Kibble 3000 (Artist:Carpdime) (Fluffybooru id: 20049)


One of the older images Carpdime made, and part of a series of uncoloured sketches he did along with Bullies.

To my memory, the original intention was to a sort of machine dispense kibble for the foals in each pen, but Carp had to improvise. This image was also one of the first to mention how a fluffy foal might sound. May be related to the next stage of processing.

This was used as an illustration for “The last fluffy meat farms in America.”


There was something about farming and industrialization that really tickled my fancy in some of my older art. I guess I can say I’ve since gone a bit more free range and organic!


This is clever and cute.


I’ve been a lot more interested in the free range/organic approach you’ve gone into, but I also like exploring the contrast between both approaches.


Yeah, I probably won’t be using this in any of my stories. It’s a neat idea, that’s not the problem, the problem is that the most prominent chain of fluffy stores in my headcanon sources its fluffies from luxury breeding facilities, that exclusively use saferoom breeding pairs, and the stores themselves wouldn’t cram this many foals into one pen. They feed the foals by hand, so that they get used to being fed by humans.

That saferoom breeding pair thing, by the way, isn’t one of my ideas either. It came from Different types of fluffy breeding by @Newb_ronswek, so if you’re reading this, Newb, thanks buddy.