Pearl pt. 2 (By MrFreeman774)

Your name is S47.

You are an alicorn with purple emperor sparkly fluff and a metallic gold mane and tail.

Today is a very special day! You and your brothers will have special friends! Your crystal horn can’t stop shining with excitement! You only started getting weird feelings in your special wumps some shiny times ago, but the lady who takes care of you and your family says it’s time for you and your brothers to “make money.” You don’t know what money is, but the lady said all the good fluffys make it, and you want to be a good fluffy above everything else!

The lady finally comes with some other people that you never saw before, they carefully give good oopsies to each one of your brothers and you. They start to go to different rooms, and you finally reach your room, the room where your future special friend is waiting for you to play,give love and hugs, and have a family! This day couldn’t be better!

The man opens the room, and you see her, a beautiful yellow earthy mare with a purple mane and tail…but something is wrong with her. She seems very sad, and she doesn’t have any of his leggies. Why? She is going to need his leggies to run and play with you, she is going to need them to give upsies and hugs to your babies.

As the man puts you on the floor, he sees the mare and double-checks his book and looks confused at the mare. he leaves,saying that he will come later. You approach the mare to start talking to her to knowing her better.

“Hewwo, my name is Fowty-” She abruptly interrupts you while closing his eyes

“numbah twewbe weady”


“numbah twewbe weady”

“Why did Fuffy say that?”

“numbah…why stawion no enf welve? Welve is weady.”

You are confused. Yeah, sure. Enfing is what special friends do,and this is your first time so you don’t know exactly how it should be. But you don’t want it like must be different,it must be special

“fowtyseven no wan good fews yet,wan know fluffy fiwst,hewwoo i am fowtyseven,why not have any weggies?”

“Hewwo fowtyseben, am numbah twewbe, uhuhuhuu a scawy munstah took my weggies aftah fwuffy gabe fowebah sweepies to a bad munstah babbeh that came out of fwuffy’s speshuw pwace”

“munstah babbeh?” You ask,knowing exactly where this is going to end

“yes,he was munsta fwuffy had boff wingies an’ pointy su fwuffy was munsta and munsta was gon’ num aww fwuffy’s babbehs an’ gib twewbe foweba sweepies”

you stay silent for a second and realize that she cant see your back. You move a little to your side and flip your winggies so she can see them. She instantly starts to scream in a frenzy.


you say nothing, this is not the first time this has happened to you,but you remember what your mother told you, that there is not such a thing that a Monstah fluffy and all fluffies are good fluffies,it doesn’t matter what color do they have, if they have wingies,pointy thing or even both,his mummah probably forgot to tell her,so is your task to do it now,and you know exactly where to start

“PWEASE HEWP CHIRP FWUFFY DONT WAN GO FOWEBA SWEEPIES…uh?is that wight?comin fwom munsta pointy thing?”

“yes,this am fwuffy’s heawt magic,when fwuffy hab big heawt happies ow heawt saddies my pointy thin’ makes magic,fwuffy wemembewed when fwuffy was wittwe babbeh an’ fwuffy was pwayin’ with fwuffy’s bwuddahs an’ sissys, not aww fowtyseven’s bwothews wewe wike me,not eben fowtyseven’s mummah,but dey wobed fwuffy anyways 'cos aww babbehs am gud babbehs,it doesnt mattah his cowow or if dey hab wingies and pointy thing”

“twewbe miss his sissys, cant wemembah when was dah wastes’ time fwuffy saw hew”

You heard her story. She wasn’t like you. She was raised in a place with many many foals,her mother was like her, with no leggies to hug her babies and a mouth shut with a metal thingie that wouldn’t let her sing properly,even so,she tried his hardest to try to sing her mummah songs.they split them apart before she could even talk to her knowing only his smell. She was barely a mare when they told her she was going to have a special friend, and she wasn’t particularly happy about it either. That changed when she became a soon mummah though. She was so excited to be the bestehs mommah ebah and give his babies all the love that his mother couldn’t give her. She never saw fluffy TV,never talked to his mother, and had no way of knowing that pointy wingy babies were not monsters. So when she had them,she couldn’t help but feel terrified of two of them. She instantly stomped on them when she realized that they were monsters that could num her other babbehs. After that, she was taken to a grey room where a Monstah took his legs one by one whit a very noisy thing,after that she had been released only to have enfies. She hasn’t seen his babies since then. They clean them and take them away from her before she can even see them, and that gave him the worst heart hurties ever.after some time they moved her to an even more scary place,much colder and darker,and told her that if she didn’t behave they would put a tube in his mouth and take his see places and hear places,so when they got her in this colorfull warm room full of toys she was super happy even if she couldn’t play with the toys,until you arrived and she quickly remembered his only job

“buh if what fowtyseben said am wite an’ pointi wingy babbehs am not monstews ,then fwuffy don’t desewbe to see fwuffy’s babbehs,i am dah wowstes’ mummah ebah an’ fwuffy desewbe dah wowstes’ heawt huwties ebah” She said while crying and apoligizing to you for calling you a monster, You can’t help but start hugging her; hugs make everything better after all,that you know for sure, she starts to coo and slowly but surely stops crying.

“fowtyseben stiww wan’ to be twewbe speshuw fwend? eben if twewbe am bad dummeh fwuffie whit nu weggies? I pwomise that twewbe wiww be dah bestes’ mummah ebew, I wiww wub aww babbehs,and twewbe wiww wub fowtyseben fowebah”

“yes,fowtyseben wan’ to be twewbe speshuw fwend,want to hab famiwy,fowtyseben wiww be dah bestes’ daddeh ebah an’ wiww wub wewbe fowebah an’ wiww teach ‘ou ebewythin’ ‘ou nee’ to be dah bestes’ mummah ebah just wike fwuffy’s mummah”

you touch noses,lick her face clean of sad wawas and talk to her a little about your life before giving her special huggies,you are excited and happy, but you put all your effort into being as careful as possible to not hurt her. After you have the best good feels ever, you decide to lie down next to her and start talking about your future as a perfect family,only to fall asleep at his side.

you are suddenly woken up by screams that come from the other side of the door.


“Hey, don’t scream at me; I just follow orders. Here, see Mare 12 with Stallion 74 I just did what was written.It did looked weird to me,that’s exactly why I went to talk about it to you”

“…Damn it. If they found out about this, heads are going to roll,US INCLUDED,she has BMS and killed two alicorns. I hope 74 is not too traumatized after this; he is the best stallion breeder we have ever produced according to this notes”

you see two people opening the door; both freeze at the scene of you and your special friend napping lovingly. You get up slowly to not wake up your special friend; she moves a little and murmurs “wub fowtyseben” before keeping sleeping.

“hewwo nice mistews,did ‘ou come to take fowtyseben an’ twewbe to dah safewoom whewe dey wiw hab ouw famiwy an’ wibe happy fowebew?”

The two men started to look at each other,both surprised and worried.

“yeah…umh but first we need to take your special friend to the vet,to make sure that she is ok you know?use some human magic”

“fowtyseben undewstands,want dah bestes’ fo’ speshuw fwend she suffewed wots buh she am otay’ nao she wiww wub aww ouw babbies ‘cos aww babbies am dah bestes’ babbehs she said it hewsewf”

the two men looked at themselves again in disbelief, after that fortyseven was put into a diferent pen,he waited and waited for the men to came back with her beloved twelve,he was alone, he had tons of toys to play with,but he couldnt care less, he just wanted to see his special friend again,he promised her that she wasnt gonna be alone ever again, he didnt want to lie to her, only bad fluffies lie, after what feels after many forevers a woman came to check in your pen

“hey little guy how are you?i have amazing news for you we got you a special friend for you and you alone!”

“WHA-? fowtyseben dont wan’ new speshuw fwend fowtyseben wan’ fowtyseben’s speshuw fwend,whewe am she nice wady uhuhuhuu .fwuffy miss speshuw fwend she am soon mummah she needs fowtyseben .Fowtyseben weawwy weawwy miss hew,hab worties heart wowwyes and saddies” You say both incredibly sad and incredibly offended at the very idea of a new special friend at the same time

“Oh about that…well you see,the misters who presented you your special friends…they were…bad people,and they gave your special friend forever sleepies,I am really sorry to tell you this,but don’t worry,we make sure that those bad people will never work near fluffies again”

Your heart collapses as soon as you heard the news,why did they did that?why did they lied to you?this is all your fault,you should have protected her,you were his special friend,you PROMISED that things would be better for her

"hey don’t get too sad,remember what I told you?you will have a new special friend!!and you will have a human caretaker just for you to take care of you at all times so you will be protected always,I am sure that 12 would have wanted nothing but happiness for you,and means keep living and keep enfing,I mean,for you to have a new special friends and be happy whit her! "

“fowtyseben undewtands what nice wady say,but stiww hab wowstes’ saddies”

“don’t worry fortyseven I will take care of that” Suddenly a man enters the room with a cage in his hand,he is a big,tall,bald man with weirdly curled fluffy above his mouth

“my name is Laurent Dubois and I will be your designated caretaker,I will make sure that you,your special friend and your babies will be healthy,happy and productive”

You still cant process the death of your beloved one when the men puts a cage in front of you,and a fluffy comes out.

She is…normal,you know that only bad fluffies judge others for their color,but there is not a better way to describe her,she is smaller than you,his color is an opaque brown whit an equally opaque black tail and mane,even his eyes are brown,this only makes you remember the beauty of your special friend and how you will never be able to see her again

“woooah 'ou am dah pwetties stawwion zewo hab ebah saw am ‘ou gon’ be fwuffy’s speshuw fwend?” The mare said while his brown eyes shinned whit both admiration and instant love

“sowwy mawe fwuffy just wost fwuffy’s speshuw fwend an’ am too saddie to hab anothah one,i was gon’ be daddeh an” you try to finish your sentence but you cant, the tears and sobs take control over you,the mare rushes to hug you but it does nothing,even if hugs make everything better,she is no one to you, her hugs are not gonna make you feel better, between sobs you see the lady leaving the room, leaving only the man that quickly grabs you by the neck fluff

“so you don’t want to have another special friend uh?i assume that you also don’t want to have enfies…well I can quickly solve that” the mountain of a man said while putting you in the same cage that the brown mare came

“whewe am ‘ou takin’ fwuffy?”

“there is someone that you should meet,and somebody else that you probably never saw before”

“o-otay”is the only thing you can say,you don’t really understand what the man said to you,so you just wait until you arrive to your destination.

When you do,saying that you were horrified would be an understatement

In front of you was your brother fortyfour ,he was a beautiful crimson red unicorn whit a white mane ant tail,he had candy like marks on his fluff,at least that’s how you remember him

If it wasn’t for his smell,there is no way that you could have recognized the legless,eyeless,piece of meat in front of you,he was desperately trying to move and scream something but the tube in his mount wouldn’t let him

“Well judging by your face you recognize your little brother, but what about him? “ the man said while pointing the equally mutilated but much more older and beaten stallion in front of him “I will give you a clue, you need two fluffies to make babies, you only met your mother did you?”

“d-d-d-daddeh?” unlike your brother he is completely still, occasionally jumping from time to time when the machine between his legs starts moving,your brother have the same thing but you don’t know what it does

"oh I see you saw them, well you see, fluffies are valuated mainly by 2 things, colours and manners,if you have none you go to a incinerator where you go forever sleepies, if you have the manners but not colours you are not great,but we can still sell you cheap ,but if you have the colours,but no manners like your father that tried to escape many times or your brother that refused to give enfies to his partner because he didn’t liked her colours well…this is your future, they are feed a special diet rich in zinc so you make lots and lots of fluffy juice ,your special wumps will have the worstests hurties ever,and that machine there will take care of it,now here is the thing,you want to know why we just don’t do this too all of your kind? convenience, is easier and cheaper to let you shitrats do your beloved enfies than use a complex, expensive piece of equipment that will 100% kill you in less than a year by ripping your dick of ,that’s how fragile your kind is, you gotta store the cum,inseminate the mare artificially blah blah blah hooman magic call it how you want it,is not cheap, and is likely to fail and result in dead foals

"‘ou am munsta…aww huumans am monstews,why ‘ou do that to poow fwuffy,fwuffys am fo’ wub an’ huggies and pway FWUFFYS AM NOT FO´ DIS "

“Fluffys are exactly for this,you were created to do one thing and one thing only,and that’s is to make money,if you refuse to,well I see you didn’t saw enough” The man proceded to put you in of the machines right between both of your family members,strapped you,and proceeded to take the tubes of the mouths of both your brother and your father



You had to endure the torture that seemed to last forever, you couldn’t move even a little, all your efforts were for nothing, after a while of incessant pleads for a quick death you started to think.

Is this really how is gonna be? Making babies that you will never see for the rest of your life whit a partner that you don’t love? Did your mother knew about this? If she refused she was going to end up like twelve? Leggles, in a dark scary place giving birth to babies that she would never see? For some reason you start to think on the mare, she doesn’t know, she CANT know, if she knows she will refuse to have babies, and both of you will end up suffering, you wanted your legs you NEEDED your legs to run, not to play anymore, just run, run from this place, run from humans, you needed your legs to escape this place, you look to your right, to the father that cant recognize you, he tried to escape too, that means that he found a way, failed , but found a way, you will succeed where he failed, you will be free, for your brothers, for your father, for twelve.

“hey I see you are quite silent, I didn’t fry your brain did I ? i am supposed to be the best fluffy caretaker in the state you know” the man said cracking a laugh, he was expecting you to be a sobbing mess of fear and obedience, he had no way of knowing his punishment had the opposite effect.

“fowtyseven will enf mawe and obwei mistah” it wasnt exactly a lie,you didnt had any other choice for now, as he carried you back to your prison, you couldn’t see it as a saferoom anymore, it wasn’t safe after all

“pwetty stawwion am back!,zewo missed 'ou su much”

“fwuffy’s name am fowtyseben,do ‘ou wan’ be fwuffy’s speshuw fwend?”

“fwuffy’s name am zewo…wait WEAWWY? DIS AM SU FAST AM FOWTYSEBEN SAWIN IT FO WEAW??CAN ZEWO BE DAH SPESHUW FWEND OF SUCH PWETTY STAWWION?” She was ecstatic, her tail spinning like a fan, jumping to side to side looking to you and the man expecting some form of confirmation before answering,the man nods while taking a seat to wich she quickly jumps to you

“YES YES YES ZEWO WIWW WUB TO BE FOWTYSEBEN SPESHUW FWEND AND HAVE A FAMILY AND BABBEHS” You don’t lose time and pin her down, she doesn’t seem to mind at all, she is way to excited to even understand what is happening, while you start giving her special huggies you notice something strange in his smell, is good, too good, you never smelled something or someone like that,it smells like skeety,and toys and happines,your horn starts to shine and only makes the mare even happier, after your finish the mare is completely unconscious, It seems It couldn’t handle so much excitement at the same time and went down on the spot, you walk over to your bed, grab one of the super fluffy sheets that you use and put it over her, she is a soon mummah now,she shouldnt be cold.

Many many bright times have happened since that, and zero is now an experienced mother now, you have soo many babies at this point that you shouldn’t get emotionally attached to them, but when you see them, each one more beautiful than the last, in all their shiny, sparkly colors,some of them can shine in their whole fluff like you too!

you just can’t help it, you can’t understand how zero can give birth to such beautiful babies too, how she doesn’t comply when they take their babies as soon as they start talking, she was obedient, more obedient than any of your brothers or any fluffie you ever meet

On top of that she told you of those dreams she had about being in a place full of green wawa, floating all alone, she doesn’t seem to remember anything before the day she meet you either, but even taking in account how weird she is, you cant help but to feel attached to her now, so many enfies,and games(that you have to teach her,because she didn’t knew how to play at all) and compliments from her part started to get into you, the monster taking care of you seemed to noticed that too, much to your demise.

One day something happened, the men grabbed you and took you to a different room without saying anything, there was a obsidian black Pegasus mare whit golden stars on his fluff there,looking happily at you

“fuck her “the man said in a serious tone

“wha”you could only mutter, not even understanding what was happening,but quickly gaving yourself an idea

“you heard me, we have a new service now, rich people want only the best for their fluffies, and that means the best babiess, so when they find out about a stallion that always give grade S foals…well you don’t need to hear about it, all you need to know is that you are not going to see them again, and much to my personal frustation, these foals will have a loving mother”

You don’t have time to process the information that the mare trots towards you with the grace of a fairground horse

“hewwo, fwuffy’s name am andwomeda,whats youw name pwetty stawwion”

“his name is 47 dear,and he is here to gave you the pretty babies your daddy promised you” without hesitation,he sprayed something into fortyseven´s face that make him feel dizzy…his nunu stick,became bigger,he could only think in one thing and one thing only

He couldn’t control himself

When he came back to the pen whit zero he was too asshamed to even look at her,the man seemed weirdly satisfied,he enjoyed doing this kind of thing to you,he couldn’t hurt you directly,he was being watched too by the grey box in the wall,but he would always position in a way that he could grab you whitout alarming the box,he would pet you gently but would start to go hard and harder until you couldn’t breathe,he would lie to zero telling him that you liked when mares get mouth ennfies and forced you multiple times to gave them to her even when she had tummieh babbehs if you negated,he would told you that he was gonna use the hooman magic to make you want to enf your babbehs and kill them all,he would wisper while you were sleeping ,get in your dreams whit hooman magic,turning them into nightmares ,he couldn’t hurt you phisically,but he always found new ways,he was very creative

Eventually he decided that it was time for zero to have some fun

after a having a few litters,they would let her rest for a while so they could ensure that she was in top shape for the next pair,during that time you would have the most amount of “visitors” in the other room,until one day,he finally crossed the line

“hey 47 I bring you job,you know what to do” He opened the box and put it in the pen,from it it came a white unicorn whit rainbow tail and mane,she also had a crown in her head that was full of shiny rocks that you never saw before

She took a look at you,at the mare and walked straight to her,and shat in his face

“nao wick it cwean poppie wittewpaw,pwincess am goin’ to make his babbehs hewe an’ needs to be eben pwettiah den usuaw” The man started to laugh while zero was paralizied of shock

“I know what you are thinking,but don’t worry ,no wait,better yet, worry a lot, because today the cameras have having maintenance so I don’t have to worry about being seen” But you didn’t pay him attention,the situation in front of you was the only thing you could focus,suddenly a outburst of feelings took control of your body


Princess looked at him in disbelief
“wha? 'ou cant be sewious,she am su ugwy poppie ,no pointy,no wingies,nothing,she am just poppie and poppie fwuffies are for num poopies and gib wicky cweanies”

“THAT AM DAH WOWSTES´THIN´FWUFFY EBAH HEAWD A FWUFFIE SAY, YOU AM HOWWIBWE FWUFFIE AND FWUFFY WIWW NU HAB BABBIES WITh SUCH HOWWIBWE MAWE” You kick her out of the way with all our strength,she goes to the floor and starts screeching of pain,you couldn’t care less ,you check on zero,still shocked,you cant even said anything that you are suddenly lifted and put at eye level with the caretaker

“you FINALLY broke the rules shitrat,I been waiting for an excuse for so long and you FINALLY gave it to me,you care about that mare that much? OH yes, I can work with that. I can absolutely work with that.” He quickly puts you and zero into the cage and leaves the room in a frenzy

This time he takes you outside,this is the first time you see the sun,the clouds,but you don’t have time for that,you are now in another building,it smells bad,you can hear a lot of fluffies in the back,many of them crying and screaming

“hell yeah smarty room,we finally are here,you have no idea how much I waited for this moment” He quickly opens the cage,release zero in a metallic table and leaves you in the cage at his side,she is still paralized and whit poop in his face

“oh shit I almost forgot”the man snap his fingers in front of his eyes and she suddenly wakes up

”hewwoo…whewe awe? why have bad puppies in fwuffys face?”

“right you are programed to block out negative emotions so it doesn’t affect your pregnancy, don’t worry I can fix that” the man goes to a nearby cabinet, and grabs a tool hat you only saw once in your life, an electric sorry sick, one man use it on your brother after he started calling himself smarty and tried to give special huggies to your smaller brother. That and a box whit 4 holes in it,

“yeah this will work” he proudly says to himself and starting to put he legs of zero in each hole without any resistance

“ok 47 as you know you are the star of this place and I cant hurt you under any circumstance, but little zero here, she paid what she was worth some litters ago so I guess she is free real state now!”

You become terrified as he flips your cage,and you see dozens and dozens of small cages with stallions on them,they seem sad,angry,desperate to be free

“you see, not all fluffys in this mill are as lucky as you 47,these ones don’t even have a name and I doubt hey will live more than 2 days, so what do you think? Should we give them some happiness before they go to fluffy hell?”

He put the first stallion in the table with one hand while grabbing he electric rod with the other.

“Ok this is how things are right now,you will die unless you give this mare here the best enfies ever,do you understand?”

“uh?enfies?Wooooo yeah babbeh! that’s what fwuffy’be been waitin’ fo’ thats what am aww about wooooo” The unnamed orange earthy ignored the treat, totally focused in the “enf” part, he happily mounted zero and without hesitation started to enf her energically

Zero instantly paralized,the man reacted by using the electric rod in his head for a brief moment to wake her up again


You couldn’t do nothing but to scream and try to beat the door of your cage without success

Zero will paralize from time to time,the man will simply zap her back again

“GOOD FEWWWS”the stallion finally said after what feelt after an eternity,leaving zero looking at you, desperately crying for help that you couldn’t gave her

-well that was one…other 49 to go

After that another green earthy came, and after that a pink unicorn, and after that another earthy,some mean,other straight up violent, the man started to put 2 at the same time, one in each side, to make it faster, after some pairs zero couldn’t paralyze anymore,her mental defense mechanism totally broken due to constant electric shocks during trauma probably didn’t let her shut down her brain anymore, she was totally awake now.

As for you, you couldn’t scream anymore, you lost all your strength hitting the cage door, your hoofs were bleeding, and your eyes where red and dry, you just could look at zero, in a rasped,tired,broken voice you said the only thing that you could think right now

“sowwy speshuw fwend, wub 'ou, dis am aww fwuffy’s fauwt”

Finally It was time for the last two, these one were different though, their eyes looked weird, and they were babbling while enfing the air, they were dumeh fluffys

Before they could even start you heard he door behind you shut open “HE IS HERE” a female voice said ,followed by many steps,you know that voice,is the lady!and she is bringing help,she will help you for sure!

The man dropped the two fluffies in the table and ran to the door,you started to hear a fight but suddenly your attention turned to other thing,a very big thing between the back legs of the dummeh fluffy,aiming at one of zero´s see places,without nobody to intervene,it went right in


His sorrows quickly shutted down by sorry hoofings of both stallions, the other one with a similar aim


You could hear a fight at your back, you couldn’t care less, everything you could think right now was the scene in front of you.

Eventually they both stopped and flopped to the ground, leaving you to see her state clearly, his left eye bleeding both red and white, his fluff full of stallion juice, bites and some blood for the recent beating, his body shaking in place while using his only sane eye to look at you.

When the fight behind you finally came to an end, they took both of you running to the vet, ignoring your cuted hoofs and your sore throat you were pretty much intact, you couldn’t even ask for zero before a pinch in your back put you to sleep almost instantly

When you woke up you were back on your pen, zero, still sleeping at your side and the lady in a chair in front of the pen´s wall, were the man used to be, she waited until both of you were awake to gave you the full story.

So, as it turned out the man was NOT a real caretaker, he just applied to work in the processing area and told HR that he had “a theoretical degree in fluffys” so he was instead given this job

“but now that horrible man is gone, and everything will be fine, but until that,if there is anything you need,ask for it and you will have it”



“fwuffy wan’ dah wastes’ babbehs that zewo had zewo nee’ wots of huggies an’ wub,i awone cant gib it to hew,she nee’ his babbehs back,aww of them.”

“that’s…I see what I can do ok?”

She went to the wall near the exit door, near the door there was a wall phone use to communicate with the staff in case needed. After a surprisingly short talk the lady came back to you whit a smile, she had good news

After some minutes somebody knocked the door and left a box,inside the box you could hear familiar voices,they were your last babbehs! Your precious three alicorns and two pegasus were talkie babbehs now.

All of them except one,your beloved cream Pegasus still had her eyes shut, and was smaller than the rest, she was the last of the litter to be born and was growing slower than his brothers, the lady told zero that It was normal, sometimes foals would be born underdeveloped due o the strain in the mother´s body, and since his last litter were a surprising 9 foals, It was no surprise, but still she was healthy and was gonna grow big and strong, just slower than his brothers and sisters

Zero instinctively get up and walked, trying to get closer to his brethren, only to collapse after a few steps, she couldn’t move his back legs, she didn’t felt much pain thanks to the vet, but she was still slightly paralyzed due to the stallion battalion’s abuse, your sons didn’t wasted any time and rushed towards his hurted mother,bathing her in hugs and love,she started to sob and sing

"mummah wub babbehs,babies wub mummah,mom missed babbehs,babies missed mummah"tears dripping from her only sane eye

You ended joining in the fluff pile,the stress of the day make your body feel like lead,the last thing you could see was he lady leaving and turning the lights off

“hey it was about time for you to wake up shitrat guess who was stupid enough to forgot to take mi card out of the system?”

“uh?” was all you could mutter, you were inside a cage…again, zero and your babbehs were there too, as your sleepiness fade and your sight improves…you wish you were still in a dream.

Its him,he has a black eye and seems to be driving one of those metal monstahs that you saw on fluffy TV, looking straight at you

“shhh,you don’t want to wake up your family do you?”

The man said before slamming his hand in the steering wheel,making a loud noise that wokes up all your family


He lifted the cage that was containing you to his face level,but at this point,you had enough of that man,you were nos scared anymore,you were PISSED so pissed in fact,that you didn’t said nothing to him as you saw the opportunity to shit right in his face,the man quickly backed screaming,it seemed that it got into his eyes, the pain making him loss control of the car, taking him out of the way and crashing him head on into a tree, both ejected through the front window.

When you woke up, you were still inside the cage, but the door was now open, broken due to the crash most likely, for the first time in your life, you walked in grass, only to instantly turn back to see if your family was ok

They were not.

zero was upside down, trying to get up, and on his back you could see a pool of blood and colored fluff, the instant sadness that got into you made your horn shine, giving you a better sight of the massacre,3 of your babbehs were dead,crushed by the mare, while in front of her, where you woke up, there was one of the Pegasus, or what remained of him, you saw your right side, in negation of what you just did, only confirming it, there was blood on your side, you killed your own son.

After helping zero getting up your horn shined even brighter, but this time it wasn’t pain, I was happiness.

Two of your kids survived, the still chirpy Pegasus, that what in the center of the fluff pile, and one of the alicorns, though he was having trouble to breath and saying that he was having “bweaff huwties”all the time.

zero asked for help to put them in her back so they could leave an escape the monster

But you refused, there was something that you had to do before that

Some feets of the box there was a man, his extremities bended in ways that defied the basic anatomy of a human, a piece of wood trough his chest, and his head ripped open


He was breathing, and looking directly at you, his eyes, red whit blood and irritated by shit.

You just stood there, waiting for him to finally stop breathing, you wanted to see it for yourself.

