Night Of The Fools [By BFM101]

For reasons which will become obvious as this story goes on, I’m not sure how canonical I want to make this to the BFM-Verse, but enjoy the weirdness all the same.

“Whewe Scawwett guin?”

Scarlett turned back towards Stroopwaffle, the gentle giant still wrapped in his blanket, peeking out from the rim of his bed. He spoke so softly that had it not been the dead of night, Scarlett might have missed him speaking.

“Scawwett nu wike bein inside tuu wong, feew cwostwo… cwostwofob….cwos…. feew fukin weiwd bout it. Just wan gu ousside fow wittew bit, tiww nu feew weiwd.”

“Bu it am dawk an scawy ousside, dewe be munstahs.”

Scarlett scoffed and smirked. “Scawwett AM munstah, nu be scawed of dummeh fuks out dewe. Jus gu sweepies, Scawwett nu be wong.”

Leaving before Stroopwaffle could argue, Scarlett pushed her way out of the Dpggy Door of The Crew’s HQ and wandered off into the night. Almost immediately the cool spring breeze hit her and everything felt right again; the tightness in her chest disappear, she could breath normally again, all was well.

Trying her luck for a midnight snack, Scarlett took a wander into the nearby woods, hoping to chance upon a Fluffy family, or even just a fat bestesh babbeh – no matter how many times Jon tried to get her off them, she couldn’t deny herself the sweet fatty taste.

Sadly it proved not to be, and the deeper she got into the darkened trees, the less obvious any signs of ferals or any Fluffy became, even Scarlett’s keen smell became less useful, too distracted by scents of trees, grass, and more than a few different types of shit. Fluffies had been here, but too many spread over too long a stretch of time to know who they were or where they had gone.

With nothing but the shadows for company, Scarlett reluctantly turned to go back home, until she caught something in the corner of her eye and realised the shadows were moving.

“Whu dewe? Show sewf yu dummeh kunt, Scawwett wip youw fukin wumps off.”

Scarlett growled at every slight movement around her, not able to tell what was a branch swaying in the wind, and what was this unseen creature circling her. She kept moving, never letting this monster get the drop on her, she kept on a brave face of anger, even as she felt her heart quicken and her fear slowly creeping up on her.

Eventually, just as she felt her body start to slow and tire, she saw it, a pair of bright white eyes peering at her through the darkness, and a massive red jaw just below it, and just like the last time she saw these creatures, the features didn’t stand out from the darkness, but merged with it to create an impossible vision.

“Greetingssssss Ssssscarlett. It’sssssss been a while.”

“Da fuk yu dawkie fings wan? Scarlett nu du aneefing.”

The Draak laughed, as it did two more shadowy shapes appeared from behind it and stepped out, encircling Scarlett even more. She kept her guard up, keeping her eyes on each of them as often as she could.

“We are not here to sssssssubjugate Sssssscarlett, you ssssssstill too interessssssssting to kill sssssssso ssssssssssimply. We are in fact here to… provide you with sssssssssomething you might find, sssssssspecial.”

“Stop tawking fukin weiwd an git on wiv it.” Scarlett didn’t trust the Draaks, she was smart enough to recognise that they were something unexplainable, and that put her at a disadvantage, something she never liked to be.

One of the other Draaks, a taller, slimmer one, spoke up. “We can ussssssse our powerssssssssss to gift you with ssssssssomething you have losssssssst. Or in thisssssss casssssssssse, ssssssssssone.”

Despite her best efforts, Scarlett felt her guard drop for a second, because she knew there was only one person she had lost who she cared enough to want to see again, even if she hadn’t even met him before.

But how the Draaks knew about her connection to Crimson was one of the reasons she didn’t trust them.

“Yu nu nuffin, yu nu can du aneefing, stop fukin wiv Scawwett yu fukin pwicks.”

The third Draak, a short and rounded shadow with four arms – or at least what could be called arms – let out a soft chuckle. “But we can do anything Sssssscarlett, we can even bring back your father, we can return Crimssssssson to you.”

Scarlett shook her head, not wanting to believe them, not trusting that such a thing would come to her so easily. “It nu am twue, nu.”

The first Draak spoke again. “But it isssssss, jusssssssssst obsssssssserve.”

The three Draaks all raised their arms and started chanting in an ancient and dark language that Scarlett didn’t understand but it made every follicle of Fluff on her body stand on end. Nothing happened at first, but Scarlett soon felt the wind pick up and the air grow colder, then the wind picked up even more, until eventually there was a small hurricane in the ground between picking up loose twigs and leaves and all sort of woodland debris that joined this swirling pillar.

