Josef & The Awful Technicolor Smarty Herd - Chapter 7 5/5 (Commissioned for BFM101) (InfraredTurbine)

Hello my folks!!

Yes, I posted most of these pages before, but I decided it was better to post the whole chapter together, and here it’s all together along with the final page to conclude this chapter!

This story is based on This story, ALL credits to its creator, @BFM101 !

Chapter 8

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Ah Whipped’s death. Not initially how I planned it (his whole arc only came about after his dye job) but it served as a reminder that even with all the justice Josef is dealing out, nobody in this herd will survive and he will kill good Fluffies if given the opportunity.

Phenomenal work man, that evil grin in the last frame is textbook Josef.


Not quite nobody, I believe…


Yeah his experiment and that dye and the foal coat was really few early “you fucking bastard!” I felt reading it for the first time, guess he still have to dance in the entrance of fluffy hell :sweat_smile:


Is Whipped dead or what?


Oh yeah, he real dead

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I dont want to spoil it for you, but josef kills them all

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Actually A-S is right, at least one or two make it out alive

Although they probably wish they didn’t.


Dang my memory is real fucked then lol

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But Whipped was a good fluffy :frowning:

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There is no mercy in this dojo

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I just noticed he goes from calling himself Whipped to either Whipper or Ripper at the end, after he kills Bitch. Fascinating. I think I prefer Whipper, as it’s a poetic reversal of his previous state—He is now the one whipping the bitch. =)

And then after the dye comes off, he spells his name with only one p.

Because he’s been Wiped.

°Obnoxious nasally laughter°

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