Lovesick - Part 13 - By SpaghettiDave

Lovesick part 13

While Cheryl and Sammy doted on Jimi, Mocha and Nova had been home alone all day. Not that the two minded.

“Mocha gun get yu!” Nova squealed in delight and hopped away as she tackled 'Tuffy hugging her favorite stuffy friend, rolling across the floor. She scrambled to her hooves, “yu necks Meowy!”

Meowy didn’t reply, even as Mocha hug tackled the stuffed cat.

“Yu tuwn, Noba!” Mocha’s wings buzzed happily as she watched Nova hug tackle 'Tuffy.

Nova giggled and started to charge Mocha, “yu tuwn!” Nova was a third the size of Mocha, upon impact he just ended up sinking into her fluff and chest.

“Gotchu!” Mocha gave the foal the biggest hug she could, she was always winning when it came to the huggy game.

After playing was lunch time, which was just kibble for her, and foal soft kibble for Nova. When Nova was first told it was time to switch to kibble from formula, he put up a bit of resistance. Jimi called Nova a “sensitibe dummeh babbeh,” which squashed that fight. From that point Nova ate the kibble with no complaints. He was a big fluffy, he wasn’t some dumb sensitive babbeh that needed milkies his whole life.

Both fluffies had their fill, and Nova took after Mocha, both cuddled up for their after lunch Fluff-TV marathon. While marathon was a bit of a stretch, both were asleep within 15 minutes. Mocha slept less graceful, her mouth open and tongue hanging out while she drooled onto her bed. Once she ended up drooling on Nova, which he learned since then to not sleep near her head.

The foal woke up first, he nudged mocha with his hoof, she just mumbled and rolled into her back. With Mocha asleep and Jimi not here, the next best thing to do was exploring.

Nova went off ‘spwowin’ and leaving Mocha. As he wandered about in the kitchen he felt a rumble in his tummy. “Dat nu gud. Why tummie hab wumbly owies?” He whined, “tummie nee stahp owies…”

Awkwardly he waddled towards the living room. “Nu wan bad poopies! Tummie staph!” Panic welled up and he moved faster, but it was already too late.

“Nuuuuuuu…” Nova whimpered, he was half way across the room from the litter box. He sat there, not knowing what to do. “Mebbe Noba can hide poopies?” A cursory glance showed a clean house with no papers on the floor, nothing strewn about.

He suddenly felt the need to hide this accident. He couldn’t let mummah know he made bad poopies! He remembered being told by her, and by Jimi and Mocha that bad things happen if they make bad poopies.

He ran back into the safe room, his eyes falling on ‘Tuffy. "Dat jus migh’ wowk!". Before he could make it, Mocha grabbed him.

“Babbeh Noba smeww wike poopies. Yu make gud poopies?” She didn’t let him answer and started giving him lickie cleanies.

“Stahp!” He protested and squirmed, but he was too small to fight against a full grown fluffy. Mocha cleaned up his face, ears, and finally his poopy place. “Noba am big fwuffy! Nu nee wickie cweanies!”

Mocha set him down once done, “yu stiww Mocha’s fabowite babbeh bwuddah.”

He harrumphed and dragged onto 'Tuffy, dragging him out of the room. It took Mocha a minute of deciding before she grabbed Meowy with her mouth, taking the new stuffy friend out of the safe room to follow Nova.

The two played for so many forevers, until the door swung open.

“Mummah!” Both fluffies went running. Even as Sammy giggled and danced over them they kept circling between her legs and over her feet. She sat down on the floor, pulling Jimi out of the crate.

“Fluff pile!” Sammy shouted as all three of them climbed into her lap. She revealed in their happiness, basking in their love. “This is the best.”

Mocha and Nova babbled on about their day, at the same time, talking over each other. Jimi waited for them both to lose steam before sharing his day. Sammy got up, leaving the three together to put the crate away. Before heading to the hall she stopped, sniffing at the air. Nova watched, his eyes going wide.

“Did…” She didn’t finish, he watched her step into the kitchen and pick up 'Tuffy. “Who did this?”

Mocha and Nova were both silent, but for different reasons.