Scarlett backed away from the growing tornado, but couldn’t keep her eyes off of it, the Draaks started speaking louder and faster, their voices booming over the rush of wind. And then suddenly, boom, the tornado burst into flame, every piece of wood, grass, leaf and fern was instantly set ablaze, creating a towering inferno four feet high – which for a Fluffy might as well have been forty.

The blazing pillar caught Scarlett’s breath in her chest, and she felt fear for the first time since facing Fing. She was frozen on the spot as she watched the flaming tornado start to slow and dissipate, parts of it burning away into smoke until eventually the whole thing had vanished and all that was left was a body in the centre. A Fluffy body, with blood red Fluff, a Hellfire orange mane, and larger than average genitals for a Fluffy stallion.

“Daddeh?” Scarlett founded herself calling out before she could stop herself.

The red stallion groaned and climbed onto his feet, he shook off a terrible ache and with blurry eyes, he looked around these strange woodlands he’d found himself in.

“Whewe da fuk am Cwimson nyo?”


Scarlett sprinted forward and tackled Crimson into a hug, nearly topping him over with the force.

“GAH! Da fuk? Whu da fuk am yu?”

“Am Scawwett, am Cwimson’s babbeh.”


“Cwimson gib mummah bad speciaw-huggies an she hab Scawwett.”

“… Du yu hab da swightest idea how wittew da nawwows it down.”

“It nu matta, cos Scawwett am jus wike Cwimson, Scawwett num Fwuffies tuu, awways wan tawkies tu daddeh bout nummin Fwuffies, bu daddeh gu foweba sweepies befowe Scawwet meet him. Bu daddeh am bak an can tawkies aww bout it nyo.”

Crimson pushed Scarlett off of him and jumped back. “Cwimson gu foweba sweepies?”

“Um… yeh.”

“HOW! Whu hab da fukin wumps tu gib Cwimson foweba sweepies.”

“Fink it was Fwuffy cawwed Spike.” Scarlett tried to remember what Jonathan had told her from news articles. “He am wingie-pointy Fwuffy, yoose pointy tu gib daddeh wowstesh huwties tu nu-nu stik, den huwt daddeh’s wumps an make daddeh wun way. Den Mistah Joesep gib daddeh foweba sweepies cos daddeh nu wan wive wivout speciaw-wumps.”

Crimson paused and thought about it, flashes of memory coming back to him, his fight with Spike, the humiliation of the little cunt getting the best of him, the pain of feeling Spike’s horn tear his cock in half and smashing his nutsack into mush.

“Cwimson did gu foweba sweepies.”

Scarlett darted forward and hugged her father again. “Bu it am ok, daddeh am bak nyo, nu need wowwy bout foweba sweepies.”

Slowly but surely, Scarlett felt Crimson start to hug her back, finally she had her father, her hero with her, no more wondering about who she was or why she was the way she was. No more feeling angry or alone or…

What was that she was feeling? Something stiff and growing between her and Crimson. The only thing she could think was….

Oh no.

“Um daddeh, wai am yu…”

“Cwimson gu foweba sweepies wong time gu, nu hab enfies in many, MANY fowebas.”

“Daddeh pwease, Scawwett nu can mobe. Pwease wet gu.”

“An Cwimson finawwy hab nu-nu stik bak.”

“Pwease daddeh, Scawwett hab biggesh scawdies nyo.”

“Be shame if Cwimson nu git tu yoose his bestesh weapon.”


Scarlett headbutted her father, she heard something crack but was in too much of a hurry to stop and notice if it came from herself of him. The sudden force caused Crimson to let go, allowing Scarlett to jump away, she readied herself for a fight and stared down her father.

“Wha da fuk am wong wive yu?!” She yelled out.

Crimson chuckled, a trickle of blood ran down his right eye from where Scarlett had cracked the bone, he licked the blood as it reached his lips.

“Yu am fighta, dat gud, Cwimson wub it wen wittews kunts fink dey am fightas.”

“Yu fukin munstah, Scawwett am yuw babbeh!”

“An yu fink dat make yu speciaw? Cwimson fuk his babbehs befowe, dey meen nuffin. YU meen nuffin, jus a wawm kunt waitin tu be fuked.”


Scarlett charged at Crimson, the older stallion rolled his eyes and backhanded her as she got close enough, only Scarlett had been expecting it and when his hoof collided with her mouth, she was able to quickly bite down, nearly ripping his limb off with the force.

Father and daughter tumbled over each other, battering and bruising themselves on the dirt floor, Crimson recovered first and saw a small chunk of his left leg had been ripped out, he growled and turned to Scarlett who had finally landed but was still dazed from the smack to her face and the resulting fall.

As she tried to recover from her daze, Scarlett felt Crimson’s hoof slam into the back of her neck.

