Requiem For A Doctor Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

The divide between people who want Spike to survive and people who want Spike to die horrible has been interesting to see. I already know how this story is going to end, so I’m curious to see how people react when it does.

This chapter alone is probably gonna get a bit of reaction.

Daniel was driving back to The Farm with his latest haul of Ringers, some in worse states than others, when he caught sight of something. As he was crossing a bridge he saw a Fluffy standing on the edge, looking ready to jump.

Daniel stopped the truck, Fluffies who wanted to die were common in abuse circles, but to actively seek out suicide was something new. Carefully he approached the Fluffy, it was a cream coloured unicorn with a brown mane, and from what he could see, Daniel figured it was a stallion.

“Hey there.” He spoke in a soft voice. “You ok bud?”

The Fluffy turned round, his face drenched in tears. “Pwease hoomin, wet Fwint gu foweba sweepies, nu wan wowstesh heawt huwties nu mowe.”

“Easy there mate, this is-nae the way tae go. Ye say yer names Flint? I’m Daniel, but ye can call me Danny if ye like. What’s happened tae ya?”

“Fwint wose speciaw-fwiend, nu see them in tuu many fowebas. Twy hawd tu find dem, bu sitty am tuu big an Fwint am tuu wittew. Jus wan speciaw-fwiend bak, wan gib huggies an wub an hab heawt happies gain.”

“Ok, maybe I can help ye. I work at a place wae lots a Fluffies, maybe we’ve picked up yer mate. And if no, then yer welcome tae stay wae us until we dae.”

Flint sniffled. “Weawwy, yu wet Fwint stay wiv yu?”

“Aye sure, it’s dangerous oot here for a Fluffy, dinnae want ye getting hurt now daw we?”

Flint shook his head, a small smile growing on his face as Daniel reached down and picked him up, softly stroking Flint’s mane.

“So, wit’s yer mate’s name? I’ll check the records when we get in, see if we have her.”

“Speciaw-fwiend am Moss, an Moss nu am mawe, Moss am stawwion wike Fwint.”

“Is he now? Well that’s something ya dinnae see every day.”

Setting Flint up in the passenger seat of his cab, Daniel got back in and continued his drive to The Farm.

Spike growled at Josef some more, still keeping himself between the mad doctor and Lily, he didn’t know how Josef had found him but he wasn’t letting him anywhere near his special-friend.

Surprisingly it was Lily that broke him out of his stance. “How Spike knyo Joesep?”

Spike turned to Lily, a look of shock and horror on his face. “Joesep gib famiwy wowstesh huwties, gib bruddas and sissy foweba sweepies. How Wiwy knyo Joesep?”

“Joesep am mummah’s speciaw-fwiend, hewp Wiwy afta wose weggies.”

Spike felt his the stabbing in his heart, he’d finally found a Fluffy to love and a mummah to look after him, and they were friends with Josef, the man who destroyed his family. Josef sensed the distraught in Spike’s psyche and smirked.

“If it makes you feel any better Spike, I’m not gonna hurt Lily. I’m just here for you.”

“Yu wan gib Spike foweba sweepies?”

“No. After what you did to Crimson I don’t want to kill you. I want to fucking destroy you.”

Lily’s eyes went wide. “NU! Pwease Mistah Joesep, nu huwt speciaw-fwiend Spike.”

“Special friend? Have you two even had special huggies yet?”

Spike and Lily looked at each other, both slightly embaressed by the question. Lily didn’t look at Josef as she answered.

“Nu, bu…”

“Then you’re not going to miss him when he’s gone.”

Josef pulled out a burlap sack from his coat pocket and took one step towards Spike when…


He turned round to the still open front door to see Lewis, Katherine and Alan jumping out of Lewis’ car and rushing towards him. Lewis froze when he saw the infected eye on Josef’s face.

“Jesus Mongola, what the fuck happened to you?”

“Oh this? Yeah turns out when you get fired you lose health insurance. Who would’ve thought?”

“Dammit Mongola this isn’t the fucking time to get snippy.”

“NO! This is the perfect fucking time, you’ve fucked with my fun Carter, I won’t let you do it again.”

Katherine ran up, hoping she could talk sense into him. “Joe please, I didn’t know Spike was the one who killed Crimson. I wouldn’t have picked him otherwise. I just wanted a friend for Lily, she’s been through so much, you were there, you saw what they did to her. Just let her by happy, for me Joe?”

Josef stepped towards Katherine, smiling as he took her hands and stared into her eyes. But Katherine didn’t feel right, she knew Josef well enough to recognise when something was wrong, and the scowl that appeared on his face proved her right.

“He killed Crimson Kat.”

“I know but…”

“HE KILLED CRIMSON! That monstrous cunt ruined him, destroyed everything which made him great and left him to die. He killed my friend, so fuck him, fuck Lily and fuck you.”

Katherine recoiled at the venom spitting out of Josef, she’d never been on the receiving end of it before and it scared her. That’s when she saw it, the yellow ring on Josef’s eye, it was faint but being this close to him now made it clear as day. She jumped back in horror.

“Joe, your eye… what the hell?”

“My eye’s fine Kat, just give it time to heal.”

“That’s not fine Joe, the ring…”

Lewis suddenly got very concerned. “What is it Katherine?”

“He’s got F.A.07.”

Josef snapped. “The Hell I do. You think I’d let myself get fucked with a Fluffy virus? What the fuck do you take me for?”

“Joe please, look at yourself. This isn’t normal, you’re acting crazy.”

“BECAUSE OF HIM!” Josef screamed, pointing at Spike. “Because after a year I finally have him dead to fucking rights and you’re keeping me from teaching him a fucking lesson.”

Lewis stepped forward, his head held high. “Actually Mongola she’s not; I am. The ownership of Spike hasn’t been processed yet, so he is still property of Carter’s Creature Comforts, if you harm him in anyway then we have the legal right to sue you for damage of property.”

Josef scoffed. “You think that’ll stop me. Money ain’t shit to me Carter, I can handle the legal costs.”

“It’s not money that’ll get you, it’s time. How long before you think the trial is beneath you, how long before you stop turning up because you have better things to do? If you hurt Spike, I will make sure the court is dragged out as long as fucking possible, just to hurt you.”

Josef smirked, feeling an odd sense of pride in Carter, he’d come a long way from when they last met in The Farm.

“You’re playing to my ego Carter, and I’m annoyed it’s working. Fine, I’ll let Spike go for now, but I have a proposition for you, I’ll meet you at your Farm in an hour.”

“And what make you think I’ll let you anywhere near our building.”

“Because I cured F.A.07.”

Josef left before anyone could ask him anything, leaving the three of them stunned in silence. Alan turned to Katherine, still processing what Josef just said.

“Did he really say he cured it?”

“I think he did. I knew he was experimenting on one of the stallions who attacked Lily but he never said anything about a cure.”

“Do you believe him?” Lewis asked, his tone indicating he didn’t buy it.

“I think so, Joe might be a liar at times but I don’t see the angle here to help him. If he wanted to hurt The Farm he’d just walk in. No, I think he’s telling the truth, we just need to be extra careful when letting him in.”

Lewis shook his head. “I’m still not convinced, but I’ll take a slim chance over no chance. If Mongola really has a cure for F.A.07 then we need it. My only worry is what he’ll ask for in return.”

Katherine nodded in agreement. “I’ll chase after him, see what he wants. I fear it might be Spike but I couldn’t say, I don’t know who that was we just argued with but it’s not the Josef I remember. Can you take Spike back, keep him safe at The Farm.”

“Will do.”

Katherine felt a soft tapping on her leg, she looked down to see Spike and Lily, both scared out of their minds although Spike was putting on a brave face for his new partner.

“Mummah, du Spike weawwy hab tu gu?”

“I’m afraid so Lily, Josef wants to hurt Spike, so he’s not safe here for the moment. Lewis and Alan will be looking after him for a while.”

“Can… can Wiwy gu wiv Spike. Wiwy wub Spike, wan be speciaw-fwiends.”

Katherine’s head dropped, this just made things more complicated. As much as she was happy that Lily found someone to love, the timing of it was awful, and it was all Katherine’s fault.

“Ok, tonight you two can stay at The Farm while I get this place secured, don’t want Josef sneaking up on us. You ok with that Lou?”

“Should be fine, we’ll place them with Martha and the others. Though Spike might have to be isolated for a bit while we run some blood tests.”

