(Reposted) Old Habits Die Hard Pt. 4 (RoseTea)

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They all eat their dinner, making small talk and light hearted jokes with each other. Melon however, can’t keep her eyes off the foal.

“Dah babbeh isn’t bwind wight? fwuffy stiww won’t open his see-pwaces.”

Melon goes to hop off her stool, when the owner stops her.

“He’s okay Melon, just give him time. He’s awake and alert. That’s all we need to know right now.”

Melon gives a soft whine, then goes back to eating. Her motherly instincts can’t help but fixate entirely on the baby.

“Let them be Melon. I know you have a habit of obsessing over foals, but let it go for now.”

Melon Sweet starts to protest.

“Dah babbeh needs wub an’ huggies.”

“Let it go Melon.”

“Buh dah babbeh-!”

Melon is cut off by the owners phone ringing.

“Oh lord… Who could that be?”

The owner gets up, and grabs the phone.


On the other end, is a male.

“Rose! Hey it cool if I come by? I’m bored out of my mind here!”

The owner, Rose, because I’m a self insert asshat, fuck you.

Anyways, Rose, huffs and rubs her forehead.

“Hunter… I dunno, I got a new foal I just rescued here. It’s kinda hectic right now.”

“Ah a new foal? Hell yeah! Now I gotta see them! I’ll be there in 20!”

“Hunter please. Wait a while.”

Hunter can be heard huffing, before he finally answers.

“Fiiiiinnnnnneeeee, tomorrow it is then!”

Hunter then promptly hangs up.

Rose gives a soft growl in frustration, then sets her phone down.

“Whatever… Just whatever.”

She heads back to the table. Most the fluffies are already finished eating, just giving their best attempts at cleaning up.

“You guys go play, I’ll clean up. Bath time in 30 okay?.. Especially you two.”

She looks down at Sundae and Snowflake, which have spaghetti sauce all down their faces and chest fur.

The fluffies all hop up, and take off. Melon, immediately darting to the foal and curling up around him.

“Mewon needs to be mummah. Dah babbeh needs it.”

Rose shakes her head a bit, then cleans up.

“Oh my sweet… You are so persistent. Those old habits just never die with you.”