Fluffy Breeder WDYD 03 (by Booperino)


Still cheaper than adopting! And now you have 4 ok fluffys:
Fluffy… Mummah… Babbeh and… Babbeh… this might be a problem in the long run

What do you do?


Make them breed, sell the offspring for cash


Ask for their respective backstories.


Naming time! Unless they have names already.
… I’m bad with names though. Anyone got any ideas? The mom’s brown-and-green, which makes me think either a nature-themed name, or maybe something alluding to her leg situation. Like “Tripod”. Dad’s pink and red, and a clever boy … I like him, honestly. Maybe we can name him “Kirby”?

The foals are cream (female unicorn) and light purple (male earthy), but I don’t know their secondary colors… I dunno what their names could be. Cream Cheese and Night Light? They should have something, to help potential buyers get attached.

… Also, we should probably look up the details of how to actually sell a fluffy! I mean, at what age are the babies weaned and detached enough from the mom to sell? HOW do we sell them, how much would they go for? I imagine being able to boast that they’ve been dewormed and stuff would bump up the price a bit, means that we care and totally aren’t just grabbing randoms off the street. Definitely.



Name the mom Grove! I have no idea for the dad, maybe Pokie?

Babbies can be Almond and Soap? Almond the cream one, and the lavender one Soap.

Since you are rapidly running out of money talk the parent fluffies into allowing you to produce armature porn with them and sell it to money to sickos on the internet.


I’d say buying food, toys, and a litterbox is in order.

Give names, if they don’t have any, talk to them about their backstory and/or lives.

Explain to them the basics on how this setup is going to work;

  • you keep them well fed, safe (and/or) happy.
    -in exchange you find homes for their babies when they are weaned.
    -tell them they are “encouraged” to have more offspring to keep the arrangement going.

I’m in favor of breeding them and naming them like others have already suggested. In addition to those things, I say we put ads for the foals up online right away. Maybe we can get a buyer lined up so we can sell them as soon as they are old enough.


Their colors and their foals’ colors aren’t that special, actually.

I would get the stallion another mare for breeding and neuter the mummah. She may help nurse the foals and have a safe and comfortable life, but I doubt that she’s breeding material.


I don’t think neutering’s viable - it’d count as hurting (a quite literal dealbreaker), and we can’t exactly be picky about our goods at the moment. No good spending our limited breeding funds on preventing breeding. (Besides, she’ll stop producing milk when she hasn’t had foals for a while, so if we want her to nurse and care for any rejected babies …)

Name the mom Grove!

I second this! Grove’s a very cute and fitting name.


First off, Names! At least for the parents.

With the fluffies you take in make sure you get their “story”. You can craft a narrative that clients can connect with when it comes time to sell the foals or even if someone makes a good offer on the parents.

If the breeder is tech-savvy you can make up a mini-blog for each of the fluffies for people follow. Build a fanbase to get a waiting list going to sell at a premium.

Having a webpage for each of the fluffies let’s you have an all important DONATE button. Can also look into streaming your interactions with the fluffies you bring in and their journey of learning and adjusting.

In the meanwhile, start visiting shelters to makes friends with the employees. Getting insider information on new arrivals is key. Rarity, type, personally, background are all vital information and can help you dodge bullets.

After a few days to a week, bring the stallion with you when checking for ferals. He can give testament to your proper treatment AND it let’s you check early on if there will be any conflict between fluffies and such. There is also the possibility of finding a mare with children that lost there special friend and having the stallion there offering to help can go far.


Name them Tabasco and cafè


Seeing this are the first of hopefully many fluffies you’ll be breeding they should be given names and when their foals open their eyes they can get names too. For the stallion I’d say Scar or Stalwart Stal for short. Someone suggested grove for the mother and I think that works great. Other than that give them a day or two to adjust to a home and get some proper nutrition while you search for a second source of income to give them a higher nutrient diet so they can have more and healthier foals. They also shouldn’t breed again until their Charlie’s at least open their eyes so that way there isn’t any issues with the mother damming before the foals can eat soft food.


One family does not a breeding job make. Look for a second, maybe a third.


So what are the adults names? Vets always ask their names.


It’s backstory and house rule time. Make sure they understand and have them repeat the rules back.


Name them, wean the foals, make them presentable, educate the family, but how do you spread word if you make a good sale?

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