“Cwimon nu knyo whu da FUK yu fink yu awe buy u nu make dis fun fow Cwimson. Cwimson nu mind wittew bit of fight bu nu wen yu take bities out of Cwimson’s FUKIN WEGGIE!”

To his surprise, Scarlett chuckled and spat out the chunk of leg she had bitten off.

“Wha wong daddeh, yu scawdies?”

Crimson looked down at her, and for the first time since finding out she was his daughter, he internally accepted that he was indeed her father.

“It am pity Cwimson hab tu gib yu foweba sweepies, yu awwmosh make Cwimson pwoud….”

The red stallion swiftly and sharply kicked her back legs open, positioning his erect phallus towards his daughter’s special place.

“…Cwimson pwomise tu make foweba sweepies qwick afta speciaw-huggies am dun.”

Scarlett waited until she felt Crimson’s hoofs on her back and she kicked out with everything she had, slamming her back hoofs onto Crimson’s leg, nearly snapping the bone in half.


Crimson howled out as his entire body collapsed, he looked down and saw his back left leg was twisted and angled in a horrible direction, any force placed on it and he risked the whole thing snapping.

He was angry, fuck that, he was beyond angry, this was a fury he had never felt before. Daughter or not, Scarlett was taking all the fun out of the chase and Crimson was done playing with his food. At this point he didn’t want to rape her to get her rocks off, he wanted to rape her to teach her a fucking lesson.

Scarlett had used the distraction of Crimson’s leg to try and escape, but her head was still shaking from how hard Crimson had smacked her, and she found her vision blurry and her steps shaky. She tried to fight it, tried to make it through the trees and back towards the street lights she could just make out, but the more she fought it, the more her eyes blurred and darkened, making it harder to see or even know where she was going.

All it took was one moment to stop and throw up for Crimson to catch up to her, he leapt onto her back, bit down on the scruff of her neck and slammed her face into the dirt. Scarlett felt blood fill her mouth as something in her mouth was broken open, even more dazed and confused, she was helpless as Crimson flipped her onto her back and slammed his hoof into her face twice more.

“Yu wittew fukin bisch. Cwimson nu pwomise make it qwik nyo, Cwimson gun make it swow, weaw fukin swow. Gun wip yuw fukin weggies off, fuk yu oba an oba tiww yu hab Cwimson babbehs, den Cwimson gun fuk da babbehs in fwont of yu den fu kyu gain an du it oba an oba. Yu nu fuk wiv Cwimson an git way wiv it.”

“Y….yu…… yu taw……”

Scarlett’s voice was raspy, quiet, almost impossible to make out. Crimson lowered his head, trying to make out what she was saying.

“Yu tawk…… yu tawkies tuu mush.”

And with that, Scarlett hocked a ball of spit, blood and vomit straight into Crimson’s eyes, the hellgremlin recoiled just enough to allow Scarlett to rush her head forward, her vision still too blurry to know where she was aiming and her body too tired to know if she could even reach her target, but she had to take a chance and with a final burst of energy she jerked forward…

And sunk her teeth into her father’s throat, ripping out a huge chunk before he even realised what had hit him.

Blood gushed out onto Scarlett’s face, but the weight pinning her down quickly vanished and she was able to stand up, still shaking from the multiple assaults on her head, but she could stand, and she could see her father collapse to the dirt. The blood was flowing out of his neck, all his energy leaving his body to the point where he couldn’t even stand anymore, all his attempts just led to him falling back down again.

He looked up at Scarlett and scowled. “Nu finkies dis change aneefing, yu stiww wittew kunt. Cwimson come bak wunce, can come bak gain, neks time yu nu be su wucky.”

“Scawwett nu am wucky, Scawwett knyo how Scawwett am betta dan Cwimson, hab vantige dat Cwimson neba hab.”

“Wha vantige?”

Scarlett leaned in so she could growl into her father’s ear. “Scawwett neba dummeh enuff tu fink wiv her dik.”

Father and daughter locked eyes as the last of Crimson’s life ebbed away from him once again, Scarlett watched as a smile grew across Crimson’s face and he chuckled softly.

“Maybe Cwim…. Cwimson am wittew pwo… pwoud of yu af… afta aww.”

Crimson’s face dropped and his eyes rolled back, Scarlett stood still as Crimson’s body turned to black dust and blew away on the wind, her eyes followed the particles up into the night sky until she saw the three Draaks watching her, suddenly remember that they had bene here the whole time and did nothing.

“Yu fukin pwick, wha da fuk was dat?”

The round Draak raised his four arms. “Relaxxxxxxxx bro, it wassssssss jussst a prank.”


The middle Draak nodded. “It’sssssss April 1sssssssssst, we wanted tu have ssssssssssome fun, wanted to enjoy the ssssssseasssssssson.”

