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This is the second installment of my “One in a Miwwion” series, where I cover the effects of different magical traits on Fluffies of my setting. If you want to check out the first part go here: One in a Miwwion (Imp Story)

This should be a short one, also, if you wanna check out my other stuff go to GooGooDa’s Grimoire of Tales.

Fairy Fluffies were surprisingly not uncommon.

Due to a lot of them looking “Pretty” they were always in high demand and cared for deeply by humans, some even having multiple of them. Fairies of course, were nothing but a magical mutation, nature’s act of bestowing of the Faery Trait onto a Fluffy.

Hasbio has raised their efforts in the last years in trying to recreate the natural phenomena of magical traits in Fluffies, their most successful version of this has been the Faefluff project, which consisted of… well… we’ll see…

“G-G-G-GUD MUMMAH DESEWBE HAPPEH DUST, GIB GUD MUMMAH HAPPEH DUST NICE MISTAH!!!” A man in a hazmat suit obliged, with a spray of the contents of a tiny flask the Fluffy in it’s cage would start tripping out of her mind, going into a R.E.M state while still awake and trashing her pillowed body around so hard it tore her muscles, this was, of course, a regular procedure at the Faefluff project’s breeding facility.

The mixture they’d spray soon mummahs in their cages with was pretty much just concentrated fairy dust, how did you get it? By grinding up pixies, pretty much…

After spraying the contents of the flask on the pillowed Fluffy’s cage, the surrounding soon Mummahs would jolt awake and trash themselves to the tip of their cage, trying to fit as much of their round faces through the cage’s bars in order to lick frantically at the air, trying to reach for even a tiny ammount of the thrill of the Fairy Dust.

They looked absolutelly deplorable, not only because they were like legless vicious technicolored pig-horse amalgamations, but because the lack of proper care in these facilities would result in these creatures often having sores and bruises all over their bodies from their trashing around, and the worst part.


There it goes, the screaming, it happens everytime a Soon Mummah finishes their trip, they and the surrounding soon mummahs would start bleeding from every hole in their bodies while jerking wildly with their bean shaped bodies around their cages, meanwhile the rest of the Soon Mummahs would also start screaming, having realised they were unable to get the Bliss from the Fairy Dust.

Then it was time for the “Wave”.

The deep stress caused a mass birth event, this always happened of course, the mares didn’t even scream “Biggest Poopies” or anything like that, they just blorted out their offsprings with shit, piss and blood while not even noticing they were born and gone.

The resulting offspring was, more often than not, not Fairy Fluffies, but a multitude of Fluffies born with multiple birth defects.

When Fairy Dust didn’t result in a Fairy Fluff being born, it was essentially a pink magical Napalm witha aphrodisiac properties. It usually only existed in natural states in the Faewild, the Fairy dimension, as the mixture itself was very volatile.

5 Minutes Later

After the “Wave”, 15 employees would sort the offspring of the birthing mares properly, this time in 49 liters, 8 Fairy Fluffies were born, and 4 Fluffies with no birth defects.

The Fairy trait bestows upon a creature attributes that are usually related to things humans are either afraid or disgusted of.

This time, one of the Fairy Fluffies was a filly born with 6 legs, iridescent Butterfly wings and antennae. Quite a valuable Faefluff, it would probably sell for like, 200 million dollars or something.

The 4 Fluffies with no Birth defects were most likely Faefluffs that hadn’t manifested their traits yet, which meant they’d be kept for observation, as for the remaining 7 ones…

One with ladybug wings, Foal, it would be sold for less because it was male, but good enough for marketing. One Filly with pearlescent praying mantis wings, would sell for a lot if she didn’t also have disgusting soft rubbery mantis claws for hooves, marked for termination.

2 Mermaids, male and female, one with some golden fish’s tail in lieu of it’s backside and the other with a great white shark’s tail, the shark was a boy so it would probably market well, it also seems like he has Shark Teeth, even if they looked serrated and sharp they also were actually too soft to cut anything though. He’d make some edgy boy out there very happy. Sea mutations did happen a lot, they were less valuable because of it, humans are quite afraid of the Ocean after all.

Unfortunatelly for the two Fluffies, the Fairy Trait didn’t erase their inherent fear of water, it would however, make them unable to live outside of it like a Seafluff, humans with Mermaid tails were able to switch between them and human legs, but Fluffies just lacked enough intelligence to do so.

The remaining ones were failures, especially the one born with human hand shaped hooves, fucking gross. I guess some people are disgusted by humans after all, he could however, be conserved and sold as a halloween prop.

The undesirable Fairy Fluffs would later be grinded into a special fairy dust kibble mixture, that was then fed to the Soon Mummahs to try and further increase the chances of Fairy Traits in their offspring. Even though Hasbio rarely got Fairy Trait Fluffies out of this method, it was more than enough to sell them with the right price.

Meanwhile, that day, one of the Fluffies that were born just then had been unable to slide out of it’s mother’s cage.

"Chirp! Cheep!!"

The creature crawled forwards while moving the tentacles coming out of what should’ve been a regular Fluffy’s backside.

It latched onto her deceased mother’s breast, the mare sprayed with Fairy Dust at the start of our tale, having overdosed just now from it.

The small Octopus filly finished drinking the bloody milk, lying on her side on her cage she’d instinctually switch colors to match the cage, making it harder to notice her.

What fate shall this tiny creature meet?..

[Faery Story Part 2]

Hey y’all, sorry if this was a bit long, I have things in mind but I’m open to suggestions on what to do next with our tiny survivor.

Thank you for reading!


I love the wild direction you are going in. I have to say you’ve got me interested especially near the end. LETS GOOOOOO!!!

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