“That’ll be fine. Ok guys, be good for Lewis and Alan ok?”

The two Fluffies nodded and allowed the two men to pick them up, Lewis took Lily while Alan took Spike, he looked down at the black Alicorn and sighed.

“Sorry I got you into this mess Buddy?”

“It ok, Awan nu mean tu.”

With the Fluffies in tow, Lewis and Alan got back into the car and carefully drove off, leaving Katherine to follow Josef back to his house.

Josef crashed through his front door, startling the Crimson Vision at the loud noise.

“Wha da fuk up yuw poopie-pwace?”

“I had him Crimson, that fucking Alicorn Asshole who sliced you open. I was fucking steps away from having him and that cocksucker Carter got in the way.”

“Wha daddeh gun du nyo?”

“I’ll find a way to get him back, and his whole fucking family, I’ll find your kids and…”

“Who are you talking to?”

Josef spun round, seeing Katherine behind him. Any anger she had at him had vanished among the confusion, Josef just sneered at her.

“None of your fucking business, that’s who. What the hell do you want?”

“What I want is some explanation Joe. What the hell makes you think you can break into my home, threaten my Fluffy and think that’s ok?”

“I didn’t break in, I have a key.”

“That’s not the fuckin… You know what I mean Joe, if you had told me who Spike was I could’ve worked something out, instead you fucking pull that shit on me.”

“And what would you have done Kat? Moments ago you were begging me to let him live so that Lily wouldn’t be hurt, you saying if things were different you would’ve given him up that much easier.”

Katherine froze, her voice seemingly had no answer, as hard as it was to admit she knew Josef was right.

He sneered at her again. “That’s what I thought. Face it Kat, none of us are gonna get what we want out of this mess.”

“And what the fuck do you want Joe? You want to take Spike back to your fucking basement and skin him alive?”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, I do. But I’m not a fucking idiot Kat, I know I’m not gonna get my hands on that fucker’s throat, so you’ll be pleased to hear I don’t want him anymore. I want his family.”

“His family, what about them?”

“When Spike and his lot escaped his mother was pregnant with Crimson’s foals, now that Crimson’s dead I want those foals, they’re all I have left of him other than some blood samples and brain scans in the basement.”

“Do I want to know what you’re going to do them?”

“Probably not, but you know me, you can guess.”

Katherine still looked unconvinced. “I’m not sure Joe, I don’t even know if we have the foals in house, I’ve heard Spike talk about seeing his mum and his sister, and that his dad has F.A.07, but nothing about any other family.”

“Cobalt has F.A.07? Really?”

“If that’s his dad, then yes.”

Josef smiled again, once more Katherine felt unnerved by the look in his eye. “Perfect, I can use Cobalt to prove that the cure works, then use that to bargain for the foals. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“You really have a cure? You’re not just bullshitting for your own benefits?”

“What the fuck do you take me for Kat? Of course I have a cure, been testing it almost every night for the past three months trying to perfect it. It’s as close to as it’ll ever be. And before you ask how, I’m an independent entity, I didn’t have to follow safety rules or procedures or any of that shit, I treated Rufous like a fucking guinea pig and look where it got us now.”

Katherine looked at Josef’s infected eye, and the cut just below it, if he was telling the truth then the lack of safety precautions around a disease would explain why it was so bad. Of course she didn’t know the effect of F.A.07 on humans, nobody did, Josef was patient zero and he didn’t even believe he had it.

She took a deep breath, still working out what the best course of action was. “I’ll message Lewis, tell him the situation. All I can get you is an audience with him, show him this cure works and we’ll go from there.”

Josef grinned, he had the beginnings of a plan and if this went the way he was expecting, Lewis was regret every fucking with him.

“Kat, that’s all I need right now.”

Lewis read the message from Katherine just as he and Lily walked into Bay 45, Alan had taken Spike away to get his blood tested for F.A.07 before he was allowed to join the others. Martha toddled over to greet the newcomer and was surprised when she recognised her.

“Mawtha wememba yu. Yu Wiwy, yu come wiv udda huwt Fwuffies.”

Lily nodded. “How fwiends du?”

“Fwiends on gud fawm, dey hab happies. Sum bad sweepie pictas bu gud bwite-times. Wha happen tu Wiwy’s weggies?”

“Meanie stawwion huwt Wiwy, gib tummeh-babbehs foweba sweepies an tuwn Wiwy intu munstah.”

Martha immediately wrapped her hoofs around Lily. “It ok, Wiwy nu munstah, Mawtha stiww fink yu pwetty mawe. Come meet gwoup, Fwuffies am nice hewe, wan be fwiends wiv Wiwy.”

As Martha led Lily to the other mares, Lewis called Alan on the radio.

“How’s he looking Alan?”

“Good so far, no sign of infection. Otherwise blood work is normal, a few things here and there nothing out of the ordinary for a feral.”

“Good, cause Katherine just texted me. Josef’s cure is real, and he wants to prove it on Cobalt.”

“Spike’s dad? You sure that’s wise?”

“No but I still can’t tell Josef’s angle on this. If he’s lying then we’ve just handed him a target on a silver platter, if he’s telling the truth then he has every reason to demand something from us.”

“You think he wants Spike?”

“Maybe, maybe something else. Katherine says we should at least hear him out, I know she has her biases but in this regard I’m thinking we trust her.”

“Alright, once Spike’s given the all clear I’ll grab Cobalt and bring him in, even if Josef is full of shit we can at least tell him to fuck off if he tries anything.”

“Honestly Alan, telling him to ‘fuck off’ doesn’t even begin to describe what I want to do to Mongola. But it’ll be a good start.”

By the time Josef and Katherine arrived, Lewis had set up a small meeting point in one of the offices, given the severity of the situation, Alan was with him, as was Spike who was on the table, Lily who insisted on being with her special-friend and was sat next to him.

And to the sides, the box containing Cobalt.

Spike had barely seen his father since he got diagnosed a couple months back, the few times he had always ended the same way, with Cobalt not recognising Spike and shouting abuse at him. It hurt to her his father say these words, but he knew it was the disease talking.

Spike looked over at Lily, she was quivering at the sight of the box, Cobalt could smell a mare in the room and was acting up because of it.

“Whewe am Cobawt wumps? Gib bak wumps su Cobawt can gib enfies to dummeh mawe.”

Spike placed a hoof on Lily’s shoulder. “It ok, he nu can huwt yu. Spike nu wet him.”

“Stiww am scawy.”

“Spike knyo.”

Just then, the door opened and in walked Josef and Katherine, Josef had a smug smile on his face and it was all Lewis could do not to smack it off of him. Spike felt the same way as he growled at his nemesis once more.

Josef looked Spike straight in the eye. “Easy there you little cunt, I’m actually here for your benefit.”

“Leave him Mongola.” Lewis spoke in a louder than usual voice. “Just tell us what you want.”

“Straight to business, I like it. Ok, as you know, Spike here and his family were… guests at my home about a year ago. They escaped and on the way out, Spike here killed my pet Crimson.”

“Cwimson was biggesh meanie, Spike nu sowwy fow gibben him foweba sweepies.”

Alan placed a hand on Spike’s back and soothed him. “Easy Spike, don’t let him get to you.”

Josef smirked at Spike’s reaction and continues. “Anyway, when Spike and his family escaped, his mother was pregnant with Crimson’s foals. To put a fine point on it, I want those foals; in exchange for them I’ll give you the formula for the F.A.07 cure I developed.”

Lewis shook his head. “You’re wasting your time Mongola, there were no foals when we found Spike, just him, his parents and his sister Rose.”

“Is that so? Spike, do you want to tell us what happened to the Crimson’s foals.”

“Spike nu teww Joesep.”

“You will, or I won’t cure your father.”

Lewis leant over to talk to Spike. “You don’t have to tell him if you don’t want to, nobody’s forcing you to.”

Spike nodded, as much as he hated Chilli and Taffy, they were still his siblings, and Moss definitely didn’t deserve to end up in Josef’s hands. But if Josef could cure Cobalt, then he could cure the other sick Fluffies as well.

Spike made his choice. “Mummah hab fouw babbehs, twu cowts, twu fiwwies. Dey Chiwwi, Moss, Taf-ee an Ginga. Chiwwi am bad babbeh, tuu mush wike Cwimson. Chiwwi gwow up tu be meanie, gib Ginga foweba sweepies den take Taf-ee an Moss and wun away. Spike nu see bruddas an sissy in su many fowebas.”

Lily nuzzled up to Spike, remembering how hard telling that story was. Alan pet him a little bit as he looked up at Josef.

“Spike’s been here six months man, wherever his siblings are, we don’t know.”

Josef kept smiling, making Lewis and Alan very concerned. “Very well, in which case I have a new proposition for you…”

“We’re not hearing anything until you prove this cure ain’t bullshit.” Lewis wanted Josef gone as soon as possible, and hearing him prattle on was the last thing he wanted.

“Very well then, I take it Cobalt’s on the box there.”

Lewis nodded. “He is. And know that if this doesn’t work, I’ll have you arrested for destruction of property.”

“Ok then.”

As Josef approached the box, Lewis eyed Katherine, his face teling her he was still iffy about letting Josef do this.

“I’ve seen the science Lou, it should work.”

Josef opened the box and looked down at Cobalt, the little blue unicorn stared at Josef, trying to place the somewhat familiar face.

Then it hit him.


“Seems he remembers me.”

Josef then took out a small green spray bottle from his coat and sprayed Cobalt in the face. The stallion spluttered and coughed as the spray did its work, and slowly but surely his eyes returned to their normal colour.

“Wha… whewe am Cobawt? Nu wememba how git hewe.”

Josef stepped back as Alan lifted Cobalt out of the box and placed him on the table, Spike cautiously stepped forward.


Cobalt turned, seeing the face of his son in the first time in… god he didn’t even know how long.



Spike rushed over and hugged his father, so happy to have him back.

“Whewe am Fwuffies, whewe Wavenda, whewe Wose?”

“Fwuffies in Fawm, dewe am sickies in da wind, hoomins wook afta famiwy wen daddeh hab sickies.”

“Cobawy hab sickie? Nu can wememba dat.”

“It ok, daddeh weww gain. Oh, daddeh, dis am Wiwy, she gun be Spike speciaw-fwiend.”

Lily wheeled herself forward, trying to smile without her teeth chattering. “It nice to meet yu Cobawt, Spike am bestesh speciaw-fwiend eba.”

Before Cobalt could say anything, Josef burst in. “Not to interrupt this little fucking love in, but we have a deal to get done with. As you can see, the cure works, I’ll even give you a few days to see that it still works, but if you want to understand how it works, then I want those fucking foals. You’re a multi-million company now Carter, send your little fucking minions out into the city and find those fucking Fluffies if you want any chance of ending this virus.”

Lewis looked down at Cobalt, the cure did work, he prayed that it wouldn’t but he was looking at the proof right in front of him. It would save hundred is nor thousands of Fluffies, but send three of them into the hands of a psychotic.

“No deal.”

“The fuck did you just say?”

“No deal. I’m not wasting time and effort on finding three needles in a haystack just to get a cure that our lab boys will probably figure out by the time we actually find them. I’ve spent the last 2 and a half years trying to break myself out the mindset that Fluffies are objects to be passed around, and I’m not going to regress myself for you Mongola. No. Fucking. Deal.”

Everyone waited for Josef to explode, the launch himself into a tirade about how he was going to destroy Carter and everything he stood for. But he didn’t, he simply stood there, smiling, while a cruel glint formed in his eye.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

And before anyone could notice what he was doing, Josef pulled out a red spray bottle from his other pocket and hit Cobalt in the face.

Cobalt jumped back, the liquid stinging his eyes. “SEE-PWACE HAB BUWNIE HUWTIES!”

Katherine was gobsmacked. “What did you do Joe? What the fuck did you do?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

Katherine turned back to Cobalt, his head had dropped, his breathing was ragged, Spike positioned himself between Cobalt and Lily and took a step closer to his father.

“Daddeh? Am yu ok?”

Cobalt’s head shot up, and Spike nearly screamed. His father’s eyes were pure yellow, his mouth foaming, the monstrous Cobalt locked eyes with Spike, and charged.


Spike barely had enough time to jump out of the way of his mad father, it was onluy die to Cobalt’s missing front leg that he was even able to. But still Cobalt’s horn grazed his side, cutting a nasty scar under his ribcage.


“Daddeh pwease, nu huwt Spike.”


Cobalt charged again, Spike was too close to the edge to dodge again, so when Cobalt got close enough, Spike dipped under him and tackled him, dropping himself and his father to the ground. He tried to wrap as much of himself around Cobalt, trying to hold him down, but Cobalt’s ferocity kept him pushing forward regardless, his chomping teeth looking for anything to grab.

Eventually he managed to bite down on one of Spike’s wings and tore it off.

“NUUHHUUUUHHUUU!!!” Spike wailed in agony as Cobalt bit through muscle and bone to rip his left wing off his body, Spike threw his father off him, in too much pain to keep holding on.

Lily turned to Alan in horror. “DU SUMFING, PWEASE!”

Alan leapt forward, trying to grab Cobalt, only for the blue unicorn to jump out of the way and bite down on Alan’s hand, drawing blood.

“Fuck, what the hell, I’m bleeding, how the hell…”

“Dulled pain receptors.” Josef explained. “Cobalt doesn’t know to stop biting because he kept feel the pain of doing so. He can’t feel anything now except the rage.”

Katherine turned round and slapped Josef. “You fucking psycho, give me the cure bottle.”

“Oh I’m afraid it’s quite useless here Kat, once a Fluffy’s been hit with concentrated F.A.07, then there’s no coming back from that. This only ends one way.”

Spike rolled out Cobalt’s next charge, he was getting exhausted all while Cobalt didn’t seem affected at all, if anything he was getting angrier. His teeth already stained with the blood from Spike’s wings.”


“Cobawt, yu am Spike daddeh, pwease stop.”


Cobalt took yet another charge at Spike, his horn pointing straight at his son. Spike knew there was nothing he could, Cobalt was too far gone. There was only thing left to do; Spike positioned himself in front of the charging Cobalt, and allowed his father to stab him in the shoulder.

Getting Cobalt close enough for Spike to wrap his leg around his neck.

Cobalt screamed, a horrid, choked scream as Spike tightened his grip. “Pwease daddeh, wememba Spike, wememba Wavenda, wememba Wose. Dey youw famiwy, dey need yu.”


Spike winced at every horrid word coming out of his father’s foaming mouth, he could feel his weaknened state getting to him, Cobalt was starting to slip loose.

“Spike am sowwy daddeh.”



Spike twisted his father’s neck and threw him off of him, Cobalt’s limp body crashed onto the table, the blue stallion was dead.

The whole room was silent except for the distraught howling of Spike, the pain both physical and mental were the worst he’d ever experienced. Lewis looked up into the smug fucking face of Josef, and he went for him.


Only by Alan’s quick reaction was he able to stop Lewis from attacking Josef. “Leave it Lou.”

“He’s a fucking psycho.”

“He’s not worth it.”

Lewis seethed at Josef but he calmed down, eventually standing up and dusting himself down, Josef just smirked at him.

“New deal Carter. You find me those foals, or I will personally go around this city spraying every fucking Fluffy I see with this stuff. And trust me, I have enough to blanket the whole fucking country. You have a month, get to it.”

With a final sneer at the three horrified faces of Lewis, Alan and Katherine, Josef left the building, the sounds of Spike’s deranged wails still singing in his ears as he went home.

Chapter 3


Well shit


…can’t they just call the government? Josef has a bioweapon, has used it, and has threatened to continue to use it. Just have them arrest Josef and seize the cure.


Well they have to have proof plus they have to call the cops in order to get fbi to get him, i mean if someone said that someone has a deadly bioweapon they would most likely hang up so they would have to say they are doing something suspicious with drugs but even that wouldn’t work because they would need a warrant for the cops to search Josef’s house


There must be security cameras in the room they were in. Those would provide more than enough proof.
Even if there weren’t it’d be the word of multiple people accusing a known unstable and violent individual who was already connected to previous murders, even if it was his brother who committed them.
I don’t think it’d be hard to get a warrant.


Little disappointed he didn’t nail spike with the bottle. He needs to die. Slowly and horribly.

Carter needs to suffer as well.


Josef’s got two things on his side.

Firstly, it’s a bioweapon that target Fluffies, so nobody is gonna give much of a shit. As far as anyone know, Josef is still the only cross-species case and nobody’s really sure what he has.

Secondly, even if people do give a shit, he’s insanely rich.


He have the perfect weapon against fluffies and they see him as villain.


Who hurt you?


WOOOOO hahahaha fuck yeah! I love it!


It’s better then I expected!
It would seem ol’ Dr Joey has passed the point of no return and all that’s really left is to see who he takes with him to hell! Fuck I can’t wait for the next part!

N&H silliness

“Su, whu ahead on scowin’ pwot points?” Napoleon asked.

“Daddeh Josef, bu’ Hippowita expect’d dat.”

The two looked down at their scribbles, scrutinizing the thoughts thereon. To the side were two bingo cards with “Cwimson Says Fuk” as the free center spot.

“Fwuffy kiww fwuffy.”

“Speshul Fwen.”

“Dead fwuffy.”




“Hab ‘bingo’ yets?”

“Nu. Yu?”

“No eben cwose.”

“Yu t’ink daddeh gon’ make whowe city ob dummehs?”

“Mabbeh. But if daddeh Josef can make den oddah hoomin mabbeh make tu.”

“Dey no daddeh Josef doh.”


The two pondered. Killing dummies was one of their favorite things to do, but this was something entirely different. Most dummies were self-made dummies. But making a good fluffy or just a sorta dummeh dummy into a full-blown hellgremlin dummy was something else entirely.

“How much iz daddeh Josef an’ how much is sickies?”

“Hawd fow teww. Daddeh Josef no am nice mistah fow stawt.”

Looking at Lilly, Hippolyta yelled, “No gib up!” even though she couldn’t hear past the 4th wall. Naploleon repeated it for Flint and Moss.

VERY good read. I’m finally getting that unhappy pairing between Josef and Lewis I’ve been wanting!


Now now, everyone enjoys these things differently. And it is a fair point.


Explain please…

You were like “who hurt you” on Johnny’s post. Johnny (going by their tag) likes abuse, I’m assuming likes Josef, and doesn’t like Spike. A lot of people don’t since Spike killed Crimson, and those people like Crimson.

I’m enjoying all this as a thriller (albeit with fluffies). I’m kind of neutral on that - I don’t like Crimson but have no attachment to Spike. I like Lewis way more than Josef, but want them both to suffer at each other’s hands because that conflict will be interesting.

I see “who hurt you” and its kind of… nobody? Nobody did?

That said, I am old and might simply be missing the joke if you had one in mind.

Also: Spike is arguably under protection against direct action from Josef due to his new connection with Katherine through Lily. So spraying him was an option if Josef was ready to deal with the consequences. But dramatically, forcing Spike to kill or be killed by his own father was arguably worse.


It feels like Josef is degrading already, his plans are becoming less well thought through and more obviously emotional.


holy shit. RIP Cobalt


Chikahiro said pretty much what I was going to. I like the abuse side, you don’t. That’s fine, both the hugbox side and the abuse side co-exist on here. No need for passive-aggressive comments against those who have different perspectives or tastes than you.


Well there’s only one answer. Kill the prick and take the cure. It’s not like Lewis doesn’t know a few military people. I don’t trust Josef to give the cure even if he was given the foals or not to use the shit that makes it worse if he does give the cure. Also in a month parts of his brain may be dead.


Josef, you mutha fluffa. Glad that Spike got the killing blow in what would likely have been a lopsided battle. Then again, Spike is at adult age and being an Alicorn would provide some girth and mass to help. Poor Spike, killing monsters is never easy for him.


Man this was indeed a twist poor cobalt, no wonder that red shit was with him.

Spike gonna be in deep depression on this.

He lost it now even Katherine knew this with that yellow eye .

Now he gotten worst than before might say a terrorist level if he indeed try to spray that all over the city. im sure Jonathan would be I dunno smiling or surprised if he learn bout this @BFM101

Josef outburst for Crimsom feels same with villains i have seen kills victims with no care what so ever and goes bonkers when one of his member or siblin dies.

And seems Daniel saved Flint…the same Flint who met Moss days before? :astonished:

Well hope they find the trio if they still alive and have a solution to stop Josef would be rampage, guess no matter what the Mongola line is fuck up…well save for the uncle and the other guy.

Cant wait to read the next one.