Little Tim part 2 (Rescue_9)


Sorry if it’s shorter than part 1, dw I got more in the works.




I can’t wait!


Well, I’m pretty sure Timmy’s story is going to end up a tragedy. If he stays, I can see Mummah becoming increasingly unhinged as she secludes and gaslights him to make sure the charade keeps going. In that scenario he most likely either goes full “wan die” or ends up a fluffy Norman Bates.

That’s actually, tragically, the safer route for him. If he makes a run for it? He’ll be dead within two weeks. He’s too pampered to survive a life of abusers, starvation, smarties, animal control, and exterminators. I can already picture a screaming Timmy being dragged to the euthanasia room of a shelter, ineffectively wailing “Nu wan be fwuffy nu mowe! Pwease, wet Timmy be human gain! WAN MUMMAH!”

Sure, Mummah could get self aware enough to see a shrink, get on some meds, and give Timmy a proper fluffy life before either of those scenarios happens, but somehow I don’t think that’s in the cards. Great job, this is some phenomenal sadbox writing!


a photo (or drawing) taped over a mirror… the perfect way to trick a fluffy.


I love this. We need more fluffies dressed like hoomins and walking on two weggies.


I’m in love with this story


Timmy!!! I hope he doesn’t have a existential crisis. But he probably will

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How does a photo of the real Timmy smiling trick him when he’s BRUSHING HIS TEETH?!


He’s a dumbfuck?
The important part is that anytime he looks at the mirror, he sees Timmy looking back. Everyone knows that’s how mirrors work, so it’s good enough.

Lol I love this so far, it seems super unique. Can’t wait to see how the truth mindfucks him.
I’m already imagining which directions and how far it could go.

Very despair. Much excite.

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Now I’m just taking the idea and running with it, but I’ve got to put my thoughts out somewhere.

I’m hoping New Timmy has such a downward spiral that he does some radical shit.
Maybe Mom refuses to love him when he notices reality, then he desperately tries to trick himself into believing her delusions so she’ll love him again.
In his attempts to become human “for real” he could do stuff like shaving himself or amputating his own back legs so he can attach human babydoll legs, etc.

This might actually be one story that ends best with the fluff still alive.
Maybe New Timmy gets replaced, because after he realizes reality Mom considers him broken or dead to her.
Mom just simply forgets about him, erasing her own memories through her delusions and New Timmy is forced out to live on the streets where he watches his old life through the window.
Mom gets New New Timmy, and this New Timmy watches in sadness as the cycle begins again.

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Oh damn maybe this is like, the 10th cycle already and there are already other New Timmy’s outside after having been kicked out? All of them at various ages and fucked up in different ways because they each handled the trauma a different way.

New Timmy And The Multiverse Of Sadness


I didn’t realise the first part had been added onto, so I was confused at the sudden shift from foal in a can to human existentialism.

Now that I’m up to date, I foresee this ending poorly for everyone, and I’m kinda excited to see that.