Pistol, pt 1, by Grim

PAIN. The tiny foal felt pain. He was being squeezed from the warm, dark, quiet place into a cold-owwies, loud-owwies place. After a moment he fell. To him it seemed like he was falling forever, in reality he had only fallen a few inches from his mummah’s dilated hole. He landed on something soft, but very cold, and there was noise, loud noise, fluffies screaming, SCREEEEing, and wailing noise.

The foal peeped and chirped desperately as he wiggled his legs and buzzed his tiny wings as hard as he could, hoping that it would help make everything less painful.

“Mummah hewe babbeh, shhhh, da smawties am fightin’ an babbeh nee nu make noiseies.” A loving voice whispered urgently to the tiny colt. Gentle hooves lifted him up and moved him to a teat, which he sucked at with urgency, now aware of his painfully empty stomach too.

“DUMMEH SMAWTY!” A red unicorn yelled, stomping his hooves and puffing out his cheeks. “YU BEEN SMAWTY TUU WONG AN NOW YU DUMMEH!”

“Nu am dummeh, yu am wong, pointy-wingy babbehs nu am fow enfies! NU AM MUNSTAS! DEY JUS WIDDWE BABBEHS!” A much older alicorn countered, the top of his greying blue fur still covered in snow.

“DUMMEH STOOPI DUMMEH-DUMMEH! BABBEH ENFIES AM BESTEST ENFIES! AN MUNSTA BABBEHS AM ONWY FOW ENFIES AN COWD TIME NUMMIES!” The red unicorn shouted back. “SMAWTY GON GIB YU FOWEBAH SWEEPIES!” He shouted as he charged the older unicorn before tripping at the last moment and, through sheer dumb luck, managed to punch his horn through the older alicorn’s eye into his brain, killing the old smarty instantly.

“Speshuw fwen!” The tiny green colt’s mummah sobbed into her hoof, still trying to stay quiet so the new smarty wouldn’t notice her and her newborn alicorn foal. She curled up, hiding the colt and his sister, both still nursing, from view while still sobbing.

The red unicorn backed up, pulling his horn out of the old smarty, and was briefly surprised that the larger alicorn was dead.

“WISTEN UP HEWD! Fwuffy am smawty now, an yu am gonna du wha smawty say now! Fwom now on, munsta babbehs an poopie babbehs am fow gib smawty an toughies bestest babbeh enfies an am onwy num poopies!”

He waddled over to one of the old smarty’s chirpy fillies, a yellow alicorn, and punched his hoof into her face as hard as he could, sending her sprawling to the ground. He then walked to where she had come to rest, flipped her over, and mounted her. Her wailing traveled deep into the snowy forest as he slowly raped her, after which each of the herd’s toughies took their turn. By the time they were done, she was dead and cold, her back half a bloody and torn mess.

“Dat wha dummeh munstas get!” The smarty shouted after the last toughie finished. To emphasize his point, he dropped a huge turd on her broken body. “Toughies, gu get da west ob da munsta babbehs an put dem in da poopie howe.” He pointed at the shallow hole by one of the trees that was half full of mostly frozen fluffy shit.

The old smarty’s special friend had a terrible decision to make, but she made it fast. She pulled the green alicorn colt off of her teat and held him up, looking at him for the first time. To her eyes he was beautiful, an alicorn like his father, his tiny wings buzzing in discomfort and annoyance at being removed from her teat to be held up in the cold air. “Suuuu sowwy widdwe babbeh, bu mummah wub yu an nee sabe yu fwom da dummeh new smawty.”

She put him down on the snowy ground, and while pushing his tiny face into the snow to muffle him, she bit his left wing. He screamed as she ripped the wing off. She quickly bit off his other wing. Only then did she pick him up from the ground and hugged him tightly as he gradually stopped screaming, at which point she placed him back on her teat, and despite the pain he still felt from what was left of his wings, he sucked the teat as hard as he could, almost as if it might bring the pain he felt everywhere to a stop.

The new mummah felt awful, and sobbed quietly until a hoof shoved her, leaving her to curl around her babbehs as she fell sideways.

“Dummeh new mummah, gib munsta babbehs!” The new smarty demanded.

She uncurled herself before him, showing him the foals on her teats. “Daisy nu hab munsta babbehs, just hab gud pointie babbehs.” She said waveringly.

The smarty looked closely at the nursing foals, bringing his face right up next to them before backing off. “Dese am gud pointy babbehs, yu gib dem bestest miwkies su dey gwow biggies an stwongies! An gib da gween wun huggies, dat babbeh hab owwies on dey backie.”

“Daisy gon du dat smawty” She said before breathing a sigh of relief as the smarty wandered off to find something to eat… or rape, he didn’t really care.



Hope the shithead smarty gets raped to death. Or eaten alive. Hell both would be nice.




is nice to know that pistol was “fixed” not because his mother was scared of him but because she wanted to protect him
also i remember pistol saying that his original herd was lost by a stupid smarty
so yeah i cant wait to see how this goes

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And award for quickest thinking fluffy goes to Daisy!


Pistol had to get it from somewhere


Wow… that red smarty is exceptionally dumb.

Aaaahhhh and so we begin again.