Josef & The Awful Technicolor Smarty Herd Ch. 8 [By BFM101]

Josef near enough jumped down the stairs to the basement, he finally had Mother dead-to-rights, he had a reason to hurt her passed his own hatred of the self-entitled cunt. He threw her onto the table, the blood and cum from Bitch’s meeting with Crimson hadn’t fully dried yet and stuck to her fluff, if anything getting her fur dirty pissed her off more than the toss.

“Meanie Joesep hab nu wespect, Mummah nu desewve tu be tweated wike poopie Fwuf…”

Josef cut her off with a back-handed slap to her face. “Listen you little cunt, there are two rules here, sit down and shut up, you will only talk to answer my questions, understand?”

“Hff, Mummah nu wisten to dummeh hoomin, nu teww yu nuttin, Mummah am tu impowtant tu…”

Mother was cut off again but this time from behind, Crimson jumped on top of her back and pressed her down, she could feel his no-no-stick pressing against her.

“Dummeh mawe wisten tu daddeh ow ewse Cwimson make hew fukin wisten.”

“Pwease, get munstah way, nu wike.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Mother, Crimson has a mind of his own, if he wants you to listen to me, I suggest you do what he says.”

A lie of course, but Mother didn’t know that, she started nodding her like a goddamn bobblehead to show she understood.

“Mummah wisten, Mummah teww anyfing yu wan.”

Crimson backed off, staying just to the sidelines so Mother still saw him in the corner of her eye. Josef turned her head to look at him and started questioning.

“So Mother, tell me, your son isn’t the smartie of the herd is he? You are.”

The bitch had the audacity to look smug as in her mind, Josef just complimented her.

“Smawtie am gud babbeh, bu he dummeh, nu can wead hewd awone afta speciaw-fwiend gu foweba sweepies, he need Mummah to hewp guyde him.”

“Smartie’s father used to lead the herd?”

“Yas, he gud Fwuffy, vewy fwiendly, hewd mush bigga den, wived in Twee Pwace fow many fowebas. Mummah nu wike it, too diwty fow hew, bu she nu tawkies fow speciaw-fwiend. Den bawkie-munstahs come, gib many fwiend fowebas sweepies, Mummah wose aww babbehs cept fow Smawtie, he bestesh babbeh, Mummah awways pwotect him.”

Josef could read between the lines and guessed that Mother had abandoned her other children to protect Smartie, her favourite. “I take it that’s when Smartie’s father died as well.”

The evil smirk on Mother’s face chilled even Josef, he’d never seen such a look of malice in a Fluffies face before, the goddamn thing was a toy for Christ’s sake.

“Maybe bawkie-munstahs huwt speciaw-fwiend, Fwuffy nu wememba

She was taunting him, she was enjoying seeing his face scowl at her obvious lies, he knew she was but he had nothing to disprove it. Josef recovered himself and went back to the conversation.

“So after the dogs attacked, what happened next?”

“Smawtie wead hewd out of Twee Pwace, into Hoomin Pwace, he nu gud weada, hab too many heawt-angwies to wead, Mummah teww him wha tu du an he teww hewd, git aww cwedit.”

“Yeah and all the blame as well I bet.”

“If hewd nu wan Mummah Smawtie den dat hewd’s pwobwem, she keep Smawtie gud, hewp hewd suwvive.”

“Ok, at what point did you find Sweetheart?”

“Nut wong afta weaving Twee Pwace, Mummah see inswide Fwuffy with hoomin mummah an babbehs, Mummah see munstah-babbeh have biggesh heawt-happies. Why du munstah git happies and Mummah stay ousside, cweawy hew mummah hab bad thinkie-pwace, munstah’s onwy gud fow numming poopies an foweba sweepies.”

“So you stole her from her loving mother, just cause you didn’t like seeing an Alicorn be happy? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Mummah du dummeh mummah a favow, she tuu dummeh tu knyo munstah babbehs am bad, Mummah sabe hew fwom dat, Mummah gud Fwuffy.”

Josef backhanded her again, fed up of the sanctimonious bullshit she was spitting at him.

“You are a fucking monster, a cruel sadistic fuck who has no business being happy ever again.”

Mother just glared at Josef. “Wha dummeh Joesep du bout it? Mummah onwy hab wait fow Smawtie tu gut hewe, he gud babbeh, du wha-eva Mummah teww him. Mummah teww him tu make poopies in Joesep hawden, he du dat. Mummah teww him to bweak in gawden fow gwass nummies, he du dat.”

Mother’s eyes dropped and that cruel smile returned. “Mummah teww him to gib speciaw-fwiend foweba sweepies, he du dat. He woyaw babbeh, he sabe Mummah nu matta wha. Yu no scawe Mummah, yu just dummeh hoomin.”

Fucking Christ, she just outwardly admitted to having Smartie kill his own father at her orders, no wonder their relationship was so fucked up. Josef knew he wasn’t a saint, but Mother was a different breed of monster altogether, he looked down at her and felt something in his stomach, something twisted, something mean, something… sadistic.

He remembered why he loved abusing Fluffies so much, it was so monsters like Mother got what they fuckin deserved.

“Ok Mother, if you’re so sure that Smartie is going to be clever enough to climb up the porch stairs, open two locked doors by himself, get down the basement stairs and get her in time to save you…”

Josef picked up his new hacksaw, letting it shine in the light of the table-lamp.

“…Then let’s see how many limbs I can cut off before he gets here.”

The shit that Mummah let out in fear would stain Josef’s table so bad he’d have to buy a new one, but it was worth it for the look on her face.

Outside, Smartie was trying to save his mother, but he couldn’t get up the first porch step.

“Bestesh babbeh come Mummah, Smawtie sabe yu soon.”

He turned round to where Nurse and Sweetheart were watching him. “Fwuffies, hewp Smawtie sabe Mummah.”

“Why?” Nurse asked with as much vindication as she could muster.

“Why? Cause she Mummah, she pawt of hewd, need save hew fwom munstah Joesep.”

“Wook awound Smawtie. Dewe is nu hewd nu mowe, we aww dat weft. Nuwse nu wan anyfing tu du wiv yu nu mowe and nu wet you neaw Sweetheawt.”

Smartie’s face turned to fury. “Why yu su dummeh? Smawtie wead dis hewd tu nummies and wawmies, yu du wha Smawtie says.”

“Smawtie wead hewd to foweba sweepies, tuu busy wistening tu Mummah wies tu see hewd need hewp.”

Sweetheart took her chance to sneak away, hiding herself next to the Whipped’s corpse, even in death her father protected her.

“Wha hewp, hewd du fine?”

“HEWD AM FUKIN DEAD SMAWTIE! Wunt an Dewp twy to wun away, yu nu cawe, Whipped tuwn poopie, yu nu cawe. Toughie gib ouw own wittew babbeh bad specaiw-huggies and yu nu eben cawe. Aww yu du is wha-eva Mummah tewws you. Eben if it make evewywun hatechu.”

“Dat nut twue.” Smartie snarled through gritted teeth.

“It am twue Smawtie, it Mummah’s idea tu weave sowwy poopies den hewd num poopies. It Mummah idea tu come inswide Joesep gawden fow gwass nummies, nyo hewd gune. It Mummah’s idea tu stay in big sitty wiv dangews, it Mummah’s idea tu steaw Sweetheawt fwom hew mummah…”

“Wha?” Sweetheart suddenly perked up at the mention of her name. “Sweetheawt hav udda mummah?”

Smartie sneered at the horrified look o Nurse’s face, she’d just spilt the beans on a herd wide secret they’d been keeping for weeks.

She decided it best to come clean, tell Sweetheart the truth. “Dat wight, Sweetheawt come fwom hoomin home, hab mummah and bruddas and sistahs, Nuwse saw it happy home.”

“Wh… why Sweetheawt nu wiv famiwy, why Sweetheawt wiv dis hewd?”

“Mummah take yu fwom famiwy, she fink munstah nu desewve happy home, wan gib yu foweba sweepies.”

“But was onwy wittew babbeh, why wan huwt wittew babbeh?”

“Nuwse nu knyo, Mummah am bad Fwuffy, Whipped sabe Sweetheawt wife, say he wook afta yu, he awmoss daddeh.”

“Bu he nut daddeh, an yu nut fwiend, yu take Sweetheawt fwom happy home, hatchu, hate aww of chu.”

Sweetheart ran for the houses to find a spot to hide and cry, Nurse could only watch her go, the pain in her heart growing more and more. A pain not helped by Smartie’s arrival, he sneered at her as he walked in a circle around his traumatised ex-mate.

“See, Smawtie say you bad mummah, nyo yu see.”

“No tawkies.”

“Yu hab no-wun weft, nu Fwuffy wans anyfing tu du wiv yu.”

“No tawkies, pwease.”

“Yu am dummeh mawe, onwy gud for babbehs and enfies.”


Smartie punched her in the mouth, the hardest he’d ever hit her, her lip bust open and she fell to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably, her whole world collapsing around her. Smartie leaned in for the final kill.

“An yu nu eben abaw to pwotect babbehs, yu da wowstesh mummah eba, no desewve babbehs gain.”

As his words cut through her, Nurse curled up into a ball and whispered two words through her tears.

“Wan die.”

Smartie smiled, happy that she was finally broken, his repayment for her fault in losing his kids. He pushed her onto her front and stood behind her, ready to mount.

“Yu bad mummah, bu yu gud enfie-toy, maybee dat be yu new wole in hewd. Betta dan yu desewve.”

Smartie climbed on top of Nurse, ready to enf her within an inch of her life, until he suddenly felt bad-upsies lift him up and into the cruel face of Josef.

“Hello Smartie you little prick, been busy have we?”

“Put Smawtie down su he can hab gud-feews wiv dummeh mawe.”

“Oh come on now, you can’t have that sort of language round here, what would your mother say?”

At the mention of his mother Smartie started looking around. “Mummah? Whewe Mummah, need Mummah.”

Josef reached into his coat pocket and pulled out four severed white legs and a small tongue, enjoying the look of horror on Smarties face.

“She’s dead Smartie, I pillowed the bitch, then I had Crimson fuck her to death, when he was finished he ripped her throat out with his fucking teeth.”

“NUU! Nu yu wie, Mummah nu gune.”

“She is Smartie, and so will you be once I figure out the best way to butcher your sorry fucking ass.”

Josef took Smartie to the Sorry-Box and dropped him inside, he’d deal with him later. Right now is focus was on Nurse and finding out where Sweetheart had gone.

“Nurse, Nurse? Where’s Sweetheart, I can’t see her anywhere.”

“Wan die, wet Nuwse die.”

“Dammit Nurse, Sweetheart’s too young to be left alone, where’s she gone?”

“Wan die, wan die.”

Josef didn’t have time for her hysterics, he picked her up and took her inside, placing her on the kitchen counter and wetting a cloth with cold water to help clean her cut.

“There we are, you’re not dying on me just yet, now tell me where Sweetheart’s gone so I can bring her inside.”

“Nu bwing her in, Sweetheawt hate Nuwse, nu wan see hew. Nuwse teww hew bout weaw mummah, bout happy home. Nyo hab biggesh heawt huwties, Nuwse miss munstah babbehs, onwy wan tu hewp.”

“You can help her, tell me where’s she’s gone and you and I can help her together.”

“Huu, she in Fwuffy House, bu she nu wan Nuwse, Nuwse wan die.”

“Dammit Nurse, stay here, I’m gonna get Sweetheart and we’ll work this out together.”

Josef turned to the backdoor but didn’t get more than two steps when it suddenly hit him that he shouldn’t have left Nurse on the counter-top. He turned just as the soft, wet THUD hit the floor.

Nurse had jumped from the counter-top, her wan-die phase had taken her over, losing her friends, all her foals, her mate and now the one Fluffy she had left to care for had finally gotten too much for her to handle. Now she lay in a broken, bloodied mess on Josef’s kitchen floor.

In usual circumstances Josef would be thrilled, but these were not normal circumstances, Nurse was the last responsible adult Fluffy and now Sweetheart, poor damaged and traumatised Sweetheart, was lost and alone. Josef knew he had to step up for the moment and look after her, at least until she was ready to face the trauma of her time here.

He found her sobbing in one of the houses, her face to the wall, not even registering his arrival. He reached in and gentle stroked her back with his fingers.

“Nurse told me what happened, about your mother.”

“It nu wight, Sweetheawt hab gud home and bestesh mummah and wost dat for bad mummah and scawdie-daddeh. No weason fow it, just jeawousy.”

“You’re right, it’s not fair, you shouldn’t have had to live a life like that, torn from your family in such a cruel way, but now you know, and if you let me help you, we can work out your history together.”

“Daddeh Joesep pwomise?”

“I promise to do the best I can, I can’t guarantee results but I’ll see what I can do. But you need to promise me something in return.”

Sweetheart sniffed back more tears. “Wha?”

“Don’t call Whipped a ‘scardie-daddeh’ again, the guy knew you weren’t his daughter but he still raised you like you were, even at his death he kept up the lie to help you, he might not be your father but he was your daddy.”

Sweetheart nodded, she’d been angry at Whipped for lying to her but she saw now that Whipped was the only good Fluffy she had in her life, well him and…

“Daddeh, whewe Nuwse gu?”

Josef swallowed, despite everything he figured one more lie was necessary, just to keep Sweetheart from crashing down into depression.

“Nurse is gone Sweetheart, Smartie wanted to hurt you but she stopped him long enough for me to put him in the Sorry-Box, but her injuries were too much, she’s gone forever sleepies.”

