Josef & The Awful Technicolor Smarty Herd - Chapter 7 - 4/5 (Cmss for BFM101) (InfraredTurbine)

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Almost there hoho… there are revelations and good points on the final page to come :V
Original story by: @BFM101 ***

Hope you enjoy it!
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Whipped really just accepting his death huh


Man seeing Whipped ‘dye’ again really makes me sad, he was a bit of a mess, but in the end he did what a good father should.

kill a baby killer


Typical of Josef having fun of their misery.

Its hilarious and stupid not surprising by fluffy standard can’t even tell they are wearing something than actual fluff

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An Whipped, you turned out a better Fluffy that I initially planned. But you were part of the wrong herd, and this herd had to die.

At least you took out that Bitch before you went


That caught me off guard, almost seems appropriate to give him a pass in this case.
You know, just kill him last.

Hahaha fucked up idea, but sure that show the real color of a fluffy when they think their foals are brown foals.

Where’s 5/5??

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Sorry, it was here
just forgot to add 5/5 in the title

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thank my dude