Until finally, illuminated by the remaining lights of the metal monster, you could see how he stopped breathing, he was dead.

But that didn’t felt enough, so you walked towards him,poked your horn trough his left eye, and took a last shit, this time aiming at his mouth

Now they were even.

You put your two remaining sons in Zero´s back,while doing do you realized that, just like your son, she was having some little trouble breathing

Slowly but surely,you walked to the freedom you always wanted

to never be seen again to another human.

Surviving your firsts days in the wild wasn’t as hard as you initially though

Even if they didn’t tasted pretty, you and your family could eat the green nummies on the floor and certain plants that you recognized from “Nationaw fwuffygwaphic”,a fluffy TV program that was supposed to show you and your brothers how miserable was the life of the feral fluffies that dared escape their owners and how lucky you were to have a mummah and daddeh, but right now, all that information was golden to you, sadly, when you arrived at the hollowed tree trunk that was your new home you realized that the world wasn’t done with you yet.

You found zero crying while hugging your now dead son, he was breathing when you leaved, next to her, your beloved forty-four, named after your brother, was laying limp in the arms of your beloved, you came and hug her, only o be interrupted by a new voice in the family

-mummah? daddeh? saddies?

You both looked down, the little Pegasus was finally opening his see places and talking, your horn shined a little, act that she instantly replied by making shine his entire fluff.

“babbeh am finawwy tawkie babbeh!so many heawy happies”
You looked confused at zero, she hided the corpse of her son behind her, and was holding back his tears with all his might, that’s right, sadness shouldn’t be the first thing that a babbeh sees in this world

"nao that 'ou am tawkie babie daddeh wiww gib 'ou name , youw name am twewbe ,just wike bewy speshuw fwuffie that youw daddeh met once "

“yay wub nyu namsies” the little Pegasus responded both dancing and shinning, strengthening the resolve of both parents to protect his last daughter will everything they had…and more

But before that they had to do something

“twewbe,thewe am somebody that ‘ou nee’ to know,he was youw bwuddah” You and zero decided whitout exchanging a word, she needed to know the truth, the entire story, she needed to know about all the brothers that she ever had, the ones that almost were free, and his last brother, that even with his pain always hugged her and waited for her sister to open his eyes.

-wait, if your name is twelve, by did you told me it was pearl?

-that am 'cos-

“ok enough backstory for now, try opening your right eye now” the vet interrupted the story that he himself asked the mare to tell.

Due to her state, he just couldn’t apply analgesics ,so instead he used mild anesthetics and distracted her by asking her about his past(honestly you expected that she would talk about how she ended up in that trash bin and the bikers, but it seems she took the words “beginning” very seriously) while she told the story of her family the vet carefully examined all her body and even had time to do some scans, after applying medigel to his external wounds and checking the state of his front lumps, it was time to un-sew his eyes

the left eye was sadly lost, but the right one was responsive to light, and after a while pearl (or should I call her twelve now?gotta ask her later )started to see, she was greeted by the cashier, his black makeup ruined by tears

She was listening the whole time from the register, but ended up right at his side crying and comforting pearl, telling her how brave she was to share his story and how not all humans were bad.

Yeah,she was a hugboxer,and a big one it would seem.

“I need to talk to you for a moment” The vet nodded his head to the exit door with a blacn expressoin on his face, if they were good news, he would want pearl and the cashier to hear them

So this couldn’t be good.



i apologize for the time it took,i am trying to get at day with university and getting a job after loosing the last one,so i am with very little free time for the moment,also there is the fact that i underestimated how hard it is to make a story,thinking like a fluffy is…harder than i thought,i remade the story several times,the flashback was supposed to be a very short story but it just didnt felt right,and when i was finally satisfied whit it…well


This was fantastic, if you only can fix one thing with your english, focus on the pronouns. You use (He/him) a lot when talking about females.

But great story man, never stop


yeah i realized that,my brain thinks it sounds better that way or something idk xD i have to check the text multiple times to fix the mistakes and even then i pass some