Selfish choice 4 : Foal 4 ending (Cmss by BFM) (InfraredTurbine)

Maybe it was a good ending for her ? o_o

Commissioned by @BFM101
part of Selfish choices 4

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Let’s call it bittersweet, she’s alive which is the main thing.

Inspiration for this outcome came from Sonnie’s Edge of Love, Death & Robots. I may rip off that episode for a text story on Sunny someday


Yeah definitely a lesser evil kinda deal going on here. Because eventually she’ll fold. But she at least has a chance to fight to keep her life for the time being


fuck yeah badass baby!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Kinda want to see her fight #5

Survivor song starts playing*

I hope she gets to retire and have a nice home life. Maybe even coaching other fighting fluffs in her elder years

Given that she’s the in care of Pete Langford, a guy who once punished an invading stallion by forcibly giving him a sex-change, chances for Sunny’s well-being are not too high.


I love her. Just really good character arc imo.

That statement is hardcore as fuck

Badass as fuck

I feel like at home, the owner conditionally trains and Unconditionally loves her