"Millie" (Author: wolfram_sparks)

Part 1

Part 1

You’re Millie, a pink fluffy mummah with a dark purple mane. You used to live with daddy until one day you decided you wanted babies. You begged and begged daddy to let you have babies but he wouldn’t let you, so you ran away from daddy to get special huggies and have babies.

You thought you’d be happy. You thought you’d be able to prance around and play with your wonderful babies all day long. You thought you’d not have to worry about stupid daddy-rules like only eating sketties on special days and making poopies in the litterbox even if you were busy doing something else at the time like playing or watcing the teevee box.

There was loads of stuff you didn’t even think about. You didn’t know where to get any nummies at all, let alone sketties. You didn’t have a warm blankie like you used to and had to sleep on the wet grassies, which wasn’t comfy at all. You didn’t know what to do with all the poopies that built up around your new home. It didn’t help that your speial friend had run off early on- you hadn’t cared at the time, but now you just wanted anyone else around to help you.

You don’t wish you were back with daddy, because that’d make you a bad mummah. You love your three babies- your bestest white filly, your pretty little red wingie colt and your dull grey baby (your least favourite, but you still love him). You try to be the bestest mummah, but you’re always running out of milkies which makes them all cheep and chirp because they’re so hungry which makes you so sad because you don’t want your babies to be hungry. You just wish your babies could live in the nice warm daddy-housie with you.

chirp mummah? wan miwkies!”

“sowwy babbee… mummah haf mowe miwkies tomowwow.”

chirp wan miwkies! hungwy!”

It doesn’t feel like very long ago you last went out to get nummies. That makes you sad because you felt so proud for being able to feed your babies but barely any time has passed and your red baby is hungry again.

“sowwee babbeh. mummah nu go find nummies again untiww tomowwow.”

“why… why mummah nu get nummies 'gain nao?” your grey baby chimes in.

You give in. Your grey and red babies didn’t get as much milk last feeding time anyway.

“O-okayee babbehs, cwimb mummah fwuff, mummah get mowe nummies.”

You look over to your white baby. She’s had her fill of milkies and is now fast asleep, letting out a high-pitched whistling noise each time she breathes and occasionally twitching one of her legs. You almost want to leave her- she must be so tired and probably doesn’t want any more milkies anyway, but you decide you can’t leave your babies alone.

“wakies babbeh… babbeh nee com wif mummah!”

“waaaahhh! chirp peep nuu!”

“sowwy babbeh, odda babbehs hungwy, mummah nee find mowe nummies fo’ make miwkies.”

Your baby protests a little more, but once they’ve all climbed your fluff she seems to fall asleep again almost instantly, and the other two follow soon after.

After a few minutes you reach your nummies place. It has flowers and leaves and sometimes berries, and if you run out then the grass over here is big enough to make a substantial meal. You get to work on some of the flower nummies, careful not to jolt your babies around as you step over to reach the flowers.

It takes a while before you think you’ve started making milkies again. You wake your babies up to tell them.

“okayee babbehs, mummah haf miwkies again nao. bestes’ babbeh suwe nu wan mowe miwkies?”

“nu fankoo mummah! chirp

The remaining two babies know what that means. Both of them latch onto your teats and begin suckling deeply and strongly, getting as much milk out as they can with each sip. You coo and sing to them as they drink their fill.

Bestest baby seems bothered by the attention her siblings are getting though. “mummah! mummah! babbeh wan miwkies 'gain nao!”

You look down as grey baby drinks happily. He’s only been on your teat for about a minute, which is probably the most he’s drunk in a while, but you feel slightly guilty as you push the chirping, still-hungry foal away to make way for your bestest baby. Once you think they’ve had enough, you get back to eating some more flower-nummies. You’ll make sure your grey baby gets some milkies next time.

As you happily munch on some more pretty yellow flowers, you hear something walking over. It’s a human! You rush to hide in the bushes, but you barely have time to get all your babies on your back and they’re all chirping and babbling in distress. They give you away.

“Hello, fluffy.”

You cower down in terror, but the man reaches out a hand and pets your head. You calm down a little.

“Do you have a name?”

“fwuffy am m-miwwie…”

“Millie… OK. You can come out Millie, I’m not going to hurt you.”

You step out slowly.

“Those are very cute babies, Millie.”

“yus, dey miwwie’s babbehs!” You bend onto your side to show the man your babies. You proudly present them as they crawl off your fluff. “Dat wed wingie babbeh. Dat gwey babbeh. An dis widdwe white babbeh, dis babbeh mummah’s favwitest!”

“I see”, says the man. He bends down and strokes the white baby. The man seems nice. Maybe he’ll be your new daddy?!

“nice mistuh be nyu daddeh? gif mummah an’ babbehs housie an’ nummies an’ wuv?”

“Hmm… OK then.”


“Wait, wait, wait. First I want to see your baby dance.” He points to the white baby. “If your baby dances well enough, I’ll take you all in.”

You nudge the baby. “Dance fo’ nyu daddeh, babbeh!”

Your baby looks at you uncertainly. You nudge her with your nose again. “Pweez dance, babbeh! Babbeh dance an’ fwuffies get nyu daddeh!”

She sits on her rump and looks up at the man nervously. Then she starts to wiggle her front legs around. You’re so proud of your baby for being the bestest dancie babbeh, but when you look up at the man you see he’s shaking his head- he doesn’t look impressed! Your baby sees this and dances harder, jiggling her little body around and shaking her legs furiously, but the man just looks even more disappointed.

“No, no, NO. That is not a good dance. I’m sorry Millie, it looks like you won’t be getting a new daddy today.”

You just look up with your mouth hanging open, dumbfounded. You can’t believe you came so close to getting a new daddy, only to have it all taken away!

“huuhuuhuu… whyyy, daddeh? babbee gud dancie babbeh!” your white baby squeaks.

Red wingie waddles up to white babbeh. “DUMMEH SISSY! NU GET NYU DADDEH NAO! peep

“pweez nyu daddeh!”, you beg. “pweez take mummah an’ babbehs!”

The man ponders for a minute. “I don’t know. This baby didn’t dance NEARLY well enough.” He picks up your white baby in his hand and looks at her. “I guess… I guess I can take you in, but now I’m going to need something from you.”

You lower your head. The man wants you to give him something. You know you’re not going to be able to because you don’t have anything to give.

He points at your red baby. “I want his wingies.” Then to your grey baby. “And his see-places.”

“NUUUU!!! NU WET TAKE SEE-PWACES! huuhuuhuuu!!!”

Red wingie walks up to the man and starts pawing against his leg. “p-pweez nu take wingies an’ bwudda see-pwaces. babbeh nee wingies fo’ fwy an’ make babbeh feew speshuw a-an bwudda nee’ see pwaces fo’ see!”

The man bends down and faces red wingie. “I’m sorry, little guy. But your sister didn’t dance well enough. You two can give me your wingies and see places, or else I won’t let you in.”

He turns to look at you.

“What do you say, Millie?”

“huuhuuhuu… babbehs nee’ see-pwaces an’ wingies…” You move towards your babies. Red baby is trying to hide behind your leggie, and grey baby is cowering and covering his eyes. “mebbee- mebbee take one see-pwace an’ one wingie?”

“nuu! mummah nu! babbeh nee bofe wingies!”

The man looks displeased. He turns around and starts to walk away. You watch him as he leaves, and notice then that the sky is starting to turn grey and wet.

You can’t do it. You need a new daddy.


The man faces you once again and grins.

Part 2

Part 2

New daddy left you in a small room. He said he needed to spend some time getting things to build your new saferoom. You weren’t bothered- you and your foals were all so tired you spent most of the time sleeping. Your red not-wingie baby cried a lot at first but eventually he tired himself out too and drifted off.

You awoke to daddy. “Hello, fluffies! Your new saferoom is ready. You want to come and see?”

“YAAAY!” Your white filly cries out. She tries to dash out of the room, but daddy scoops her up with his hands before she gets the chance.

“fankoo… daddeh…” red not-wingie is less enthusiastic, but he follows daddy. You beckon over grey baby with your voice and he climbs up onto your back. It takes longer than before with him not being able to see any more and he falls a few times, crying in frustration when he does. Eventually he makes his way onto your back and you waddle over to catch up with daddy.

“wook mummah! dis bestes’ pwace evah fow babbehs!” your red baby goes back to his usual happy self when he sees his new home. It IS a good place for you and your babies!

In the middle there’s a big pole covered in colourful fuzzy stuff. It’s almost as big as daddy. There’s loads of holes in it, and you see your white baby emerge from a hole near the top. “wuv cwimby-powe! teehee!” she shouts.

There ground of the safe room is covered in nice fuzzy green stuff, like the grassies you used to sleep on but nicer and softer. There’s so many toys- blockies, stuffy friends, little tunnel-things for your babies to crawl through… there’s even a little pit in one corner full of different coloured balls. The walls of the saferoom are the prettiest shades of pink and yellow, and one wall has some kind of string across is with lights that flicker and flash in all different colours.

You’re almost lost for words. This is even better than the room you had back when you lived with old daddy.

“f-f-fankoo… nyu daddeh! dis bestes’ safewoom! wuv daddeh!”

“huuhuuhuu… babbeh wan’ see safewoom!”

Your smile fades as you remember your grey baby. He can’t see the beautiful new saferoom without his eyes. You lean onto your side and he stumbles off.

“daddeh… can babbeh haf eyesies back… just fow a wittwe bit? jus’ to see nyu safewoom?”

You already knew the answer. “No. I’m sorry. You can’t put eyes back, they’re gone forever.”

You shouldn’t have asked that question; hearing that just gave you big saddies.

sniff babbeh sniff neva… babbeh neva sniff see 'gain… huuhuuhuu…”

You nuzzle your little grey no-eyesies baby. He peeps and recoils in shock at first, but then he realises it’s you and calms a little. Then he hears his brother and sister playing together and clumsily rears up onto all fours.

“babbeh wan’ pway too!” he yells, as he waddles towards the sound. He steps into the big fuzzy climbing-tower where the other babies are.

“Millie, I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to go in there…”

You realise what daddy means. There are so many high places for him to fall off, and he wouldn’t see them coming without his eyes.

“Babbeh, nu go in dewe! too dangewus!” You pull him back by his tail with your mouth. “HUUHUUHUU WAN PWAY WIF BWUDDA AN SISSY! HUUHUUUUUUU!!!” He gets saddies again. He’d probably be crying if he still had eyes, but you can tell by his sniffles and his sharp breaths between each word.

“mummah sowwy babbeh… too dangewus fo nu-see-babbeh. babbeh stay wif mummah instead.”

He doesn’t respond, just continues sniffling. You move in closer to comfort him.

“Well, it looks like you’re settled in… mostly. How about I give you all NAMES?”

