furdeh in dah woodsies…”

Unsure why Rascal would need to stay behind, and not wanting to question her friend, Glory only nodded, as the pair made their way to the scarred pegasus and the pink unicorn. Noticing their approach, the scarred pegasus smiled at the pair.

“Gud bwite time fwends! Yu sweepies fow su wong!”

“Gud bwite time bwu fwend. An’ gud bwite time pink fwend.”

Looking to the pink unicorn, Glory smiled meekly as she nodded towards her. She was still slightly afraid of the unicorn, but she was hoping that if she were kind enough, she’d warm up to Glory. Smiling to the green stallion but casting a slightly annoyed glance towards Glory, the unicorn greeted them.

""Gud bwite time gween fwend!.. …an’ gud bwite time Gwowy…"

Happy even for the lukewarm greeting, Glory sat as the green stallion conveyed what Rascal had said to him. While the unicorn seemed unbothered, the scarred pegasus suddenly became sullen, his eyes beginning to tear up.

Wascaww nu gu wiff fwuffies…*huuu…huuu…huuu”

Putting his hooves around the scarred pegasus, the green stallion held him closely, the sullen blue fluffy sobbing into his chest.

“It am otay bwu fwend…Wascaww nu be gown fow wong…”

Hearing the sadness in the green stallion’s voice, Glory could tell something was wrong, but she didn’t know what. Watching as he instructed the others, Glory decided to say nothing for the moment. Watching as he let go of the scarred pegasus, the green stallion continued.

“Otay! Aww fwuffies hab nummies an’ den fwuffies am weav’n! Pink fwend, aftah yu hab nummies, yu gowna cawwy dah wawa buckee, otay?”

Suddenly turning to the green stallion, the unicorn was clearly upset by the request, considering it exceptionally unfair.

“WAT?! It nu am fwuffy’s tuwn! It am Bwu fwend’s tuwn tu cawwy wawa buckee!”

“…Bwu fwend am nu happies wite nao pink fwend…Bwu fwend hab heawt huwties an’…”

Blowing a raspberry to cut of the green stallion, the pink unicorn shook her head at him.

“Sum’ting awways wong wiff bwu fwend! Fwuffy nu cawe! Am bwu fwend’s tuwn! Dat am faiw!”

Sensing that the argument might lead to more shouting like yesterday, Glory dashed in between the pair, pushing them back lightly with her hooves.

“Gwowy wiww du it! Gwowy wiww cawwy wawa buckee! P’wease…nu mowe shouties…”

Breathing a sigh of relief, the green stallion turned to Glory, thanking her even as the pink unicorn walked away to the leafpile for her breakfast.

“Tank yu Gwowy. Fwuffy nu wike yewwing ow shouties edah.”

The three fluffies all gathered around the leaves they had piled and began to eat, with only Glory occasionally scowling as she crunched the foliage and dry twigs. After breakfast, the green stallion trotted past the pink unicorn before gathering the old plastic bucket.

"Fwuffy hab tu taek Gwowy tu wunnin’ wawa tu fiww buckee. Pink fwend stay hewe an’ taek cawe ob bwu fwend tiww fwuffies am dun. Otay?

“Dat am fine. Nu taek tu wong tho…Fwuffy no wike wen bwu fwend am nu happies…”

Leading Glory, the green stallion walked past several trees until they reached a small brook, the rock lidden dirt causing the pegasus to wince with nearly every step. As they edged closer to the small stream, Glory could see pine trees lining the other side, the smell making her smile despite the pain in her hooves.

“Gwowy wuv dat smeww! Nu kno dat ebah’gweens sweww su pwetty!”

Looking to the pegasus, placing the bucket down, the green stallion tilted his head.

“Wat am ebah’gweens?”

“Dohs am ebah’gweens! Dah twees dat nu hab weafies an’ smeww gud. Gwowy see dem on t’bee buh nu kno hao pwetty dey smeww!”

“Wai dey cawwed dat? Wat ebah’gween mean?”

“Cuz dey awways gween. Twees dat nu tuwn odah cowows am ebah’gweens. Dey awways gween…wike yu gween fwend.”

Pouncing him lightly, Glory leaned onto the green stallion, smiling as she nuzzled him. Looking to her and then the trees, the green stallion smiled as he lightly licked her face.

“Su fwuffy am wike ebah’gweens…an’ Gwowy wike ebah’gweens…an…Gwowy…wike fwuffy…wite?”

As the green stallion slowly asked, he began to look to the ground, lightly scraping it with his hooves as he nervously swayed back and forth. Walking up to him, Glory nuzzled his neck before lightly licking his face.

“Gwowy wike aww dohs tings…wike gween fwend mostest ob aww…”

"Owd meanie daddeh nu ebah gib fwuffy namsies…onwy gib huwties…ma’be…ma’be fwuffy gu by ebah’gween nao? "

Putting her arms around the stallion, she nuzzled him as he began to cry.

“Otay…Gwowy caww yu Ebah’gween fwom nao own.”

Standing next to the babbling brook, the pair embraced for several minutes, with Evergreen finally calming down, wiping the remnants of tears from his face. He looked to Glory, his eyes full of joy as he smiled at her.

“Tank yu Gwowy. Ebah’gween wuv yu su manies.”

Blushing, Glory, looked to the ground for a moment before meeting his gaze, he smile widening as he looked at her.

“…Gwowy wuv Ebah’gween tu…”

Licking her face and nuzzling her, Evergreen held her closely as he asked the question that had been burning within his heart the moment he had first held the lithe pegasus.

“Du Gwowy wan be Ebah’gween’s speciaw fwend?”


I’m really enjoying this, @Karn. Thank you!


No problem
I enjoy writing it a great deal


Its nice and slow. Descriptions are quite good. Its nice to get to know the characters versus being thrown into the deep end all fast like due to circumstances. You do more showing rather than telling (whereas I think I tell more than show).

Good stuff! Have a sandwich Mr. Heavyman!


Oh, maybe Glory could start to figure out that she is barren and possibly piece together why she was thrown away.


I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say glory is gonna find out she can’t have kids, pink bitch will take advantage of that and rascall not being around, and manipulate glory so she can have evergreen’s babies so “he can be happies and hab famiwy” and if that doesn’t work she’ll rape blue boy and make him commit toaster-bath and when rascall comes she can act like glory made evergreen give her bad special huggies and hurt blue boy when he tried to stop him.
I know she isn’t baby crazy but she seems like a massive bitch who would do that.


I wub dis story so manies!


the way they socialized near the end was exactly the way id have presumed 80s mlp to be. you know, theres this weird outcast pony or whatever and its scared the other ponies wont like her but then they be her friends after all and everything is alright. the social interaction and the way everything went concerning that


Oh shit! The last sentence is …:scream: This gonna be a drama scene after this :frowning: