Hunting Wabbits Ch. 7 [By BFM101]

Just a heads up, this chapter does contain reference to enfie-babbehs but not any description. If the mods decide that it crosses the line into Controversial then I will move the story but for the moment I believe it to be safe for regular viewings.

I’ve also changed direction for some of the characters, so I’ve gone back and edited the last chapter slightly – just a single line when Herman is talking to Yankee’s daughter to a more neutral dialogue – to compensate for what happens in this chapter. I’ll explain more at the end.

By the time Alpha and his Toughie arrived, Jonathan was long gone, all that was left was fire and blood, Fluffies shot, stabbed, crushed, chocked. The talkie foals all lay dead in their tree-hole, blood dripping from their eyes and their mouths, all the food had been burnt up, the entire tree still ablaze when Alpha arrived, Alpha could see a blackened Fluffy laying dead outside the tree but their body was too far gone to tell who it once was.

Their once might herd, was reduced down to the five of them; Alpha, Beta, Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel, all stallions, all hungry. Foxtrot and Hotel pawed at the dead foals, all of them had lost sons and daughters in the massacre but Foxtrot being Sierra’s mate had lost more than any, and yet in the pile of tortured faces and blood stained eyes, he couldn’t recognise any of his children.

He couldn’t look at the foals horror stricken expressions long enough to see.

“Wai hoomins du dis?” Foxtrot asked Alpha, desperate for a reason for this slaughter.

Alpha didn’t answer, there was no answer, he tried to put on a brace face but this hurt him as much as anyone, even Beta was fighting back tears and he wasn’t exactly the most hands-on of Fluffy Fathers.

Suddenly Golf broke the sullen silence. “Whewe chiwpie babbehs?”

The others looked around, he was right, there was none dead chirpies anywhere to be seen, and now that Alpha was looking he couldn’t see Delta’s corpse either.

Or Charlie’s.

There was only one solution, Charlie had betrayed them, kidnapped Delta and the chirpies and took them to the humans. It was the only thing that made sense.

“Tuffies wisten. Dummeh poopie brudda has betwayed hewd, kidnap chiwpie babbehs an speciaw-fwiend an take dem tu hoomins. Fwuffies need tu sabe hewd, dey arwe weakie hoomins, we awe tuffie Fwuffies, dey nu stand chance gainst us. Wet’s gu!”

With Alpha leading the charge, the last remaining members of the herd made their way to the farmhouse, ready to save their young, and their herd.

“Smawty brudda an Cha-wee use tu wive wiv hoomin, he caww Genawa, he nice bu Tuff, awways wakies Cha-wee tuu eawwy, gib nu-nice nummies, make Cha-wee du tuu many ex-a-cises. Genawa nu wike Cha-wee, nu gib Cha-wee namsies, jus caww Cha-wee ‘Poopie’. Smawty Brudda wub Genewa, he fowwow meanie wuwes, he gwow big an stwong, he wisten tu Genawa tawks bout ‘tac-tiks’ an wawfawe. Cha-wee nu undastan, by brudda am pointy-wingie, he vewy smawt. Genawa gib him stwange namsies, caww brudda Sun-Zoo.”

Jonathan looked over at Josef and Herman, both of them listening intently to Charlie’s story, Yankee, Zulu and their daughter calmly sat on the rug, resting after a hard day, Zulu was still worried about having Alpha’s foals but Yankee did his best to calm her down.

“He’s a fucking army Fluff Joey.” Jonathan could barely hide the glee in his voice. “His name was literally Sun-Tzu. That’s why he understands tactics, that’s why he’s been so unpredictable.”

“Ok, so why happened Charlie, why aren’t you with the General now?”

“Brudda du bad fing, he huwt udda Fwuffies. Nice fwiends acwoss das tweet fwom homesie hab Fwuffy famiwy, mummah, daddeh an thwee babbehs, dey nice tu Cha-wee, nu caww him poopie. Brudda nu wike dem, he say dey dummeh fow wiking Cha-wee, den he bweak into homesie, gib daddeh fwied an babbhe fwiends foweba sweepies an gib mummah fwiend bad huggies, brudda caww it ‘Spoiws of Waw.”

Herman didn’t even try to hide his disgust. “Fucking savage, so he’s always been a prick huh?”

“Brudda awways meanie, mowe su afta daddeh take Fwuffies tu Twee-Pwace an weave us for many fowebas. Brudda decide to make hewd, bu he fowce udda Fwuffies to join, gib dem bad choosies, he gud weada, keep hewd safe an wawm, bu he bad Smawty. Gib Cha-wee wowstesh heawt-huwties wib speciaw-fwiend.”

Jonathan nodded. “You mentioned that Delta used to be yours, what happened there?”

“Brudda see Pinkie Fwiend ousside wib hew mummah, take hew fow hewd. She jus wittew babbeh den, brudda say she gwow up fast, be vewy pwetty. Bu he nu babbeh-enfie, su fowce Cha-wee tu gib bad-enfies to Pinkie Babbeh. Cha-wee nu wan tu, but meanie Brudda say Cha-wee ‘bweak in day nyu stock’ ow Cha-wee wose speciaw-wumps.”

Josef felt sick, in his admittedly short time with Fluffies this was a something he never could’ve imagined.

“Cha-wee gib babbeh enfies, feew awfuw bout it. Babbeh gwow up, an hab Cha-wee tummeh-babbehs, Cha-wee fink dat he can keep Pinkie-Fwiend safe fwom brudda, make her speciaw-fwiend. Bu speciaw-fwiend nu wike tummeh-babbehs, onwy wan gud-babbehs, say day poopie babbehs am nu gud. Cha-wee hab wowstesh heawt-huwties, bu he gib bad-huggies tu Pinkie-Fwiend, undastan why she nu wike him, onwy wan tu wook afta babbehs himself.”

Jonathan softly stroked Charlie’s ear. “I’m guessing that didn’t happen.”

“Nu, wen babbehs come, Brudda an Pinkie-Fwiend caww dem dummeh poopie babbehs, Pinkie-Fwiend say ‘bestesh mummeh need bestesh babbehs’. Dey gib Cha-wee babbehs foweva sweepies, den Brudda hab Tuffies take Cha-wee weggies su neba can hab babbehs gain, den dey fowce Cha-wee watch Brudda gib Pinkie-Fwiend speciaw-huggies, caww Cha-wee a babbeh enfer, eben doh Cha-wee nu wan tu enf babbeh, it aww Brudda pwan.”

“Alright thanks Charlie, you rest up while the grown-ups talk.”

Charlie nodded and curled into a ball on the table while the three men went through to the next room. Jonathan had that odd smile back on his face.

“So, Alpha’s a war-criminal and he’s got himself a Grade-A piece of Jailbait for a missus, just when you think the little shit can’t get any worse.”

Josef nodded. “That explains why Delta’s been such a bitch, underage breeding tend to bring out Bitch Mare Syndrome in mothers, she think she knows everything about parenting cause her hormones are in overdrive. Alpha probably had Charlie fuck her so he could swoop in as her saviour.

Herman pinched the bridge of his nose. “This is getting out of hand, I knew Fluffies were bad but this… how can this be a children’s toy?”

Jonathan scoffed. “They’re defective Uncle HAM, the whole bloody lot of them. Now you see why I’ve been so hard on them?”

“No, I get killing them but whatever you’re doing is too much. I’m not going to ask what you’ve got locked in the barn cause frankly I don’t want to.”

Herman left to tend to Yankee and Zulu, leaving the brothers alone, Jonathan fought hard against storming off and sat down on one of the couches, his brain pounding. Josef sat down next to him.

“Is this the part where you tell me he’s right?” Jonathan asked without looking up.

“No, this is the part where I ask you to tell me WHY he’s right.”

Jonathan smirked, figuring it was about time he finally told Josef the truth. “I guess you can tell I’ve not been in the good place recently.”

“No shit, that Nazi routine made me real fucking uncomfortable.”

“How do you think I felt, I was the one in that headspace. I never want to go through that again.”

“There’s something going on with you isn’t there? I thought it was just the Fluffies at first, but there’s more to it.”

“The Fluffies don’t help, they’re a symptom of my fucked-up head but not the cause. The cause is dad, I moved back in with him and mum at Mongola Manor.”

“Jesus John, why the fuck did you do that?”

“Had to, turns out being on the urn for four years burns more bridges than you expect and I couldn’t keep sleeping outside. So I went back, and it’s a huge fucking mistake Joey, every word out of Dad’s mouth is just to piss me off or get a reaction. If I had any other option I would’ve left.”

“Why didn’t you call me, or Uncle HAM?”

“HAM’s nice enough but we clearly don’t get along like we used to, and I knew that before he asked me down here. And you just got your own place after losing Katherine, which was kinda my fault anyway, we needed the distance. Besides I won’t be there much longer, after we’re done with this herd I’ve got other plans lined up.”

“I hope those plans don’t involve you speaking German again, that was some fucked up shit.”

Jonathan had to laugh, looking at his behaviour earlier. “Yeah, I guess it was. But there was a reason for it Joey, I needed an outlet, something that I could use to let out all that fucking anger in me while still distancing myself from what I’ve done, cause HAM’s right, I’ve fucked up this herd way worse than I needed to. I thought that by putting on the mask I could be somebody different, I could be someone who hurt Fluffies while Jonathan Mongola lived a normal life. I did the same thing while I was bombing Hasbio stores, it didn’t work then and it didn’t work now, but I was desperate enough to try.”

“Are… are you ok John?”

For the first time in the conversation, Jonathan looked up at his little brother, a sad smile on his face.

“You know what? I don’t think I am.”

The brother’s conversation was interrupted by a loud, screeching yell from outside.


Yankee and Zulu hid away in fear, both of them instinctively covering their daughter, Charlie even turned away, trying not to piss himself, and failing miserably. Herman looked out the window to see what the commotion was.

“Shit Jonathan, you’ve got the whole Toughie army on you.”

Jonathan and Josef joined their uncle, Alpha and his remaining Toughies had all lined up outside the farmhouse, all of them looking distraught, confused and majorly pissed off.


Herman looked over at Jonathan. “I hope those kids are still alive.”

“Most of them are, I figured I’d need them eventually.”

“For what?” Josef asked, a little worry in his voice.

Jonathan looked down at his brother and winked.

For bait.”

Jonathan opened the door, keeping his arms raised high as he stepped out and looked at Alpha’s gang.

“Hey there, you must be the Smarty. I’m the guy who took your foals, and your Special-Friend.”


“I know, I know, your babies are safe, I just have a few questions before we deal with this transaction. First, what do you want with your brother?”

“Hmmph, poopie brudda betway hewd, wan gib him foweba-sweepies, wha hoomin du?”

“I’ll keep him here, he told me what you did to him, I think he deserves a little piece away from you.”

“Poopie brudda desewve nuttin bu poopies an huwties. Bu Smawty nu wan wisk babbehs, if hoomin wna poopie brudda, den hoomin can hab him, nu cawe.”

Jonathan was impressed, Alpha was smarter than your average Fluffy.

“And what about the brown mare, as I understand it she’s carrying your young.”

“Smawty gib poopie mawe bestehs babbehs, she wucky to hab dem, if she gud den she can waise dem wight.”

Jonathan smirked, already working on how to deal with Zulu’s pregnancy.

“Ok then, your foals are in the barn, follow me.”

Jonathan led the way up the barn, Alpha and the Toughies following close behind, once the gang was out of the way, Josef and Herman took up the rear, wondering what Jonathan was doing.

Distracted by the display in front of them, neither of them saw Yankee slip out the door behind them and start walking up towards the barn.

Jonathan opened the barn door and let Alpha and the Toughies inside, none of them knew what a bar really was, so when the door opened to reveal a massive building with soft hay, water troughs and toys – really farming tools but Fluffies are dumb – most of them thought it was a great big new home for them and their foals.

“Wub big nyu home.” Gold spoke aloud.

“Nu am home.” Alpha snapped at him. “Dis hoomin pwace, nu stay hewe.”

Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel felt their spirits drop, knowing that sadly he was right. With the excitement past, Alpha suddenly heard something, a faint chirping, but he couldn’t tell where from.

“Babbehs? Whewe babbehs?”


Alpha froze, recognising the voice of his yellow and green son. “BABBEH, WHEWE AM BABBEHS?”

Beta pointed up at a metal bucket, hung from a rope on the roof, dangling about four feet off the ground, far too high for a Fluffy to reach. With the location pin-pointed, Alpha could finally hear the cacophony of chirping and crying from the foals, all of them cold, tried and hungry, wondering where their parents were.

“Daddeh hewp.” Alpha’s son whined. “Babbehs am su hungwy, need miwkies, need mummahs.”

“Smawty am hewe babbeh, gun hewp. Am babbehs ok?”

“Sum gu foweba sweepies, Fwuffy hab boo-boo juice on him, fink gib babbehs wowstehs huwties, jus wan gu home, wan see mummah gain.”

By this point Herman and Josef had made it to the barn, and they both figured out that the foals were in the bucket. But neither of them could figure out why.

Until they saw Jonathan pick up the fuel can.

“I think your boy’s right Smarty.” Jonathan said as he unscrewed the lid. “Your kids must be so hungry and thirsty, what’s say I help them out?”

Foxtrot gasped as Jonathan poured the contents of the can into the bucket, splashing as many foals as he could.


“Oh don’t worry.” Jonathan put down the can and brought out his lighter.

“This isn’t water.”

And with that strange smile on his face, Jonathan dropped the lighter in, the bucket immediately exploded into an inferno as every single foal ignited and burnt alive.

The screeching from the foals was horrific, a sickening high-pitch cry of the damned echoed out of the metal bucket and through the barn, matched only by the horrified screams of the Toughies as they all helplessly jumped trying to save their young, none of them even getting close.

Herman burst in, hoping the whole thing had been a bluff, that Jonathan wouldn’t be so cruel. He hated being this wrong.


“Stay out of this HAM, this doesn’t concern you.”

“The fuck it doesn’t, this is my barn and my property, you fucking tell me what in the hell you’re doing.”

“I told you, I’m taking out the herd, scorched earth, no survivors.”

“Jesus Jonathan, I didn’t think you’d focus on the scorched part. This isn’t extermination, this is fucking genocide, Christ they’re just fucking kids.”


The mask slipped, Jonathan’s psychological defences had broken and for the first time Herman and Josef saw the tears in his eyes. Josef didn’t know if his brother was at breaking point, or if he was already long past it.

“My son was a fucking child when these creatures killed him, so don’t you fucking DARE lecture me about how I treat them. They deserve all the pain I give them and more, I will slaughter each and every one of them I find, they’re a fucking mistake, mistakes need to be removed and I will do so with extreme FUCKING prejudice.”

Herman stared at his nephew in shock, he recognised the hatred in him, but he didn’t understand it.

“John, they’re just animals.”

Jonathan shook his head, knowing Herman wouldn’t understand. “No, they’re not. Animals learn, animals adapt, animals empathise. They can’t, they’re fucking programmed not to understand the consequences of their actions, so long as they can eat and shit and fuck, then they’re happy and fuck anyone that gets in their way. Fuck ‘em.”

Josef took his uncle by the shoulder and led him out of the barn. “Come on Uncle HAM, there’s nothing we can do, he’s too far gone.”

Herman was still dazed by Jonathan’s outburst as Josef led him back to the farmhouse, both of them missed Yankee standing behind the door as they left Jonathan to his own devices.

The fire was still raging but the chirping had stopped, only the smell of burnt hair and shit remained, Alpha’s cheeks puffed to near bursting point and charged at Jonathan.


He didn’t, Jonathan kicked Alpha in the face and sent him flying backwards, the tears had been wiped from his eyes, his strange smile back on his face. The mask had returned.

“Don’t you fucking try and pin this on me you one-eyed fuck, this is all your fault.”

The Toughies looked around shocked, was this really Alpha’s fault?

Alpha spit out a wad of blood. “Wha dummeh hoomin say?”

“I said it’s your fault all the herd is dead. If you hadn’t invaded my Uncle’s land, ate his crops and threatened his fucking life, I would never have had anything to do with you or your herd.”

“Bu… bud is am Smawty’s wand.”

“It never was.”

Alpha looked over at his Toughies, Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel were approaching him slowly, all of them furious. It had all been Alpha’s idea from the start, his idea to claim the land, his idea to attack the humans; his idea meant it was his fault.

Hotel snarled at Alpha. “Yu am wowstesh Smawty, you gib hewd foweba sweepies.”

“NU! Yu dummehs nu wisten tu hoomin, he pwaying twick…”

“Nu twicks.” Foxtrot snapped. “Dummeh Smawty am bad weada, dummeh pwan gib hewd wowstehs huwties, aww Smawty fauwt. Gun gib you sowwy-hoofies.”

As the three Toughies approached Alpha, Beta suddenly jumped in, his massive body blocking their path.

“Dummeh Tuffies nu wisten tu hoomin, Tuffie gib yu aww sowwy-hoofies fow betwayin Smawty. Smawty wead hewd tu nummies an wawmsies, nu Smawty fauwt dat…”

Jonathan cut him off by kicking Beta to the ground, then using the sickle to slice off both of Beta’s front legs.

“AHHH! Weggies gun, wai weggies gun?”

“Can’t give sorry-hoofs if you got nu fucking hoofs.”

The three toughies glared at Beta, he might have been bigger than them, but without his hoofs, he was powerless. The three of them pounced on the massive blue Pegasus, all of them stomping and kicking with everything they had, not stopping their assault until blood was pouring from Beta’s face.

Alpha looked around for an escape route, knowing he was next in the firing line. But something kept him from moving, a faint smell on the air.

Something familiar, and sweet.

The toughies stopped once they realised Beta wasn’t breathing even more, his head had been nearly caved in, most of his rib bones were broken, a few of them even pierced through his skin. It had not been a pleasant death.

Jonathan saw that all three of them were tired and breathing heavily, a tired Fluffy was more susceptible to outside influence, and Jonathan figure Alpha would be smart enough to try and talk his way out of this shot.

So he brought out his secret weapon.

“Hey Toughies, if you really want to hurt your shitty Smarty, why not hurt his special-friend.”

And from behind a hay bale, Jonathan pulled out Delta, her pretty pink fur was stained with the blood from her botched pillowing and her tongue removal, and with the shit from her terrified pooping, but she was alive, and still pregnant despite the horrific torture Jonathan put her through.

“Special-friend…” Alpha moved to save Delta only to be kicked in the face by Foxtrot.

“Yu wose Fwuffy’s speciaw-fwiend, nyo Smawty wose his as weww.”

Golf had already bounded up and mounted Delta by the time Alpha realised what was going on, Foxtrot moved out of the way just in time for Alpha to see Golf penetrate Delta without a care for her wellbeing.

Her tongue-less mouth howled at the invasion, unable to save herself or her young.

“NU! Alpha cried. “Huggies am bad fow tummeh-babbehs.”

No-one listened to him, Golf kept fucking Delta even as her unformed foals were roughly shaken out of her traumatised body, when he finished inside her a burst of pink mush and amniotic fluid poured out of him. Those three seconds were all the reprieve she got before Hotel mounted her and enfed away, kicking her in the back as punishment for Alpha’s actions.

Delta stared over as Alpha, her eyes pleading for help, but Alpha was smart, and he was selfish. She was already gone, there was no way to help her now, he needed to get out while everyone was distracted. Slowly Alpha started creeping towards the barn-door, if he could make it outside, he could make a run for the wheat fields and he could escape.

Only he couldn’t because there was an angry brown stallion blocking his path.

“Where dummeh guin?” Yankee asked.

“Poopie Fwuffy mov, Smawty nu wan be hewe.”

“Nu cawe, poopie Smawty stay and watch.”

“Who poopie Fwuffy fink dey be? Yu nu tawk tu…”

Yankee smacked Alpha in the face, the surprise knocking Alpha over, Jonathan turned round at the surprise yelp to see Yankee mounting Alpha and pushing his face to the ground.

“Wha… wha poopie duin?” Alpha’s voice was filled with an unusual amount of fear.

“Dummeh Smawty gib speciaw-fwiend wowstesh speciaw-huggies. Su nyo Fwuffy gun gib dummeh bad-huggies wight bak.”


Alpha’s voice cracked as Yankee’s phallus ripped into him, his weak little asshole tore open from the assault, all his strength left his body, he was being violated and by a poopie fluffy. If that wasn’t bad enough for his ego, his tear-soaked eyes looked up and he saw Delta staring at him, now with Foxtrot enfing her. She wasn’t crying anymore, the look on her face was disappointment, in Alpha’s decision to abandon her, and for his humiliation.

Jonathan smirked at Yankee’s degradation of Alpha, happy that the Alicorn shit was being knocked down a peg or two. Through the laboured ‘enf, enf, enf’ of Yankee’s grunting, Jonathan could faintly hear Alpha’s voice.

“Pwease… peep… stop… chirp.”

Once Yankee had finished with Alpha, Jonathan tied the broken Alicorn to a post – not that he was in any condition to walk away – and taken Yankee back inside, locking the other Fluffies inside.

Zulu and her daughter was so happy to see Yankee back, in Fluffy time he had been gone for ages and they feared the worse. Neither Herman nor Josef questioned what happened in the barn, knowing it wasn’t worth the argument, instead the three men went about their business until it was time for bed.

In the morning, Jonathan and Josef back to the barn, Jonathan carrying Charlie with him, Josef with three bowls. They opened the door to find Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel all crowded round Delta, her body even more bloodied and bruised than before after hours of bad-enfies, Alpha lay broken in the corner, his asshole and his pride still sore from yesterday, and the bucket of foals still hanging from the roof, the fire had gone out but the ashen remains still smouldered slightly.

“There you are Charlie, your brother and his special-friend have been thoroughly beaten and humiliated, what do you think?”

Charlie chuckled. “Dummeh brudda am mawe nyo, am Smawry nu mowe.”

“Wanna gib him some breakfast.”

Jonathan aimed Charlie’s asshole at Alpha, the traumatised Alicorn looked up at just the wrong moment for Charlie’s shit to spray into his face. Charlie cackled at his brother’s shame.

“Yu wowstesh brudda eba, Cha-wee gwad yu poopie-mawe nyo, yu desewved tu num poopies an mowe. Hatchu dummeh brudda.”

Alpha said nothing, he simply cried into his hoofs, occasionally chirping like the wreck he was.

Jonathan nodded to Josef who took the signal to set down the three bowls close to the Toughies. All three of them suddenly perked up, recogniseing the amazing scent of Skettis.

“Skettis? Dat am Skettis?” Hotel rose from his slumber, thinking he was still dreaming.

Jonathan smirked at them all “It is my friends, only the best food for the best Toughies.”

In an instant, all three of them were on the delicious nummies, none of them had eaten it before and it was even better than any of them imagined, so warm and delicious.

Alpha watched as his former Toughie devoured the skettis, he remembered a time when his owner fed his skettis for following orders, for being a good Fluffy. Now he was an embarrassment.

Jonathan and Josef left the Toughies to their breakfast, locking the barn door again as they left.

“You sure that stuff will work?” Josef asked his brother.

“It’ll take a moment to kick in. But once it does, the poison will wreck their insides, lots of blood coming out of lots of holes. And that Smarty prick gets a front row seat to the show.”

“Coz bad Fwuffies git bad skettis, wight?”

“That’s right Charlie, bad skettis indeed.”

The three of them returned to the Farmhouse, Josef slumped into the sofa to relax while Jonathan carried Charlie through to the kitchen where Herman was dealing with the spaghetti remnants.

Herman smiled at the little brown Fluffy, though Jonathan could make out the slight pain in his eyes. “Hey there Charlie, I’ve got some left over spaghetti if you want any.”

“Nu bad sketti?”

“No, this is good stuff, I figured after everything you went through, you could use something nice.”

Jonathan sat Charlie down in front of the bowl, his face lit up and he dove in, thanking the gret Sky-Fluff for his new found happiness.

While Charlie was distracted, Herman handed Jonathan an empty glass vial. “This the right stuff?”

“Yeah, he’ll feel a little tired after eating, then he’ll fall asleep and go peacefully. Better than the fuckers in the barn, that’s for sure.”

“Ok good. I feel awful about this but…”

“I get it Uncle HAM, there was nothing you could do for him, disabled Fluffies like that are hard to deal with, and from what he told us, I doubt you’d be able to look past the baby fucker thing.”

“God you’re right, I want to tell myself he’s as much a victim, but what I’ve seen Fluffies do to each other… I don’t know anymore.”

“He gets a peaceful death, that’s more than most get.”

The two men left Charlie to his final meal and joined Josef on the sofa, in the corner Yankee and Zulu played happily with the daughter, the smell of skettis was still clear as day but none of them had mentioned it.

“What’s the plan with them?” Josef asked.

“I think I’m gonna keep them, I know you might have some issues with that Jonathan, but I can’t in all good conscience leave them out there to the whims of another Alpha. After the last few days I could use the reminder of the goodness in the species.”

Jonathan’s face didn’t hide his disappointment. “I think you’re misguided, but I’m not going to argue with you. But if you are going to take them in then I want Zulu’s foals aborted.”

“Jonathan, you can’t ask…”

“I’m not asking, those as Alpha’s foals and I’m not leaving here until every trace of him is gone. If it makes you feel any better I’ll cook up something painless, all you need to do is be her fucking ‘daddeh’ and keep her happy. Fuck, tell her Yankee can fuck her full of good babies afterward if you want.”

“There’s not changing your mind?”

“Not a chance, Alpha is fucking gone in any and all forms before I go.”

Herman knew there was no fighting his nephew on this. “Ok then, but you better make it painless.”

“I’m a fucking scientist HAM, I’m not gonna fuck this up.”

Josef turned and looked at the barn, hearing the faint screaming of the Toughie dying.

“Well, I guess Alpha’s fucked, what’s the plan with Delta?”

Jonathan shrugged. “That’s up to HAM, I could spay her, you can keep her as an enfie-tpy for Yankee.”

“Ugh, no. I said I wanna keep the good parts of the species, not that ugly business. No it that becomes an issue I’ll work on it.”

