Love at first sight (artist: Carpdime)


This picture is part of the Princess Pinky series.

Christmas shopping for…bicycles! (artist: Carpdime)

Princess Pinky and Amy - The Fluffy Agility Championship (author/artist: Carpdime)


And so it begins! It’s really nice and cute that the mummah looks happy for her babbeh!


There is something so motherly about Carpdime’s adult mares.


Oooh, this is interesting. A bit of a different from how I imagine Amy first met Princess Pinky, but I still like it!

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I can only get sadbox vibes from it
the mummah is probably going to cry the whole day since it’s not gonna see the babbeh anymore


It could be possible that they were sold together as a set. But you could be right if Amy only wanted Pinky. I think @Carpdime is best to clarify since he gas been developing Amy and Pinky a lot.


I just realized how biiiiiig Carp’s adult fluffies are

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It’s adorable and I love it… but, uh… do I hear the incinerator being fired up in the backroom, here? Maybe my imagination?

In some ways I think of fluffies the way we think about owning dogs. So many dog owners adore and love their pet unquestionably, but we don’t really think about how they are often taken away from their mothers as puppies. In another way, the pet’s job is to be a human companion. From that perspective, Pinky’s mother is happy that her beautiful baby is being admired and looks to be going to a doting owner. I can see that this perspective is problematic to some degree if we consider fluffies to have lifelong bonds with their family, but it’s something to be explored in another piece perhaps!


If I’m not mistaken you are referring to a certain scene from a certain comic that I’ve drawn much inspiration from previously! In that regard you may be correct! But in my fluffy world, petshops wouldn’t have such sordid policies involving incinerators haha.


It’s some harmless irony that Pinky is in fact a typical pink colored, common, off the shelf fluffy from a pet shop. Certainly not a fact that Amy owns up to in front of her society friends.

It’s not something she holds against Pinky herself, since it was always Amy’s dream to own a pink princess fluffy. All this in spite of the fact that thoroughbred fluffies in grays, whites, browns and black being much more “noble” and desirable amongst the elite fluffy owners.


It’s gonna be all happy and cheerful until the mare realizes she only wants the foal.

I think she’d be smart enough or at least cognizant of her instincts enough that getting a nice owner is the highest possible goal of a fluffy and she doesn’t seem to be a bad mummah. So she’d probably be very conflicted.


Or maybe she is just trained in the arts of letting go


Imminent abuse

As far as the actual story goes, no


I love this! Such a monumental monent in any fluffies life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: