Christmas Interlude (AMDk7)

So it took me way too much time to get to it let alone finish it
( as usual i got sick along the way just like last year with the secret satan you’d think i’d learn by now )
But the Christmas story i talked about way back in september is finally done.
And you lot know what that means don’t you ?

A fuck ton of cameo’s !

Chrismas interlude

It’s the week before Christmas and this evening a creature is stirring in the house.
But it’s not a mouse.
It’s a blue kitsune fluffy.

Ever since Rambo and Snowy have caught the 1985 Christmas movie Santa Claus, they have been delighted by the very idea of Christmas.
And nagged their owner Kayla long enough, to be allowed to deck the halls, and be allowed to celebrate “cwismuss” and “sandy claws” til she begrudgingly gave in.
Now her home looks like its stepped out of a Hallmarks Christmas card.
The front of the house is bedecked with way too many Christmas lights.
Most of which thankfully don’t work.

The living room is dominated by a Christmas tree that’s actually way too big for it.
It stil has its roots and will be planted in the garden, so it can be re used next year instead of being donated to the landfill.
The Christmas tree reaches to the ceiling and is bedecked with tinsel, tacky ornaments and even more lights, to the point that it might be a fire hazard.
Some of the ornaments near the ground are the shape of fluffies.
But the most important thing about the tree, are the presents underneath it.
There are a lot of presents all of them wrapped up in deliciously gaudy colors, purple and green, and red and blue.
With the names of the lucky fluffies that will receive them attached to them.
Because there will be a Christmas party with fluffies you see and there wil be fluffy guests staying over too.
Apparently when Kayla does something, she goes all in.
Maybe she enjoys it as much as her fluffies do, but won’t admit it.
Often Rambo and Snowy sit alone or together and just marvel at the wonder and splendor of it all, as they gawk at the tree.
When they aren’t doing that and aren’t playing, they got an endless array of Christmas movies on endless repeat.
Santa Claus the movie, The Santa Clause.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas ( The two fluffies always boo at the Grinch, calling him a great big meanie and dummeh, no matter how often they see him )
Home Alone, National Lampoons ( which the fluffies don’t really get )
Several A Christmas carols.
Numerous children’s Christmas movies ( the fluffies really like these) such as Babes In Toyland, A Chipmunk Christmas, the Christmas Toy.
A Cosmic Christmas, ELF, How The Toys Saved Christmas.
The Forgotten Toy and countless others.
No Die Hard or Batman Returns though.

The rest of the house is also very festive, with holly wreaths, mistletoe, and other sorts of Christmas ornaments strewn all over the place, to the delight of the two fluffies.
Rambo usually can’t sleep from excitement and sits up late at night or wakes up extra special early, to look at amazement at the Christmas tree.
It’s each time the bestest thing he has ever seen, outside Snowy of course.
And he daydreams his fluffy daydreams about what could be in the presents, for good fluffies.
Bad fluffies get coal.
Or worse.
A sorry stick !

Tomorrow however, is an extra special day.
It is a day he has been living towards for a long time now, at least a week !
It’s not Christmas not yet that’s still many bright times away.
Its so far away he can’t even count the days.
But his little kitsune fluffy heart would burst from excitement when its finally here.
No, tomorrow it is the Christmas market.
Rambo has no idea what that even means, but it has the word Christmas in it and that is all that matters to him.

He is so excited he can barely sleep.
Eventually though he manages to finally fall asleep, in the shadow of the Christmas tree.

The next morning is cold.
Bitterly cold.
The sharp cold cuts in to Rambo’s fluff even though he is wearing harness with a leash and a fluffy blanket.
Which wraps around his neck and middle with straps.
Kayla herself is thickly wrapped up as well.
Snowy on the other hand stayed at home.
She wanted to come along but was hit by the cold wind and decided it was just not worth it.
She retreated back in to the warmth of her fluff basket.
Snowy spend a winter outside and it nearly killed her. She isn’t in a hurry to go outside in that weather again.

The way to the Christmas market, whatever that is, Rambo only has the vaguest of ideas, leads him and Kayla through various streets, that he has never been before.
The sights, the sounds and the smells it’s all new and wonderful to him.
The decorations delight him and the Christmas songs get stuck in his head.
It even begins to snow slightly.
Rambo also insists on stopping at each and every store, just to look at the decorated store windows.
A bakery is so tempting, that he would drag Kayla in if he could.
Thankfully for him she is tempted as well.

