KNOCK KNOCK Part 1 by WolfmanRaven


Alan sighed heavily. Here we go again, he thought to himself. The feral fluffies in the neighborhood had been really working hard to find new homes as winter was beginning to set in. Alan grunted and went to the door. Maybe he would find one that wasn’t awful. He smirked at that. So far, every feral he came across was as monstrous as most humans. He sighed as he opened his front door.

“Hewwo, nice mistah,” came that grating whiny voice they all had, “Can fwufffies stay in nice wawm housies? It awmost cowd times and need wawm housies fow babbehs and good nummies fow miwkies.”

Alan looked down on a yellow mare with a pink mane. On her back were two foals. A small yellow one with a pink mane, like her, and a blue one with a white mane. They were shivering form the cold night air. It was only late November, but the nights had been getting more frigid. Alan looked down at her, smiling. It wasn’t a genuine smile, but Alan tried to make it convincing.

He wanted to say no and simply punt the little monster. After that thought went through his head, he realized there’d be a mess to clean up on his house shoes, so he decided to see how far he could go with this one. It was a bit more fun when he could convince them of their own deficit in morals. He didn’t hate all fluffies; just the shitty ones.

“Well, I don’t know little one. I’ve come across a lot of fluffies that want the same thing. What makes you different,” Alan asked.

“Angewa dhe bestest mummah! No to find nyu housies fow babbehs wewe wawm and nyu daddeh to gib bestest nummies,” came the reply.

Alan thought for a second. ‘She has a name. Probably a run away, wanted babies and her owner said no.’

“So is it just you and your babies? Where’s your special friend,” Alan inquired.

“Speshaw fwend go foweba sweepies. Metaw munstah git him. Angewa had wowstest heawt huwties, buh need to take cawe of babbehs and find sum pwace safe,” she replied.

Alan looked at her suspiciously then let his gaze wander behind her. Sitting away from the family, looking down at the ground was a brown colored foal. ‘The poopie baby,’ Alan noted.

Alan took a deep breath. He might regret this, but at the same time, he may gain some satisfaction. He exhaled and replied, “Okay. I will let you in, but you have to follow my rules and we’ll see if this will work out.”

“YAY! Tank ou nyu daddeh fow housies! Angewa wiww be bestest fwuffy ebah,” Angela exclaimed, already getting that grating high pitched tone that annoyed Alan.

Angela marched herself into the foyer of Alan’s house. She looked around, wide-eyed and exclaimed, “Babbehs! wook at nyu housies mummah got ou!”

Alan arched an eyebrow at that comment. She put her babies on the tile floor of the foyer and they looked around.

“Mummah! Dis bestest housies ebah,” said the yellow foal.

“Wawm and nicies,” said the blue one.

Alan looked back at the poopie baby. It just sat outside, staring into the house cautiously. Alan waved it in. It looked sheepishly at him and then slowly, carefully stepped into the house. Alan shut the door to stop cold air coming in. The poopy baby just looked down at the floor, while its family looked around and made comments to each other about their new home.
Alan looked them over. They could use a bath; badly. Alan was taking mental stock if he had any shampoo that wouldn’t irritate their sensitive skin and fluff when he heard a ‘phbblltt’ sound. He looked toward the family of fluffies and saw that the little yellow foal had shit right on the floor.

“Uhm, excuse me. But your baby just pooped on my floor. That wasn’t very nice after I let you in my warm house,” Alan quipped.

“Sowwy nyu daddeh. Bu onwy widdwe babbeh an nu no beddah,” Angela replied, not even telling the foal that what it did was wrong.

Alan heard a quiet whisper, “Nummies.”

Alan saw the poopy baby walk toward the pile of fresh fluffy shit and stretching its neck out, opening its mouth to eat it. Alan was a bit struck with disgust. Suddenly Angela stomped her hoof on the floor.

“Nu poopeh babbeh. Nu git nummies befowe oddah babbehs. Bad babbeh,” the mare said, puffing her cheeks.

