Derpy Daycare, Chapter Six (By Za)

Derpy Daycare

By @Za

Originally Penned October 9th, 2020

Chapter Six

After finishing our lunch date of sorts, I took Juniper home without another word. She attempted to make conversation the whole way there, which I only reciprocated with hums or silence. I didn’t feel she deserved anything else. With every dismissal, worry crept further into her expression in the form of a pout. A block or two away from her house, as we passed the local library, she finally voiced her concerns.

“What’s wrong, Mitchell?” she asked, turning to face me. I kept my focus firmly on the road, not turning for a moment to meet the gaze of her bright blue puppy dog eyes. All I saw was the asphalt ahead. Not the cruel girl in the passenger seat. She was met with silence and didn’t repeat the question. As I pulled up to her apartment complex, she slowly made her way out of my car. Only then did I turn to face her. I wish I hadn’t. Her smile was clearly forced. “I had fu-” she began. I didn’t want to hear it. I cut her off.

“See you Monday,” I spat. With that, Juniper’s face dropped as she stifled back what looked like confused sadness. Her eyes seemed to be searching for the source of my bitterness. “Keep looking, sweetheart,” I thought, “you’ll figure it out.” Juniper turned away and slung Lollipop over her shoulder. As I pulled away, I saw the fluffy waving goodbye to me. I hated it for existing. I hated it more than I’d ever hated anything. I hated it more than my cheating bitch of an ex. I hated it more than dad coming home from a hard day at work and getting belligerently drunk. I hated it more than Peppermint’s stupid speech impediment.

When I arrived home, the house was hanging heavily within a cold, solid silence. The living room sat in its usual dilapidated state, reeking of stale air and cigarette smoke. Dad was still working and mom was who knows where. I didn’t care to any meaningful extent. It wasn’t atypical to come home to a situation like this one. I trudged over to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and headed for my room. My only safe haven.

Thoughts stewed in my mind as I collapsed onto my cheap, busted-up bed. Why did Juniper consider that fluffy to be more important than me? It was a novelty in every sense of the word. I was a human being with feelings. That little rat was just a nuisance that would plead for hugs and food like a goddamned freeloader. The way she hugged that little wretch made me sick with envy. I got up from my bed and began to pace around the room. I just didn’t understand why she wasn’t all over me like that. I was much better than a fluffy! Fluffies beg for love and attention like they’re toddlers. I had earned Juniper’s affection, but that inferior creature received it instead. It was enough to make me sick. I deserved it! Me! She was MINE!


I stared in discontent at the new fist-shaped hole in my room’s drywall. God dammit. This was a habit I knew I needed to break. With a heavy sigh, I reached for my beloved American Idiot poster hung over my bed and pulled it off the wall… only to reveal the wall’s interior staring back through another similar hole. I grumbled through gritted teeth and put the poster back. I’d forgotten all about that one. I reached for the Nirvana poster by my closet, with similar results. Now I was getting fucking pissed. I haphazardly slapped the poster back on the wall and reached for my Metallica poster, the last poster in my room. Upon removing it from the wall, I found not one, but two punches through the drywall. That did it. That was what fucking broke me. I screamed in frustration and punched a fresh batch of holes in the wall.





The scream I’d just unleashed was unlike anything I’d ever done before. It was quite possibly the most violently primal noise I’d ever heard any human make. Dissatisfied with my rampage, I shoved my dresser over. The drawers fell out with a heavy wooden thump, spreading a mess of clothes everywhere. I grabbed the door to my closet, ripping it away from its hinges. It resisted, fueling my anger further. I planted my foot firmly against the wall and began to pull harder, using my foot as leverage. My foot ended up going through the wall and into my closet. I ripped my leg back out of the hole with a shout. I felt my face burning beet red. That door wasn’t going, and it pissed me off to no end. I stared at door and began slamming it open and into the wall.


The door thunked into the wall, kicking up the dust of the destroyed drywall. I was foaming at the mouth, ready to destroy everything in my path. And for what? A stupid rodent that won the heart of the girl I wanted. I continued for a while, ripping up posters and smashing furniture until the room was in shambles.

“I’LL KILL EVERY FLUFFY I CAN GET MY HANDS ON!” I cried, throwing a dresser drawer through my window. “YOU HEAR ME? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SHITRATS ARE DEAD!”

My mind was racing by the end of it. I felt my blood coursing through my wrists and heard my heart pounding in my ears. I felt so in control, yet out of control. I had just destroyed everything and loved it. I grinned from ear to ear as I surveyed the damage. If only I could do this to Peppermint. The room looked like a bomb had gone off inside. I was proud of myself. More than I should have been.

Until the door to the bedroom came swinging open.

No. No. No.

I slowly turned around to face the figure looming over me. It was dad. My heart leapt into my throat and then slowly sank to my stomach. I stared up at the empty eyes of my father. He was snarling behind his bushy mustache, I just knew it. I was sadly quite familiar with those eyes.

No… no…

“Dad,” I began, backing slowly towards my bed, “I can explain, I-”

Dad advanced toward me, reaching for his waist. He barked from behind gnashing teeth.

“I work long hours at a thankless job every day to pay for the luxuries you have in life,” dad hissed, undoing his belt. He took the item in his hand, brandishing it. I felt my pupils dilate. My fate was laid out before me in no uncertain terms, and I deserved it. “And this… is the thanks you give me?”

“Dad, I-” I began to reason. He wasn’t having it.

“If you took your pills like you were supposed to, this wouldn’t happen!” I winced as I looked down at my toppled nightstand. The drawer was out, spilling its contents onto the floor. The orange pill bottle mocked me. My attention snapped back to him as he stood an inch from my face, howling like a wolf. “DO YOU THINK OUR INSURANCE COVERS THOSE, MITCHELL?” I shook my head. “I PAID OUT OF MY OWN GODDAMNED POCKET FOR PILLS YOU DON’T EVEN TAKE!”

“I’m sorry dad, I’ll start taking my-” I tried, not daring to reach and wipe sweat from my forehead. I was trembling too much to reliably clear it off anyway.

I tripped and fell backwards onto my bed, covering my face from blows that would land anyway. Screaming “no” to ears that wouldn’t listen. Remembering the love of my father that had a tendency to disappear when I acted up. Drinking in every word of discipline so that maybe…

Just maybe…

This wouldn’t happen again.

That was how I spent the rest of my Saturday, and Sunday was no better.

I sat in the shambles of my room on Sunday waiting for the welts to stop aching. I slept as late as my body would let me. I kept lying there in a dust-filled bed clamping my eyes shut hoping for just another minute of escape from reality. I didn’t dream. No typical power fantasy dreams of murdering Peppermint. No romantic dreams of Juniper and myself. Just a semi-comforting period of darkness. I merely sat there, a sense of dread heavy in my stomach. Dreading work the next day. Dreading having to face Juniper. Dreading another visit from my father that fortunately never came.

I knew what I was going to do, and I was going to do it with no hesitation.

I was going to kill Peppermint.

Monday morning was the most excited I’d ever been to go to work. It wasn’t a jovial excitement, but a desperation for freedom. The bright pink uniform I’d scorned mere days ago felt like a security blanket. I skipped getting ready. I wasn’t going to worry about my appearance. I wasn’t dressing to impress today. I was going to look horrible by the end of the day if everything went according to plan, so why bother? I reached the door when the emptiness in my stomach truly sunk in. I hadn’t left my room once yesterday, resorting to pissing in the empty water bottles strewn about my floor. I wasn’t gonna risk it. But food… was another story. I sprinted quickly to the fridge, rationalizing that even if my father was here, he wouldn’t try to stop me from going to work considering how broke our family was. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and found my parents at the table chatting over coffee and cereal. My mother looked at me with an expression I couldn’t define, but it radiated concern. I hadn’t seen myself but I assumed it wasn’t good.

“Good morning,” she managed, as happily as she could. I nodded at her.

“Mornin’.” I swung open the pantry, never moving my eyes from my father as he stared down at his cereal. Unmoving. Not even absentmindedly stirring the bowl. I habitually reached for the energy bars, closing the pantry. I began to back slowly around the corner when I detected the slightest twitch in my father’s mouth. I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t want to stick around and find out. It wouldn’t even matter after today. I left quickly, hopping my way towards the car. That is, until I saw myself in the reflection of my wing mirror.

I looked disheveled.

My beard had started growing in all patchy, my eyes were bloodshot, and my arms still glowed red from the belt. Jesus Christ.

I made a mental note to avoid mirrors.

The drive to work was peaceful, though there wasn’t a second of silence. I hadn’t listened to music since Saturday, and I wouldn’t get to choose my own tunes after today. I slipped my favorite CD into the player. Core by Stone Temple Pilots. I took my time getting to work. I wanted to soak in every word of every song. It truly was their best work. I had always hoped that someday I’d create a song that people considered a masterpiece. Never could play too well, though. I had two left hands, so to speak. I pulled into the parking lot just in time to finish the song “Plush” before heading in. It wasn’t my favorite of theirs, but I couldn’t deny that it was good. I stared at the mural on the wall in front of my parking space. It was two adult fluffies cuddling a foal. If only they knew the misery their mere existence could cause.

The moment I walked in the door, the receptionist lady, whatever the hell her name was, greeted me with a sympathetic look. I returned the greeting unenthusiastically. Yeah, I look like dogshit, so what? Take a good look in the mirror next time you wanna see someone ugly. That was a dickish thing to think, and she wasn’t even ugly, but I didn’t care. I felt like shit and I looked worse. I headed past her and into the daycare area. The usual string-bean matchstick kid that sat there reading stories was replaced with Juniper today. Those little bastards were flocking around her like she was the second coming of Christ. “Wub stowy time!” they cooed, cuddling into her ankles. She leaned down from atop her chair to ruffle their manes and coo sweet words into their ears.

I hated it. That affection was mine. I deserved it. Why would she give preference to these animals that cry and whine and break things and shit themselves when they don’t get their way?

She looked up to notice me, but her expression didn’t change much. I missed when my presence could light her face up with joy.

She waved limply to me and quickly averted her eyes back to the pages of her book. As she began reading, I couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle. These little idiots were listening to every word of “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” as if the small blonde girl in front of them was the messiah. At the far side of the room I picked out Peppermint. She was peacefully rolling around a small toy truck and making “vroom vroom” noises amongst her usual retarded sputtering. I knew she’d scream if she saw me, so I thought of how I could fool her simple mind. Then it occurred to me. Just walk backwards so she can’t see my face. I turned away and slowly began to backpedal towards the idiotic creature. I had a plan. Turn around, quickly cover her mouth to stifle her squeals, and make a mad dash for the derpy room. I always had a plan.

Until I didn’t, and that happened often.

In fact, that’s what happened then.

Everything unfolded in slow motion. I felt myself step on the toy and begin to slip. My arms flailed around for anything to grab onto, but they found nothing. I felt the truck go flying into a wall in front of me as I kicked it away and my back slammed against the floor. The carpeting did little to soften the blow. I felt my brain vibrating in my skull like something you’d find at the back aisle of a Spencer’s, and it fucking hurt. I felt many sets of eyes turn towards me at once. Juniper and a bunch of fluffies were staring down at me after I fell and ate shit. Why did this feel so familiar? Oh well, I was calm. I was fine. I wasn’t going to snap.

The fluffies laughed.

I sat up to see Peppermint at my feet with a crowd of fluffies behind her. They were all giggling their stupid little laughs like the immature children they were. At the back of the group was Juniper, but I couldn’t read her expression. The red overtook my vision and I lurched toward to grapple Peppermint.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!” I wrapped my hand around her throat. Her pathetic little legs kicked up and down as her eyes darted around frantically. The fluffies behind her had varying reactions. Many ran around in circles or cowered in corners as they squealed in terror. Some of them opted to attempt to shit on my shoes. I didn’t mind it much. At this point, I had bigger problems than dirty shoes. I stood and kicked the shitting fluffies away, my focus still fixated on Peppermint.

