History of Micro-Fluffies Chapter 1 (By micro_fluffindustries)

in the year 2000 a company named MicroHamstersRUs was about to go out of buisness shortly after they completed their genetic computer simulation of what would later become known as a Micro-Fluffy (or Micro for short) but luckily for them a company called Micro_Fluffindustries bought the company and requested that they keep on working on the Micro so it would sell.

now unfortunately for the owner (Me) he had to sell his company to hasbio in order to actually create the Micro’s, but unbeknownst to hasbio and Micro_FluffIndustries MicroHamstersRUs created a male and a female Micro without their permission and released them into the wild to see what would happen…

To Be Continued…

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Microhamster just did the unthinkable :man_facepalming::cold_sweat:

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Two paragraphs isn’t a story worth sharing!

Come back when you’ve got more tale to tell!


Hello my good microfluff sir, HOW THE F**K DO I POST?!