The poopy baby stepped back, shaking and hiding its eyes from her. It stepped away from the shit, cowering near the wall. Alan noticed it seemed skinnier than the other babies. Typical, he thought, she treated it badly and didn’t feed it anything but their shit. This was going to be a night of retribution. The poopy baby was going to witness how Alan handles bad mothers.

Alan cleared his throat, “Okay. First of all, the rules of the house. One; all poopies and pees pees will be made in the litter box, which I will set up for you later. Two; you will not demand anything from me, but ask me politely. Using the word ‘Please.’ Three, you will have a safe room where you stay. Do not leave the safe room for any reason unless I say you can. Four, there will be no bestest baby or what not. All babies are equal.”

When Alan finished he noticed the blue and poopy baby were paying attention to him, even though the poopy baby was still hiding by the wall, while Angela had just dropped a well sized deuce near the front door and the little yellow foal was stated, “Bestest babbeh poopy whewebbah wan.”

Alan cocked his head and said, “Angela.”

The mare turned to look at him, “Wha?”

“Did you hear anything I just said,” Alan asked sarcastically.

“Wha,” was her reply.

Alan gritted his teeth and pretty much knew where all of this was headed. He sighed and walked to his kitchen. He grabbed some paper towel and cleaning spray. He walked back to his foyer, noticing Angela and her two foals walking through his living room. Thankfully his foyer was tiled and he had hard wood styled vinyl flooring through most of his house. He cleaned up the foul smelling poop and tossed it in the waste basket. He went back to the living room and watched Angela and her colored foals gasp and coo at the furniture and wall art. He noticed the poopy baby stayed near the wall. It didn’t move, but stared at him periodically before quickly looking back down at the floor. Alan looked back over at Angela before saying under his breath, “This bitch.”

“Alright, fluffies. First of all, I need to get you cleaned up. So, follow me to the bathroom,” Alan announced. He walked toward his bathroom, making sure the little family followed. He led them in and leaned back out the door; the poopy baby followed a ways behind, but was right outside the bathroom. Alan waited for it to catch up and it walked in with its head held down and meekish movements. Angela paid no attention to it whatsoever. Alan sighed. He noticed the lumps at its back. Wings; caked with dirt and shit and held tight to the body.

Alan shut the door and then started the water in the bath. He got it to a warmer than room temp before he grabbed some hypoallergenic soap to wash the little shitrats with. He tested the water, making sure it wouldn’t burn the fluffies, since they have such delicate sensitivity to temperature. He looked them over and wondered which one he’d start with when Angela spoke up.

“Wha poopie doin in hewe? Poopie babbeh nu desewbe cweanies,” she said.

Alan rolled his eyes, “This Bitch…”

“All of you are getting cleaned. Including the poop… the brown one,” said flatly.

Alan picked up Angela first, as he figured the foals had never had a bath before, and didn’t want them freaking out when they encountered the water for the first time. Angela didn’t pitch a fit, which led Alan to believe his frrst thoughts that she was a run away. He washed her fluff, was careful not to get any in her eyes, then left her in the bathtub as he reached for the yellow baby. Alan was choosing his actions carefully. He was looking for certain actions. The yellow was an earthy like its mother and as he was placing it in the water with its mother, he noticed it was a filly. Yeah, this one was going to be a bitch like her mother.

“Nuuuuu! Wawa bad fow fwuffies. Wawa bad! Huuuu Huuuu Huuuu,” it screamed. Of course, the little filly pissed and shit while being placed in the water. Alan was tempted to just drown the little bitch, but that would be too hasty. Next he picked up the the blue foal. This one was a boy, a colt and also an earthy. He also noticed the babies were a little big for as young as Angela made them to be. They should be just old enough to start hard foods, not continue to drink milk from their mother.

After the they were all cleaned, Alan picked up the brown pegasus. Alan saw the wings earlier and this one was also a colt. Alan just started placing the little guy into the water, with no resistance or shitting, when Angela stomped her hoof in the water.

“Nu! Poopie babbeh nu get cweanies with bestest babbeh an mummah! Poopie gu way nao,” she yelled.

Alan looked at her, eyes icily staring at her, to which she was oblivious. Alan stood up with the brown colt and placed him in the bathroom sink. He would take care of the brown baby in a bit.

“Angela. Did you listen when I went over the house rules,” Alan asked.

“Wha,” she replied.

Alan was beginning to see her game. She would occupy herself with her babies and ignore you when you were saying something important.

Alan inhaled, “Well, if you don’t follow the rules, Angela, then I’ll have to get the sorry stick or put you in the sorry box.”

That grabbed her attention. Alan repeated the rules and Angela made it appear she was listening, but she wasn’t. Alan was wondering if she was even go to make it the night before she screwed up. Of course, it was the weekend and Alan didn’t work weekends, so this little drama may be turn somewhat entertaining. Alan dried the fluffies off. Then started to walk them to the spare room that would be their safe room. He wasn’t interested in hearing all the babbling, so he quickly put down a couple fuzzy blankets for bedding, made a makeshift litterbox, and placed some toddler toys out for them from when his niece used to visit him. He walked away from the squeals of “Baww! Toysies!”

Alan stepped back in the bathroom. He looked in the sink and the little brown colt looked back up at him. Alan picked him up and set him on the side of the sink. As he ran water he spoke to the colt, “Hey, little buddy. I’m going to get you cleaned up, okay? I noticed your momma isn’t very nice to you.”

The little brown pegasus just looked at Alan sheepishly. It was like he wanted to say something, but held back. Likely from fear, Alan thought. He bathed him and noticed he had a really decent color to him. His fluff was caked with shit, turning the water brown, so Alan drained it and filled the sink with warm water again. He did notice the pegasus coo and press against his hand as he scrubbed the filth away. When he was done and dried, the little pegasus was a nice tan with mane and tail that was mixed colors of brown. His wings were actually big for his body and Alan thought he would look striking once he grew into them. The little pegasus sat silently, looking at Alan. Then he spoke quietly.

“Mistah,” he said in almost a whisper.

“Yeah, little guy,” Alan responded.

“Tank ou fow cweanies. Poopeh babbeh neber smewwed su gud tiww now. Tank ou su much. Buh tummeh has huwties an nu wan tu ask fow nummies. Poopie wiww numm dah poopies ou cweaned up,” he said frankly.

Alan felt a little heat rise up in his ears, “No. You will not numm poopies anymore. You will eat real food just like the others.”

The little pegasus gasped and started to cry, “Weawwy? Tank you, mistah, tank you! Poopie awways num dhe poopies of bwudda an sissy, buh no wike eatin onwy poopies. Eben when twy to numm gwassies mummah gib babbeh sowwy hofsies to poopie and teww him he num onwy numm dhe poopies of uddah fwuffies. Tank ou!”

Alan closed his eyes and exhaled. ‘This bitch,’ he thought again.

“Hey, so you can eat regular food, right? Does your mummah still give milk to your brother and sister,” Alan asked.

“Onwy to bestest babbeh, sissy. Bwudda no get milkies no mowe and poopie onwy ebah num poopies,” the colt said.

“Is that so,” Alan quipped.

Alan picked up the little pegasus and walked into the kitchen with him. He set him on the counter and told him not to move, so he doesn’t fall off. The colt was obedient and watched Alan make some food for the fluffies. Alan mixed together a small bowl of fruit and grain cereal. He let the little guy eat while he finished making something for his family. He ate heartily and even burped when he was done. He gasped and immediately said sorry. Alan chuckled and told him it was okay. He knew he had never had real food before and it was nice to see him enjoy a meal.

Alan finished making the cheap pasta and sauce for the other fluffies. With an extra ingredient, of course. He set the pegasus down on the floor and told him to follow him. He walked to the safe room and opened the door with a tray of food.

Angela gasped, “Sketties!”

Alan was about to set the food down when the smell hit him. He looked otohis left and saw a fresh pile of shit in a pool of piss. His eye twitched. He looked over to the litter box, where there was some poo covered by the sans litter. Alan was sure it was the blue guy that listened and the bestest that shat on the floor. So, he played the game.

“Uhm, who went poopie on the floor? I told you all rule one was poopies and pee pees go in the litter box. I’m not giving you sketties until I know who went on the floor,” Alan said sternly.

“It was blue babbeh,” Angela said.

Alan looked at him and saw his eyes widen in shock. She was lying. “Was it really the blue baby? I remember him listening to me earlier when I explained the rules; twice I might add,” Alan said.

It was the little yellow devil that spoke next, “It was bwudda. Bad bwue bwudda. Bestest babbeh went in wit- witt box.”

She struggled to say litter box. Alan knew she was lying too. Alan picked up the blue colt gently and walked to the kitchen. The little blue earthy trembled in Alan’s arms. He set him down on the floor and put a bowl of fruit and cereal in front of him. He looked up at Alan confused.

“I know you went in the litter box and it was your spoiled sister that shit on my floor. Twice now. You and your brother will eat good food, as long as you obey my rules,” Alan explained.

“Yesh, daddeh. Bwue babbeh no ou say dhe ruwes and bwue babbeh fowwow dhem. No wan go back tu cowd outsidies. Tank ou nice daddeh fow nummies. Babbeh hab biggest tummeh huwties,” the little blue earthy said.

The brown one just sat behind his brother. He was quiet again, but Alan wondered if it was just two bitches in the safe room that treated him badly or if it was all of them. Alan walked back into the safe room and saw that the ‘sketties’ was all gone and two yellow fluffies were laying in the blankets. He smirked. He cleaned up the poop and the plates and when done, he went back to the safe room.

“Alright, I’m glad you enjoyed your dinner. But, I need you to follow the rules. If you need to make poopies and pee pees, they go in the litter box, or you get the sorry stick and sorry box. Am I clear,” Alan asked.

“Yesh, daddeh. Angewa heawd ou. Su sleepies,” Angela said dismissively.

Alan shrugged. He had made sure the sketties had a little extra in it. The fun would start soon enough. The blue colt walked past Alan and got in the blankets with his sister and mother. The brown one curled up in the corner far away from them. Alan sighed and grabbed an extra blanket for him. He made sure he was comfortable and went to leave the safe room when he heard Angela mutter, “Poopie babbeh nu desewb bwankie. Onwy good fow numm poopies and sowwy hoofsies.”

Alan knew she thought he didn’t hear her, but he did. Loud and clear. He grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket for himself. He sat in the corner and watched them for a bit. playing on his phone here and there. In the closet next him was an old cat carrier and a plastic fly swatter. The sorry stick and sorry box. Alan had a small plan that would bring karma to the bad fluffies and possibly justice to the abused brown one.

He didn’t have to wait long as there was a small farting sound from the fluff pile. The little yellow filly moved around and seemed uncomfortable. She sat up and was trying to reposition when she got a wide eyed look on her face.

Alan took note, “Go to the litterbox. Go. Don’t make bad poopies, get to the litter box.”

She looked at Alan with no understanding and then dropped a big pile of shit right on her blue brother. He coughed and gagged as he woke up.

“Sissy! Nu poopies on bwuddah. Dhat fow poopie bwuddah, not bwue bwudda,” he said.

The truth came out Alan saw. He stood up and picked the yellow filly up roughly and plaed her in the litter box. She squealed, “Bad upsies!” Alan didn’t care. he wanted to clean as little shit as possible after his plan takes place. Angela had woken up too. She saw the poop on her other baby and gasped.

“Bwue babbeh, wha happen? Why ou cobewed in poopies? Dhat fow poopi babbeh,” she asked.

“Sissy poopies on bwue babbeh,” he cried. He was sobbing from being pooped on.

“Yewwow babbeh, why ou in boxies? Bwue babbeh, gu tu poopie babbeh su he numm poopies an make ou cwean,” Angela ordered.

The blue colt took a step before Alan cut him off. He looked up at Alan. His head turned when the yellow filly screamed form the litter box. She grunted and another pile of shit streaked out of her. She started sobbing. Her poopie place is gonna be hurting by the end of the night. Alan had snatched the sorry stick and was holding it behind him.

