fluff 11


Wow he hit the jackpot glad he manage to stop the bitch.

The blue seems happy and chillin, nice work :+1:

Wow the owner was so mad he slice off her tits? Whats she gonna be? An enfie pillow?


I guess it references the old proverb “If you kill your monster babies someone’s going to cut off your tits.”


I say milkbag. The babies still need feeding after all. :wink: Edit: Teat removal huh? Litterpal then. Just remove the teeth first.


At least they weren’t so short sighted as to potentially kill the goose that laid the egg as it were.

So you going to use those fake breasts on a stuffy mother feeding station?

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Jackpot is right! The guy has a gold mine with that bitch, he’s gonna live the good life from now on if the alicorn litter is consistent and not just a fluke. And the bitch mare isn’t gonna reap any of the rewards because she tried to kill the product XD


Should have taken her legs instead so she couldn’t stop the foals from drinking her milkies. This dude kind of shot himself in the foot, because now he’s got an extra expense: either buying formula, or buying milkbags. Milkbagging the mare he already had would have killed two fluffies with one stone.


Ugh. Alicorn simps. They’re worse than bad mummahs. Seriously, anyone willing to pay hundreds or thousands for a shitrat just cuz it has horns and wings are the kind of morons who would pay hundreds for a “SUPREME” brand brick. :unamused:

Cute picture tho! :smiley: Glad they see they survive so that they each have the chance to suffer (just a little :wink: )


Not much extra expense. Especially if cow Fluffies are a thing in that universe.

Fluffies would be cheap as hell to raise. Even cheaper if you have a garden, and use @Chikahiro’s idea of fermenting food for healthy reuse of their shit as second meals.

The only issue is them needing constant care. Ones for sale would need not only gentle discipline, but no exposure to stress. A source of milk that isn’t a tormented limbless and eyeless Fluffy would no doubt be better. Since that payoff would be worth it for fulltime work he could just keep regular milking Fluffies. Stimulate lactation manually by rewarding them for dry suckling each other until it begins, then reward them again for using the milking machine. To boost nutrition and reduce cost, use spaghetti-like vegetables.


Morons are morons, but money is money. You know what they say about fools and their money…


I mean, if you’re going to put so much effort into keeping a milkbag alive, why not just milkbag the mare you already have? Then that’s one less step.

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Oh yeah. I’d never fault a seller for taking advantage of a moron chasing a trend. Just calling a moron a moron. These breeders obvs did the right thing. :joy:


Higher yields from specialized breeds?
Fluffies trained to be milked and see it as a normal part of life to be proud of rather than ones who associate it only with breeding and thus see it as theft?


For a fandom full of depraved autists, you somehow top us all with your genuinely gross ideas


But I didn’t come up with that. That’s real thing with cows. Also humans.

Stimulate tittay enough, you start lactating.

Its called galactorrhea.

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That hurt.:pensive:


This is assuming that the owner cares about these kind of things. That the owner cares about his mare’s opinion on being milked. I mean, the guy in this comic is already willing to cut off parts of his mare’s body. Do you think he gives a fuck about his mare’s opinion on her involuntary double mastectomy?


On sapient, semi-intelligent creatures with the mental and emotional level of 3 year olds.

That’s omega creepy, dude. Just buy formula, let the mare breastfeed, milkbag it, or milk the mare your-own-dam-self, but to encourage these simple and childlike creatures to orally stimulate each other’s erogenous zones makes me wanna call Chris Hansen on yo ass.

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I was going more with the idea of wanting the best milk possible for the best nutrition for the best possible Alicorns to sell. Meaning no stress whatsoever at any point.

Even bribed, she could feel anxiety over it. They can be gaslit easily so they can probably he taught to be proud of it, but it would take time and the babies need it now.

Better off finding one ready to do it now, and eager for the sense of accomplishment they feel.

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Not as much as the punch to yo wallet! BOOM

But fo’ real. If fluffies were real, and they were all fragile retards, and lets say you could get a good behaved, well-colored one of your choice for $40-50 (earthie, unicorn, or pegasus) would you REALLY spend 10x that much for the exact same foal just because it has wings and a horn?

Legit question, cuz I can see preferring alicorns aesthetically, but I can’t rationalize the huge jump in cost for owning one.

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