Breeding Unit 4 - 02 (by Booperino)

Sequel to Breeding Unit 4 - 01 (by Booperino)
Trinity got floaties for the bath tub huggies :stuck_out_tongue:
Stage 1 cleared! Eyes are good :smiley:


Snakefood, Trinity and Fixer make such a lovely little family. And both fluffies keeps their daddy on his toes and focused on his mission. It’s so heartwarming to see the way they set out to help fluffies who’ve suffered horribly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like how you colored her eyes to give greater emphasis. She finally saw the world properly.


a yellow diamond in the rough. :slight_smile:


I’m hoping those yellow eyes aren’t FA07!

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whats that :o?

OH! Its something @BFM101 was inspired to create after seeing fluffies with rings around their eyes in a comic from @FallenAngel007. Makes fluffy stallions into hellgremlins, but mares are unaffected. Its a good overall story, not sure if you’d like it as there are some really dark bits (it IS a Josef Mongola/abuser-poster boy story after all).

Okay, good, its not that. I can relax now. I think.


yeah im just a sucker for yellow/golden colored eyes in general XD


:broken_heart: :broken_heart: :gift_heart: :heart: :orange_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :brown_heart:

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Springboarding off of Chikahiro’s post, I had an amazing idea for a Halloween story. I’m too lazy to write it up, but here’s the summary.

They get Four all fixed up. Her eyes and mouth are a little weird, but given the trauma that’s understandable. Fixer goes out, leaving Snake food in charge. And then, as the sun sets, Four gets hungry for the first time since being a wee chirpy, which she barely remembers.

Only, she isn’t hungry for miwkies, or kibble, or even sketties. She wants something…else…she doesn’t know what. Except that suddenly Trinity smells good. Smells really good. Smells…delicious.


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That would be a spooky twist :stuck_out_tongue:
Altho i do have in mind a spooky weirdbox story for halloween that does in fact involve fixer, snake and a cannibal fluffy

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Nice! The thing is, you can go a bunch of different directions. Does alt-universe Four have upgraded implants? Slug match between two cyberfluffies!

Or maybe Snake food gets taken out (killed / knocked unconscious), and Trinity takes the Final Girl role of a slasher movie!

Or maybe Fixer comes home in time, but it turns out fluffy cannibalism is contagious, and now Snake food and/or Trinity are Zombie fluffs.

In the Multiverse, all of these possibilities may be true…somewhere.

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I love how everyone has an active role in the fixing. Both physical and mental needs are attended to.


:pray:t2: her eyes are ok! Now for the other senses , you can do it doc! :muscle:

Give support Snakefood and Trinity

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I really need to write more about Cashew and Almond, my two Animatronic Fluffs. You are seriously gonna give me a sugar crash from all this sweetness

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