“Angela! What did I say? Poopies go in litter box. All the babies are equal. If the blue baby needs cleaned, you will do it,” Alan snapped.

“Nuuu! Dhat poopies job. Angewa nu numm poopies. Angewa not a poopie fwuffy,” she snapped.


Alan smacked her firmly on the butt with the sorry stick, “You will clean your blue baby or you will get more sorry stick.”

“Nuuu, daddeh! Angewa nu- WHACK SCREEEEEE,” Angela screamed as another hit form the sorry stick caught her flank.

“You will clean your baby or no sketties ever again,” Alan said.

Angela looked up at him. Alan had a stern look on his face and raised the sorry stick one more time. Angela’s eyes widened and she walked over to her blue baby. She started to lick him clean, gagged and spat up the poop she ate.

“Daddeh! Poopies taste awfuw- WHACK SCREEEE!!”

“Eat it. Now. Or no sketties ever. And now you know how your brown baby feels. Clean your blue baby. I won’t tell you again,” Alan snapped at her.

Angela, through tears and sobs, started to clean her blue baby. She puked up the poop once more, but after another whack with the sorry stick, she started cleaning her blue baby with fervor. As for the yellow baby, she was still in the litter box, crying about her poopie place.

“Pwease poopie pwace, stahp. Nu mowe poopies, huu huu huu,” she sobbed.

Alan looked over at the brown pegasus. He was curled up in his blankets. He just looked at his family, but there was something in his eyes, a new light; Retribution. Alan smirked. He went over to the litter box to check on the yellow filly. She was crying softer now, but sobbed harder when she felt another wave of the shits hit her. After about 20 minutes, it seemed she was empty. She cried and whimpered softly, “Poopie pwace hab wowstest huwties.”

Alan wanted to laugh out loud, but held it in. He looked over at Angela, who was crying hard about how poopies tasted awful and the blue colt who was just sitting in shock as he had been shit on by his sister and seen his mother get beat with a sorry stick. Of course, Alan didn’t hit her hard, just enough to get his point across. She walked over to the litter box. Her little yellow shit demon was crying for ‘huggies and wub’ when Angela approached.

Suddenly, Angela’s stomach gurgled. Her eyes got wide and she looked like she was straining to walk. She looked up at Alan who mouthed ‘in the litter box’ and held up the sorry stick. Angela gulped and got in the litter box, not noticing she had kicked her bestest baby to the back of it.

“Daddeh, tummeh nu feew good. Tummeh- SCREEEEEEEE! Poopie pwace huwties!! SCREEEEEE,” she screamed as a torrent of poop fell out her anus. Right on to bestest babbeh, who started to scream, but simply turned into gurgles as she was covered in her mother’s shit. Angela continued to shit on her bestest baby for about 5 minutes. Alan kind of hoped the little bitch didn’t drown in it, but he wouldn’t be heart broken if she did.

Alan checked while Angela sobbed about her ass hurting. The little filly could just be seen thrashing in the pile of poop. Alan pulled a rubber glove out of his pocket, he was prepared, and pulled the little filly out of the poop, just enough for her to cough up all the shit she had inhaled. She gagged and threw up, coughed a little more and gasped for air. Angela still didn’t pay attention to her. Her bestest baby was covered in her shit, possibly could have died, and she didn’t seem to care.

“Angela! You shit on your baby. You’re a bad mother,” Alan said.

“Nuu. Angewa good mummah. It wus tummeh huwties dhat huwt babbeh,” Angela argued.

“Well, you have to clean her now too. She can’t come out of the litter box covered in shit,” Alan said, holding up the sorry stick.

“Nuuu, daddeh pwease. Nu make Angewa cwean bestest babbeh tu,” she whined.


“Clean your baby, Angela. Or you’re a bad mother and no sketties ever again,” Alan teased.

Angela reluctantly obliged and started cleaning her bestest babbeh. She coughed a few times, but started making some head way with the cleaning. The yellow filly was oddly silent, she just stared at the wall while her mother cleaned her. Her eyes were wide and unblinking.

