Holly Farms the Origins and Cerulean Part 1; (Story by GloryKnight & Art by Long Fluffering)

Holly started her business of Fluffy breeding with a gift from her uncle a Supwise Mummah and well the results took off for her and turns out she actually did have a nack for breeding fluffies and selling them for good rates.

Holly’s initial fluffy Midnight a sweet girl.

Well the comic does not show it there is a 4th little Luna who is also a Alicorn and one that Holly kept.
Luna is a cute looking Princess Luna pony.
After all this story is focused on Cerulean and his fate.

Turns out grift works sometimes thought the fact that Holly turned that grift into something and she was good at it was a good thing.

The babies are all fairly smart though some of them were better behaved then others

And despite her best efforts Holly couldn’t get Cerulean to not be a bad babbie so she realized she needed a plan.

After all he was a demand little problem

Make him do the work and shut him up for a few weeks with placating promises.

And in the end he got adopted though turns out he’s all bravado not actually brave or strong like his brothers.

And thus Cerulean was adopted by a capital B witch from Holly’s highschool

And well she should have read the writing in the contract.
If you don’t pay the full 1400 then the pet won’t be spayed or neutred there was rules and laws for all of this and the girl didn’t follow them and now has to deal with the fallout.

Though did not stop that Cheerleader from trying more… and more.

And eventually Cerulean got hurt from his actions and antics but that is not yet the end for this little guy or his fate.

And meanwhile Holly was sitting pretty and enjoying herself and then of course if you read the @NekuChan comic she gets Cinnamon back.

Will be doing a future series following up on how Cerulean sneaks in Emerald and how the Cheerleader tries to pull one up on Holly by gifting her Emerald.
Yes the Emerald who we have seen the fates of her initial 20 foals that massive swarm of babies you all have voted on.

Thanks again for the art @LongFluffering and hope you all enjoy.


Great story

I was impressed owner didn’t get mad that a so great colored mare gave birth to normal colors


It’s an under utilised element that even Alicorns with “prettier” colours will fall victim to Fluffies egotistical bullshit.

At least Holly found him s suitable home


Dope :call_me_hand:t3:

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Which nekuchan comic is that?

Wow Holly Farms is poppin off!

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I love this, feel a little bad for cerulean hopefully he learns to keep his mouth shut

Thanks and sorry i forgot thst comic :sweat_smile:

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last time i heard these words nothing good came after
nice to know this time was diferent(?

Holly is a smart girl.
Also don’t forget she got her for free, got 2 Alicorns.
And one of those brownies was Cinnamon.

Danke I’m trying to really make it into something getting each Fluffy artist involved and doing something.
My next goal is @innshiprion
After I do a comic about Cerulean meeting Emerald and how that led to him getting more abuse.
Before a final one about his final fate.

I have bad news for you.
He does learn it but he’s gonna be worse off then he is already.

Well I really loved that idea and it fit within the context and confines of this too well to pass up.
And it does Midnight will have more kids though I have yet to decide where it will be a thing.
Midnight gives birth to small numbers 2 to 4 foals.
Compared to Emeralds insane numbers 20 with Cerulean and 12 with Cinnamon.

Glad you liked it

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Great story and my god a beautiful fluffy! I’d breed midnight till the cows came home

Yeah, Cerulean got exactly what he deserved.
Don’t be cheap guys! You could get a brat instead of a friend.

Midnight is SOOOO CUTE THO!


Glad we got another “hugbuse/abbox” ending, those are the best.

Mummah wike bootifuw babbehs

1 out of 3 but apparently so :shrug: you got very lucky Midnight.

Thankyou I enjoy there being a mix to things with this.
A bit of cruelty vs a bit of joy depending on the context and creates some marvelous results.

Luna not pictured in the comic is the 4th cause Holly never puts her on sale is a Princess Luna fluffy. So by that logic 2 out of 4.

Also Cinnamon is adorable have you seen the Nekuchan comic or how hard he works he’s a good boi. Plus he’s got stripes and other fun things that make him stand out

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The light brown babbeh is so cute with their spots! I’d name em after a cow breed like “Highland” or “Senepol”

I like how fluffy comics just show how horrible humans are more than anything.

She spoiled the baby rotten herself and couldn’t deal with it so she scammed some other person lol.

Actually she didn’t that is the one big issue I have but after 2 revisions and personal stuff IRL with Fluffering sadly we did not make it clear she was loving all the babies.
There is a reason it does not include the bad-parent etc tags.
Holly did a good job because Ceruleans Alicorn sister Luna did not become a spoiled brat, and well you can see the comic with Cinnamon.

Though I do wanna do in a future Holly handling some ferals trying to abuse her collection of fluffs and her abusing them for that.