New Commission Prices! || OPEN || Dragonixa

Including some new rules and establishing stuff that I hadn’t last time~
Ya know, becoming more professional and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Will deny:

  • Racist/sexist/transphobic/homophobic/abelist oriented art
  • Art attacking a real life person or another member of the community
  • Political art
  • Specific fetishes

Slot 1: CLOSED
Slot 2: OPEN
Slot 3: OPEN

I will accept orders in advance, but the wait time for the commission will be longer.

Thank you for commissioning!
Wub you :heart:
Nixy UwU


So that’s 90 USD per panel = 450 USD for a full feature, 5 panel comic page?

Sounds realistic. Thanks for not short-selling yourself! <3


Wait wait, I think you miscalculated~

Most expensive option would be 45$ per panel, so for a 5 panel traditional colored page with backgrounds would be 225$ :stuck_out_tongue: Depends on how many characters appear in the comic as well, if it’s gore or NSFW and stuff~

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You’re right, that was bad math on my end - 2x times ten instead of half of times ten!

But my comment stands. It’s a fair amount of money for that work. Tough to live off of, but worth your time.

I’m always demoralized when I see people charging like 15 USD for an insanely detailed full color plate. This is nice. You’re nice.


What if it is really funny sexism, racism, transhomopbic or abalisom of a real person

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What if I had a really funny pin-up racist caricature of Helen Keller wearing a gimp suit in mind?

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Then I might consider it as a parody piece :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With a swastica burnt on her forehead? Sure, why not XD

Mind reader.

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Oh yeah, I used to be like that :,) Hell, there was a time when I’d do a bunch of free art for people and burn myself out… More artists should value themselves more


Honestly with your quality these are some great fucking prices, like Fluffus said, never sell yourself short my friend

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Thank you so much, and absolutely :heart:

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I worked with @Dragonixa on a commission. Very happy with the whole process from working with my concept to drafts and then the final piece. Good pricing, excellent work.