“Who did this?”

Mocha and Jimi peeked around Sammy’s legs to see a tiny pile of poop on the kitchen floor. Mocha gasped loudly.

Nova, stammering, “uh… Fwuffy nu knu. Mebbe 'Tuffy ow Meowy?”

Mocha became visibly upset, “Meowy wuz wif Mocha. 'Tuffy make bad poopies? Buh 'Tuffy am gud stuffy fwend!”

Sammy played along, “Such bad stuffy friends, they know better than to make bad poopies on my floor. Meowy is going in the sorry box for two bright times.”

“Two bwite times!?” Both Mocha and Nova exclaimed, that was so many forevers!

Jimi echoed, “doses bwite times?!” While smart enough to know a stuffy friend can’t make poopies, that was still a very long time to be in a sorry box.

“They are both going.” She snatched Meowy and Tuffy from the floor, “since it wasn’t Mocha or Nova, you two are such good fluffies and wouldn’t lie to me, it had to have been these two.” Both stuffed animals ended up in the cardboard box used as a makeshift sorry box.

Quickly the begging and crying started, Mocha begging saying it wasn’t them. Nova crying and begging, not admitting it was him. Mocha pawing at her calves, Nova reaching just above her ankles, as they couldn’t reach any higher. “You guys can see them in two days.”

“Mummah! Meowy an 'Tuffy nu make bad poopies!” Nova started crying, “Noba make bad poopies, nu make it tu witta bawks… Noba twy! Buh hab wowstest tummie owies an nu make it…” He covered his eyes with his hooves, falling flat on the floor at her feet.

Mummah gasped and fell to the floor dramatically, “Nova lied to me?” She covered her face, “Nova doesn’t love me any more!” Sammy started crying, imitating her fluffies, “huu huu huu!”

Mocha yells “Noba am bad fwuffy! Gib mummah wowstest heawt owwies!” She climbed onto Sammy’s lap. “Mummah, pwease nu cwy! Jimi wub yu tu!” Her brother joined her in hugging Sammy.

“But Nova doesn’t love me! Why else would he lie! Huu huu!” Mocha and Jimi were becoming more distressed at seeing their mummah so upset. “Oh mocha, why does Nova not love me?”

Nova tapping at her thigh, “Noba wub mummah! Wub mummah da mostest!” He wanted to climb up and join them, but was too afraid, he started to hiccup.

“If you loved me you wouldn’t have made bad poopies. And you wouldn’t have lied about it. Huu huu!”

Mocha hugged Sammy even harder, “dewe dewe mummah, Noba jus widdle babbeh, nu knu any bettah”

“Hic- Noba am big fwuffy! Hic-!” He tried to hug onto her leg, "Noba nee mummah! Noba sowwy! Pwease mummah!

“Big fluffies clean up their messes. Oh Jimi, I’m so sad! If Nova loved me, he wouldn’t have pooped on the floor. How ever will he clean it up? Huu!”

Nova looked at the foal size pile of poop, swallowed and hiccuped as he fought back another sob, trying to prepare to do the worst thing he could imagine.

All three went quiet, staring at Nova as he closed his eyes and started eating the poop, each bite causing dry heaves. Nova choked down the whole pile, leaving him gagging, even licking the floor clean.

With his head hanging down he walked up to Sammy, poop stains on his muzzle, “pwease mummah, babbeh need wub… Noba nummed aww da bad poopies… Pwease wub?” He sat on his rump holding his front legs up.

“No. You are a bad fluffy.” To emphasize this Sammy fake cried some more, both Jimi and Mocha gasping at the scathing accusation.

“Buh, mummah, Noba jus widdle babbeh, nu knu bettah.” Jimi spoke up trying to defend Nova.

“But Jimi, he gave me terrible heart owies, and he said he’s a big fluffy, not a baby anymore. He is gonna have to get punished.” At her words Nova’s ears lowered and he made himself as small as he could.

Both stuffy friends were placed on the big bed the three were sharing for a fluffy pile. “Now you two, only good fluffies get to sleep in a fluff pile. For two sleep times, Nova has to sleep on his own. No stuffy friend. And no hugs. He’s a big fluffy that lied to his mummah giving me the worst heart owies. Understand?”

Nova threw himself onto her feet begging for forgiveness. Snot running, his fluff a mess, it was an ugly cry. “Buh mummah! Noba sowwy pwease! NOBA SOWWY!”

She leaned down and picked him up by his scruff, he chirped, his tail curling up between his legs, “if you loved me you wouldn’t have lied…” She placed him on his bed and walked out of the safe room.

It was the middle of the dark time when Nova woke up. He grumbled to himself as he could see in the dim light Mocha and Jimi and next to them, the two stuffy friends. “Dey nu nee stuffy fwens, Noba nee stuffy fwend…” He muttered softly to himself.

“Mummah tu meanie tu Noba, am stiww babbeh an nee cuddles an wub an… An stuffy fwen fow bes sweepies.” With his resolve steeled, he softly walked over to the pile of fluffies and stuffies. His teeth but down on Meowy’s ear and he pulled. He pulled as hard as he could.

Resulting in him tumbling backwards. He remained still on his back, eyes locked on Mocha and Jimi. Neither budged. With his tail held high, he brought Meowy back to his bed and curled up, much happier now.

Something didn’t feel right. He wasn’t in bed. The air felt stuffy. Whatever he was laying on was hard and unforgiving. He tried to lift his head up and bumped into something solid. Tiny pinholes of light filtered through the sides and top of the box.

It wasn’t just a box. He was in the sorry box. Nova, mummah’s favorite babbeh, was in the sorry box. The sudden realization caused scared poop and pee to dirty his backside. “Hewp! Mummah!”

He tried to turn around, but there wasn’t enough room, he couldn’t stand either.his tail was in an uncomfortable position, already starting to cramp up.

“Mummah! Mummah! Hewp! Babbeh nu bewong in sowwy bawks!”

He couldn’t see her, but he heard her steps, “bad fluffies get the sorry box. Bad fluffies that lie get the sorry box. Bad fluffies that give their mummah heart hurties get the sorry box.”

Nova heard the door close and the house filled with silence.

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@MayEye did a fantastic job!


nova deserves better


To be fair, he did shit on the floor, lie about it, blame a stuffed animal, then maliciously went against what Sammy said.


Yeah bet he feels really bad about it.

He’s gonna!


ok i will acept that apology,eating his own shit?as a foal?a GOOD colored foal?apologies acepted man carry on,just dont kiss me with that mouth go drink some water XD

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Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind, and with a creature as forgetful as a Fluffy, sometimes you gotta be real cruel.

Trauma seems to be the only thing that sticks in their head, Nova might end up too terrified to leave the litter-box, but he’ll never shit on the carpet again.


Finally we get to see some development for Nova! He did have a genuine accident it seems but he was smart/stupid enough to lie about it instead of admitting it like he should have. I also like seeing Mocha and Jimi’s reactions to anything to do with Sammy becoming so pronounced.

A better Punishment… Give him the Sorry Pit

Yet no one seems surprised that Mocha was getting convinced by Nova that it was 'Tuffy who shat on the floor.


Bruh, every time you post on my uploads I am shocked you’d read my trash

You wanna write, you gotta read. Even if that reading is retarded pig-horses getting themselves into trouble.


oooof the manipulative heart hurties from Sammy! A good punishment chapter but man manipulation like that really gets to me.

10/10 for making me have a human emotion.

Not necessarily a compliment but I’ll take it.

And she doesn’t even need to make tears, just cover her face and go “huu huu huu”

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Yeah well… Mocha’s just like that and then she got encephalitis lmao

Well you do also need to read the bad shit so you know what not to do.

Thankfully you’ve got the good shit and I’m enjoying the series.

Honestly, it’s just her acting like a fluffy. I feel doing their whole “huuuu” and “you give heart hurties” would convince any fluffy they actually upset you.


We all see what a Shitrat Mocha is before she got adopted by Sammy. You did depict her hiding her shit underneath the sofa

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Nova is a cutie but he has a long way to go, hopefully sooner than later.