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This is the Part 2 of the second installment of my “One in a Miwwion” series

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It didn’t take long for Rigor Mortis to set in, the Filly, who had been drinking her mother’s blood also noticed the milk had gone stale. Fluffy metabolism had very fast activity. Toys as they were, they were meant to be able to either break easily or take the hits, and as such they would heal faster, and also rot faster.

Though being an orphan already, the lone filly found comfort in the cries of the Mare on the cage just below, singing a mummah song for the children she had now realised were lost.

“M-mummah wub babbehs babbehs wub mummah… bu’ babbehs hewe nu mowe, wewe tummy babbehs gu? huuhuuu…” Now out of her mindless stupor, the mare just sat there in terrible muscle pain, if she had legs they would surely be broken by how hard her muscles had been contracting beforehand.

This Mare, due to poor quality control, had many batches of offspring, all deffective; And yet she carried on, having resisted the effects of Fairy Dust long enough.

She would try to hug her belly with her leg stumps, she could barely move though, she was all muscle, badly developed, lumpy and heavy, making her a sad lump of flesh with no mobility, another effect of having no offspring to take care of for so long, is that her ‘milkie places’ had become engorged and hard, squirting milk every once in a while due to how much inner pressure they were in.

Smelling the milk leaking from the muscular mare, the filly peeped.

"Peep! Eeeep!"

And started crawling towards what she felt was a good future caretaker, she somehow understood it quite well when the mare said.

“Babbeh!? CUM TU MUMMAH BABBEH, MUMMAH HEWE, PWEASE BABBEH!” There were no employees here at this time, and as such, the nameless mummah could scream as much as she wanted, however…

“Wa!? Whewe babbehs!? NEE BABBEHS!”
“Gud mummah miss babbehs huuhuu…”

Another new “Wave” would start, one that had never been seen before, the euphoria of the mere idea of a Babbeh still being here? Was enough to drive all mummahs into a Frenzy. The manny different calls for "BABBEHS" Were confusing and grating to the Filly’s ears, yet she moved onwards, using her tentacles, she stuck herself to her cage and moved to craw onto the cage underneath, trying to find her new Mummah’s comfort by following the smell of ‘Milkies’.

She exited her original cage and latched onto the ceiling of the cage below, moving slowly as to not fall, however, once she started moving on the ceiling, she soon realised her body wasn’t built for that.

She still had a Fluffy cranium, bones and circulatory system, blood was rushing to her tiny brain and she couldn’t think of what to do next, so concentrating she just moved forward until she couldn’t, and after losing concentration fell from the ceiling of the cage, on top of the muscular Mare.




It wasn’t a hallucination! Her good babbeh was actually here! A miracle! The mare looked up but couldn’t see her babbeh on her back, it was already crawling to drink miwkies, how cute!

And then the Mare felt them, the two little front hooves crawling down onto her pained sensitive breasts, it hurt so bad but it still gave her the greatest heart happies, she also felt something akin to multiple foal tongues licking her breasts as the filly moved, she hadn’t realised but those were the Filly’s tentacles. She didn’t mind the multiple tongues tho, they massaged her breasts and caused them to release milk, the relief was a feeling she had never felt before.

The Filly would move on to knead with her paws and tentacles at the same time, a pretty weird sight that the no longer soon Mummah could luckily not see.

But peace would be short lived.

The door of the deposit slammed open, terrifying the Fluffies in their vertical cages.

"Shut the fuck UP! Jesus, why are you screaming about babies now of all times? Those shitrats of yours are either gone or dead, deal with it!" A Human in a Hazmat suit said as he barged through the door.

The Muscular green new Mummah knew she had to hide her Babbeh. And so she did the best thing a Fluffy thinks to do in this sort of situation, she screamed.

This alerted the Filly, she did realise that was the voice of her new Mummah, her eyes were still not open, but her ears, even though not understanding “Hide” or “Wun way” knew there was danger nearby…

"Wha? You shouldnt be tripping so long after the spray, did a foal actually get stuck in the ramps or something?" The human in a Hazmat suit went forward, opening the Mare’s cage as she screamed in protest and removing her swiftly.

"Holy fuck youre heavy"

And then proceeded to look at the place the Filly would be resting…


“huuhuuu, nu taek gud mummah’s babbeh nice mistah… Mummah am sowwy…”
The mare said, covering her eyes with her hooves.

"You dumb fucking bitch..."

“Huu B-bad wowdsies…”

"Open your damn eyes, thats just a pile of shit"


The mare took her hooves out of her eyes and looked, it really was just a tiny turd pile in the back of her cage, with streaks of blood in it.

“Huuhuu… wewe am gud mummahs babbeh… nee babbeh…”

"Ugh.. stupid ass..." The human put the sobbing mare back in her cage and returned outside. The place was silent…


The green Mummah didn’t say anything, she just cried silently, getting the biggest heart happies ever, the Pillow turned her head back slightly, and saw the Previous pile of turd unfold tentacles and change colors back to a dark blue with light blue lines on it’s body.

Most Fluffies would probably be shocked and scream “Munstah” but the older more wise mare had been through a lot in life… and so she whispered.

“Yu am mageek fwuffy, wike bad hoomins wan’…”

The chirpy would approach her mummah, following her voice, and snuggling against her face. "Cooo..."

“Fwuffy wemembuh, hab hoomin mummah once, wook at teebee… Babbeh wook wike mageek hoomin fwom teebee…”

"peep.." As the filly slowly started getting sleepier, she heard her new mummah say, full of love.

“…Babbeh…” She teared up once again she couldn’t remember her old name, that’s how long she’d been away from home, but she did remember names, and she hoped a good name would give her babbeh a better life than hers.

As the blue filly drifted off to sleep, she heard her mother’s voice…

“Babbeh name am Uwsula…”

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