Fluffyton (The 2nd Great Breadfluffy Bakeoff Entry)——-History,scripts & Art by Inshi

Here’s my entry for @Lothmar ’s 2022 Great Breadfluffy Bake-Off! contest, it’s about a dessert from my native country, I wish I could have given you more details but I didn’t have much time, I hope you like the idea
ps: if someone can give you a better translation, do not hesitate to propose it and I will change it

English version

Español version

Do you have something in mind? Commissions are always open, just send me a MP contact and prices


This is very cool. Or hot? Man, I’m never sure when it comes to bread fluffies.

innshiprion work is the best stuff for fluffies as food is so amazing!

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Oooh, panettone should be in the series here soon… :9


Love this! I always found it weird how they want to be eaten, but it makes sense lol.

I mean, if my food was going to talk I’d really rather it be excited to be eaten than for it to cry and plead not to be eaten.


This was cute then I read ‘aged’ and looked up at the tags. xD

Very much enjoyed. I half expected them to vacuum seal themselves by breathing out the air in the container. ~chuckle~

Welcome aboard Contestant #9

This piece reminded me of the cheese vaults. :slight_smile:


Douglas Adams took that into account with the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

I bought this purely cuz I remembered this post and decided to try some :laughing:

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those are so good

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I just ate it and my taste buds jizzed

Does it count as a hugbox ending when they do eventually get eaten, since that’s what they wanted?