Candy and Amber moving to the Academy (artist: Carpdime)

Candy and Amber settling into life at the Academy.

This picture depicts events soon after Chapter 10 of the Avocado story.

Avocado - Chapter 10 - By Oculus

Candy and Amber are teachers at fluffy Daycare, they have recently taken a new role at the West Celestial Academy for fluffies:

Candy, a fluffy teacher leading Avocado and friends at fluffy daycare (artist: Carpdime)

Avocado recuperating (Artist:Carpdime)

Bullsquid leaves the Daycare (Artist:Carpdime)

Milk and cookies at Daycare (artist: Carpdime)


That so adorable :heart_eyes:


You’re really getting better at humans, Carp. My jaw was dropping when I first saw this 0_0

Also nice touch with the Nintendo Swicth there!


Cause when I think coffee, I think Carp.


Carp Cola™
It’s like a Foal, in a Can!
Now with extra Avocado


Isn’t the story placed in the near future?
Do people in 20XX still play with the Switch?


I know Carp to be a bit of a Nintendo fan, but there are some easy ways to explain this -
(a) Amber may be a retro game enthusiast (well, retro for 20XX) and may love the Nintendo Switch for Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as the unique Pokemon generations of its time
(b) it could be a homebrew Switch absed off the original, popular among hobbyists
(c) It could be a future portable gaming PC, much like the upcoming Steam Deck, whichy many have compared to the Switch. However, and this being the future, I could see future gaming PCs being similar to the Deck.

(d) its a reference cos its fun to reference stuff.

I think I’m favouring (c) at the moment.


I did consider the future year before drawing this. Originally I had drawn it as a Steamdeck as a nod to the upcoming portable console.

However, since I didn’t know what type of console would actually be sold in the future, I thought it was more relatable to depict a system that people could recognize. I decided that Amber enjoyed a bit of “retro” gaming which I also happen to enjoy.


Given you can DIY your own retroconsole NOW with a 3d printer, Raspberry Pi, etc? A home-made Switch like thing is quite doable in the near future. Heck, might even be doable now.

Also: could be a gift from her mom or dad who remembered loving their Switch as kids. Better have lots of SNK games though!


Maybe I should write about that in a future Avocado chapter!


I can’t argue with you about this.

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