Pistol, pt 6, by Grim

Daisy’s colt had been shocked when the Smarty put out Daisy’s eye, and despite his best efforts, hugging her was ineffective at restoring her eye.

After what felt to the colt like forever, the Smarty called for the herd to start walking, and so off they went, leaving behind several blankets in favor of bringing ‘Smawty pwetty feathahs’ along with them. A few fluffies carried nothing at all and easily could have brought the blankets, but Smarty didn’t allow it, as “It nu am cowd time no mowe, nu nee bwankie yu dummeh-dumm-dumm” and with the Smarty having just ‘punished’ Daisy, none of the others felt like resisting him at the moment.

Daisy’s ruined eye quickly stopped running, and the eyelid felt like it wanted to close, so she just let it, and before long it had dried shut, although happily for her, her other eye was still just fine.

Her foals, being foals, weren’t carrying anything, and were free to run about with the other, mostly larger, foals as they ran from the front of the line of adult fluffies trudging forward to the back where the mares were, and then back to the front, tag-hugging and giggling all the while.

It wasn’t long before both foals got tired and ended up napping on Daisy’s back as she continued on with the herd, noticing to her concern that the previously very faint vroom-vroom noises were gradually getting louder as they walked.

They stopped in a small clearing shortly before dusk, all of them exhausted but not out of breath, the only one out of breath was the smarty, who had had to stop the herd several times or so while he caught his breath before walking again. As such, they had made even less progress than the already slow fluffy walking pace would suggest. The clearing didn’t have any grass, just a few leafy plants which were far from enough for the hungry herd, especially after walking all day, and so most of the herd went to sleep hungry that night.

After the foals had had all the milkies she had to offer, Daisy had made herself comfortable and was nearly asleep when a tiny hoof gently prodded her nose. Lifting her head, she opened her good eye to see both of her foals looking at her expectantly.

“Mummah?” The pink filly asked, “Why di’ smawty hewt mummah see-pwace?”

Daisy sighed gently before pulling both of them into a close hug where she could talk to them softly without being overheard.

“Da smawty hewt Mummah 'cause Mummah bwoke wun ob smawty’s wuwes. Da smawty towd hewd to nu gib poopie babbehs miwkies, bu Mummah gabe da widdwe babbeh miwkies wate wast dawk-time.”

“Bu babbehs nee miwkies.” Her son said, sounding very confused. “Wha babbeh gon num odda den miwkies?”

“Dummeh smawty towd hewd dat da poopie fwuffies an poopie babbehs onwy num poopies fwom nao on.”

“Bu- bu- bu’ babbehs nee miwkies, nu poopies fow nummies!” The filly declared softly, looking shocked.

“An’ why smawty caww fwuffy poopie fwuffy?” The colt added.

“It cause smawty am weawwy jus a dummeh. In da backsie ob aww fwuffy thinkie pwace, dewe am feewings an tinkies da nu come fwom any fwuffy at aww. Dey jus dewe, an mos ob dem am wewwy dummeh tinkies. Tinkies wike 'cause bwown fwuffy am da same cowow as poopie, den dey ‘possed to wib in poopies an num poopies. Ib fwuffy tink about wewe dey tinkies come fwom, it am wewwy easy tu fin da dummeh nu-fwum-fwuffy tinkies. Bwown fwuffies nu desewbe poopies, dey fwuffies, jus wi’ bwown fwuff. Bwown babbehs nee mummah miwkies jus wike odda babbehs tuu.”

Daisy took a moment to look around her to make sure the smarty hadn’t creeped up on her.

“Dummeh smawty nu tink 'bout wewe dummeh tinkies come fwum, an jus bewebe dem, an 'cause smawty gabe da owd smawty-fwend fowebah sweepies, da dummeh nu smawty am making da wuwes nao. Mummah nu dat da bwown babbeh wa jus a widdwi babbeh an nu couwd wet babbeh hab tummeh-owwie-fowebah-sweepies, su Mummah gabe da babbeh miwkies. Dat babbeh wa su widdwe an wa a gud babbeh. Mummah wouwd gibe babbeh miwkies 'gain, eben ib Mummah wose odda see-pwace fow gib miwkies.”

“Den poopie fuwffies nu 'pposed tu num poopies, 'cause jus am fwuffy wike babbeh?” Her son asked, rapidly understanding Daisy’s lesson. Daisy nodded and smiled approvingly.

“GASP!! Ib dey jus fwuffies den da bwown fwuffy am aww awone wite nao!” Her daughter declared, struggling to escape Daisy’s grasp so she could run over to hug Brownie, the only one of the ‘poopie fluffies’ who had allowed to travel behind the herd, the others having been raped to death by the smarty. A critical thinker might have wondered if this was because Brownie, being a fully grown earthy fluffy, was much larger than the smarty, who would have stood no chance in a fight between them.

“Wet babbeh gu! Nee gib bwown fwuffy huggies an wub!”

“Shhh babbeh” Daisy hushed, “yu nee be quiet su da smawty nu see yu wi dat fwuffy. Awso dat fwuffy am cawwed Bwownie, an Bwownie am bewwy nice fwuffy, su yu can gu gib huggies, jus be quiet.”

At that, Daisy released her foals, both of whom waddle-ran over to hug Brownie, who looked over to see Daisy watching him, and gave her a curt nod before embracing the foals closely, in such a way that they were entirely hidden from sight as he held them.

“Mummah jus towd babbehs dat yu nu am poopies, bu jus hab bwown fwuff!” the little filly said, hugging him as hard as her tiny hooves could. “Dat make babbeh suuu saddies dat dummeh smawty make yu num jus 'cause smawty am su dummeh-dummeh. Bwuttah am saddies tuu.”

“Nu, babbeh am angwy at dummeh smawty.” The colt said, relaxing his hug as he considered his anger. “Dummeh smawty mak’in dummeh tinkies am wun ting, bu making da dummeh tinkies wuwes am da dummies ting ob aww!”

“Dat bewwy nicies ob both ob yu,” Brownie said, “bu yu nu nee wowwy 'bout Bwownie, Bwownie gon be okay nu mattah wha dummeh smawty du.”

The brown stallion was lost in thought for a moment before he looked back to the foals he held. “Ib Bwownie wemembah wight, Bwownie wha gonna teww babbeh mowe 'bout da owd smawty-fwend”

“Babbeh wan!” Both foals said at once, and so Brownie spent the next hour or so telling them stories about their dad, the wise old smarty-friend until both had fallen asleep. Brownie then carefully carried them to Daisy one at a time, tucking their tiny forms into her soft fluff.

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Ugh, I’m really not liking this smarty.

May this smarty eat shit and die eventually.

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Had to draw himb

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WOW! thanks dude, mind if I use it now and then?

oh yeah feel free! loving the story so I may end up drawing some more stuff

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