“Bu yu… bu dat… yu… WHA DA FUK AM YU ON BOUT!?”

The tall Draak spoke “We thought bringing your father back would be fun, two ssssssssssocccccciopathic creaturessssssss of ssssssssadisssssssm, what misssssssschief could the two of you consssssssspire? Clearly we underessssssstimated how psssssssssychotic the father wassssssss.”

“Perhapssssssss nexxxxxxxxxxt time we reducccccccccce hisssssss aggresssssssssssion to make him more reliable.”

“But then he would not be the monssssssssster we need him to….”


The three Draaks all looked at Scarlett, her face flaring with rage.

“Dewe nu eba be neks time, yuk unts twy sumfing wike dat gain, an Scawwett yoose ebewyfing she hab yu gib ebewey fukin wun of yu foweba sweepies, am dat cweaw?”

“Who are you to sssssspeak to usssss lik……”


The middle Draak motioned for his two companions to relent and nodded. “It isssss clear Ssssscarlett, go now and may our pathssssssss never crosssssssss again.”

Scarlett’s eyes darted between all three of the creatures, she so badly wanted to argue, but her body was too sore and her mind too tired to continue, instead she silently turned and limped her way back home. Once she was out of earshot, the round Draak turned to the middle.

“Why did you let her leave ssssssso easssssssily, after the way sssssssshe sssssssspoke to usssss?”

“Becausssssssse sssssssshe wassssssss right, we crosssssssssed a line tonight, sssssssssshe hasssssss every reassssssssson to be angry, and we do not have the right to judge her for it.”

The tall one shook their head. “I sssssssstill do not undersssssssstand what we did wrong, we gave her exxxxxxxxxxactly what she wanted.”

“We gave her what ssssssssshe thought sssssssssshe wanted, but reality isssssss often disssssssapointing like that. Sssssssshe will alwaysssssssss hate tonight, but it issssssss an important lesssssssssssssson sssssshe needed to learn”

Back at base, Stroopwaffle was awoken by shuffling and groaning, he opened his eyes and in the low glow of the night light, he was able to make out Scarlett’s form climbing into her bed, as well as the many cuts and bruises covering her.

“Scawwett! Wha happen?”

“Nu wan tawkies bout it.”

“Bu yu am….”

“SAID NU WAN TAWKIES BOUT IT! Jus gu sweepies, it nu impowtant.”

Scarlett sharply turned away and threw her head down in a deliberate showing of how ended this conversation was. Stroopwaffle stood in shocked silence for several moments, Scarlett had been crass and cruel before, but there was something new in her voice tonight, something saddened, something… defeated.

Scarlett was so lost in her rage that she didn’t feel Stroopwaffle climb into her bed until his arms were already enveloping her.

“Wha da fuk am yu duing?”

“Gibben Scawwett huggies, huggies make ebewyfing betta.”

“Gu way Stwoopwaffew, Scawwett say nu wan tawkies bout it.”

“Nu am tawkies bout aneefing, just gibben huggies.”

“Fuk. Off.” She hissed at him while simultaneously gripping his arm around her and pulling him closer.

Stroopwaffle would say nothing, he would simply lay there, holding onto Scarlett as the events of the night finally wore her down and she softly cried herself to sleep.


Bringing Crimson back and seeing how he treat his lil girl is like “Oh hell no!” :scream:

She’s right bout that.

Man they been playing devil’s advocate here on Scarlett, but Im glad you gave Draak a sense of “we fucked up” on their “prank”. Added they do love teasing humans to let them in in exchange of things they wanted.

Nice lil cameo once again of my lil “poggies” to Scarlett hope this one learn to appreciate that not all fluffy are as dumb as they look.

Great story :+1:


The Most Potty Mouthed Fluffy Of Today Vs The Most Potty Mouthed Fluffy In History.


As Kipling said, the female of the species is more deadly than the male. I hope Scarlet can see that she’s stronger than Crimson ever was.

She may be crazy, but she takes shit from no-one.


I think I’ve said this before but you manage to deliver fluffies that have way more intelligence than the average fluffy without it feeling like it isn’t a fluffy.


I’d say that Crimson is overall the stronger of the two, but he doesn’t think. He is pure chaotic energy and just acts without any regard to what he’s doing. Which is fine against regular Fluffies as they are often too surprised by his ferocity to do anything.

Scarlett has all the same traits as Crimson, but she’s smarter and tries to strategise, or at least find situations she can exploit. It’s how she was able to defeat Fing and how she was able to defeat Crimson.

It’s a different form of deadly to her father, but one that’s arguably more effective


Physical strength is useless without direction. Scarlet’s intelligence is what makes her strong. Crimson’s reliance on his dick was always his failing.


Amazing :sob: :clap:t2: :pray:t2::+1:t2: