Lobotomy (Pastry_Knight)

An internet trend of short form videos documenting people looking after disabled fluffy foals caused a rush to pet shops who were quickly sold out, but with the prices people were offering for a disabled foal to jump on the trend resulted in a great number of perfectly healthy foals being disabled to fulfil this demand.


“Look. this can go one of two ways. Either it goes right and you won’t care anymore. Or it goes wrong, and you won’t care anymore.”


Its cute that he thinks he has a choice.


A fluffy not wanting to be a dummy is like water not wanting to be wet


Awww was hoping to see an aftermath underneath this pic…maybe there might be one later discussing how this has its cons like someimes lobotomised fluffies or foals require a diaper or other stuff.


there might be, I drew this pretty quickly.


For a quick drawing it is very good quality tbh

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I wonder how it knows the end results. And I hope it’s going under the eye.

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“And just think, the surgery was going so well… until the foal sneezed and his head shot forwards an inch. He survived, mind you, he just had to spend the rest of his life drooling with a metal needle skewered through his head.”


Well, to be fair, they’re dumb by default but on average not as dumb as they could be!

Good stuff!

Make sure to beat it first while it can still appreciate it for telling you what to do


Show the aftermath.

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Ugh really lobotomy on a foal … - sighs - well its good practice but why not use its mother ~ make a example out of her

If you want to lobotomize a fluffy, there are a couple of ways. Go behind/through the eye like with humans, which never works and is only for cruel giggles. Or go through the nose, which is less damaging and actually does the job.

Oh fuck me lol he pulls the needle out and just wallops it while yelling “be a dumber baby”