A few minutes later Kayla and Rambo walk outside again, she shares half of her still warm bretzel with him.
The flavor of the bretzel surprises Rambo, he didn’t expect the coarse salt.
It’s not unpleasant though but it won’t replace apples for him anytime soon, if at all.

As they eat their bretzels Rambo stalls at the ornately decorated shop window of a toy store.
Its like everything they have in stock, is displayed in the store window, which is decorated like a winter wonderland.
With electric trains, talking and moving dolls
My Little Pony toys, that can move and talk as well, this strikes Rambo as a bit odd but he can’t quite put his hoof on why.

Massive teddy bears and other plushies, including fluffy plushies through those could be actual My Little Pony plushies as well.
The distinction is somewhat unclear.

Wooden Nut cracker dolls, Rambo thinks those look a bit creepy.
Music boxes with dancing ballerina’s to the tune of swan lake or the nut cracker suite.
Santa’s that go ho, ho, ho, ho at the drop of a hat.
Star Wars toys, space ships and off course Transformers.
Rambo is standing on his back legs with his front hooves pressed against the glass pane. and he isn’t the only fluffy amongst the kids, gawking at the display there.
They al laugh and point and talk amongst themselves, some kids take interest in Rambo because he has 4 tails and seems very interested in the toys.
One of the parents of some kid asks Kayla about her fluffy and she explains he is a kitsune fluffy.
Since kitsune fluffies are still import only in the USA, she gets this question at least once a day.
Most people know kitsune fluffies via battle fluffies, and are surprised to find out they were not created for the show.

If possible Rambo could stand there looking all day
There is so much to see !
Eventually Kayla pulls him along with her.
“Come on Rambo, you wanted to go to the Christmas market remember ?”
This seems to snap him out of it
“Oh, oh yus mummeh,” he says “Wambo wan go cwissmus !”
After a short while they finally reach the site of the Christmas market, after a short distraction at a fluff market.
The Christmas market is more than Rambo had hoped for.
Though he has no idea what he had hoped for anyway.
its 6 rows of Christmas themed market stands and stalls and food stands and food trucks and, and…
Other then the toy store, it’s the bestest thing Rambo has seen today.

Rambo and Kayla randomly enter the Christmas market, where they are assailed by all kinds of noises sights and smells.
Rambo doesn’t know where to look first.
It’s crowded and noisy and everything is lit up like a Christmas tree.
It’s fantastic.

A young woman dressed in a pair of denim overalls with her black hair loosely tied back in a ponytail.
Her hands are calloused and scarred.
Around her feet a lime colored Pegasus fluffy darts to and fro, as if she wants to see everything, right now with no delay.
Walk past them

The fluffy owners nod at each other in a polite gesture while the two fluffies greet each other with “hello nyu fwend ?”
When they walked past each other though, the green Pegasus pipes up.
“Mummeh dat fwuffy hab su many tailsies, is funneh !”
“Lime,” sighs the young woman. “You know what I told you about shooting your mouth off. You remember the last time don’t you ?”

Kayla and Rambo turn the corner and the conversation is drowned out, Rambo doesn’t even seem to have noticed.
They walk past a Santa Claus ringing a bell and collecting money for some charity or other.
The Santa also sells snowglobes also for the same cause.
They walk past the Gal With Pastels stand, which is a nonprofit charity, for unwanted foals.
Unlike the squeeakyfriends, who are still around the Gal With Pastels only take in unwanted foals, to try and give them a headstart in life.

They walk past a newspaper stand, the A-S book stand that sells books magazines and newspapers.
Including the Arisen Daily, a news paper that’s been around since at least 1874.
It used to focus on atrocities, but is now a fluffy themed news paper.
A lot of things happen to fluffies each day, all over the USA.
They walk past the Dread Pirate stall, which is a company that sells cheap knick knacks chinese knock offs and other tat.
Like way too cheap wireless mice, tinny speakers and headphones you can crack by sneezing at them.
They also sell thin sillicone phone protectors and robo fuzzies whose eyes light up and yap suspiciously like a dog.
Next to that is a massive toy stand that sells both knock offs and the real thing, side by side.
Teddy bears the size of a small child and some are even bigger then that.
There are also fluffy toys, soft blocks to stack, different sized balls fluffy beds and more.

Rambo longingly looks at the wonder of it all and he wants to have a look.
If it Was up to him he’d spend the entire day here
He sees Transformers !
and bootlegs he has never seen before, but which look really cool.
He tugs on his leash.
“Mummeh can Wambo”
“Maybe later on the way back Rambo,” says Kayla.
“Otay” says Rambo, slightly crestfallen, but you may never know.
They walk past a surly looking alicorn, that’s being handed a green and red dragon plushie by his owner.
“Here you go Damien”
“…Fank ou daddedh” says the alicorn, trying maintain his surly demeanor and not look like he is rather happy with the gift.

The next stand is Tia’s world of fluffies, with the tagline “Its horrible here”
They mostly sell fluffy toys from the CarniviousDuck brand, that means some of them can have a nasty surprise in them.
The most popular ones are the Battle Fluffy range.
Even Rambo has a few of those.
The less scary ones like Pepsi Power and Vanetka.
Off course Rambo likes Vanetka, he is a kitsune fluffy he just like Rambo is.
The most popular battle fluffy toy is Mr Hugs.
The least popular according to fluffies is Potpoker, cause he is a dummeh do nothing fwuffy.
Most kids agree.
Riket the tenderizer is the hardest to find, all those little parts don’t help.
The other best selling item is the Krampus doll that punished bad fluffies by looking scary with light up red eyes and growling and snarling.
The deluxe edition has a optional wanger, to really punish unruly fluffies.
…Some might be in to that though.
The same brand also sells game console fluffies they have the colors of Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and older consoles too.
Cube fluffy is a total square though.

Next to that is a permanent restaurant with a pavement café section, that’s being warmed with hot air cannons.
It’s called The Fluff Waffle and despite it being cold the pavement café is bursting to fit.
All the tables have real Caneighdian maple syrup squeeze bottles, standing on them.
Rambo stops dead, to smell something he has never smelled before.
Fresh waffles.
He cant help himself and asks Kayla : “Can Wambo hab nyu nummies ?”
Kayla’s own stomach is rumbling too, half a bretzel only goes so far.

They sit down at the nearest free table and a very tired looking waitress walks over to take their order.
When she walks away, they wait and look around.
Rambo is surprised to see so many fluffies.
He also spots two of the biggest and scariest fluffies he has ever seen, they are at least two maybe three times his size.
One of them looks like a hyena, and the other is brown with a mop of hair falling over his eye.
The third is normal sized and green, but they all three are covered in scars
The hyena one is missing teeth and has a docked tail.
She looks excitable, like this is the greatest thing she has ever seen.
“Riley,” says one of the people sitting at the table.
“Stay put”
“Otay mr Wodney” says the big fluffy in a rumbling voice.
Last time she went our wandering she killed some foals and messily devoured them in front of the owner.
Had to had the talk then.

Rambo’s attention is suddenly grasped by something he has never seen before.
A conjoined twin fluffy.
They are brown and green and are held on a leash by a young man who certain looks very jovial.
But on a closer look his eyes betray him, his eyes say he is dead inside.

The brothers tentatively stop before the waffle house.
“Siw can Iban and Minewa hab nyu nummies ?”
Their owner looks at him something flashes in his eyes and then it’s gone again.
“Eh…why not ?” he grouses.

“Gwoss” sighs the brown fluffy twin half, when his brother as usual has all the manners of a swine, and eats with his mouth open.
He turns his head aside.
The waffle is pretty good though.
Rambo tries to focus on his waffle, which is hot sweet and totally new.
He has been taught it’s not polite to stare.
It also got him in to trouble a few times.
The waffle is delicious and he hopes to get to try one again soon.

Kayla stops at the Rosetea stand to pick up some unusual holiday tea kits.
One of them is infused with cinnamon and all spices.
The other what the label calls holiday spices.
Orange peel, nutmeg, ginger, anise, cardamon and vanilla pods.
The Rosetea stand also sells toys
The Bugbox bestest mumma play set, with foals and a real wooden bed is very popular this year.
They sell well with the gingerbread fluffies, from the Pep Brand, who wave at passersby from their windowed box

“Clover, Lilac, slow down !”
Rambo looks over his shoulder and sees two fluffies, a green one and a brown one with a mop of pink hair running past him, giggling and dragging a box a long.
Their owner is weighted down with Christmas shopping and staggers after them.

As they walk away Rambo spots a poster that scares the willies out of him.
En evilly smiling red fluffy, with a yellow mane glowing red eyes, a mouth full of sharp teeth.
‘Babbes best behave ow Cwimson am gonna get yu !’
It says under him.
Rambo can only read about half the words, but he knows what they mean and he suddenly feels like a foal again.
A foal that’s about to be eaten.
He is glad when they walk past the poster and it disappears out of sight.
Another poster that they walk past has a light green fluffy, with glowing yellow eyes and fangs.
‘Meet Zambie’ the tag line says in lurid colors.
A text balloon points at Zambie with the text “am gon num yu !!”
By Squeekstudios.
Very festive.

A large red food truck stands in the middle of the Christmas market in a sort of square.
It has the Coca Cola logo on it’s sides.
And it indeed sells only Coca Cola drinks.
It also sells fritters doughboys, French Fries, cotton candies, but also milkshakes, floats and sundae’s.
A clown fluffy balances on a red Coca Cola ball dressed in a blue clown suit, they hold a honker and honk at everybody that walks by.
Some people take pictures.

There are a lot of fluffies, with their owners gathered around the truck.
And not just around the truck, but under the truck too.
A dark orange fluffy mare with tiny wings surreptitiously pulls a half eaten bag of French Fries towards her.
Next to her a white unicorn is biting in to a fritter.
“Gwace am wightsies” he says with a full mouth. “Dis am best nummie pwace eba”

More in public, a powdery blue Pegasus with green eyes is struggling with a cone of bright pink cotton candy.
“Hewp Astew can’t see !”
He trips over a pink fluffy that didn’t see him coming, being blind in one eye.
He falls forward.
Both fluffies get entangled in the sticky cotton candy as they struggle to get free.
The more they struggle the worse it gets.

A bit further away a dusty rose colored Pegasus mare with chocolate colored mane and tail struggles with a bottle of Coca Cola, with a straw.
She finds drinking through a straw a bit difficult.
And isn’t sure how she feels about Coca Cola either, it causes her to hiccup and the bubbles get up her nose which in turn get her to giggle.
On the whole she decides, that she likes Coca Cola if it were easier to drink.
“Primerose,” her owner calls to her.
“Move over will you ? I don’t want to have to disentangle you from those two”
Primrose looks to her side.
The two struggling fluffies are moving towards her.
“Otay mummeh,” she says and scoots away and out of their path.

A white Pegasus with bright red hair and pink hoofsies, is digging in to a caramel sundae.
The cold doesn’t seem to bother them.
In fact they seem to enjoy the weather, and the sundae even more so.
The three other fluffies sitting under the table are not enjoying the cold weather in the slightest.
They are huddled together in a small fluff pile, while industriously eating their way through a massive hot waffle each.
“Dese nummies are bestest nummies eba” says the biggest of the three. A dark brown unicorn with dark red hair.
The mustard colored Pegasus next to her nods with his mouth full, no time to talk.
The foal lying between them has fallen asleep.
All the excitement the good food and the body heat from their parents, proving too much for them.

Kayla and Rambo are back on their way home.
It was a good day, exhausting but good.
The Christmas market was everything Rambo imagined it to be and more.
He even got a bootleg, whatever that means, Transformer out of it.
A Star Saber.
The biggest Transformer he has ever seen. He can’t wait to open it.
Kayla said it was a an early Christmas present, on top of the others.

A week later, which didn’t feel like a week, but much, much longer to the fluffies.
And it’s finally Christmas.
Rambo was up at the crack of dawn, and Snowy with him.
The two fluffies spend much of the morning watching TV, that showered them with holiday movies and cartoons.
While trying to contain their impatience, by trying to guess which present is for who and what is in it.
It’s been told to both fluffies every day for a week now, that they are not allowed to open the presents until the guests arrive.
After all what’s Christmas without guests ?
Much more quiet probably.

Just past noon, well closer to one really, the door bell rings.
Kayla is greeted by four fluffies and their owner Angelica Vinyard.
Behind her in the street stands a car, weighted down with way more luggage then is probably needed, with her husband and children in there trying to look like they are not impatient.
One of the kids just stole the handheld of a sibling and dad is losing his patience with them already.
Kayla and Angelica exchange holiday greetings.
“I’m so glad you are willing to look after our fluffies,” Angelica sighs
“This is the first time since …ever we got them, that we are actually going away to see grandma. She lives across the country.”
“And that’s no fun with kids let alone four fluffies,” says Kayla.
“Exactly,” says Angelica, with a wry smile. “Now are you sure it’s alright ?”
Kayla shrugs. “It’s fine. I’m not going anywhere with the holidays and your fluffies know my fluffies.”
Rambo and Snowy are peeking around the corner of the living room door waving tentatively at their neighbor fluffy friends.
“Well you know my fluffies,” too says Angelica. “But just in case”
“This is Pecan”
“Hewwo,” A brown fluffy mare with pink hair waves at Kayla.
A white fluffy mare with light green hair.
“Am cowdies” she complaints.
She has lost her back two legs and is lying in a fluffy wheel chair.
With the cold weather the remnants of her legs always hurt.
A powdery blue unicorn, with light purple hair.
“Nu wowwy am soonsie nu cowd nu more.” he says soothingly.
“…Wenches belay thy dawdling, let us go forth inside ! There is merry making to be done ! Roust ! I say, roust !”
“…And Tsk,” says Angelica.
She glances at the white fluffy with three eyes, two red normal ones and one in the middle of his forehead.
He has multi colored horns and looks like he rolled around in sprinkles.
“We have no idea what kind of fluffy he is, but he just appeared one day.
…and now he won’t leave”
“Inside I said inside !” Tsk bellows.
“Anyway,” says Angelica glancing over her shoulder.
I think Ernesto is getting impatient, …or ready to strangle one of the kids. So I better get going.”
“Behave you” she says sternly to Tsk.
“If he misbehaves feel free to put him in time out or take away his TV privileges.”
“Jackanapes, you would not dare !” bellows Tsk.
“Or just ask Pecan and the others, they know how to deal with him.”
“Ask your fluffies ?” Kayla repeats puzzled.
Pecan, Bowie and Myrtle nod feverently.
“Yush missus Kawlay. We knu how to deal wiff Tushk” says Bowie.
“Wif huggies !” says Pecan.
Tsk looks like he is about to hurl.

The fluffies are let in and the four make their re-acquaintance with Rambo and Snowy.
Myrtle warms up quite quickly, lying in a fluff pile of Rambo’s tails, which he doesn’t seem to mind at all.
While Tsk is quite taken by the Star Saber bootleg Rambo already lost three weapons from.
Bowie and Pecan are inspecting the presents, before they settle down with Snowy to watch the Santa Claus movie from 1985 again.
Kayla can pretty much recite that movie by heart now.
“Malodorous multi-tailed miniature rat horse of the fox persuasion, this is a fine, fine recreation of a star faring battleship !!” booms Tsk while he eyes the Transformer toy up.
“Tell me, are you a shipsbuilder ?! To be able to roam the stars in such a magnificent ship and rain down death upon my enemies ! What could be a more perfect yuletide gift then that ?!”
Rambo has no idea what Tsk is on about.
He always found Tsk a bit strange and doesn’t even understand half the words he is hearing.
“…Uhm…nu Wambo …is Wambo …Tushk wike nyu toysie ?”
Tsk sighs.
“I despair, I really do.”

The despair doesn’t last too long though, because as usual Tsk gets way too invested when watching TV.
It doesn’t take too long before he is bellowing out commentary at the Santa Claus movie.

And then finally, the big moment they all low key have been waiting for, has arrived.
The opening of the present.
“Alright fluffs” says Kayla. “It’s that time, pressies !”
This is greeted with a unanimous cheer from the six fluffies, who get up to gather round the tree, where their presents are handed out to them.

Rambo gets a red present.
Snowy a green one.
Pecan a purple one.
Tsk a blue one.
Myrtle a very large orange one.
And Bowie receives a yellow present.
“Have at it” says Kayla as she straightens up and the fluffies tear in to their presents.

“Miss Kawlay,” says Myrtle looking at the tubes in her present. “…Wha am fingies ?”
She looks and sounds disappointed at her present, not comprehending what she is seeing.
Kayla comes over to have a look.
“Those are the parts for a new wheelchair Myrtle.”
“Wha ?”
“You’ve been givena new wheelchair for Christmas.”
Her face and eyes light up when realization sets in

Tsk has been given a full set of Battle Fluffies, still in their packaging.
“Hah yes, minions !”
Along with hot spicy cheetos, he seems to pretty much hoover up on a daily basis.

Snowy has been give a Bugbox ‘happy mummeh play set’ with real wooden bed and play foals.
A scene from a fairy tale, come to life.

Bowie has been given a non toxic, full color fluffy painting set, with 64 colors.
Sort of finger painting, but with hoofsies instead.
“Oooh pwetty colows” Bowie’s eyes light up with all the ideas he plans to paint.

