Lobotomy 2 and 3 (Pastry_Knight)

People asked for the continuation of Lobotomy (Pastry_Knight) so here is some continuation.

Despite the begging of our protagonist the meanie shewteh mistah didn’t stop. The poor little guy was treated to the sensation of the needle slipping far up his nose with a painful stab as it punctured the soft flesh at the back of his sinus, but the needle didn’t stop going until he was no longer cognisant that anything was wrong.

Soon he was diapered and placed in one of the adoption boxes, a picture was taken and uploaded to the shelters social media, and within 15 minutes an “Influencer” arrived, took a bunch of photos with their Iphone 69x, they tried to haggle over the price but the person behind the till in their best faux earnestness explained that the price was the ensure they went to the home of someone who would properly care for the fluffy. The influencer plonked down the cash and soon left with the unfortunate fluffy.

After a week or two of near constant Hope posts the Influencers InstaTok was devoid of the little guy, but the bin outside their condo was not.


How I managed to get this far into this to ONLY JUST REALISE that I named the guy Hope and did a Folly of Hope Tribute at the same time I will never know.


When will these adoption agencies ever learn that their signs will just lead to ironic evil-genie wish endings for their wards :shrug:


It’s a win-win situation for the seller. Either the hugbox buyer feels extra good about what they’ve done, or the abusive buyer feels extra good about what they’re going to do.

In this case though, Hope was bought by an influencer who is just one step above lawyers in the scheme of human cockroaches. Likely they felt a small amount of dopamine when they saw everyone praises their ‘kind heart’ before dumping the braindead bastard and returning to a life of egotistical vanity.

And we complain that Fluffies care too much about how pretty they are.


Be slightly better if the pin was a little teaser

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We need more fluffy lobotomies for the wrong reasons.


Influencers aren’t human.


i’ve seen people give fluffies some real shit on this site, mostly deserved, and also mostly not, but we often forget that just as bad as fluffies sometimes are the humans that hold power over them


I hope it had just enough cognizance left to suffer as it starved in the trash can.

Great follow up!


What the fuck would a lobotomy do? They are already fucking retarded

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Make them retardeder


Lobotomies are always for the wrong reasons. lol


I know :(. I’m just asking for more fluffy tortures being made into dummeh babbehs. Or big vegetables lol.

I’d definitely lobotomize my fluffy manure farm fluffies. Just “mindless” shit machines made properly mindless.


Of course there’s going to be a bunch of fluffies that were intentionally made disabled that aren’t sold because the trend died off in less than a week and everyone moved on to “rescuing” fluffies in nature.

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I believe RQ touched on that in a post. How fluffy abuse appeals to people because we see how unjust, unfair, unforgiving the world is, how it’s treated us. And we feel better doing/imagining doing it to fluffies because they reflect our (lost) innocence, and we feel more in control when it’s us doing it to something else instead of it being done to us.