Sad day at Fluffy shop (InfraredTurbine)

Well not a good day for him

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might as well warm up the incinerator if turd ferguson there is already starting to act up


I have a soft spot for brown fluffies, but throwing a tantrum like that is not good fluffy behavior.


I love how you draw fluffies


Welp, be happy you got to live in comfort for a bit because these “dummeh humans” are gunna turn you into a litter pal now.


Litterpal material…or an Enfie Pal…


Brown’s not wrong, discrimination based solely on inherent characteristics such as fur color does suck.

But Brown has a much bigger problem, namely, that he is completely at the mercy of the humans. He is a possession, without any rights. If he were free, like a feral, he might still face discrimination, but at least he could move away, find somewhere he could be accepted, and perhaps fight against the discrimination.

There’s an interesting parallel to American history here, but this is a picture about silly pig-hamsters, so I’ll refrain from making it.


Even more reason to buy both, and shower the blue one with love and affection, and force the brown one to watch


same, plus he isnt half bad looking, not as pretty as his brother but still decent looking i guess

The brown turd deserves a painful demise and i am the kind of person who usually is at least a bit sympathetic to bad coloured fluffies. But this one obviously suffers from the smarty syndrome and as such deserves all abuse in the world.


You’d tantrum too in that sort of situation

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This reminds me of Bad luck for poopie babbeh, which puts a smile on my face as if there’s more to the story.

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tbh imo brown fluffies would be a great color as well
imagine after a good shower and some shampoo how shiny its fur would get :smiley:
it would look like a small hamster xD


Good choice… a brown fluffy is only worth as much as its humility and gratefulness. It should expect nothing.

Well, then don’t throw a tantrum you ugly brat

Let’s see you stomp your hooves after I pillow you, you piece of shit

Please do a follow up with brown’s humiliation and inhumane death.

Also $25??? Last chance at 25 dollars?? Fucking hell what was the starting price?


“Hey Chuck, the incinerator is down. Take this lighter and this cup of gasoline out back and just put the foal in it and light up.”

I was hoping someone would point this out; what kind of ripoff outfit is this? $25? It’s an earthie for fluff’s sake!

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Inflation is a bitch