Da Twiwight Pwace: Episode Preview for The Eye of the Beholder (by FluffyDaddeh)

This is my contribution to BFM101’s Da Twiwight Pwace . It’s the episode preview for “Da See-Pwace of dah behowdew” like the ones that would play at the end of the 1960’s Twilight Zone. I’m going to try to write up the episode itself over the next few days.

The last notes of a commercial for a sketti-fwabowed “tee-bee dinnah” soundd and the screen fades to black. A spotlight clicks on, creating a pool of bright white light on the floor in the center of an otherwise dark and empty safe room. Wod Sehwing, the sharply dressed black and white alicorn stallion, steps purposefully into the center, thoughtfully tips his head to the side and speaks:

“A gud mummah wubs aww hew babbehs…”

“Bad mummahs—dey do not. Dey say dat some babbehs am ugwy an’ ugwy babbehs nu get wuv…
an’ theiw ugwy babbehs nu get enough miwkies…
an’ some bad mummahs eben gib theiw ugwy babbehs huwties.”

“Bad mummas say babbeh am ugwy 'cos it hab poopie cowows, ow nu wook wike dey du.”

(As Stewing speaks, the camera begins a slow zoom into his upper body)

“Ow dey say babbeh am ugwy ‘cos it hab pointies and wingies"

(Stewing slowly lowers his head and a tiny spark of light glistens from the tip of his horn, then, almost imperceptibly, flexes his chest and wings)

“Dey am ‘Munstahs" (Makes a fierce face, then relaxes, and smiles sardonically)

(After a moment’s pause, the camera cuts to the opposite angle)

“Buh am it weawwy dah cowow of dah babbeh, ow its size, ow its wingies an’ pointy that makes it ugwy?"

“Ow am it somethin’ compwetewy diffewent?”

(After a thoughtful moment’s pause, the spotlight begins to dim)

“We’ww soon weawn dat pwetty babbehs an’ ugwy babbehs am ownwy in dah See-Pwace of dah Behowdew, as we answah dis question next time, hewe on dah twiwite zone. Fank ‘ou an’ gud dawk time.”

(The spotlight dims completely, theme music fades in and the credits begin to roll)


can’t wait for this