Hunger Fluffies entry: Miss Nibbles Jackson (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

My entry for the Hunger Fluffies event!

This is Miss Nibbles Jackson, and she sucks at hunting. She wants to eat meat but everything is so good at running away! The only reliable food she can get is her friends and family, but she really really doesn’t want to eat them so instead she’s almost always going hungry.

At some point she twisted her ankle, then deemed that leg a lost cause and ate it. This has only made her worse at hunting. She’s overall just kind of pathetic compared to other cannibal fluffies.

Anyway she’s just in Hunger Fluffies to eat things. Even if she doesn’t get a kill, corpses left around are edible! (She hasn’t thought as far as “winning”.)


Her being in Hunger Fluffies is brilliant lol



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I love her for existing

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Did I mention this is one of the best floofs of all time