The Fluffy Killer Business Plan [By BFM101]

Fluffy Killer Business won’t be coming out for a short while, I need to finish up both Jonathan’s story with Theodore and Scarlett’s story with Forrest before I bring them together for this series. But when I do get round to it, I’m looking to do something similar to what I’m trying with Before The Storm, a series of Mini-Arcs that make up a cohesive whole.

With that in mind I figured I’d share my initial plans for the series, partly to showcase what I hope to do with Jonathan’s arc and his time as an exterminator, but also to allow for audience interaction, where people can suggest situations for Jonathan and his crew to get into and I can totally steal… I mean incorporate them into the series.

(0): Your Lumps Or Your Life

An introduction to Jonathan’s crewmates Artemis and Taylor, and what their job entails.

(0.5): A Dirty Job

A quick stop for a shitty Smarty

(1): The F.N.G. Part 1 Controversial
(1): The F.N.G. Part 2

Jonathan and Scarlett start their first day on the job.

(2): Deconstructed

The Crew is called out for a building site to deal with a Smarty Herd.

(3): Deal of The Bwite-Time

A herd outside a local bank catches The Crew off-guard with their financial knowledge

(4): What The Fuck Is A Fluffalo?

The Crew has a run-in with a New Breed of Fluffy

(5): More Milkies, More Problems

Taylor tests out a micro-radiation device on a feral herd.

(6): Hunting’s No Fun When Your Prey Doesn’t Move

Scarlett questions her sociopathic tendencies

(7): The Fuck-Train Has No Brakes

The Crew stumble onto their biggest and most uncomfortable order to date.

(8): A Little Trouble

At a newly built school, The Crew find that the smallest hoofs make the biggest problems.

(9) Bobbing For Crabapples

The crew are tasked with finding a runaway who raises some questions on their morality.

(10): Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

The Crew’s morals are put under even more strain when they’re given a kill order they disagree with.

(11): Curse This Infernal Biology

Scarlett deals with a personal problem

(12): A Leopard Doesn’t Change His Spots

The Crew have to salvage the mistake of a repeat offender.

(13): Burn Motherfucker Burn

Jonathan flirts with old habits when The Crew are called on by A new customer

(14): Escape The Pain

Jonathan & Artemis share their traumas.

(15); Anything For Family

Jonathan receives a call from Herman

(16): The Question

Scarlett makes a decision

The Towel Method
Play Ball

This is just an outline, with a good chance for more to be added later on, as well as a potential sequel series depending on how this first one is received.

Like I said at the start, feel free to offer your own suggestions for what The Crew could come up against and I see where I can fit them into this series.


How about a herd that’s learned the concept of money and tries bribing them?


Good shout, could be quite funny. Added it in.


I’m so excited and can’t wait to see more. What can I do as a fan to like, continue encouraging/cheering you on?


Just keep commenting on any new story you read, the interaction gives the boost to keep going.


Not to play favorites, but I always get a little giddy when I see one of your posts in my New section. I don’t think I’ve once been disappointed with a piece of your work. I was even a bit gutted to read the end of Joseph’s story, I knew it had to happen but it was a dark day. I’m one of those sappy fucks who get emotionally attached to good characters. And yours are some of the best (imo).


How about a herd that has learned to give humans tribute to be left alone?


I am hyped as hell for the Scarlett ones. Glad to see there’s a chance she’ll ponder upon her own darkness instead of just going with it willy-nilly.

Personally, I’d like for Johnathan to go through a scenario that made him face a situation that would force him to reconsider his own beliefs on fluffies/their involvment with his family’s demise.

For example, a toughie who manages to subdue Scarlett and plans on killing her because he found out she is Crimson’s offspring (maybe because her old pappy had exterminated his family but left him alive to suffer). Johnathan is too far to act and has to convince the fluffy not to enact a revenge that wouldn’t bring his family back, especially on someone who didn’t cause their death. He pulls it off (whether the toughie is spared or not is up to you) but then has to face the same truth himself.


I do have plans for Jonathan, he’ll see things on the other side and, like Scarlett, question what he thinks he knows about himself.

Whether or not it sticks, I can’t say just yet.


Non-canon story where they run into comedy fluffies. Wake up hung over and swear to never drink X with Y again.


How about a herd that’s gotten a non-fluffy toughie?
It could be hilarious like a mouse or scary like a bear.


What about a herd of fluffies running a protection racket?

“Wouwd be awfuw if sumthin’ bad happen to yu boo-ti-fuw gawden.”


More chapters added, still open to suggestions for more in the future.

The crew gets hired to get rid of a herd that’s taken over an abandoned golf course so that affordable housing can be built there.

For some reason it’s Ricky hiring them to do it and he refuses to say why.

Up to you if it’s a kill or capture order.

Honestly don’t got much of a idea other than some R&D files i worked one … one of which a fellow member suggested be made into a comic … which is the skettie machine 2.0 version ( no kill ) which despense a failed item called ultra fatting sketties … turn the pests into flying s@#$ rockets and feral mares to miscarriage due to foal begon mixed in … and make em expload