Gib Miwkies (Underbear)

Mares begin lactation in the second half of their pregnancy this is usually the same time a mare may become immobile. Untill babbehs begin to drain the milk reserve production is limited to conserve resources. Lactation in the last week can result in dripping if the teats often rub on the ground.

Regardless of the amount produced mother’s are very protective of their milk unless otherwise trained.



Wow that last panel was like a twist… looked like he was gonna hit her but instead hes begging her to give molk to his foals… i hope she helps him tbh


I really thought he broke her leg for a minute so she can’t leave. Turns out I live up to my username again…

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He’s asked, or begged more like, so ball is in her court.

Given how dumb Fluffies are about milk, this might still go sideways, but I’d judge him less harshly if he needs to put his foot down now


His babbehs lives are at stake its not likely you will find another mare who doesnt have tummy babbehs who doesnt have some sort of Herd/Special freind to protect her.

He shouldnt give it a second thought, if this doesnt work you are gonna have to do it by force. survival of the fittest.

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“Tummy babbehs no need milkies. Here babbeh need milkies.”

Solid line.


Always good to read the lore place by the maker. Seems folks just look at the pic.


Aww thanks!

When you’re too good natured and too wore down by life to beat someone.

Is there a list of these in order anywhere?

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Not yet

Lemme know if there ever is, this seems like an interesting story

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Oh no! Thieves are gonna steal your milkies! Stomp on them, quick!

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Looks like he’s going to have to pay their way. i.e. Replace the milk she lost with a substitute good. Or in English: Bribe her with food.

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