“yeeaa! babbeh wan name!”

“gif name pweez! babbeh wan!”

Daddy strokes your white filly. “You can be called Snowy.”


He moves over to your red baby. “You can be called Wingie! Oh, wait…”

Your red baby starts to tear up and whimper. “I’m so sorry. I completely forgot! How about… Garnet.”

sniff gawnit wuv name… fankoo daddeh.”

Then daddy bends down to see your little grey colt. He rubs him on his head which causes him to chirp in shock again, but settles down after a while.

“Let’s call you Slate.”

You think it’s a very nice name, but Slate doesn’t say anything, just purrs and peeps some more. “Swate, say fankoo ta daddeh!” you say, as you prod him with your muzzle, causing him to chirp loudly. “Oh, don’t worry, Millie, it’s OK. I’m sure he loves his name. He’s probably just tired… and hungry. How about I make you some food?”

“yes pwease daddeh! snowee wan miwkies!” responds Snowy. Daddy walks out of the room.

Garnet walks up to Snowy uneasily. “Meanie sissy! dis yow fauwt! yu nu dance gud enuff, su daddah take wingies! nao babbeh neva fwy!” He pushes against her lightly with his hooves and she falls on her tummy and starts to cry.

“Gawnit!” you shout up to him. “nu be meanie ta sissy!”


Snowy approaches him and hugs him. “Snowee sowwy! nu mean ta make bad dancie! Snowee twy dance gud, twy be bestes’ dancie babbeh evah, bu’ nu wowk!” The two of them cry and hug each other together. You’re sad too that his wingies are gone, and Slate’s see-places, but now it’s over and you all get to live in the bestest saferoom forever.

“OK Millie, here are your nummies!” He gives you a plate of kibble. You scoff it down greedily, it’s so much better than the grassies and flowers you ate before and there’s more of it as well. Being outside for so long made you forget how nummy kibble was.

The rest of the day is spent with Garnet and Snowy playing with all their new toys and you snuggling with Slate. He was quiet before his eyes were taken but now he’s even more quiet and barely says any real words at all, just peeps and purrs every now and then. Sometimes he sniffles and makes the saddy-noises whenever he hears his brother and sister playing, and you have to tell them to play less loudly because it gives Slate saddies. Then you give them all milkies- you give Slate first milkies because he’s hungriest and you feel sorriest for him now. After that, you cuddle up on your pillow with your babies safely under your fluff and go to sleep.

Right before you fall asleep, you think about how lucky you were to find new daddy.

Part 3

Part 3

When you wake up the next morning, your babies are still cuddled up to you. Garnet and Snowy lay by your side hugging each other and Slate is nestled between your neck fluff and your front leg. You stand on your leggies and watch him squirm and peep as you wake him. It’s very cute, but now when you look at him the first thing you always see are the two big red holes where his eyes used to be. They look really ugly and scary. You try to not think about it anyway.

“wakies babbehs! mownin’ time!”

peep swate scawedy! huuhuuhuu! nu wike dawk!”

Daddy comes in holding a big bowl of kibble, which he puts down and you greedily start to chomp away at.

“How are we all doing today?”

“Gawnit wuv nyu safewoom! wuv nyu daddah!”

“Snowee wuv daddah too!”

“That’s great!” Daddy looks at your blankie and frowns. “Oh. I forgot to teach you about the litterbox.”

“What dat, daddeh?” asks Snowy.

“This red thing over here is the litterbox. That’s where you need to make poopies from now on. You can’t make poopies anywhere else, those are ‘bad poopies’ and will make this pretty saferoom dirty.”

Snowy gasps. “huuhuuhuu… snowee nu mean ta make woom diwty! snowee wuv woom!” she says, trying to hug the wall.

“It’s alright, I should have told you before. Just make sure you use the litterbox from now on.”


“Hey, hey, calm down there, Slate. It’s OK. For now, just tell your mummah whenever you need to make poopies.”

Slate just slumps down onto the ground and huuhuus some more. You know you did the right thing letting daddy take you home with him, but you feel so bad that he had to take Slate’s see-places.

Daddy strokes Slate a little then gets back up on two leggies. “Well, fluffies, I have a special treat for you!”

“wuv tweat! yay!”

“gif gawnit tweat pweez!”

“Come on fluffies, follow me!”

Garnet and Snowy follow daddy eagerly. Slate rears himself back up, but you decide not to carry him on your back again because trying to get on your back gave him big saddies last time, so you let him follow your voice instead.

“hewe swate, fowwow mummah, dis way… ovah hewe babbeh…”

Eventually you make it into another room. You don’t like this room as much as your saferoom- the colours are really boring, it’s all cream and brown and white everywhere. Up against one wall is a black box which you recognise instantly- it’s a teevee! Your old daddy had one too, and he used to put it on when you were there and he wasn’t and when you got bored of your toys. You love the teevee, it shows loads of other fluffies doing fun things like playing ball and hugging and singing and dancing and playing with their babies- BABIES! You remember, the teevee was where you first saw babies and decided you wanted babies too! Teevee is the bestest!

Your daddy is explaining teevee to your other babies as you walk in with Slate. You prop yourself down and Slate moves in to snuggle into your fluff. Then your other babies come over too and all of you sit together as daddy puts the teevee on.

The teevee shows fluffies happily singing and dancing together. Garnet and Snowy giggle excitedly and wave their arms around dancing with the fluffies on the show. Snowy stops dancing when she looks up and notices daddy, but carries on laughing and chirping happily with Garnet.

Slate pokes his head out of your fluff “wha happen? why waff?”

“siwwy bwudda, babbehs wach teebee! teebee fun!”

He crawls out fully and starts to waddle in no particular direction. “swate wan’ see teebee too! huuhuuhuuhuuu!!!”

“It’s OK, Slate. It’s not really that fun anyway. Why don’t you do something different, like… lie down over there!”

Slate whimpers and lies flat on his belly, but Garnet and Snowy are still giggling cheerfully, which seems to upset him. You would tell your other babies to not be as loud but they’re having so much fun and the teevee is so funny and eventually you find yourself laughing and wiggling around with them! You only stop when you hear Slate start to whine and sniffle again.

“Nu cwy, babbeh… mummah hewe!”

sniff babbeh nu huu can du annifin huu wifout eyesies! nu can huu nu can see huu teebee… huu wan wach teebee an, an… an waff an haf fun wif bwudda an huu an sissy…”

You gently nuzzle against him. You’ve learnt that that always calms him down. Then you have an idea.

“…babbeh wan dwink miwkies? mummah haf nummies, make mowe miwkies nao.”

He sniffs once again and you guide him towards your teat. He suckles, nervously at first then gets comfortable and draws in big sips of milk in long, soft sucking motions. You love the feeling of your babies drinking your milkies, it’s one of your favouritest things to do ever, and you know it makes your babies big and strong and makes their tummy hurties go away, which makes it even better!

You coo and sing to Slate. “Mummah wuv babbee, babbee wuv mummah, babbeh dwink miwkies…”

Garnet hears you and comes over. He puts his mouth to your other teat and starts to suckle too. Snowy follows after him and pushes Slate away from the milky place he was suckling at. He starts to cheep and peep loudly.

You know that Snowy is your bestest baby, so it can’t be fair to push her away. And Slate is your worstest baby. But… you’ve started to feel sorry for Slate, and you do love all your babies.

You nudge Garnet away with your leggie. “WAAAH!!! why nu wet dwink miwkies?”

“sowwee gawnit, swate nee miwkies mowe dan 'ou.”

Garnet waddles back to the teevee crying softly. You try to guide Slate back to your milky place, but he can’t find his way around Snowy so you have to take her off and move her to your other milky place, then put Slate back on the teat he was suckling on to begin with. You beam down at your pretty little babies. You can just about see their manes starting to come through- they have small yellow patches of fluff on their heads, Snowy getting a light yellow mane and Slate a darker gold-coloured one.

Eventually you run out of milkies (all three babies drink more than their fill) and you return to the saferoom, where Garnet plays with the ball-pit and Snowy plays in the tall furry thing and Slate snuggles into your fluff where he can’t hear the sounds of his brother and sister playing and having fun. You want to go and play with your other two babies, but you feel like you need to stay with Slate to be a good mummah. Besides, you enjoy cuddling up with him in your bed. You like the feeling of his gentle breathing and soft shivering and twitching up against you. You like keeping him safe and warm and cosy inside your fluff.

You don’t want to leave him EVER.

Part 4

Part 4

You’ve been with your new daddy for a few days now and have settled into your new home. Slate still has the biggest saddies though and spends a lot of time sobbing and whining. He gets really scared now whenever you leave so you have to be with him all the time, so you decided you’d carry him on your back all the time from now on. He doesn’t like anyone except for you, not even his brother and sister or even new daddy- once new daddy tried to pick him up and he screamed and screamed and screamed until daddy put him back with you. He yells at daddy for taking his eyesies and hates Snowy for not making good dancies which made daddy take his eyesies.

Daddy doesn’t mind though. He even put a soft white thing over your baby’s poopie place called a “diaper” so he doesn’t have to get to the litterbox when he needs to go for poopies any more. He gave him a tiny blankie to cover him when he rides on your back. But daddy says that he needs to walk a little bit every day because one day he’ll be too big to ride on your back and he needs to get used to walking. That made you sad again. What is Slate going to do when he gets too big to ride on mummah’s fluff?

Garnet and Snowy are growing very fast. Their manes have come through now- Snowy has a pretty light yellow mane and Garnet a handsome dark brown one. They’re much more happy and playful than Slate. Sometimes Garnet gets upset about his wingies being gone and gets angry at Snowy, saying that he doesn’t feel special any more because he used to be the only one with wingies and now he’s just like the other babies, but you and Snowy always give him hugsies and tell him how special he is which makes him feel better.

The two of them run around and play with all the different toys in the saferoom, and sometimes daddy brings in new toys for them to play with. Sometimes he brings in books for hooman-babies. None of you can read the words but they have lots of pretty pictures that Garnet and Snowy like to look at, plus you think Slate likes hearing daddy read the books, even though he says he hates daddy.

“Good morning, Millie!”

“gud mownin, daddeh!” you feel Slate squirm around on your back as you get up on all fours.

“I have ANOTHER treat for you today.”

Snowy emerges from a hole in the big fuzzy pole to see daddy. “is teebee again? wub teebee!”

“No… no, I have something different today. Today I have sketties!”

Your babies cry out in joy, and so do you! “YAY! SKETTIES BESTES’ NUMMIES! MAKE BESTES’ MIWKIES FO’ BABBEHS!” You even forget that you have Slate on your back and almost knock him onto the floor as you jump up and down in excitement.

“OK, let’s have a quiz first though.”

“whadda qwiz, daddah?”

“Well, it’s when I ask a question, and whoever answers the question right gets a little treat.”

Garnet looks puzzled. “ansa question fo’ sketties?”

“No, Garnet, the sketties are only for your mummah, you’re too young for sketties. This quiz is for a different treat.”

None of you seem to understand, but you all go along with it anyway.

“Let’s start the quiz then. Which one of you… is white?”

Snowy gets it straight away. “DAT SNOWY! SNOWY AM WHITE!”

“Very well done, Snowy! Here’s your treat.” Daddy holds out a little round white thing which he places in Snowy’s mouth. She happily suckles on the treat.

“Well, let’s all go into the kitchen so I can get the sketties ready, then your mummah can make the bestest milkies for you!”

Garnet looks disappointed about not getting the treat, but perks up at the prospect of sketties and follows your daddy. You waddle along after them, making sure Slate is comfortable on your back. He’s gently sobbing as usual, but seems fine otherwise.

Once you reach the kitchen, you see a HUGE plate of sketties! You almost cry with happiness, it’s the most nummies you’ve ever seen in your life!

“dat woads of sketties mummah! mummah gon’ num aww dose sketties?”

“das wight babbeh! mummah gon’ num aww sketties ta make bestes’ miwkies fo’ bestes babbehs!” you lean in to nuzzle him and he rolls on his belly in delight.

“Wait.” Daddy interupts. “Where’s Snowy?”

You look around. Snowy isn’t there.

Daddy sighs. “You’d better go back and get her. I can’t give you these sketties unless all your babies are here, that would be unfair.”

You say nothing and rush back as fast as you can. You really want these sketties, they look like the bestest nummies ever, and you want them while they’re still warm- you remember old daddy once told you about how nummies go cold and yicky when you don’t eat them for a long time.

When you get back, you see Snowy halfway up the climbing pole. “com down babbeh! time fo’ sketties!”

Snowy just snores. She’s asleep. You need to wake her to get the sketties, but you can’t reach her!

Garnet comes in after you. “whewe sissy? sissy nee’ com, if sissy nu com den mummah nu get sketties an babbehs nu get bestes’ miwkies!”

“Gawnit, go up cwimby-powe an’ wakies sissy!”

Garnet rushes into the pole and comes out in the opening where Snowy lies asleep. He pushes her and pulls her back and forth.

“Sissy! wakies! babbeh wan bestes’ miwkies!”, but Snowy just chirps quietly.

“huuhuuhuu, pwease wakies sissy!” it’s not working. Snowy isn’t waking up.

You feel Slate squirm a little and moves his little body further up your back into your mane. You coo to him softly, then turn your attention back to Snowy and Garnet.


You decide to go back and tell daddy that Snowy isn’t waking.

“Daddee, snowee nu wakies… nu wan com… can daddeh gif sketties to mummah, den mummah gif bestes’ miwkies to snowee aftah…?”

Daddy lets out a sigh. “I’m sorry, girl. I can’t do that. You all have to be here, in this room, if you want sketties.”

You start to tear up. Daddy gets up, picks the plate up and walks over to the corner of the room. Then, just as Garnet walks in without his sister, Daddy scrapes the sketties into the trashies!


“I’m so sorry, Garnet. If your sister had just come with you rather than sleeping, I would have happily given your mummah the sketties so she could make the sweetest, creamiest, bestest milkies. But she decided she didn’t care about that. I’m sorry.”

Your lip quivers. You can’t say anything. Once daddy is done throwing away the sketties, you walk with your head hanging back to the saferoom. As you walk, Garnet sobs beside you and Slate pipes up, “wha happen? wha happen wif sketties? babbeh get bestes’ miwkies?”

“huuhuuuhuuuu… nuuu… nu sketties… nu bestes’ miwkies…”


You hate having to disappoint your babies. You thought you wouldn’t have to once you got a new daddy.

When you get back to the saferoom, Garnet rushes into the climby-pole. Then you see him come out where Snowy is still fast asleep. He pounds against her with his front hooves and screams.


“Nu! Nu huwt sissy gawnit!” You cry up at him.

But he’s right. You didn’t get sketties or make bestest milkies, all because Snowy decided she wanted to stay and sleep in the climby pole. You slump down onto your blankie; next time you give your babies milkies you’ll make sure she gets them LAST.

You’re Slate.

You have the biggest saddies ever. You don’t have eyesies any more since your stupid poopie sister did an ugly dancie and made the horrible meanie man take them. Now you can’t do anything. You can’t play. You can’t watch teebee. You can’t run around or look at your home. You just sit on mummah’s back covered in a blankie all day, sobbing and whining, only getting off to drink milkies or for the meanie man to clean you and make you walk around a little. You HATE it here. You HATE the meanie man for taking your eyesies. You HATE your sister for making stupid dancies and your brother for being able to play with toys and have fun.

You hate mummah for letting the man take your eyes away. You’ve decided to run away.

It’s night time. You know because it’s really quiet and mummah is snoring and breathing deeply and the horrible man said “good-night” not long ago.

You wriggle a little, then drop off your mummah’s back. For a minute you got scared because the fall was longer than you though it would be but you dropped onto the soft blankie that mummah is sleeping on. It didn’t hurt but it shocked you and you let out a quiet peep, but you don’t think anyone else heard.

Once you’re up on all fours, you walk straight ahead. You don’t have any idea what the room looks like because you don’t have eyesies but also because your mummah carries you around everywhere and you can never tell what direction she’s going in. Eventually you come to a wall. You decide to follow the wall across- you’re smart enough to figure out that the wall has to lead to a door somewhere in the room.

It’s only a few more steps before you find it! It’s a load of bars which the horrible man must use to trap you inside! You push your little head through the bars- it just about fits. Then you struggle with the rest of your body. You try to push through with your back leggies, but end up just suspended in the gap between the bars. You wriggle around. You want to chirp and peep for help, but you know that your mummah or the big meanie is going to hear, so you just carry on silently like a brave fluffy.

Eventually your front leggies find the floor in front of you, and after some more struggling you make your way out. You’re free! You’re out of the saferoom! And this must be… OUTSIDE! You have the whole big open world to explore. It makes you sad that you can’t do as much without your eyes, but there’s still so much to do!

You decide you want to try big fluffy nummies first. Your mummies milkies are yummy but you always wanted big fluffy nummies. Mummah and the horrible man said that you’re still a little milkie-drinking baby, but you know that you’re big enough for… whatever big fluffies eat.

What DO big fluffies eat? The last you remembered was mummah numming some flower nummies. You search around but can’t find any flower nummies anywhere. You think mummah also ate grass nummies though, so you bend your head and take a bite of grassies from the floor. It’s really nasty, it tastes horrible and is too tough for you to even pull up- it’s like eating fluff! No wonder mummah always preferred flower nummies and berry nummies.

You decide you’ll have nummies later, when you find some of the better big fluffy nummies. You don’t know how you’ll know when you’ve found them without being able to see them, but you guess you’ll just have to feel around until you find them. You remember there used to be flower nummies and berry nummies EVERYWHERE before the man trapped you all in the saferoom, so you don’t know why there aren’t any here.

You forget about the nummies since you aren’t really that hungry anyway. You think what else you wanted to do. Aha- you wanted to find other fluffies! Fluffies who aren’t meanies, fluffies who don’t let monsters take other fluffies’ see-places and trap them in small saferooms. Maybe you’ll even find a special friend and have babies of your own! Mummah always said that one day you’d do that, and even though she was a big dummy you always loved the idea of having a family- a REAL family. You wander around, calling out for other fluffies.

“fwuffies? wan fwuffies! swate aww awone, wan odda fwuffies! peep

There don’t see to be any other fluffies right here. You walk around for ages and ages and ages, bumping into loads of things along the way (probably trees and rocks, you guess), but there aren’t any other fluffies around.

You keep going, but there really aren’t any other fluffies. Maybe… maybe the day’s already over and it’s nighttime again? You’ve lost track of time completely without being able to see how bright it is. It could have been days and days and days! You’re probably fully grown by now as well.

You return to your quest to find a group of other fluffies and a special friend. Eventually the ground changes. The rough-fluffy grassies are replaced by a cold, hard, flat stone. You cautiously waddle along the stone and start calling out for other fluffies again, but when you decide you don’t like this place any more you realise you can’t find your way back to the grassies! You collapse flat on your belly and make poopies and peepies in the diaper that the horrible man gave you before whilst crying out for help.

CHIRP Hewp! wan odda fwuffies! wan hugsies an’ wuv! PEEP HEWP SWATE!”

You carry on for a while, but no other fluffies come to comfort you. You just wish you had your eyes back.

Eventually you hear a click. Then a familiar, terrifying voice speaks:

“Slate, what the hell are you doing in my kitchen?”

“NUUUU! CHIRP how meanie man find swate! huuhuuhuu!!!”

You try to run, but you end up running straight into the man’s grasp.

“You’ve been a very bad fluffy, Slate. Only the WORST fluffies try to run away.”

“NU CAWE!” You scream so loudly. You can’t see the man’s face, but he must be really scared of you for shouting so loud. You almost feel bad for being so loud, but you know the man is horrible and deserves it. “SWATE HATE’CHOO! HATE HOWWIBWE MAN AN’ HATE BWUDDA AN’ SISSA AN’- AN’- AN’- HATE MUMMAH!”

The man stops for a second, still clutching you firmly. You hate not being able to see his reaction, it makes you so scared not knowing what’s going on.

He speaks up. “Well. You’ve been a VERY bad fluffy. Trying to run away from your own mummah? She kept you safe. She tried to protect you. We’ve all been so nice to you and this is how you repay us? You know that I have to punish you now.”

The man’s voice dropped as he said that. You shiver in terror. This is the most scared you’ve ever been.

“I’m going to have to make sure that this never happens again, and I’m going to have to take drastic measures.”

You feel the man carry you somewhere, then put you down on some kind of surface. You struggle to break free, but he’s still holding you down.

“By the way,” The man speaks again: “Your name isn’t Slate any more. Your new name is Lump.” You feel a pinch in your side, then you drift off to sleep.

When you wake up later, you get the feeling that something is gone.

Part 5

Part 5

You awake to see daddy looking down at you and stroking your mane. “DADDEH! gud mownin’ daddeh!”

“Good morning, Millie. I’m afraid I have some bad news.” he takes a deep breath and sighs. “Slate… he… he ran away.”

You only just then notice that Slate really IS gone from his comfy spot on your back. But it still doesn’t make any sense- why would Slate run away? It can’t be true, can it? You know that he wasn’t happy because he spent so much time sobbing and whimpering and complaining about his see-places being gone, but he always likes being nestled in your fluff more than anything else. He loved his mummah, why would he leave?

“w-wha? why babbeh wun 'way?”

Daddy sighs again. “He must have decided that he didn’t want to be with his mummah any more. I’m sorry, girl.”

You start to tear up. “S-swate… bu’ swate WUV mummah!”

“I don’t know, Millie. He left you, didn’t he?”

You tremble in sadness. “why babbeh nu wuv mummah? am gud mummah!”

“Yes, you are! You are the bestest mummah! Slate is a BAD BABY for running away.”

You always thought Slate was a good baby, and you don’t want him to be a bad baby. But he ran away from you, so daddy must be right. Slate was very bad.

“I’m doing my best to try and find him again. In the meantime, just keep an eye on your other babies.”

“bu’ mummah stiww wuv swate! mummah hewp daddeh find swate?” You DO still love Slate, even though what he did was very bad. You’ll tell him how bad he was when you find him again, but you’re worried that if daddy doesn’t find him then he’ll never come back!

“Hm…” daddy stops to think for a second. “I’m going to go now, but I’ll be back very soon. Then you can look around to see if you can find Slate. Just… do something else in the meantime.”

“O-okayee daddeh. Miwwie wait…”

Daddy leaves and closes the gate to the saferoom behind him. You look to your other babies, but they’re both still asleep, Snowy snoring away in the climby-pole and Garnet lying by the ball-pit in the corner. You don’t want to wake them because they both look so cute sleeping, peeping and twitching occasionally and making whistly-noises each time they breathe. You realise you haven’t even played with any of the toys in your saferoom yet, so you may as well. All fluffies love to play, even mummah fluffies, and you don’t have anything else to do, so you decide to give it a go.

You start with the bouncy-ball. You nudge it with your nose and it rolls a little in front of you, then you edge towards it and nudge it again and it moves away from you again. You pick up the pattern of nudging then walking then nudging then walking until you hit a wall, then you turn around and do the same in a different direction, speeding up as you start to get the hang of it. It would probably be a lot of fun but you have to keep making sure you aren’t making too much noise so you don’t wake your babies- and you still can’t stop thinking about Slate. What if daddy NEVER finds him? What if he’s outside FOREVER? What if… if he can’t find food, or if a monster finds him and… and…

You try not to think such a horrible thought and go back to playing with the ball, but you’re still miserable. Finally, daddy comes back in and you rush towards him.

“Hey girl.” He scratches you on your cheek. “You can start looking for Slate now, but you have to follow a few rules.”

That makes you quite happy. You normally cheer and get all excited when you’re happy about something, but right now you don’t want to. “Fank yu, daddeh!” Is all you say.

“Follow me.” Daddy takes you outside into the next room. It’s the boring-colour room with the teevee in it. It’s a very big room- there’s loads of things all over the room as well. Some of them you know the names of, like teevee and sofa and table and plant, and some you don’t know like a thin, pretty-coloured blue thing in one corner that you hadn’t noticed before and two big black things with circles in them on either side of the teevee. There are two big wooden pillars on one side as well which are full of rectangular boxes of all different sizes, mostly white or brown or black ones but a few have nicer colours like blue or orange or purple. These must be the kind of blockies that daddy plays with.

“OK, Millie, you can start searching for Slate, but there are a few rules.”

You turn back towards daddy. You want to find Slate more than anything, but something in your head tells you that if you disobey daddy then he won’t let you look for Slate, so you listen to his rules.

“First of all, you HAVE to stay in this room. I’m going to close the doors to this room so you can’t leave even if you tried, but just remember. Second of all, this is where you make poopies here.” He points to a box, like the litterbox in your saferoom but slightly smaller and cleaner. “You’ve been good about that so far, so just remember that you still need to make poopies in the litterbox even when you’re outside the saferoom. And… I guess that’s it. I’m going to go search somewhere else, so just carry on looking around in here.”

Stay in room, make poopies in new litterbox. You think you can remember that.

As daddy leaves and closes the door behind him, you think of where to start looking. It’s a really big room so there are loads of places. In fact, it’s so big that you think he MUST be in this room still, it has to take ages for a blind baby fluffy to find their way out of this place- and in the dark, as well! You look under the sofa, but can’t really see much under there so you call out to Slate: “swate! com out! is mummah!” There’s no response.

You walk around the room a few times, looking in some of the hidey-spots as you go, under the table, inside the big pillars full of daddy’s blockies, even digging up some of the litter in the new litterbox to see if he’s hiding under there. It may be a big room, but there don’t seem to be many hidey-spots. There’s a part of the room which is like a whole different room as well, where the floors are all hard and cold and covered in a square pattern and the whole area is surrounded by massive blockies that are taller than you are. But he’s not in there either.

All of a sudden, there’s a sound- like a quiet rumbling noise. Then you hear a loud voice: “NU CAWE! BABBEH HATE MUMMAH!” It’s Slate!

“SWATE! huuhuuhuu! nu hate mummah! com back ta mummah!” You search around frantically, but can’t find him anywhere, and you don’t remember where the voice came from. Eventually you’re just running around the room in circles. He has to be here somewhere!

The soft rumbling sounds starts again, and you hear Slate’s voice again! “NUU! GO 'WAY! WEAVE SWATE AWONE!”

“NUUUU! MUMMAH FIND 'OU SWATE!” You yell out. Slate doesn’t answer. You go back to searching desperately, kicking up more litter to try to find him, running to and fro, but there’s no sign of him.

The sound begins again. “NU CAWE! BABBEH HATE MUMMAH!”

“NU BE BAD BABBEH SWATE! MUMMAH GIF BIGGEST HUGSIES AN’ WUV AN’ NUZZWES!” You thought your promises would work, all babies love getting love and huggies from their mummahs, but Slate doesn’t respond, and you still can’t find where he’s hiding!

“NUU! GO 'WAY! WEAVE SWATE AWONE!” You don’t respond this time, just lay down and sob. It’s worthless. You can’t find him anywhere.

You wear youself out for ages trying to find where his voice is coming from and when Daddy returns to carry you back to the saferoom, you tell him about how you heard Slate and how he said he hated you and didn’t want to come back and Daddy said he’d have a look since he can reach places in the room that are too high up for you.

You sit on your blankie and cry. Your own baby hates you. You don’t think you’ll EVER see him again.

“Your mummah is NEVER going to see you again.”

You’re Slate, and you don’t know what’s going on. You can’t see anything. You don’t know where you are. This is the worst feeling in the whole world.

You don’t know what else to do so you lash out in panic. “NU CAWE! BABBEH HATE MUMMAH!”

The horrible munsta moves in closer to you. You don’t know how you know that, but you can tell that he’s very close, almost at your face. Not knowing for sure makes it so much worse and, worse still, he doesn’t say anything, just stays right in front of your face. “HATE’CHOO! SWATE HATE’CHOO! GO 'WAY!”

He’s still there. You scream at him again. “NUU! GO 'WAY! WEAVE SWATE AWONE!”

Then he moves back. But now you don’t know where he is at all, which makes you so scared again. You even make peepies everywhere when you think you feel something touch you.

You think the munsta-daddy left and now you’re all alone. You don’t know what’s going on. You try to run away again, but your leggies have the weirdest feeling- it’s like you’re moving them but you don’t even know if they’re doing anything at all. You try walking on them anyway, and end up walking for ages and ages and ages.

When munsta-daddy first took your eyes away, you thought it would be terrible because you’d always be bumping into things that you couldn’t see. Now you’re walking but you’re not bumping into anything, and you realise that that’s much, much worse. You have no idea where anything is, or if there is anything there, or if you’re even going anywhere. You stop walking and lay down and take a few deep breaths before you start to sob.

You don’t know what to do. There’s nothing you can do. You’re bored and terrified at the same time- you even want the horrible man to come back just so you know there’s SOMETHING there.

And he does. You hear a THUD, then a tap-tap-tap-TAP-TAP and he touches your back and you yelp in terror.


“Do you know where you are?”

You don’t answer.

“Do you know… what’s happened to you?”

You don’t answer. You don’t know why, but the question makes you really nervous. You whimper as the man strokes you across your back, then his hand moves over to your side and runs over one of your leggies. That feels REALLY strange.


He stops. But now you don’t know where he is again. Every moment feels more scary than the last.

You decide you only have one option.

sniff d-d-daddeh… daddeh? daddeh stiww hewe?”

There’s a pause. “Yes. Daddy is still here.”

“pweese… pweese take sniff take babbeh back ta mummah? babbeh sowwy fo’-”


His reply was so sudden, it caught you straight off guard. “bu- bu’ babbeh ask nicewy an’-”

There’s a loud THUD and you chirp and cheep in terror. “NICELY? Do you think I give a shit? You ran away. From your OWN MOTHER. You’re never seeing her again, and that’s YOUR FAULT.”

You make more poopies and peepies as you sob and chirp in sheer horror.

“You tried walking yet?” he says, this time in a softer tone.

You answer quietly, “yus, babbeh twy wawking… huuhuuhuu… why babbeh nu can wawk?”

“Because your leggies are gone.”

Everything falls silent. “wh-wha…?”

“I cut off your leggies.”

You take a second to take in what he’s just said, then you feel something sinking deep within you, like your entire body is falling down into nothing. You try to move your leggies again, but nothing happens. Then the man touches your leggies.

There’s nothing there.

“w-www-wh-h-w…” You want to ask something, but you’re not sure what. You can’t form the right word.

“That’s right. Your leggies are gone. You know, a lot of ‘daddies’ cut off their fluffies’ leggies, it makes them more subdued- stops them running around everywhere, playing with things they’re not supposed to play with… and, of course, running away.”

You can’t believe it. Why would a person do something so horrible, something so, so… EVIL? Fluffies need leggies to run and play, fluffies are supposed to run and play and get huggies and love! Fluffies don’t deserve to have their leggies taken! YOU don’t deserve to have your leggies taken!


“Y’know, quite a few fluffies lose their sight as well. Especially ferals. I guess you have to be pretty unlucky to lose your eyes AND your leggies.”

You’re not listening to him, still in shock that your leggies are gone. You can’t believe someone would think of doing that, of taking away a fluffy’s leggies so they can’t run and play. But now you just wish you hadn’t run away. You would do anything to be back with mummah.

“Anyway.” He pats your head and you peep again. “Welcome to your new home.”

You tremble. This is how you’re going to be… FOREVER.



“wan die…”

“You… you want to die?”

“Wan die…”

The man doesn’t say anything.

“BABBEH WAN DIE! HUUHUUHUU! WAN DIE WAN DIE WAN DIE WAN DIE!!! PWEEZ KIWW BABBEH!” You mean it. Nothing can be worse than being like this forever. You just want the man to take it all away.

He pauses as you continue to beg under your breath. Then he leans in and says one word:


There’s a TAP-TAP-tap-tap noise then a thud and you know the man is gone. Now you’re all alone. Now there’s nothing.

You DO wish you were dead.