“Hewp mith Jyuniboo!” Peppermint cried, her pupils dilating within their minty green irises. I reached down and unbuckled my belt, removing it from the loops of my khaki pants. I took it in my other hand and cocked back, ready to give this little rodent what it deserved for making a fool of me.


I hesitated. A monster? Me? This pampered little bitch had the audacity to try and vilify me after her kind turned Juniper and my parents against me?

I chuckled, baring my teeth.

“I’ll show you a fucking monster,” I breathed quietly. That was a promise I intended to keep.

I had the belt now. It was my turn.

I began laying blow after blow into Peppermint’s sniveling little bratty face with the buckle of my belt.



Her snout caved in slightly, crunching in the process. Her screams just wouldn’t stop.



I saw a few teeth come flying out on that next hit. Her eyes began to bulge as well. The kicking in her legs slowed slightly.

The world around me had gone to pure red. Peppermint was in my world now.

No hugs. No love. No mercy.


At this point, Peppermint’s screams had been reduced to gurgling as blood flowed from her nose into her mouth and she began to drown in it. Tears, snot, spit, and blood stained every bit of fluff on Peppermint’s once porcelain white face. I felt almost dissatisfied using my belt for this. Oh well, I would just finish the job using my bare hands. Can’t get any more personal than that. I threw my bloodied belt to the floor, winding up for a punch.

“And one to grow on,” I spat with a sadistic grin. I figured I would add in a witty one-liner if I was going to go through all the trouble to seem so goddamned edgy.

After this, I would rip the rest of these things to pieces. Nothing could stop me. I was invincible, a veritable Titan to the fluffies around me. I would savor the joy in every limb I ripped off, in every tooth I knocked out, in every neck I snapped, and in every foal I crushed beneath my heel. But right now, I just couldn’t wait to watch Peppermint die. I launched my fist forward for the killing blow.

But my fist didn’t move. It wouldn’t. I turned to see two small, frail hands wrapping their slender fingers around my bloody wrist.

“Let me go, Juniper.” This was a demand. I wasn’t going to let my soft spot for her stop me now. I was in too deep. My one arm struggled against her two, creaking barely a centimeter forward. “Let me go,” I ordered once more. This time I turned my face away from the whimpering fluffy to face her. The look in her eyes chilled me down to my very soul.

“Mitchell Pearson,” she began, her voice firm but not angry. I felt my resolve soften and my muscles relax.



No no no…

“The fluffy.”



I howled, “DAMMIT, FINE!” as I freed Peppermint from my grasp. It fell to the floor and began pathetically crawling away. I wanted to stomp its head in. So badly.

“Go to my office. Now.” she commanded. With a defeated sigh, I trudged to the door. As I came close, the fluffies parted like the Red Sea. They cowered, cried, and hugged each other among scattered piles of fresh shit and toys. Pathetic. The receptionist whose name I still didn’t remember was staring at me in horror, but my eyes were drawn to the mirror behind her.

My eyes were pinpoints. Blood was dripping from my gritting teeth, and from what I could taste it was coming from a hole I’d bitten in my tongue. I was covered in shit from the ankles down, and blood ran from my knuckles to my elbow with haphazard splatters across my shirt and face.

Seeing myself in such a state pulled me down from the euphoria quickly. I turned quickly and jolted forward towards the office.

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If you hate Mitchell, I’m doing my job correctly.


You very much are. I sympathize with the parental issues, I’d have been welted black and blue over a hole in the wall once too. But he takes his issues out on anything ,and the entitlement in everything he does… Even if fluffies were inanimate, they’re other peoples. Don’t fuck with other people’s shit. Forget just firing him, Juniper should call the cops and have him charged with vandalism at the least.


I hope the conclusion doesn’t disappoint you.


Your story. Just excited to see how it plays out.


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