“Oh. Sweetheart wan say sowwy, nu mean to say bad fings tu hew.”

“I’m sure she knew Sweetheart, she protected you after you said those things didn’t she? Now let’s go inside, I’ll cook you up some spaghetti, I think you’ve earned them.”

Josef spent the next three days tidying up the mess left by the last couple night, he buried Nurse, Whipped and Whipped’s foals in his garden, a personal reminder that not all Fluffies were bastards.

Bitch he scooped up and dumped in the trash with the pot containing Runt, he didn’t give a fuck about them they could rot for all he cared.

He also started taking down the Fluffy pen, Sweetheart was fully an indoor Fluffy now and Smartie was still in the Sorry-Box so there was no point keeping it up any longer, he had no plans on getting another herd anytime soon. Not after the trouble this one gave him.

Eventually he decided to do something about Smartie, he couldn’t stay in the Sorry-Box forever, well he could but that be too plain a death for the little shit, no Josef wanted to hurt him, and he knew just how to do that.

He waited until Sweetheart was asleep and then went outside to the Sorry-Box, Smartie was cold, hungry and tired but he still looked up at Josef with disdain.

“Wha dummeh Joesep wan, come tu gib Smawtie foweba sweepies?”

“No, at least not yet. I could actually use you for something.”

“Smawtie nu hewp dummeh Joesep.”

“Just hear me out ok, I’ve got a breeder friend of mine who’s been having trouble with one of his mares, he’s pillowed her, silenced her and locked her into place with every immobilisation board known to man, but she still fights with every stallion that comes near her, none of them want anything to do with her. I figured you wouldn’t exactly give a shit about that so I volunteered your services”

“You wan Smawtie tu hab enfies?”

“I don’t WANT you to have anything, but right now my stallions are you and Crimson and Crimson’s likely to kill the bitch if she fights back. Consider this a trade, if you do this for me, then I won’t kill you, I’ll drive you out to the woods and I’ll set you free, neither of us will ever see each other again.”

Smartie couldn’t believe that he was hearing, he got enfies AND freedom, Josef must be dumber than he thought if that was his idea of a punishment.

“Smawtie agwee, nu wan stay in cowd box nu mowe.”

“I’m glad to hear it, I’m not going to clean you up cause it’s not going to matter, but you are going to wear this.”

Josef produced a blindfold, perfectly sized for Fluffy heads.

“This is part of your punishment, you will never see this mare, you will never know what colour she is or if she’s a monster or what, you will have no idea what your foals will be. Got it?”

Smartie tried not to smirk, like he was going to care about some dummeh babies he was never going to see. But he dropped his head and played the part.

“Ok Joesep, if dat wha Fwuffy hab tu du, den Fwuffy du it.”

Josef looked at Smartie funny, then picked him up, put the blindfold on him and carried him inside. Smartie was already erect in anticipation as he was carried into the house, he felt them going downstairs and guessed they were heading for the basement, but if this bitch was as mean as Josef said then of course she was in the Sorry-Room.

Eventually Josef placed him on a table, Smartie could sense another Fluffy near him, he could smell her, there was something about the smell that Smartie couldn’t place his hoof on, but he ignored it, too excited for enfies to care.

“Alright Smartie, I’m gonna lead you into the mare, are you ready?”

“Smawtie weady.”

“Mare, are you ready to finally have tummeh-babbehs.”

Smartie heard muffled but violent protests coming from the mare, she really didn’t want this to happen, that excited him even more.

“Ok, let’s do this thing.”

Josef lifted Smartie up and positioned him into the mounting position, once Smartie found a grip on the mare’s fur he took over and plunged his no-no stick inside her.

The Mare screamed as much as a tongue-less mare could scream, she wasn’t as tight as Smartie expected, but she was warm and inviting and that’s all he wanted.

“Enf, enf, enf.”

The Mare was fighting him off with every thrust, ironically making him go deeper each time, her Fluff was so thick and soft, he held onto as much as he could so he could pull her closer every time he rammed into her cunt.


He was getting close, it had been too long, his special-lumps were begging for release, he fucked harder and faster until…


As he fired a shotgun blast of cum into The Mare’s special place he felt the blindfold being lifted off him, the bright lights and the confusion froze him for a moment until he looked down at The Mare he’d just given special huggies to.

Even without her legs and with her body covered in dirt and grime, Smartie could still recognise the pretty white fluff of…


We’re getting into the endgame now, only two chapters left in this story, and since everyone’s been on about her, I can promise that Mother’s punishment is going to be one of the most brutal things I’ve ever written and I hope it satisfies you sick bastards.

Chapter 9


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