Proposal page 3 & 4 (By Longfluffering)

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to make 2 boring pages lol. 1) I got let go from my job :frowning: and 2) I am struggling with this story, I’m not much of a writer. But I’m working on it!! I hope you guys like it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


2k! :mindblown: give me 20 bucks and a wrench ill get it out


The only Fluffies cute enough that I wanna see saved.


Fuck it. $10 some rubbing alcohol and a razor blade.




If im looking to speedrun the process you might even get a bonus spinalcord to go with it :shrug:


In that case $5 and a blowtorch.


These pages aren’t boring. I hope you do well especially after losing your job. Speaking of the story I gotta say, no wonder the guy is an ex if he did something like this. Like, how do you not know your gf likes fluffies and not something like this.


Aww, he’s so squidgy!

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Pondering if they could drill out most of the interior of the plug (perimeter would still remained glued in place) and then install something to act as an ariticial anus / valve. . .

~realizes im unintentionally proposing the following~


I was thinking they could use some sort of solvent to neutralize the glue but chances are it would be industrial grade, which can potentially cause chemical burns.

Could use something like liquid nitrogen to freeze and break it but the margin for error is pretty small there too and could also result in burns.

The optimist in me says there has to be a way.

The neutral-box in me says go for the diaper option, he can hate it all he wants, he’ll be alive

The realist in me says he’s probably gonna die of toxic shock if he doesn’t poop soon


That fucker is so cute, let’s start raising money for it


It’s just a money sink. She’s better off trying to use a power drill to make a hole in the plug than waste that much money on a fluffy that’s probably gonna die from the plug when it gets older anyway.


‘The glue they use for the plug is designed to kill the foal if its removed’.

Im curious if they mean that as (A) it causes too much physical trauma to pull it out (B) the glue when it solidifies is fine but if it dissolves it’s toxic and is thus absorbed and kills them.


first option probably, the foal in a can foals tend to get their plugs out because the plugs are designed to be removed by new owners, I’m guessing the people using these living furbies as marriage proposals didn’t want to risk them shitting in the box or on a ring so industrial glue is used.

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That was the original explanation if i remember correctly

that does mean the sensitive anal tissue would be fused to the industrial glue meaning that plug cannot come out without damaging the anus entirely. damage to the anus and lower intestine will just cause sepsis once the poop starts flowing.


I hope for a happy ending where this girl realises that the shitrat does not worth it


…how exactly would the glue being removed kill them? If it’s a case of ‘it’s too solid and would cause a lot of tearing’, there are workarounds for that in veterinary and human medicine. When parts of the intestines/anus are badly damaged, those parts can be removed and the tissue replaced with healthy tissue. People have segments of their intestines removed all the time, especially in cases of colon cancer. Even when it’s the anus itself, it can be done successfully. If they’re talking about toxins from dissolving the glue, then the glue would’ve killed the foal before solidifying when it was still in a liquid state.

Also…why would the company bother designing a glue specifically to kill them if removed? That sounds expensive, and rather pointless. For the people who buy these, most of them aren’t going to bother trying to remove the plug, so ANY glue that was strong enough to hold would do. Heck, no glue even needed at all if the bulb of the plug was large enough, possibly an inflatable one that could be resized after insertion to be far too large to pull out without first deflating it. For the ones who WOULD want to remove it - well, who cares? Let 'em, they’ve already paid for the foal. It’s theirs. They own it. It’s not going to cost the company more, it’s not their problem. Once it’s paid for, whatever happens to it after that has no effect on the company whatsoever. Bothering to design a glue that won’t kill them when used, but will kill upon removal, is a huge waste of profit and resources.