Jelly and Snowflake - Part 15 - Claire's Fluffies - By Hornlarry (Booru ID 38863)


Claire was very sad that Jelly and Red Conan had to be sent to the fluffy shelter. After what Jelly had done to Snowflake though, the idea of keeping her was impossible.

Snowflake went to the vets, and had her rear leg amputated. For a while, this meant that Snowflake could only drag herself around using her front two legs, and had real trouble using the litterbox. Nutella looked after her though, dragging nummies to her mummah, and Claire fed her by hand for a while.

Snowflake gladly adopted the other babies. Blueberry, Strawberry and Nana were very scared after Jelly went to the shelter, but they understood that their mummah was a bad fluffy, and they loved Snowflake and Nutella, so all was well. Snowflake hugged them and loved them and fed them miwkies. She sang to them and taught them everything she knew, and was a good mummah.

Claire noticed that Nutella was growing a unicorn horn, and realised that she was an Alicorn. At first, the other babies were afraid of her, but soon they realised that Nutella was a good fluffy, and meant them no harm.

After another couple of weeks, Claire’s parents insisted that the baby fluffies, who were now weaned, and eating foods like mashed bananas, be adopted out into new homes. Several of Alice’s friends wanted a new baby fluffy, and so Blueberry, Strawberry and Nana quickly found themselves with new mummahs. Lots of the little girls already had a fluffy as well, so the baby fluffies had a “nyu fwiend” to be with from the start.

Nutella begged Claire to let her stay with Snowflake though, and knowing how Nutella had suffered with a rejecting mother, Claire begged her parents to let her keep them both. Understanding that other fluffies were scared of Alicorns, Claire’s parents agreed. Claire kept Snowflake and Nutella for many years, and even took them to University with her.

Many years later, when Claire was nineteen years old, Snowflake died of old age. Just a year later, Nutella died too. They had lived long and happy years, and Claire had loved them very much. By now, Claire was a young woman, and the fluffies had taught her that all life was precious and impermanent. Claire never kept fluffies again, but always remembered her little babies, the love the had shared, and how precious that could be.


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I wrote this Epilogue as people on the Booru requested it - at the time I was writing more about Jelly (see Jelly’s Sorrow) but didn’t intend to write more about Claire and people really wanted to know what happened, so I wrote this.

Later, I wrote far more about Red Conan and the Snake Daddy (introduced soon) but I returned to writing about Claire with Snowflake’s Babies, also writing more about her cousin Alice.

Being a bleeding heart liberal, I suffered terribly with Trump derangement syndrome in the Summer and Fall of 2016, and so ended up writing The Wall, a story about a crazed politician getting elected by promising to build a wall between the US and hugboxing Canada to keep the herds of feral fluffies out. The Fall of Cleveland is canon in the Jellyverse, so it was something people were actually afraid of.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting a story or two a day. Maybe one Jellyverse and one of my other stories


Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


Man that was a frigging good story and I can’t wait to read more.


Well you’re in luck because I’ve got plenty to share :slight_smile:

I’m really glad people are enjoying these stories again - I’ve posted the first part of Jelly’s sorrow tonight, and I’ve just found one of my favorites, Combine Harvester, which I will post in just a moment :smiley:



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Love the ending seeing claire live her life as she grows older never been that sluking kid before. snowflake and nutella living a good old age is good to hear.

Awesome ending :+1:

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Was there ever stories that focused on Claire’s father? It seems like he has a strong bias against fluffies that wasn’t as apparent at the start of the story. It would be interested to know how his growing hatred affected relationships with Claire and his wife. Having the family discover his secret abuse area would probably add more fuel to the fire.

Also I noticed that Claire seems to be related to Alice. If Alice is the same human who was cares for by fluffies at birth, I’m wonder if that knowledge could change her relationship with Claire’s dad.

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Yey for being the first person to realise that Alice was indeed the baby from Abandoned :grin:

There’s not more stories about Claire’s father, but there is a lot about Claire and Alice later on…

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