Jonathan sat up, his face smiling again. “If that’s your final answer, then I have an idea.”

Josef chuckled. “Your ideas always seem to land us in more trouble than they’re worth.”

“True, but you’ll like this one. Unless you’re still scared of guns.”

“Told you John, never touching one again.”

“Well, all the more fun for me then.”


Josef wound back his arm and lobbed Delta’s weeping body into the air, Jonathan followed her with the shotgun and pulled the trigger, blasting the once pretty pink bitch into smithereens.

The two Mongola brothers laughed, Alpha wailed at the violent death of his special-friend, and even Herman who wasn’t 100% with this plan, smiled slightly.

Josef picked up Alpha and carried him over to the shooting gallery, Jonathan knelt down so he was eye-level with the former Smarty.

“I’m glad you saw that Smarty, because that’s what awaits you in a moment. But first, I wanted to show you something.”

Jonathan motioned for Herman to come over, the old man was carrying something wrapped in a cloth, Alpha was confused until Jonathan removed the cover and Alpha could see five misshapen, mushy and dead foals.

“Ba… peep… babbehs?”

Jonathan smirked at the pathetic creature. “That’s right, those are YOUR babbehs, the ones you gave to the brown mare. I killed them because those were the last babies you were ever gonna have, and now they’re dead.”

“Sma… chirp… Smarty nu hab babbehs? Am… peep… am daddeh nu mowe?”

“Nope, and you wanna know the best part. Your little rape victim was happy for me to take away her bad babies, she fucking hated what you did to her and thanked me for helping her.”

A small lie, Zulu was currently inside crying about her lost tummy-babies, but she had agreed to let Jonathan abort them, knowing that they were bad-babies and her beloved Special-friend was allowed to give her good-babied when she felt better. But Alpha didn’t know that, he believed what Jonathan told him and wept over his lost legacy.

“Smaw… chirp… Smawty nu desewve… peep… dis.”

“Yeah, you kinda do. PULL!”

Josef threw Alpha as far as he could into the wheat field, Jonathan followed the trial of shit flying through the air, took aim and fired. A cloud of blood burst in the sky and Alpha’s body fell to the ground. Herman walked up next to Jonathan and shook his head.

“Bad shot there Jonathan, looked a little too low, doubt it was a kill shot”

“Oh no, I hit exactly what I was aiming for.”

Lost in the tall wheat, Alpha came to the terrifying realisation that he was still alive, but at a horrible cost. The buckshot from the shotgun had ripped his bottom half to shreds, both his back legs and his cock and balls were in tatters, he could even see his intestines dripping out of his ripped stomach.

“Wowstesh… peep… huwties. Need… chirp… huggies.”

Alpha turned and dragged his torn body away, trying hard to ignore the agonising pain with each torturous step he took. And the niggling feeling that he wasn’t sure which way was towards freedom and which was back towards pain.


Jonathan shut the boot, the last of his belongings was in Josef’s car, he was ready to leave. He turned back to his Uncle, Yankee, Zulu and their daughter in his arms.

“Don’t worry about the military gear HAM, I got a guy coming by to pick it up tomorrow, if you wanna keep any of it, it’s all off-grid so nobody would miss it.”

“Thanks, but I’ll pass. Most of this stuff is beyond my needs for farming Except the drone, might keep that for a little play around.”

“Well it’s yours. Still set on keeping these guys.”

“I am indeed, in fact I’ve named them all properly this time. Our little man here is Hickory, his mate is Cinnamon, and their little girl I’ve called Pamela.”

Jonathan gave his Uncle a look asking why he named a Fluffy after his dead wife, but the glare Herman gave him told him not to ask anything. The three Fluffies giggled.

“Wub nyu namsies.” Yankee – now Hickory – cheered. “Nyu daddeh am bestesh daddeh.”

“Cin-a-min gun miss udda daddeh, sabe famiwy fwom meanie Smawty.”

“Yeah, well… don’t miss me too much. I doubt I’ll be back much.”

Herman sighed. “Jonathan you don’t…”

“It’s fine Uncle HAM, you were right. I went overboard and let out an ugly side of me. I think it’s best I give us some distance.”

“You’re always welcome back John, just maybe next time bring less guns.”

Jonathan laughed just as Josef left the house with the last of his stuff.

“You good to go?” He asked Jonathan.

“I’m good.”

“Alright, nice to see you again Uncle HAM, I’ll try to come down more often.”

“Don’t worry yourself Josef, I got the harvest in a couple months and these little guys to keep me company, try and make it for Christmas and we’ll be ok.

The two brothers gave their Uncle a quick hug before they got into the car and drove away, both of kept waving until they turned a corner and the four figures waving back were out of sight.

Josef let out an almighty sigh. “Boy. That was some experience. I fucking hope I never have to deal with a herd like that again, that’d be something wouldn’t it John? John?”

Josef looked over and saw that Jonathan was fast asleep, exhausted after everything they went through. Josef smiled and let his brother rest, he deserved it.

Two days of driving later, and Josef pulled up outside of Mongola Manor, his skin crawled at the sight of it.

“God am I happy I’ll never set foot in that place again.”

Jonathan opened the boot and pulled out his bags. “You’re lucky you get to drive away, I’m the one that’s gotta go inside.”

“You sure I can’t drive you somewhere else?”

“Nah, most of my shit’s in there, can’t run away just yet.”

Jonathan grabbed his last bag and shut the boot, Josef looked and saw a shotgun hanging from Jonathan’s arm.

“Ha, what’s the matter, not ready to give up the hunt or…?”

Josef froze, the double-barrel shotgun was latched open, and he could see two loaded shells in both barrels.

“John, what the hell is going on?”

“You were right Joey, I’ve not been in a good place. I’ve not been in a good place since Martha and Rolfy died, and the lies I’ve been telling myself aren’t working like they used to. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do something, something that I should’ve done a long time ago.”

“John please, whatever this is…”

“I’ve made my mind up about this Joey, I did so years ago. I’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity, and Uncle HAM gave the excuse I needed. The excuse for why I have a gun with me right now.”

Jonathan put down his bag and reached into his coat pocket, pulling out the letter from his son, the last and only letter he ever had, and handed it to Josef.

“John I can’t…”

“I told you Josef, there’d come a time when I don’t need this letter anymore. And I don’t know when that day will come but where I’m going, I can’t have this, I want it to stay with you, to be safe until I need it again.”


“Don’t ask Joey, please. The less you know, the better, it’ll allow you to claim ignorance. Because when I go inside that fucking house, that’s it for me.”

Josef reluctantly took the letter, but instantly jumped forward and hugged his brother with everything he had.

“It’s not fair.” He whispered.

“No, but this is where life has led us.”

The two brothers let go, Jonathan smiled and wiped away a tear on Josef’s face.

“I’m proud you’re my brother.”

They both smirked and chuckled, though the mood was low. Jonathan picked up his bag again and started walking towards the Manor.

“See ya round Joey, I just hope you survive what comes next.”

“I thought you said we were Mongolas. We could survive anything.”

“Yeah… I believed that once as well.”

Jonathan walked backwards as far as he could, keeping his brother in his sights, until eventually he had to right himself and climb the steps to the front door. By the time he turned back, Josef had already driven away.

In a way, Jonathan envied his little brother’s escape, but he knew there was no way he could leave without finishing this shit.

As he walked into the main foyer, the Mongola’s butler Tanner approached him.

“Master Jonathan, I wasn’t expecting you for…”

Tanner stopped dead in his tracks, seeing the gun on his arm and the shells loaded into the barrels.

“Master Jonathan?”

“It’s a good night for it Tanner, why don’t you go make yourself a hot chocolate. I believe there’s a packet in the second kitchen.”

Tanner nodded, understanding that Jonathan was giving him an out, the second kitchen was at the other end of the house, too far to hear anything from the main wing.

“Of course Master Jonathan, I believe I shall. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry that it’s come to this.”

“Why? It’s not your fault.”

“I never stepped in to stop it. In a way sir, it is.”

Tanner left quickly, getting as far from the foyer as possible. Jonathan waited a few seconds, before taking a deep breath. He double-checked the shotgun was still loaded, cocked it into position…

And climbed the stairs to his parents’ bedroom.

Ok that went on a little longer than I planned, I have one more short epilogue chapter and then that’ll be it for Hunting Wabbits.

For clarification on what I said at the start, I initially had plans fro Herman to adopt Charlie, while Yankee and Zulu were let back out into the wild under Herman’s protection, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense for Herman to adopt the couple, which left the question on what to do with Charlie. I figured a quiet death would do fine, especially with how I ended up writing his revelation about Delta it didn’t seem right to give him the happy ending, but I didn’t want to torture him either. Hopefully it still works with the overall narrative.

Chapter 8 [END]


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