The blue colt sat in the blanket pile watching it all go down. He got a nervous look in his eyes, then glared at the corner of the room. Alan followed his gaze and saw that it was the brown baby he was glaring at. Oh no you don’t you little prick, Alan thought, you are not going to blame him for this.

Angela coughed loudly as she stepped away from the litter box. The yellow filly just sat there. Trembling and staring. Alan picked her up and set her with her brother in the blankets. Angela waddled over to the blankets.

“Stoopie daddeh make Angewa cwean up poopies offa babbehs. Dhat poopie babbehs job, nu Angewa’s. Dummeh daddeh,” she said angrily.

“You know I heard every word, right,” Alan said as Angela looked up at him with terror-filled, wide eyes.


“FWUFFY SOWWY! NU MOWE HUWTIES,” Angela screamed. Alan knew she wasn’t sorry, she said fluffy instead of her name. Alan let it go. In due time she will seal her fate, along with her babies.

“Get in the blankets with your children. Go to bed and I don’t want another word from you. I’m going to change the litter box. I don’t want anymore drama,” Alan said dryly.

He threw out the litter box in the trash bin in the garage. HE took another cardboard box and filled it with sand. He would get a proper litter box later. He just need one for the night at least. He walked back into the house and toward the safe room when he heard a voice saying, “Aww ou fawt, poopie bwuddah! Ou numm sowwy poopies!”

Alan stepped in just as the little blue colt shot sorry poopies at his brown brother. Luckily, the little guy got enough blanket between him and his brother’s gushing asshole to not get sorry poopies. Alan growled. He put the litter box down near the huu huuing mother and walked back over to the blue colt. With out a word, he scooped the little blue fucker up and dropped him in the cat carrier. Angela didn’t say or do anything. She just continued to sob quietly while cuddling her bestest baby. Alan put the sorry box in the bath tub and turned the tap on cold. He let it run as he went to go check on the brown colt. Alan wadded the poop colored blanket up, trying not to gag. The brown colt just sat there with his head down, not covered in any shit, and cried silently.

Alan knelt down, “Hey, you okay?”

Alan rubbed the back of the colt’s head and heard him coo. He shook his head yes and continued to push into Alan’s petting. Poor little guy, he’s never had any love and his stupid brother just proved to be as big an asshole as his mom and sister, Alan thought. “Hey, do me a favor. Go make good poopies and stuff. I’m going to have you sleep with me tonight, alright?”

The brown pegasus shook his head yes again and did as Alan asked. He walked over the fresh litter box, defecated and urinated, then kicked sand over it. He took a few minutes, but he had probably been holding it in while his family acted a bunch of assholes. The brown pegasus walked back over to Alan and waited for his direction. He walked the pegasus out to the living room and lifted him onto the couch. He hadn’t planned sleeping on the couch, but he wanted to keep this little guy safe and avoid any accidents in the bedroom. Alan told the pegasus he would be back and to stay put. He didn’t worry about him not listening. Alan walked back to the bathroom.

The tub had just started filling enough that the water seeped a little into the cat carrier or sorry box. The little blue colt was squealing his heart out. Alan broke his grating noises by announcing, “This is the sorry box. This is what you get when you don’t obey the rules. What was the rule about babies?”

The little blue colt didn’t say anything. He was just huu huuing in the sorry box.

“Well, since you don’t want to answer and you broke rule number four, you will remain in the sorry box until morning,” Alan barked as he clicked the light off and exited the bathroom. He heard the blue colt begin to wail again while he shut the door. Alan exhaled, by God these assholes were exhausting. It was only 9 PM. Alan walked back out to the living room. The brown pegasus was still on the couch, sitting calmly and yawning. Alan sat down, scratched behind his ears as the brown pegasus curled up next to his leg. Alan clicked the TV on while the pegasus started to fall asleep. Alan thought to himself, I’m going to have an eventful weekend and hopefully, teach some manners to some ungodly awful creatures.


I know it’s been a while since I posted. Life, work and the world’s insanity has been keeping me busy. Hope you guys enjoy. Not sure how many parts this is going to be and sorry if it seems really long, but hope ya’ll like it. PEACE






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