Part 6

Part 6

You’re Millie, a mummah fluffy with two beautiful babies. Your bestest baby is Garnet, a handsome red baby with a brown mane. You also have a filly named Snowy, a pretty white coloured baby with a pale yellow mane. You used to have another baby but he ran away from you. You were really sad when that happened but you don’t know why now because he was an ugly grey colour and also had his see places taken which meant he was very sad- plus the fact that he ran away makes him a bad fluffy. Sometimes it still makes you sad when you think about it though.

You love it much more without him. He always chirped and cried when you left him so you never got to do fun things like play with your other babies in the fun ball-pit or run around with your babies.

Sometimes Snowy is a bad fluffy though. Like when you all wanted to eat sketties but Snowy said that you couldn’t because she wanted to go sleepies instead. Or when she made a stupid dancie which made daddy almost not take you in. Sometimes she gets really sad when you remind her about those things- silly Snowy! If you don’t want saddies you shouldn’t be a bad fluffy!

Today is a morning like every other morning- Daddy has just come in and said good morning and brought your brekkies. Your babies have started eating some kibble too- they don’t like kibble and say milkies are much better so they usually don’t bother with kibble and you eat their kibble instead and give them milkies later because you like making your babies happy.

Daddy says that they need to get used to eating big fluffy food though because they can’t be babies forever, and milkies are only for babies. You know daddy’s right. They still have a long way to go to being big fluffies though so for now it doesn’t really matter. It’s going to be hard when they DO need to stop drinking milkies because you make the bestest milkies in the world so they’re not going to like having to change to boring kibble and oats.

You scoff down your brekkies then play with your babies in the ball pit and look through the books full of pictures that daddy got for you. Then you play chase and then you give your babies milkies, then you switch between milkies and hugsies for each baby and then you all snuggle together in your beddie. This is SO much better than when you had your grey baby!

Daddy comes back in, and is greeted by your cheerfull little babies.

“daddee daddee daddee! wuv daddee!”

“YAY! daddee back! can fwuffies wach teevee again? wuv teevee!”

“Oh, hey, little guy!” He bends down and scratches Garnet. Suddenly a frown emerges on his face and he sniffs the air. Then he gets up and marches over to the opposite side of the room.

“Who did this?” He points at the pile of yellowish-brown poopies at the side of the room. Some of the poopies are smeared close by. Some of it is on the big pink stuffy friend, Snowy’s favourite toy.

When no-one says anything, daddy marches back over to where the two babies are cowering. You walk over with him. He bends down once again and faces the babies.

“Which one of you did this?”

“b-b-babbee dun’ kno…” squeaks Garnet.

“Snowy? Do you know who made the poopies?” Snowy is even more terrified than Garnet. She’s shivering and shaking and seems to be crying too.

“n-n-nu wa-as s-snowee! huuhuuhuu!”

“It wasn’t you?”


“Well, those are baby poopies. So if it wasn’t you, it was your brother?”

Garnet tries to interrupt. “NU! gawnit NEVA make bad-”

“SHH. Don’t interrupt me. Now, you both say you didn’t do it, which means one of you not only made bad poopies, but also lied to daddy.”


“SHUT UP. Snowy, tell me- who made the bad poopies and lied to daddy? Was it you or your brother?”

Snowy squeaks something inaudibly.

“What was that, Snowy?”

“b-bwudda… bwudda make bad poopies an’ wie ta daddeh.”

“NUU! SISSY WYIN’! WHY MEANIE-” Garnet is cut off as daddy picks him up. He walks out of the room and comes back a few seconds later holding a big glass jar with some yicky brown liquid in the bottom.

“This is the sorry jar. This is where fluffies go if they lie.” He drops Garnet into the jar and the baby desperately wails as he thrashes about in the nasty brown stuff. Then daddy takes him over to the edge of the room and sets the jar down, just inbetween the litterbox and the ball-pit. “You’re going to stay here for the rest of the day and think about what you’ve done.”

You grab Snowy and hug her tightly. She’s trembling and crying. She sets her mouth around some of your fluff and starts to suck on it, which seems to settle her down a little bit.

“Daddeh…” you call up to him right before he leaves. “pweez take babbeh owt of jaw… huuhuuhuu… babbeh sowwy fo’ wie ta daddeh…”

“That’d be more convincing if he said it himself.” Daddy walks out of the room, shutting the gate behind him.

You spend the rest of the day by the sorry-jar, pressing your face up against the glass and talking softly for Garnet. He cries and chirps and begs you for help. You try going away to give Snowy huggies at one point, but when you leave Garnet starts to cry even louder, and whenever Snowy comes over he yells at her and calls her a meanie poopie baby, so she just sits in the corner looking sad.

You eventually fall asleep next to the sorry jar. You keep getting woken up by Garnet though as he struggles to sleep at all in the smelly disgusting poopies. You struggle to make it through the night, but when you wake up the next morning, Daddy comes and lets Garnet out of the sorry jar. You want to give him the biggest huggies, but Daddy takes him away to clean. Then when Daddy comes back again with Garnet, now nice and clean and pretty, you ask him again to give Garnet back to you.

“No, Millie, we’re not done. That punishment was just for lying to daddy. But Garnet also made bad poopies, and that needs to be punished too.”

You start to cry. “nuu, nu put babbeh back in sowwy jaw! bab-”

“He’s not going back in the sorry jar. I have a different punishment in mind.”

“w-wha daddeh do? sniff” Garnet whimpers.

Daddy sets him down by the partly-dried up pile of poopies. “There. Eat the poopies.”

“Nuuuu… nu wan num poopies!”

“I know you don’t want to, that’s the whole POINT. It wouldn’t be a fucking punishment if I fed you spaghetti and meatballs, would it?” Daddy sounds really angry.


“Are you lying again? Because you know what happens to fluffies who lie…”

Garnet huuhuus then quietly says “nu, daddeh.”

“Good. Now, eat those poopies, unless you want to go back in the sorry jar for… let’s say TWO MORE DAYS.”

Garnet slowly turns his head down to the poopies. He turns to look at Snowy, then back to the poopies again, then licks the poopies. He only gets a little bit, but it’s enough to make him burst out crying and fall on his back. Daddy flicks his rump with his finger and he gets back up. “FASTER. Get a mouthful of the poopies.”

He bends down again, and this time gets a chunk of the crusty poopies in his mouth. He appears to swallow it whole and almost looks like he’s choking for a second but recovers quickly enough. Then daddy flicks him again. “More! Clean up the mess you made!” Garnet takes another bite, this time slightly larger.

It takes several bites, and he looks over to his sissy with each one. You don’t know how he’s going to get through it, but eventually Daddy says “OK, that’s enough, you’ve learned your lesson. I’ll clean up the rest.”

Garnet rolls onto his back again and you rush over to hug him. Snowy just stays in her corner of the room with her head hanging.

Garnet complains, saying he still has the yicky poopies taste in his mouth. He drinks loads and loads of milk, even after he’s had his fill, to try and get the taste out of his mouth, but it doesn’ help much. Huggies don’t work either, and neither does drinking from your water bowl or eating what’s left of your kibble. You plead to Daddy as he walks by the saferoom, but he doesn’t help.

Garnet eventually gets tired and you carry him over to the blankie where he drops off to sleep. Snowy makes her way over too, and you lick them clean before you go to sleep as well.

When you clean Snowy’s rump, it tastes yickier than usual.

Part 7

Part 7

You’re Callum, the owner of a pink and purple fluffy named Millie and her three foals (now just two, as far as she’s concerned).

This is your fourth… “project”. The first was a brown weanling you found under a park bench- you took him home and cut his legs off, made him eat his own shit and beat him repeatedly. He died of an infection after 10 days.

Your second project, a “chirpy” baby, lasted just one day. Maybe it’s because you fed it cold cow’s milk, or maybe it got hypothermia, or perhaps it even died of stress (you googled it- turns out it’s a real threat in fluffy ponies).

Then there was Monty and his special friend Princess, barely grown-up fluffies you got from the shelter. You gave them the most pathetic names you could think of and played the role of “Daddy”. You wanted this to last, to gain their trust over time then shatter it completely, but one day Monty shat himself in excitement as he ran over to greet you. You decided you couldn’t tolerate it. You removed his testicles, legs, ears, fluff, teeth, one eye, tail and random chunks of flesh and skin. You cooked it all up (sans the fluff), mixed it with kibble and fed it to his special friend while he watched with his one remaining eye. Then you skinned her alive in front of him.

So much for making it last, right? Well, you had fun anyway. But this time you were going to REALLY do it, to take your time and turn the family against each other. Your victim is Snowy, the white baby and only filly of the litter. Before you took them all in she was the “bestest” baby, and already she’s having to settle for the silver medal.

Today you have another surprise for them. “Good morning fluffies!”

“Gud mownin’ daddeh!” The little white baby greets you. Garnet, the red shit, follow closely behind, looking gloomy.

“Are you OK, Garnet? You don’t look too happy.”

“G-Gawnit happee daddeh.”

“Well, you look depressed. Snowy, why don’t you give your brother some huggies? I’m sure that would make him feel better.”

“nu wan huggies fwom sissy!”

‘Sissy’ looks heartbroken. You gaze at her, waiting for her to do it, and she picks up on your signal. Garnet lets out an “nnhh” sound as she cautiosly puts her arms around him and squeezes as tightly as her frail body can allow.

Garnet allows it for a while then wriggles out of her grasp. Millie comes over to greet you now.

“hewwo daddeh! fwuffy wuv yu!”

“Yeah, sure. Hey, daddy has another special treat for you today!” cheering ensues. “Since you’re starting to become big fluffies now and can eat solid food, I’ve prepared both of you a feast! Isn’t that great? Your first proper meals!”

More cheering, and the babies scramble around your legs, yelling thanks and praise to you. “OK, OK, let me just go and get your meals now.”

When you return, you first unveil Garnet’s platter. It’s a huge array of all different foodstuffs: sweets, marshmallows, biscuits, some leftover breakfast cereal, two small bowls of milk, one chocolate flavoured; a few berries and flowers and some kibble because you’d run out of ideas. You tried to make it disgustingly sweet enough for the fluffies to enjoy, but, of course, visual appeal is just as important.

Snowy is watering at the mouth. To her credit, she doesn’t try to eat any of her brother’s delicious food, instead waiting patiently for her own plate. Garnet is speechless at first, then he looks up at you with those huge gross puppy-dog eyes and says “dis bestes’ tweat evah daddeh… gawnit… gawnit…”

“It’s OK, buddy. I just want to make you happy.”

Even Millie is getting jealous of her own baby. “Why daddeh neva make Miwwie nummies wike dat?”

“That’s because they’re just getting weaned off milk, so it’s the first real meal they’re ever going to have. It’s a very special occassion!”

Millie still doesn’t look too happy. All of a sudden, you notice Garnet is already honing in on his meal.

