Cherry and Brian, Chapter 10: Confessions (Star-The-Alicorn)

After Dusk had been smacked with a sorry stick and sent to the corner (He was still mumbling about “Dummeh hoomans gif sowwy stick to smawty. Smawty show dummehs.”), Brain set about feeding Apple.

When Brian poured the mix of soft kibble and veggies into Cherry’s bowl, Cherry’s face lit up. “Is fow Chewwy?” Cherry asked.

“Sorry buddy, but this is for Apple. We don’t have extra bowls so he’ll have to use yours this time.” Brian explained. Cherry pouted a bit, but seemed to understand. Apple danced with joy and whinnied happily, excited at the thought of finally being able to eat.

“Now buddy, I need you to eat slowly, ok? Little bites, and stop when you’re full. You need to get used to full meals.” Brian ordered. Apple nodded and Brian left the room.

Apple chowed down, cooing at the taste. Dusk noticed the food and his stomach growled. He stepped out of his corner without permission and shoved Apple to the side, glaring. “Gif nummies! Dummeh munstah fwuffy!”

Apple whinnied in protest, and Switchy groaned in exasperation. He picked Dusk up by the scruff of the neck and carried him back to the corner. “Stay dewe! Be gud!” Switchy ordered.

“Nu! Shaddup!” Dusk snarled. Switchy gave him a swat on the rear, and Dusk yelped. It took about five tries until Dusk finally stayed there for the remainder of his timeout.

Gavin walked up to Brian a few hours later. “Hey, I wanted to ask you a question. Do you wanna have dinner with me tonight or something?” Gavin asked.

Brian smiled, nodding. “Sure! Where to?”

“Well, I know this one really good Italian restaurant that has nice pizza…”

They placed all four fluffies in the playroom (Dusk was placed into a sorry box because he tried to start another fight) and shut the door. On the way to the restaurant, it started to rain. The street lights seemed to glitter when the raindrops on the windshield passed under them. Brian sighed at the nice scenery. He loved rain.

Brian and Gavin sat down at a booth and ordered. Brian took a few slices of meat lover’s pizza, and Gavin took some spinach ravioli. They soon got to talking, but after a while Gavin went silent for a second. Then, he spoke.

“So, uhhhh…” Gavin started. He scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “The reason I took you here is, uh…” Gavin went silent for a second, seeming to think.

He looks nervous… Is he okay?” Brain wondered.

Brian gazed at him over the candle light. This was an awfully atmospheric restaurant. It was certainly fancy, with a lot of good food. He could smell the food being cooked in the kitchen, and the clattering of pots and pans. He heard the soft music that was coming over the speakers (It was “Fly Me To The Moon”) and the quiet chattering of other customers.

Gavin was flustered. He didn’t seem to know what to say. Why was he blushing so hard? Was something wrong? Brain put his hand out to pat him on the shoulder in comfort.

“I-I’m in love with you!” Gavin blurted, crimson in the face. Brain nearly jerked back so hard he hit his head on the back of the seat, and his heart pounded. He felt his face heat up until it almost felt aflame. The butterflies in his stomach fluttered. “I-I’ve liked you for a few months now, and I haven’t known how to say it. So I decided to just take you somewhere nice and just confess.”

Brian guessed he had been silent for a while with a weird look on his face, because Gavin started to get up, tears in his eyes.

“I should have known you didn’t swing that way- I-I’m sorry. I’ll go.”

“Wait!” Brian grabbed his hand, the contact feeling like electricity up his arm. Gavin sat back down, taking a shaky deep breath.

“I… I love you too.” Brain blushed harder somehow, and he felt his heartbeat in his throat. Gavin gently took his hand, beaming. Eyes full of hope.

“You really do?!” He nearly squealed.

“Y-Yeah.” Brian saw Gavin mouth “Holy shit”.

“So, uh… Does this mean we’re a thing now?” Brain asked, gazing at Gavin hopefully.

“Well, do you want us to be? Y’know, a thing? Together?” Gavin asked awkwardly, gulping.

Brian covered his face with his hands and nodded, flustered. “Y-Yeah.”

After they had dinner and headed home, they shared their first kiss on the front porch of their house. Brian felt dizzy afterwards and nearly fell over, and Gavin laughed. The black-haired man couldn’t stop giggling. Once they let the fluffies out, they announced to Cherry and Switchy that they were together now.

Cherry gasped, his eyes sparkling. “Bwian an’ Gavin am spechiaw fwiends nao?” He squealed. Gavin laughed and nodded. Cherry jumped up and down, cheering and whinnying.

Apple smiled, pleasantly surprised that 2 males could get together. How nice!

Dusk didn’t seem to care. He rolled his eyes and walked over to the litterbox to do his business.

Switchy beamed, proud that the human that had rescued him had finally found someone to love. He looked over at Cherry, who was still excitedly leaping around Brian’s legs. He sighed, suddenly feeling a bit floaty and warm. His little fluffy heart beat faster. How on earth was he gonna tell Cherry?

Author’s note: This is where it’s about to start getting good. (It’s not gonna be sexual, if that’s what you’re wondering) Have fun with the next chapter once it’s out, y’all. In the words of the comedian Kevin Hart: “It’s about to go down”.

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Wait he gay




I wanna see Dusk punished! Also interesting to see Brian’s tolerance of cherry’s smarty syndrome.


Brian’s pretty patient, bu he’s more realistic if anything. (Cause I know I couldn’t hurt a fluffy no matter what it did)

And dw, Dusk is gonna get punished eventually.


You should have made the humans women, because moving in together before even confessing their feelings is SUCH a lesbian thing to do, lmao


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We do love the gay boys, it’s true; they’re sickeningly adorable




omg thank you for letting Brian and Gavin finally get together! I wanted to squeal like a fan girl when I read that!


Aww, glad it made you feel that way! (Tbh I never even dreamed my writing could make someone so happy, thank you!!)


Heart attack but more a supa love one

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