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Many days had gone by, and Ursula had opened her little Fluffy eyes to the icy cold metal world of the breeding facility.

She had a clear routine.

Ursula would drink from her mothers’ milk, hide, rinse and repeat. The “caretakers” of the Fluffies would show up ocasionally through the day, giving them kibble that the Mares just couldn’t help but eat, it gave them just enough of the high they needed and offered sustenance for their artificially inseminated tummy babbehs.

They would sometimes also throw out one of the dead mares, all the while cussing at the other mares for the stink.

Ursula’s favorite activity was Listening to the humans talking. even after no longer being a Chirpy she didn’t feel like speaking, she wouldn’t even speak in her own mind.

While being a Faefluff she also had what was commonly known as Gazer Syndrome. A Disorder that made Fluffies nonverbal from a young age. It was thought that it was an error in their bio-programming, or a form of… derping… as they called it.

But what was unknown is that Gazer Syndrome Fluffies were just very good listeners, they enjoyed listening to humans talk and understood language far better than regular Fluffies, even if not speaking themselves.

And as such, Ursula loved observing the Hazmat dressed humans, even if they made the Fluffies scream, even if all the mummahs looked sad all the time.

She couldn’t help but love Humans… that part of her programming would remain intact…

“Uwsula? Am yu dere?..”

It was the voice of Ursula’s No Name mummah, her vision had recently gone blurry, cataracts was typical for a Fluffy her age, and her living conditions caused it to develop even faster than usual.

Ursula approached her Mummah and nuzzled her, keeping her comfortable. She knew it wasn’t gonna be long before her mummah went forever sleepies, just like her original mummah had.

She also knew it wasn’t long before she was too big to disguise herself as a turd and she was found out. She started venturing out of the cage, day after day, squeezing herself out as an octopus would, she would soon outgrow the size needed to slip through the bars though.

That’s when it happened, birthing day again. One of the Hazmat suit humans appeared and saw Ursula’s mint green Mummah, breathing raspily and barely able to see anymore.

“Pretty sure this one’s a goner, time to get one last batch out of you girl” The woman said and pulled out the Fairy Dust spray approaching it to spray Ursula’s Mummah.

Ursula had disguised herself in her Mummah’s fluff, which was easier to do with her in her pregnant state. She saw it all happen.

The Hazmat suited woman sprayed the Fairy dust on the Fluffy’s face, luckily it wouldn’t affect Ursula, but her Mummah on the other hand…

“ARF huff hnngg nu wann… nu wan nu mow happeh dust… jus’ wan babbehs bakk” The Fluffy said, looking at the woman with a stare of pleading, while tearing up.

“The fuck?? You’re supposed to be tripping out of your mind”

Ursula’s Mummah resisted the dust as much as she could while it fried her brain. She would usually be as any other Mare here, but having Ursula around gave her hope, as much as she could she would resist, if she could have more Babbehs, they would surely grow up and help her leave this place. And so, she held out hope, even now.

“Ba- babbehs wub mumm- AH! Mummb wubd bubbehz…” her eyes twitched and her words became slurred.

Ursula silently teared up, she new what was going to happen now, she’d observed enough of humans to know the woman’s next course of action.

“EWW, did you get derped by one of the employees?? I need a wave and you’re already half dead so just give me that scream, okay??”

“N-nuu nu w-aaan mow happeh dustiiies, mummah am awweadyy happ-EH, am guud mummah, pwease!!”

The woman smiled, a kind, but unfeeling smile. She had joined this operation for the abuse and good pay but rarely got to see a Fluffy pleading for her life. So this was a welcome change of pace for her.

“Don’t worry girl, you’ll be meeting most of your children in Hurtieland, where all the bad unloved Fluffies go…”

As the green Fluffy teared up once more, the woman pulled the trigger on the spray bottle. And to the Fluffy, it felt like her nerves were set on fire.


Her eyes jerked her body around wildly, she screamed in deep pain as the blood vessels in her eyes ruptured, bleeding from every orifice and giving birth, unable to stop herself.

Ursula would act quickly, sneakily grabbing two mint colored Foals with her tentacles and cammouflaging them on their mother’s fur, trying to silence their chirping.

The woman wouldn’t need much to not hear the chirping though, swiftly turning on the noise canceling function on her earphones inside the hazmat suit, she watched in Glee as “The Wave” started.


The beautiful melody of despair would echo through. Ursula watched, powerless, as the Babbehs went down the padded sliders under the cages for selection.

The moment the woman turned back to warn the other employees around about “The Wave”, Ursula sprung into action, taking both of the Mint Green Fluffies, Ursula gave them licky cleans in her mother’s place and made them drink her milk even as they cried from the screaming.

Ursula went to look at her Mummah’s face while her new siblings nursed from her.

She saw her mother’s mouth agape and her eyes grey.

Knowing it was time to let go, she got her siblings, cradling them in her front hooves, and left. She went from cage to cage and up a wall while holding them, she crawled into a broken vent the humans wouldn’t fix, in order to make her escape.

Meanwhile, with her last breath, as she watched her children leave her, a lone Mummah spoke:
“B-babbehs… taek mummah wif… nu fowgit mummah… am stiw… he…”

Thanks for reading. I don’t know if I want to continue the story of Ursula in another story or if I want to continue this one. But either way, this is not the last time we hear of her.

Next story is probably going to be about Golem Fluffies, hope you’ve enjoyed the read thus far!



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