“GARNET!” That gets his attention. “Don’t start yet! Your sister’s nummies haven’t come yet!”

“wha? bu- bu- why?”

“Well, it’s called ‘manners’, you’re not supposed to start until everyone has their nummies. Otherwise they feel left out.”

You already know he’s not fond of his sister, so that makes him look really grumpy. Hey, the food’s all lukewarm shite anyway, it’s not like it’s going to get cold if he leaves it for too long. He’ll just have to be patient.

But, as you go to fetch Snowy’s meal, you have an even better idea.

Garnet is sitting on his rump patiently, staring at his food and salivating. Snowy is giddy with excitement and Millie is now lying on her front with that stupid fucking “proud-mother” look on her face. None of them have noticed you around the corner doing absolutely nothing.

“when sissy nummies come? babbeh wan’ stawt nummies!”

Snowy doesn’t say anything. Seems actually having the food in front of him has made Garnet more eager than his sister, even though she thinks she’s getting the same thing.

“dummeh sissy!” It doesn’t take much waiting for Garnet to get aggressive. “why yu nummmies nu come? babbeh wan stawt meaw!”

He tries to kick her with his back legs. Both fall over. “huuhuuhuu… snowee sowwy! dun knu’ why nummies nu come!”

Garnet starts running in circles, chanting: “wan nummies! wan nummies! wan nummies!” Millie nuzzles Snowy better, then tries to hug her anxious colt.

That’s enough. You go back and prepare Snowy’s food- when you return, Garnet is fucking CRYING over having to wait. Sometimes you’re surprised that you’ve lasted several weeks without ripping their heads off. Perhaps having fluffies to abuse on the side helps with that.

“Here we go!” Garnet gasps in happiness and Snowy bounds towards you cheering.

“Can gawnit stawt nao?”

“Sure! You can start now.”

He chirps in delight and tucks in, starting with a bite of marshmallow. He adores it, judging by the sounds he makes through his scoffing and chomping. Millie moves towards him and bends over. “gawnit? can gawnit shawe nummies wif mummah?”

“NO, he can’t.” you step in. Garnet didn’t even appear to notice his envious mother, too busy stuffing his face with the delicious marshmallow.

You turn your attention back to Snowy. “Here, girl. Your nummies are ready!” She giggles happily.

You reveal the bowl of cooked spinach.

You’d considered a few possibilities: plain kibble, saag paneer, dry oats, even some more disgusting options like mealworms and grass clippings, but eventually you thought spinach just seemed… right. The important thing, though, was that there was a metric shitload of the stuff. There’s enough there to feed two grown men, and even if they happened to be spinach fans there’d probably be leftovers.

Snowy doesn’t know what to think at first, staring at the hot, stinking, dark-green mess. She looks like she’s tearing up, you’re not entirely sure though.

“daddeh, wha’ dis?”

“This is your meal. Spinach.”

“bu’… w- bu’-”

Come on. Fucking say it. There’s not much time.

“Why nu get dat?” She points to her brother’s meal.

“Oh, come on, it’s not that bad. Just eat it.”

She sniffs it, then licks it a little and walks back. “WAAAAAH! NU WAN DIS! WAN DOSE NUMMIES! WAAAAAH!”

Millie looks concerned over Snowy’s tantrum. Garnet doesn’t seem to notice, having moved on from the marshmallow after barely three bites and now happily sipping at the milk- it seems he prefers the chocolate flavoured variety. Good- he’s taking a bit of everything, savouring all of it.

You face Snowy and ask again: “Are you sure? You want those nummies?”



You flick Garnet on the nose; he splutters a little, and you grab his platter out from in front of him, placing it in front of Snowy. Her dark green ocean of leaves is transferred to the whimpering red colt.

“Go on! This is what you wanted, right?”

“b-babbeh nu mean…” she begins to protest. Your gaze seems to be enough to intimidate her though, and she starts at the marshmallow that’s already been partly-eaten by her brother, nervously taking a small bite.

Millie is hugging Garnet. “why daddeh-”

“Because Snowy-” -you gesture- “wanted his nummies. So I gave her what she wanted.”

Snowy hears you, but doesn’t look up. She looks kind of guilty, if true guilt is a thing among fluffies, and seems to be pretending not to hear what’s going on, taking another chunk from the marshmallow.

Garnet looks at his sister and some rage seems to build up. He wriggles out of his mother’s tight hug and starts to move towards his sister, but you block his way and divert him to the disgusting bowl of spinach.

He approaches it much like his sister had, first sniffing it, then licking it, then crying. “NU WAN! HUUHUUHUU! WAN SWEETIE BWOWN MIWKIES AN’ TASTY PIWWOW-NUMMIES! HUUHUUUUU!”

You flick his nose again, slightly lighter this time. He’s properly crying now, either from the disappointment or the pain or both.

“Well, your sister also wanted it, so tough shit. You get the spinach. Stop being so goddamn ungrateful.” You don’t provide a reason why his sister gets priority, but none of them seem to ask. Thankfully so, too- that means ‘sissy’ is going to get all the blame later.

You told him he had to eat all the spinach, and he didn’t. Not surprising, since there was enough spinach to drown him in (probably literally, knowing fluffies). He got through a lot though, even barfing into the spinach and eating around it, until even your commanding tone wasn’t enough to push him on.

Snowy got through a fair amount, albeit slowly. She also ate the different items of food one by one rather than trying to taste everything like her brother had started to. You took the leftovers away despite Millie’s begging and brought her her regular kibble.

Usually you can only take so much of the fluffies, but right not you haven’t had enough. You’ve continued your psychological abuse of Millie and her foals, but right now you really need to beat something up.

You head up to the attic to greet Lump.

Part 8

Part 8







You’re Lump. You’re a fluffy. That’s really all you know- you don’t know what colour you are, whether you’re fully grown yet or not… you’re not even sure if Lump is your real name. You used to have a mummah and you THINK siblings, but you can’t remember much since the horrible man took your eyes, and then your legs.





The man is so evil. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he took your eyes and legs, he likes to beat you for fun. You try saying anything to make him stop, that you’re sorry you ran away, that you love him, that you want your mummah… but he just keeps on beating you until you start to chirp and cry like a little baby. You even tried making chirpy-noises once so he would stop, but he knew you were faking and just beat you even harder.

That’s the only time anything ever happens. The rest of the time you just sit very, very still. You used to move your not-leggies as if you were running, wriggling about on the spot. You weren’t going anywhere, but sometimes it actually felt like you were running for real, and you imagined yourself running about and having fun like you used to before the horrible man found you. But eventually it was no good; you became more aware that you weren’t really running.

You thought what else you could do. You tried singing, but the man heard you and started beating you again. You tried eating, but that only keeps you occupied for so long before you get full, and even if you keep on eating after you get full then you eventually run out of kibble and have to wait until the man brings you some more and then you throw up and get tummy hurties from eating too much.

You decided instead to try thinking. It was the only thing left to do. You called yourself a “thinkie babbeh”, which you came up with all by yourself, and thought about lots of different things. You thought about mummah, and how you really missed her huggies and her pretty voice and being snuggled up in her fluff, and how you should never have run away from her. That gave you big saddies. Then you thought about the things you always wanted to do. You wanted to be a big strong smarty, have a special friend and make lots of babies, and be the bestest daddeh ever, and bring them lots of nummies and play with all the other fluffies and have fun and eat sketties every day. That made you have saddies as well.

But eventually even that didn’t work. You started to forget things- first you forgot what everything used to look like, then you forgot the sounds, like the sound of your mummah gently speaking to you as you cried in her fluff. You tried as hard as you could to try and remember mummah, what she looked like and how she sounded and how nice and warm it felt to be nestled in her fluff, but you just couldn’t. Now the only thing you remember is how you tried to run away from your mummah and the man took your leggies and now beats you.

Some time after the man finishes beating you, he comes back. You don’t know how long it’s been at all, but somehow it feels like less time than usual. Maybe he’s come to refill the kibble in front of you?

“Hello, Lump. I have a surprise for you today.”

The man… he SPOKE to you!

“mistuh… mistuh! mistuh, fwuffy wuv yu! su sowwy fo’ wun away! pweez, w-”

“I’m not letting you go, retard, if that’s what you’re angling for.”

You whimper in sadness. You didn’t expect him to really let you out, but the disappointment is still there.

“You ready for your surprise?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. “You’re going to love this.”

He fumbles around with something for a little, then he puts something in front of you, and you hear a click.

“mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mummah, babbehs dwink miwkies, gwow up big an’ stwong!”

You recognise it instantly- it’s your mummah! You thought you’d forgotten what she’d sounded like, but you know that’s her for sure!


“mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mummah, babbehs dwink miwkies, gwow up big an’ stwong!”

Oh no- she must not be able to hear you! You wriggle around, desperately trying to edge closer to your beloved mummah, yelling for her the whole way.


“mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mummah, babbehs dwink miwkies, gwow up big an’ stwong!”


You start to sob in joy. You know you’re going to get to your mummah eventually.

But, after the longest time, you don’t seem much closer to mummah. You’re not even sure how far you’re moved, but you’ve worn yourself out. You’re determined though, and you push on, desperately trying to edge yourself forwards.

All of a sudden, you make a big push and realise there’s no ground in front of you! You try to pull back, but it’s too late- you drop straight off the table, flailing your stumpies around as you fall for what seems like forever until you land in some sofy mooshy stuff.

You wriggle around for a bit. Then the smell hits you, and you realise where you are- you’re in POOPIES! You start to cry, so, so loud.


You don’t hear anything. There’s nobody around. You lie on your side, most of your face covered in poopies, crying softly, wondering what you did to deserve this.

You’re Millie’s owner Callum. Your current project is the bitch of a mare and her foals, one of which you have taken aside for use as a stress-ball of sorts.

You carry out your morning routine- you wake up bright and early at 7:00, shower, shave, brush, have breakfast, then check on your projects. You start by removing Lump who you tricked the previous day into falling into a tray of his own shit and piss. By now he’s a blubbering mess, dribble and snot seeping from his ugly shit-painted face. From the looks of it he was stupid enough to wiggle around to try and escape, which, predictably, acheived nothing besides cloaking his grey fluff with a more even cloak of the foul-smelling waste.

You make a mental note to wash him later then go down to see your other fluffies. Thinking you were done with shit-related crises, you are promptly corrected when the first thing you see is a splatter of greenish-brown on the side of Snowy’s white fluff.

Millie cowers down. She seems guilty, which is quite unusual, but doesn’t ring any alarm bells- she wouldn’t shit on her own foal. Besides, there’s obviously been some kind of effort to clean it off her.

You look over to Garnet, who appears much happier than usual, giggling and tapping on the music box. There’s your culprit.


He perks up. You already know he did it, but it does surprise you a little that he’s not afraid. Either he’s really brave or, more likely, he’s dumb enough to think he’d get away with it.

“Yus daddeh?”

“Did you shit on your sister?”

“Nu daddeh!”

“Then who did?”

“Gawnit dun’ kno. Sissy make sowwy poopies on sewf! Dummeh sissy! Sis-”

He’s cut off as you kick him in the face.


He goes flying a couple of metres until he smashes into a pile of blocks in the corner, landing with an “UMF” and spluttering as he tries to get back up.

“NUUU! WHY DO DAT TA’ BABBEH?!” Millie tries to intervene, rushing over to aid her baby. She apparently tries to help him back up by pushing him with her nuzzle, but it just makes Garnet chirp in pain. Snowy stays and tries to hide behind your foot.

“He was a very bad baby, Millie.”

She’s still desperately trying everything she can to console him. You nudge her out of the way with your foot (it doesn’t take much force, after what she saw you do), and bend down to face Garnet. He splutters and wheezes some more before looking up at you. His entire body is trembling, and whenever he moves he does so in uncomfortable jolting movements.

“Why did you shit on your sister?”


You flick his nose and he squeals. “WHY DID YOU SHIT ON YOUR SISTER?!”


Finally. The confession. He’s difficult to understand, but you know exactly what he’s trying to say.

“Snowy? Come over here.” You call for her in the most threatening tone you can muster, like an angry teacher beckoning his student, and she walks over nervously.

“Snowy. A few days ago… you made ‘bad poopies’, and blamed your brother.”

It takes her a while to come up with an answer, her huge black eyes drifting from you to her brother to Millie and back to you.

“Y-yus, daddeh…”

“You stole the good nummies from your brother and made him eat the spinach instead.”

“Yus daddeh…”

“You decided to sleep instead of letting your mother get sketties.”

“Yus, daddeh…”

She seems more uncertain about that one, probably because it’s not entirely true. She confesses though- the pressure of her family staring at her and waiting for an answer proves too much. You reckon you could have got her to own up to basically anything.

“Snowy… you are a very bad fluffy.”

She hangs her head, apparently too scared to say anything. She looks like she’s on the verge of crying.

“I want you to apologise to your brother, now.”

She looks at you again then edges over to Garnet, lying on his front with snot and blood dripping from his nostrils.

“Snowee sowwy, bwudda! sniff

“What are you sorry for, Snowy?”

“Sowwee fow… fow… fow take bestes’ nummies an’ teww daddeh dat ‘ou make bad poopies wen babbeh make bad poopies an’ an’ an’ wen babbeh make nu-pwetty dancie an’ daddeh take wingies…”

The last one has both of them tearing up. You decide it’s enough and pick her up. “OK, then. Let’s get you cleaned up, Snowy.”

You leave without saying a word. Garnet doesn’t say anything either. Millie makes ‘huggie-legs’ towards you- you’re not sure if she wanted to hug you or Snowy, but either way you leave with her and she shrinks back towards Garnet and returns to tending to him.

You return as soon as you have Snowy cleaned up and everything ready for the next stage of your project. You bend down and release Snowy from your hands, and she eagerly jumps down back to the saferoom floor, cheered up already.

“OK, fluffies, come over to Daddy.”

They all obey and come towards you. Garnet is still walking a little strangely, but it doesn’t look like you’ve done any permanent damage.

“Garnet, I have something for you.”

“Suwpwise… jus’ fo Gawnit?” That seems to make him happy.

You present him with THE BUTTON. It’s a round black thing, just a little smaller than your palm, and you place it on the ground in front of Garnet. He looks at it, confused.

“This is the button.”

He sniffs it. Nope, no more clues- he’s still confused as ever.

“Wha dis, daddeh?”

“Well, it’s a thing you can press.” You demonstrate, pushing the button with two fingers.

He moves over to do the same, but you push him back. “Wait, wait. If YOU press the button, something very special happens.”

His confusion returns, and he looks up at you expectantly.

“If YOU press the button… your sister gets FOREVER SLEEPIES.”

Millie rushes towards you. “NUUUU! PWEEZ NU GIF BABBEH FOWEVA SWEEPIES! BABBEH GUD BABBEH!” She pushes Snowy back towards you, causing her to cry out in distress. “WOOK! SNOWY PWETTY BABBEH AN’ GUD BABBEH!”

“I’m NOT giving her forever sleepies, Millie. Garnet decides if she gets it or not.”

Snowy gets back up, now crying in terror, and she waddles towards Garnet.

“Pweez bwudda, nu gif foweva sweepies!” Snowy says, hugging her brother as tightly as she can. “SNUWEE NU WAN’ DIE! HUUHUUHUU!”

Millie still has her attention on you. She reaches up and paws at your leg with her hooves and nuzzles against your hand. “pweez daddeh! babbeh nu desewve foweva sweepies! babbehs awe fo’ wuv an’ huggies!”

Finally, Garnet speaks. “Gawnit… Gawnit nu wan gif sissy foweva sweepies! Take buttan 'way!”

“That’s fine. If you don’t want to give your sister forever sleepies, then you don’t have to. But I’m leaving the button with you. Your decision.” With that, you leave them to their own devices.

He sounded adamant, you think. Maybe the ‘apology’ tactic worked TOO well. He really didn’t want to kill his sister.

You might have to come up with some way to shift the balance.

Part 9

Part 9

You’re Garnet, a red colt living with your mummah and sissy in your Daddy’s saferoom. Daddy gave you a ‘button’ which he said will give your sister forever sleepies if you press it. You don’t want to give your sissy forever sleepies! She was a big meanie to you a lot of times, but you can’t give her forever sleepies, that has to be the WORSTEST thing a fluffy can do!

After daddy gives you the button and leaves for the day, you go back to playing with all your toys as usual. But you’re still nervous about the button. You know you’re not going to press it, but you REAAALLY don’t like it being there. You want to move it over to the corner or under a blanket in the ball-pit or somewhere, but you’re afraid to even touch it.

Mummah and sissy were scared as well. Mummah just walked around the button a lot, stopping to bend down and investigate it and nudging it with her leggie. Occasionally she yelped when she thought she’d nudged it too hard, but your sister was still alive so it was all OK.

Your sister was being much nicer to you. She helped you play with the blockies, then gave you huggies and played chasie and huggie-tag and the hidies-game. It’s so much fun playing with other fluffies than playing alone! You’re even getting to like your sissy. Maybe she wasn’t a bad fluffy after all? She did apologise for all the mean things she did the day before, and she wasn’t doing anything mean now.

You spend forever playing happily with your sissy. Sometimes you’d leave her without warning to get huggies from your mummah or chase a ball that ran off and she’d start to cry. She got very nervous when you left her like that. Even when you were playing the hidies game she got really worried when she couldn’t find you for a long time so you came out from your hiding spot under the blankie and ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

When Daddy got back, you went on and on and on telling him about your wonderful playtime with your sissy and all the games you played with her. He nodded along and occasionally grunted “uh-huh”. He didn’t seem very interested. You didn’t care.

“Uh, hey- how about we all go and watch some TV again?!”

“YAAAY!” squeaks sissy. “WUV TEEVEE!”

The two of you run around giggling happily and mummah comes over to join you. Then you all follow daddy into the next room to watch teevee.

“Today, we’re going to be watching somthing different though,” Daddy says. You’re not sure you understand.

Daddy plays around with the teevee which does some strange stuff before he says “aha!” and the teevee goes back to showing pictures like normal. There aren’t any fluffies though. That’s strange.

“Daddeh, why nu fwuffies on teevee?” asks your mummah.

“Well, Millie, the teevee is showing something special. This is called a ‘documentary’. It shows you all about the different kinds of animals that there are.”

You’re all confused and you’re not sure the teevee is much fun without any fluffies, but you give it a try anyway since you trust daddy. Most of the surprises he gives you are fun.

The teevee shows pictures of beautiful and weird animals that you don’t know the names of. There’s a man who says some words while the animals do things, but you can’t really understand what he’s saying. You love watching the pictures though! There’s all kinds of animals that look like birdies but in all different colours and shapes and they all look so beautiful! There are really small bright yellow and red and blue birdies which look really pretty fluttering through the air and there are loads of big green ones which fly into the trees and some really big white ones which glide over the water! You think how amazing it would be to fly with those birds and see the whole wide world.

You pause and sniffle. You look over to your back- the pinkish-grey stumps that used to be your wingies are still sticking out a little from your fluff. You try to flap them. They look so stupid, just jerking really fast and not doing anything.

You turn back to the teevee. Your sissy and mummah are in awe watching a birdie with a big funny nose fly over a puddle. If you had ever learned how to fly, you would have flown much, MUCH higher than that- your mummah would have been blown away by how amazing you were at flying! It’s not fair!

You start to cry. “Daddeh, gawnit nu wan wach dis… huuhuuhuu…”

He leans down like he always does whenever one of you gets saddies. “Why is that, Garnet?” He says, in his deep, comforting voice. He stokes your mane with his finger.

“Gawnit… huuhuuu… nu… nu haf wingies…” You can barely get words out now as tears form in your eyes. You don’t want to cry now, you don’t want them to think that you aren’t a big strong brave fluffy, but you can’t help it.

“Aww, that’s OK, Garnet. Let’s just take you back to the saferoom while your mummah and sissy finish.”

He takes you back and tucks you into a blankie. You reach out to him. “Daddeh, pweese stay wif Gawnit…”

“Uhh… sure, little guy. I’ll stay with you.”

He rustles your mane with his hand as you speak to him. You talk about your day playing with your sissy again. You talk about the birdies on the teevee and how sad it made you that you were never going to be able to fly again. One thing that you’ve completely forgotten about now is the button.

After you talk to Daddy for a while whilst he comforts you, he goes back and brings mummah and sissy back to the saferoom. They’re both thanking daddy and talking about how pretty the birdies on the teevee were. It still makes you so sad. You remember why you lost your wingies, too- you remember how sissy made the stupidest dancie on purpose so that daddy couldn’t take you in unless he took your wingies.

“Let’s have some dinner then, shall we?”

You crawl out of the blankie daddy tucked you into with the promise of nummies. You realise you’ve only eaten since the morning so you’re really hungry.

Daddy comes in with your mummah’s kibble which she starts on straight away, then brings two more sets of food. There’s a big plate of beautiful colourful nummies which he puts in front of you. It’s just like the last one- it even has the soft white pillow-nummies that you loved so much and a bowl of the delicious brown milkies! Then he puts the other one in front of your sister. It’s a bowl of cooked spinach.

“Wh- why daddeh gif Snowee spinich? Snowee nu wan spinich!”

“Well Snowy, remember how the last time your brother ended up having the spinach and you had that?” he says, pointing to your plate of nummies. “I thought it’d only be fair to let your brother have that this time, since he didn’t really get to try it last time.”

You really want to start your nummies. There’s so much there that you didn’t get to try last time but looks really tasty. You’re just worried that your sissy is going to make daddy switch the nummies around again like the last time.

“Daddeh… daddeh nu can make mowe tasty nummies?”

“No, sorry. That’s the only one.” Daddy frowns. “You don’t want to take those nummies away from your brother, do you?”

Snowy sniffs the spinach and recoils. “Snowee hate spinich, nu wan spinich… bu’… bu’ nu wan make bwudda haf spinich… nu wan be meanie ta bwudda…”

She leans in and takes a bite of the spinach. You start too. You wanted to try some of the new nummies that you didn’t get to try last time, but the brown milkies were just too delicious and you go straight for that again. There’s also a new bowl that wasn’t there last time, which is full of pink-coloured milkies. You try those milkies- they’re just as tasty!

Snowy is struggling with the spinach. It looks really tough and she takes forever to chew each piece of spinach. Sometimes she can’t help but spit some out and she has to eat the bit that she spat out again.

Eventually she falls backwards and starts to cry. You rear your head from the delicious nummies, and your mummah stops munching on her kibble and goes over to encourage Snowy, but it’s no use.

“Snowy…” daddy asks, “do you want me to give the spinach to your brother instead?”

Your stomach sinks. Your sissy wouldn’t make you num the nasty spinach again, would she?

Sissy doesn’t say anything. Her big black eyes drift between you and daddy and the spinach. She just continues to gently huu-huu.

Daddy switches the two sets of nummies. You desperately try to tug the plate back, and when you realise that isn’t going to work you try to save some of the nummies, pulling one of the white pillow-nummies away and trying to munch on it as fast as you can before Daddy takes it away, but he flicks you away after just a small bite and puts it back on the plate.

Your sister starts on YOUR nummies. She doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying it much, same as last time. It’s not fair- you actually WANT those nummies, you love those nummies! You start to cry again. This was almost the bestest day ever, but now it’s all been ruined!

Daddy puts the spinach in front of you. After flicking you several times when you refused to eat it, you began to munch on it. It takes you forever to even eat a little bit, and you’re sure it tastes even worse than last time.

Your sissy left a lot of the delicious nummies again. You begged daddy to let you have some, even though you’d had more spinach than you could manage and couldn’t eat any more of anything, but he wouldn’t let you. He said it wouldn’t be fair on sissy.

You realise now. Sissy really IS a meanie.

You struggle to sleep because you’re crying and the spinach gave your tummy the worstest hurties. You just lie down next to your mummah and sissy and cry quietly. They’re already asleep and don’t hear you.

You HATE your sissy. She’s the worstest sissy ever.

You decide to do it while nobody is looking.

Once you’ve slipped off the cushioned basket and are safely on the floor of the saferoom, you head over to the button. As you pass the gate to the other room, you notice the teevee is still on and Daddy is right outside watching it. He won’t notice, though. Your mummah is asleep so she won’t call for daddy until the morning, and nobody will know it was you that did it.

You look over to sissy one last time before she goes away forever. She looks sweet nestled up to mummah. She makes you so angry though, knowing that she’s really jut a big horrible meanie. You’ll never be able to fly because of her.

When you finally muster the courage to press the button, it shrieks a really loud noise! Your sissy AND your mummah wake up, and the lights in the saferoom turn on as daddy comes over.

“DADDEH! WHA’ NOISIE?” Your mummah cries.

He just steps over to the button and flips it over, then does something to it and it stops.

“So, Garnet, we did press the button after all!”

You cover your eyes in terror. You’ve learned that that doesn’t do anything by now, but you do it anyway.

Mummah speaks. “B-babbeh twy kiww odda babbeh?!”


Then Daddy speaks. “Garnet, you DID press the button.”

You’re too scared to say anything.

“Well, let’s get on with it then. I’m sorry, Snowy, it’s time for FOREVER SLEEPIES.”


You uncover one eye slightly and see Snowy struggling in Daddy’s hands. Mummah is rubbing against his legs and begging him. “PWEEZ NU, DADDEH! NU MAKE BABBEH SWEEP FOWEVAH!”

“We’ve been over this, Millie! I didn’t decide to kill her! Garnet did!”

Then your mummah comes over and nudges against you. “HUUHUUHUU! NU BE BAD BABBEE GAWNIT! NU KIWW SNOWEE!”

You want to tell her that you won’t, that you don’t want your sissy dead, that you ARE a good baby! But daddy speaks before you can form the words. “I’m afraid that’s too late as well, Millie. The button’s already been pressed, now Snowy HAS to get forever sleepies.”

Snowy is still struggling harder than ever and screaming as loud as she can. Mummah is even more panicked. She tries reaching up to Snowy to save her, then when Daddy leaves with Snowy she tries nudging you over and over and even presses the button again and again to try and undo what you did.

You hate this feeling! You didn’t think they would find out that you did it! Now you can’t even change it back- Daddy is going to give Snowy forever sleepies, and it’s all your fault!

As your mummah tries pushing against the gate trying to get out and save Snowy, you curl up and cry.

“It’s time for the execution!”

You return to the saferoom, white filly in hand and the sack slung over your back. Snowy resumes her futile wriggling as she sees her mummah once again, and the two call out for each other. The red piece of shit is curled up in the corner near the button. You thought there’d be a huge fiasco where the he goes into an outburst of rage against his family, ending with him pressing the button. But this is even better. He obsiously didn’t think anyone would know he’d pressed the button, and now he can’t even face the results of his actions.

But you’re going to make sure he watches.


“I don’t have a choice, Millie.”

You drag the sack in and turn it around, and its contents drop out.

“Wakey-wakey, Monty!”

The lump of fluff jolts up and cries out. His fluff (or rather, what’s left of it) is now a much darker shade of green than it once was, and there isn’t enough of his mane or tail left in a condition good enough to determine the colour. You remember that it was brown, though. Ugly isn’t the word that comes to mind: he’s missing all his legs, he has a gaping hole where his left eye should be, his ears are gone and his muzzle is now barely discernable as such, reduced to a mess of dark red and brown scabs.

There was some shit and kibble left in the sack. More shit than kibble- you hadn’t cleaned or refilled the sack in a while. Monty really just ate whatever was there though, no matter how high the shit-to-food ratio. In fact, the shit was quite helpful in softening up the kibble- the closest thing he had to teeth now were several thick steel nails that you’d hammered point-first into his gums.


Huh. You didn’t remember his speech being that bad, even after you’d replaced his teeth. Maybe being trapped alone for so long has fucked him up in more ways than you thought.

“OK then, Monty. You have one chance to prove yourself to Daddy!”


“Let’s see. Monty: you have to eat this baby.” You hold Snowy in front of him.

There’s silence. Then the begging resumes, louder and more desperate than ever. Snowy is practically seizing trying to escape and pisses all over your hand (whatever, you’ll clean it up later). Millie is pounding against your leg: “NU MAKE MUNSTA NUM BABBEH! HUUHUUHUU!”

Even Garnet has walked over nervously and is up on his back legs, tapping against your foot. “Pweez, daddeh… nu kiww sissy… gawnit nu wan sissy foweva sweepies! Gawnit pwess buttan on accsiden’!”

“I know that’s not true, Garnet. You pressed the button because you wanted Snowy to get forever sleepies, and now she will. Now, Monty…”

“Mondeh… Mondeh nu wab’num babah! Babah nufow nubmies!”

“Come on, Monty. Look, here comes the airplane…” You push Snowy towards his mouth as she screeches. He doesn’t have the strength to hold you off and you push her back-first into his mouth like a furry white gumball until only her head is visible. Judging from Monty’s “MMMMHHHHMFFF!!!” sound, she shits herself from the discomfort. You keep your hand in front of his mouth to stop him spitting her back out. Millie has turned her attention to Monty now, thumping against his side and causing him to flinch in pain as she hits a patch where you removed the skin.

“There’s no way out of this, Monty…” He stares straight ahead, trying to defy you, but you can tell he’s going to break.

You decide to speed things up. You float your one free hand above his eye and use your finger and your thumb to stretch it open. He screams (or would be screaming, were it not for the foal in his mouth), not wanting to lose his one remaining eye. You pull your hand away. Then he gets a defeated look on his face and bites down.

It turned out he did have some strength left in him- you see blood immediately as the heads of the nails power into the unfortunate filly. The two girl fluffies are screeching louder than ever and Monty flinches as Millie thumps hard against his sensitive patch again. Garnet is properly crying now.

The second bite draws even more blood, and there’s a disgusting wet crunching sound as well. But Millie lashes out. She turns back to you and bites your right hand, which you had held out to stop Monty trying to spit out Snowy.

You recoil your hand and hit Millie across the face, and she stumbles back. The bite didn’t particularly hurt, but it was a shock. Millie rears herself back up, but is still panicked. Now, though, she heads for Garnet, and begins whacking him with her hooves.



Monty cringes as he takes a third bite. The front half of Snowy falls to the floor.

“NUUUUUUUUUUU!!! BABBEEEEHHHH!!!” Millie cries out and tries to rush over. You block her way with your hand of justice.

Monty swallows the back half of Snowy and begins to cry, this time vocally. You pick what’s left of Snowy back up, making sure her remaining viscera stays mostly intact, and hover it in front of him. “NU WAD MOWE!”

“You have to, Monty. You’ve come this far anyway, she’s already as good as dead…” It’s certainly true at this point. She’s not making any sounds, and she just stares with a shocked expression on her face with bloodshot eyes, her mouth moving up and down as if trying to speak and dribbling blood.

Monty closes his eyes as you put the remainder of the filly back into his mouth, this time head first. He bites down again and some guts drop out of his mouth and dangle in front of him. He slurps them up and swallows.

Millie is bawling helplessly. Monty is sobbing. Garnet is cowering and covering his eyes.

You pat Monty on the head. “There we go.”

“HUUHUUHUUUHUUHUU… Monee… monee tu wha davddeh astk?”

It takes you a few seconds to figure out what he’s said, then you smile and reply.

“Yes. You did what I asked. You were a good fluffy, Monty.”


Posting it here before the pastebin copy got thanos-snapped


Thank you so much for this. I was resigned to this story being lost months ago when I could not find it on pastebin.


Name sounded so familiar
Took me a bit to recognize it from the comic I read.
I assume this came first?


Yes. The comic by the_false_wolf is the adaptation of this story

Though that one only adapt the story until part 5


Such a shame it was never finished tbh. I wanted to see more of slates suffering


I thought there was another part written but I should be wrong

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Fucking finally I can read this Beaty, I only hope there is more than in the comic?

And Monty backstory


That was so good! @wolfram_sparks is there a possibility that you write more of Millie and Garnet?


Never gets old.

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Is that cliffhanger?