Holy Shit They're REAL! Ch.11 (Readisketti)

You set a pot of water on the stove to boil before you bring out the cutting board, selecting an assortment of vegetables and aromatics to prepare. Chopping some garlic and onions, rolling some ground beef and pork into several spheres, grinding some tomatoes and popping open a tomato paste can, you do not skimp on any portion with this batch of spaghetti.

Finishing the pasta and sauce you place a generous amount of both onto a plate and add a few meatballs on top. You grate some parmesan and repeat the process two more times, making enough for all three of you since you think it’d be nice to share a meal together.

Yes, you think this should be a special night for the two, maybe even mark it on the calendar for next year as a sort of anniversary. You don’t know why you started caring so much but it’s nice to have someone in the house with you. You turn to a calendar mounted next to the fridge to see what day it is.

You note the amended notice on the side of the kitchen calendar, about how your parents are going to be extending their vacation abroad for another 3 months. You’ve never known how lonely you get during their trips, you suppose now that you have company you realize how isolated you have been.

Welp you guess you should start bringing the plates of spaghetti up to the Fluffies…


*Nu twue! Daddeh-Dannee nu gib Fwuffy huwties! *

The white foal taps her hoof on the floor in defense of her new caretaker.
The blue Fluffy rises out of his makeshift bed to slowly turn around and face the foolish child.

*Stoopie dummeh bebbeh! *

He takes a step out of the cardboard box that is his bed towards the white foal.

*Dummeh babbeh nu knu wha dummeh Mummah-Daddeh munstah wiw du tu dummeh wen bweak dummeh wuwes! *

He takes another, larger step out and is already towering over the white Fluffy.

*Dummeh babbeh nu knu aw da tyme munstah Mummah-Daddeh gib huwties tu Smawtie fo nuffing! *

The white foal tries to step away from the bigger, older blue Fluffy but trips and falls onto her rump.

*Dummeh munstah Mummah-Daddeh gib Smawtie nu toysies! An nu miwkie nummies! An bad upsies! An nu teebee! An cowd wawas! An huwtie skettis!! *

With each accusation the blue Fluffy jabs a hoof into the fillys tummy as she sits there immobilized.

*Smawtie nu du nuffing wong eba foweba! Am bestest Smawtie bu dummeh munstah gib huwties cus munstah nu wan Smawtie hab happies eba! *

The blue Fluffy thrusts its muzzle into the white foals stomach and inhales deeply. The filly peeping in shock and attempting to push the large creature away with its small stubby hooves.

*Wike wen Smawtie onwy wan hab enfies an guud feews in nunus! Bu dummeh munstah nu wet Smawtie gib dummeh babbeh bestest enfies… *

*Nuuu!! Bad gamsie am bweakies Daddeh-Dannees wuwes! *

*HMPH!!! *

The blue Fluffy lets out a huff of disdain and throws his head up, lifting the white foal into the air and flying backwards, plummeting down and falling flat a foot away.

*Owwiee!.. *

The white foal looks up from her battered position on the floor to see the blue Fluffy once again approaching her.

*Dummeh babbeh! Munstah Mummah-Daddeh onwy hab wuwes su can gib Fwuffy HUWTIES! *

The white foal closes her eyes and covers her head with her hooves as the blue Fluffy arrives next to her. Vulnerable and frightened, her mind is under too much stress to call out for help.

In a moment she expects terrible pain, so she shuts her eyes tight and braces for the beating to come at the hands of her new older sibling.

But instead she feels a warm feeling spread beneath her. A warm and wet feeling.

*H-huh?.. *

Opening her little eyes she sees the blue Fluffy turned away with a hoof raised. A stream of yellow liquid running out from between his legs.

The blue Fluffy had pissed on the floor by the white foal.

*Nuuu! Bad pee-pees! *

The blue Fluffy had let out a small amount of urine and held the rest before hurriedly waddling quickly over to his litterbox in the corner to relieve himself fully.

The white foal didn’t understand what had happened and sat confused staring at the blue Fluffy as he finished. The blue older Fluffy had done bad pee-pees on her, but was now making good pee-pees in the litter box as per the rules of their caretaker Danny. If the blue Fluffy was so sure about their owner being a monster, why would the older Fluffy purposefully break the rules which would surely result in punishment.

As the white foal contemplated this the blue Fluffy suddenly shouted out.


You’re making your way up the stairs with plates of spaghetti prepared for you and your Fluffies for dinner, when walking down the hallway you hear something call out.


It was the blue one, since he still calls you by that horrible name that you were never able to correct.

The fact that it was the blue one made you fear even more than you would have if it were the foal calling out. You thought that if anything were to happen, it would be the blue Fluffy trying to take advantage of the little one again. If the blue one is calling out it’ll either be for something really stupid, or whatever the blue Fluffy did to call out for help, it’ll be already too late for the white foal.

You walk up to the door of your room, and with plates of spaghetti still balancing in your hands you kick the doggy gate down. Swiftly moving in and setting the plates down on your table haphazardly, you scan around to see what was the cause for the alarm.

You first see the blue Fluffy sitting in his litterbox, you look around his hooves and fur to check for any signs of abuse but see nothing. If anything it looks, and smells, like he just got done with going to the bathroom. He hasn’t noticed your noisy entrance and seems to be staring harshly at something else in the room.

Your eyes follow his glare to see in the center of your room is the white foal, who also seems preoccupied with some thought. At first glance she looks perfectly fine, but after a few seconds you notice the white fur around her hooves and rump looking wet and matted and tinged with yellow.


You just started to realize what happened, when suddenly the blue Fluffy declares loudly.

*MUMMAH-DADDEH! MUMMAH-DADDEH! Babbeh teww guud Fwuffy
~‘nee gu maek pee-pees’~!
Fwuffy twy showie babbeh whew maek guud pee-pees fo Mummah-Daddeh! Bu BAD BABBEH say
~‘nu cawe!’~
An Bad babbeh gu maek BAD pee-pees on Mummah-Daddehs pwetty cwean fwoow fwuff! BAD BABBEH!!!

It looks like the white foal had pissed on the carpet in your bedroom. You rush to the little one and grab it by the nape of its neck.

*PEEP! *

You bring the white Fluffy foal up to your face and stare at its weak piss ridden form, the Fluffy is shaking and covering its eyes with its little stubby hooves.

“What rule is the left-back-hoof!” You demand from the scared white Fluffy in your hand.

To make remembering rules easier for your first fluffy you removed the difficult concept of numbers and connected each rule with a body part on the fluffy.

Left front hoof, Don’t be a bad Fluffy.
Right front hoof, Don’t talk back, or you’re a bad Fluffy
Left back hoof, Don’t make bad poop or pee, or you’re a bad Fluffy
Right back hoof, Eat your kibble, Or you’re a bad Fluffy.

Very simple, yet it seems the newcomer is already having trouble following these simple rules.

*Huuu…P-p-p-ee-pees an poopies n-n-nee gu in widdew bawkies fo m-maek guud pee-pees an poopies… *

“That’s right! And if you Pee on the floor that makes it a BAD pee-pee! And if YOU made a BAD PEE-PEE-…”

The Fluffy in your grip looks at you on the verge of crying as it understands what you’re trying to say.

“That makes you a BAD Fluffy-”

*NU TWUE! Fwuffy am guud Fwuffy! Nu maek bad pee-pees on Daddeh-Dannee pwetty fwoo-… *

“AH-AH-AH What rule is on your right front hoof! See you’re already fucking up, and I thought this would go so much smoother…”

The small white foal is dropping giant Studio Ghibli tears looking distressed while sucking its hoof, it seems like it has more to say but is smart enough to not talk back more than it already has. You put your hand on your hip and look away, you were very disappointed in this turn of events.

You guess that there’s not much you can do when it comes to these things besides teaching it harsh lessons through beatings. The last time this happened your blue Fluffy shit all over your desk, and the only sort of punishment you gave was a wash in the faucet. That clearly wasn’t enough and only led to worse behavior until the recent turnaround he had after a proper beating.

You really didn’t want to believe in Fluffy stories but it seems like you NEED to be tough to get lessons through to these things in the real world.

“I’m sorry little one, but you’re gonna have to be punished for doing a bad thing.”

The white foal can be heard huu-ing through the hoof in its muzzle as you carry it over to your desk. You lay the creature on your table and open a drawer to find your trusty metal ruler that had become your sorry stick.

*Peep! Huuuu Peep! Peep!… *

Not wanting to make this any longer or painful than it has to, you lay into the creature immediately.







You drop the ruler back into the drawer and release your grip on the small Fluffy, staring down at it as it squeaks out before sucking on its hoof again.

“Let this be the first and hopefully last lesson you get, don’t ever be a bad Fluffy again…”

You pick the white foal and place her back down on the floor. She looks up at you with teary eyes.

* Huuuu! * sniff sniff * Huuuu! Fwuffy…nu wan be bad Fwuffy… Wiw be guud…fo Daddeh-Dannee an famwiy… Huuuu… **

Your disappointment makes you deaf to the creature’s promises, and you know only time will tell if any progress is made getting all the bad out of a Fluffy. You were hoping to have a nice dinner with your Fluffies but now you’ve got a piss stain to clean out your carpet.

“Both of you stay here…” Stepping out of the room and closing the door you go downstairs to grab some cleaning supplies and a new bowl of dry kibble.

*Huuuu! Huuuu!…sniff *

*HMPH! Smawtie twy teww dummeh babbeh! Dummeh babbeh see nowsie! Dummeh Mummah-Daddeh am dummeh ugwy MUNSTAH! *

The white foal looks up at the blue smartie in his bed with confused anguish.

*Huuuu! Bu Fwuffy nu bweak Daddeh-Dannee’s wuwes! Fwuffy nu maek bad pee-pees! Am big bwuddah maek bad pee-pees!!! *

*Nu-uh dat nu how Smawtie membah it yuu am gaswighting smawtie dat am towxic gu touchie gwassies chud. *

*W-w-wha?.. *

You enter the room with a pair of gloves, a sponge, some cleaning spray and a small bowl of kibble. You set them down and move to grab the big bowl of spaghetti and kibble to the Fluffy eating area. Placing them down you go over to your Fluffies.

“Go on, eat you two, I’m gonna get this cleaned up.”

You get to cleaning the piss staining the carpet.

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just kill him already


Blue bitch needs his legs and dick ripped off then choke on them.


From the forums & previous interactions Danny really shouldn’t have left the two alone without video surveillance. Considering all the stories he’s read he ought to know better than to trust the word of a fluffy. :thinking:

NOW Im properly caught up. Kinda odd how Danny knows a bit about fluffies from stories but trusts the words of the very-obvious smarty over the innocent little cretin. but that just makes the inevitable suffering the blue one will face even more justified, i guess.


He really dropped the ball on this one. He should have let the little one talk. He also should have known animals who pee even unintentionally wouldn’t be able to wet all of their hoofs. If it was poop then it would have been more believable but a stain on all hooves and rump? Unless she pees like a Adult then it would be unlikely.

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6 days since the most recent chapter was posted. I’m dying over here. :skull_and_crossbones: