Commission - Gerard and Fixer (by Booperino/AtlanticHillFolk)

Sequel to Gerard the Smarty, Part 3 - By AtlanticHillfolk
Commissioned by @AtlanticHillfolk

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to continue Gerard’s story with this in-between chapter :slight_smile: it was a fun project!


Damn, someone figured out Human to Fluffy transferring? I only figured out Fluffy to Animatronic transferring! I’m gonna have to call some people to get in on this…

I dont remember specifically which chapter it was in but I did move Cashew’s consciousness to an animatronic body in my “Animatronics” (now discontinued) story


Awesome crossover :+1: love seeing Fixer’s skill comes to play helpin the poor foal.

Love the ending they both surprised by the news.

Nicely done guys :+1:


Good stuff! Though how desperately does someone want to avoid death that they transfer their minds into a fluffy? A fate worse than death, imo.

As a side note, contrary to what the transhumanist believers in the Singularity say, it is not and never will be possible to transfer one’s consciousness into a computer (or a fluffy.) The brain is just one part of an incredibly complex organic machine that we barely understand, that wasn’t designed by any logical process but by billions of years of random evolution. The idea that such complexity could be reduced to any computer humans could design is laughable, even setting aside serious problems that would arise at the quantum level.

It might be possible to slowly swap out natural components with synthetic ones, much the way we can implant artificial hearts, and eventually transform ourselves into cyborgs, but mind transfer is right out.

Of course, in the world of fluffy lore, anything is possible, and a human swapped with a fluffy has great potential, so this isn’t a critique, just an observation.


Ah, I see that you have implementation of high end Soul Surgery. Guess I now am going to bring it to the masses…

Evil chuckle, thinking that I have now the perfect solution to Karen’s and Ken’s of the world: Manager, I seem to have a liking for skettis, Wub an Huggies! The Abuser community is going to have an orgasmic field day

Checks my bank account: 4 Fortune 150 CEOs and a Forbes Richest person, Ronald HW Williams-Hasbio worth of $$, yeah, I can spare some coin for this venture

Edit: Would people like to see there loved one live as a fluffy, or would it be a curse?


I love the way this turned out! @Booperino was awesome to collab with on this! :grin:

I won’t be able to post much by way of long form content for the next little while, cause of moving and all, but I’m hoping to have more opportunities to do stuff like this instead of just my normal format!


Just Fixer over here doing Fixer things :yellow_heart:

Love the crossover and makes me want to go pick up where I left off on Gelard…Gerald…Garard’s story


Aaahh this was great! A nice holdover in Gerard’s story while we await more. Maybe I should get you to do a fix for Cream, it’d be a relatively simple eye swap.


oh yeah, eye swap been a day 1 specialty of his (with snakefood) so its like a 1/10 in his challenge scale lol