Pistol, pt 5, by Grim

“WISTEN UPPIES HEWD!” Smarty shouted around noon. It took him repeating himself a few times before most of the herd was looking at him.

“It am time fow hewd to fin bestest nummies! Dese am jus gwassy nummies an Smawty wan bettew nummies!”

And with that, the Smarty forced his herd to leave what could have easily been described as fluffy heaven because he was bored of grass.

As the fluffies gathered up whatever trinkets they wanted to bring with them, mostly colorful feathers or pieces of fabric now used as bedding, Smarty ran around micromanaging things in the dumbest way possible.

“Dat a bwankie, am wawm time nao, nu nee bwankie nao, webe it an go hewp bwing pwetty feathahs”

“Am mummah suwu mummah wan bwing both babbehs?”

Things came to a head when he declared that the poopie foals had to be left behind, even though there were many fluffies carrying nothing at all.

“Bu dey jus widdwe babbeh!” Brownie objected when the toughies pulled the tiny brown foal from him.

“Nu, am dummeh poopie babbeh, onwy good fow enfies, wike dis” Smarty countered before raping the tiny brown colt to death. Once he was done, he crushed it with his hoof for good measure. When he looked down, however, he saw that in addition to blood, there was a lot of milk that had come from inside the foal.

“GASP! WHY AM DEWE MIWKIES IN POOPIE BABBEH?” He shouted. The three nursing mares were quickly gathered.

“Who gabe poppie babbeh miwkies? Poopie babbeh am onwy fow num poopies!” Smarty demanded of the three mothers. When none of them came forward, he decided on a different tactic.

“If nu mummahs admit tu gib poopie babbeh miwkies, den smawty gon fowebah sweepies aww da babbehs in da hewd!” He announced dramatically. Daisy’s little pink filly was the closest to Smarty, and so he walked over to her and placed his hoof on her back before looking back at the mares.

“Daisy gabe babbeh miwkies! Nu hewt babbeh!” Daisy admitted, stepping forward.

“Den yu wewe bad fwuffy! Toughies, howd Daisy stiww.” Smarty declared before approaching the restrained mare. He looked her carefully in the eyes before lowering his head and jabbing his horn into one of her eyes.

“SCREEEEE” Daisy wailed as Smarty pulled his horn from her ruined eye.

“Maybe nao yu wisten tu smawty Daisy-dummeh. Fwom nao on, dat yu nu namesie, Daisy-dummeh.”

The moment Daisy was released by the toughies, she snatched her pink filly away from Smarty, and rushed off to her little colt, hugging both as she sobbed.

It wasn’t long before the herd was ready to move. Smarty had spent the time raping the poopie foals to death.

“HEWD! AM WAWKIES TIME NAO!” Smarty shouted, the last of the poopie foals still stuck on his dick.

And so the herd made their way through the trees in the direction of the vroom-vroom noises.

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Wow, what an asshole! I reeeaally that smarty gets whats coming for him!