Mama B (pages 10-11) (leatherfeather)

Sure is weird how the yellow eyed fluffy speaks perfect English huh? Sure hope that mama b gets to somewhere safe :3

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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AHH, so excited to see the herd and how they react to Mama B’s arrival. Love the story and art too, the way you draw fluffies is so adorable ^^


Loving it. The cannibal standing on her hindlegs is absolutely horrifying.


EEEEE THANK YOU!! I’m so excited for y’all to see what I have panned for the future!!

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So why… isn’t the cannibal talking like a fluffy? You realize cannibal fluffies still talk like fluffies right?

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I wanna know what’s that perfect english speaker’s story.

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My bet is because it’s a self-insert

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I wonder if they’ll serve her with barbecue sauce.

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Mama B getting eaten by a cannibal fluffy: boring, predictable.

Mama B getting turned into a cannibal fluffy, getting a taste for blood and leading the cannibal fluffy herd to the human’s house to eat him to get vengeance for her and her sister: never done before, scary, holy shit.