Rambo has been given a large blue and red plastic bulldozer.
That makes rumbling car noises when he moves it.
It’s not a Transformer, but it has so many moving parts, that it will entertain him for hours on end.

And finally Pecan has been given an 80 piece Mega Blox bag.
80 big multi colored Lego like blockies.
Even though they are not exactly the blockies Pecan is most familiar, with she knows exactly what they are.
And her imagination is already firing on all cylinders.

About an hour later, though for the fluffies it feels only a few minutes, it’s Christmas dinner time.
Kayla sits on the floor surrounded by happily talking and chirping fluffies.
It sure is a unconventional way to celebrate Christmas, but she decides it’s not a bad way either.

After dinner as Kayla, tries to clean up the mounting chaos in her home a bit. The six fluffies make a beeline for their toys and for the next three hours they do nothing but play and play and play more.
Sharing their toysies amongst each others.
Tsk paints something of grotesque christsmas beauty of the Krampus, who takes away naughty fluffies.
Rambo builds an Optimus Prime out of the Mega Blox.
Myrtle’s new wheelchair has been put together and it fits her like a glove.
The old one was worn and way too small for her.
She started to chafe at the sides and much to her delight, there is now a through so her lower body is covered up when it’s cold.
She is doing laps with Rambo’s bulldozer
Pecan is quite fond of messing with Snowy’s ‘Bugbox bestest mummah’ set she likes it so much, she wil ask her owners for one too.
Snowy and Bowie play with Tsk’s battle fluffies.
Snowy pretends some of them are foals that needed to be protected, while Bowie plays as “da ebil invading foal nummie fwuffies.”
The hero fluffy Snowy uses, happens to have multiple tails.

Eventually though the fluffies, one by one get taken by exhaustion and fall asleep.
First one then another and another, til they are asleep under the Christmas tree.
Surrounded by their toys and wrappers and boxes.
Tsk is the last to give in.
Kayla also gave up on cleaning, for now and staggers to bed, not long afterwards.
Reflecting that today was not a bad way to celebrate Christmas after all.
Happy Christmas to everybody after and to all a good night.

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Cameo’s continued:


Cameo’s final

Got a feeling I missed a few though.


don’t forget your name after the title

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Elf balls !
That’s what i get for being too busy with checking all the cameo’s

Oh, well.
Hope you like your multiple ones though.


Don’t we all?


Depends on the design I suppose.
Some design are alright.
Others are nightmare fuel.

And some are barbie apparently.



great job dude!! This is huge!!! I love the fluffies booing the grinch :sob::yellow_heart: I’m gonna have to reread a thousand times!!! Way too cute for rambo!!!


Glad you like it.
Wait til you see the Krampus cameo’s
At least two of them.


I DID NOTICE!!! I didn’t want to assume they were my cameos because krampus wasn’t invented by me hahaha

I love the toy store you gave me!! I love that I sell shitty bootlegs and knockoffs!!! It’s totally like me!


i did base those krampus cameo’s on this one

Especially the wanger add on in the deluxe version to really punish naughty fluffies.

Dont forget the tagline
“It’s horrible here”

Cube fluffy is still a total square.


Now I’ve got to try to whip out a piece for crimis!!!


Of Rambo standing and looking around at a Tia’s world stand ?

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I was just thinking about it…. Do we have a reference for snowy? (That’s his gfs name right?)

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I do actually .

She is the all white fluffy.

And they both have a cameo here.


“Where will you be… when zombies invade the holidays?” - tagline for the closest Zambie will get to a christmas movie probably
… Maybe if there was a black comedy about a mad scientist having to take his newest experiment along when he goes to celebrate with relatives …? Hmm. That sounds fun actually.

The story itself is very cute! Nicely cozy for the holidays.


Sounds like you have been given ideas for a new crazy experiment of Dr Crazystein that will in no way backfire on him.

…Damn it i just realized I could have incorporated him in the story as well next to the battle fluffies.
Dr crazystein’s playset the doctor that fixes the "boo boo’s "

Oh, well.
Glad you like it though.
Zambie was on the front page when I wrote the cameo’s and iI kinda went yeah I can use that.

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I read the whole thing and still missed my own cameo. But it’s also 9 a.m so maybe it’s my morning brain. Lol. Good and very cute story.


Here you go.


Wow my morning brain mush. This is a very sweet cameo and also unexpected.