Battle Royal (carniviousduck)


Bowser all the way, he’s in to it he is a bruiser a tank he can take alla you fluffies on !

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Double P is looking nervous.

Well he’s looking at a Fluffy with a sawblade in his goddamn skull. And he’s smiling.

I’d be nervous too


That’s why Bowser is nr 1

I’m betting on Double P. Because Double B’s only weapon seems to be his pointy vest and his buzzsaw head. The buzzsaw head looks like it would do more damage to Double B than his enemy,and the pointy battle armor doesn’t seem like it would do much good against Double P,who has a pretty solid chunk of armor himself.
Double P has an impalement weapon that allows his him more reach AND force that can be put behind it than Double B does. Double B also has more exposed skin for Double P to prod.
Sorry fellas,I think Double P is going to come out on top.

Yeah but bowser is clearly in to it
He might die in the process but i’m sure he will take little P down.

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I don’t know,Double B seems to be more into the battle for the bloodshed. Maybe Double P has a good strategical brain. But Double B does seem the type to attack even when mortally wounded.

That’s why i think Bowser wil win.

Are there any other contestants ?

( this be a cool collaborative project though, everybody submitting battle fluffies who take each other down in battle royals after a vote by the community who wins. )

I could make more if that is what the people want…


I hoping to see it take off and that we all introduce battle fluffies.
More battle fluffies is never a bad thing.

My money’s on neither of them, they’ll both probably trip and fall and start crying

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something tells me poopeh penetrator is in for a challenge

Double P is going to get all up in that ass. He’s clearly done it before. But Double B is going to enjoy it.

This shit is turning X rated now.