**CONTEST: CLOSED** F.C. Jacks of Owl Trades №1: the best magician at this side of a beer dispenser. (art by infraredturbine)

You find yourself at the backyard of your friend’s friend. The time is 2 in the morning, and the party is going great. You have absolutely no idea who are all those people around you. This only fuels your drive to become famous among them by any means necessary. Unfortunately, your “by any means” is limited by a lack of skills that would impress a crowd of drunk people. You can’t outdrink anyone here, you are not a reincarnation of Michael Jackson to have claims on the dance floor, and you most certainly can’t pull a rare hallucinogenic cactus out of your anus. There is hope though. You are quite adept at building contraptions and training fluffies, which leads you to an obvious solution to your predicament: PARTY TRIKS (with fluffies). You had quite a lot of time to prepare, and whether this time was wasted will become clear right now.

1) Come up with the most creative party trick that involves a fluffy.
2) The amount of additional gear and fluffies does not matter as long as all of it fits inside a back seat and a trunk of a sedan you arrived in. You can’t bring an entire stage and a truck full of mirrors to someone else’s backyard.

Bad news: there are no second or third places in this competition. Good news: there are 3 first ones, one for Abuse, Hugbox and Weirdbox respectively. The winners will receive a unique badge in accordance to the category they participated in. Those who got an honorable mention will get an exposure coin. You have time until 23rd of september, 12:00 GMT. Good luck.


So i guess Halfwit doing the “pull-my-finger” joke is out?


Oh boy, i wonder what outlandish nonsense would happen if i pull it


"And we have…LIFTOFF!!"


Hmmmmm! Okay, I’ll think about that :smiley:


I assume these magic tricks must be glued to physical limitation?

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Anything not specified in the conditions is to be abused
the only rule here is the space limit of your sedan. How you use this space is up to you


Micro fluffy beer pong.

Tying fluffies together for a ‘six weggie wace’ / tying fluffies in potato bags and forcing them to race to a finish line.

Pillow fluffy cup stacker/unstacker vore.

Loading foals into my tennis ball fetch pump gun.

Laying out the checkers mat and playing checkes with foals.

It’s not fitting for this, but reading the idea made me think of this.


Did it UwU


As did i


I’ve made a horrid image

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Only just realized that I should probably say I joined, to make sure I don’t accidentally get overlooked once judging happens, so this is just me saying that I made an entry.

As long as you post a link in your work to here, you’ll be counted.

The competition is now closed. The results will be announced soon