- Selfish Choices 4 - (InfraredTurbine)

Sup folks!

Here we go! Part 4 :slight_smile:

I made it with a good variety like last time, so I hope you like it :V
The rules are the same as the previous ones, if you missed any, you can find them here:
1st Edition / 2nd Edition / 3rd Edition

Like the previous version, these foals were abbandoned by a herd.

Available foals in green colors green colors , adopted foals in Gray colors :

Foal 1: Earthie, screwed leg, can’t walk without dragging its body;
Foal 2: Unicorn, Blind of one eye;
Foal 3: SBS foal, can’t talk or walk and cries all the time;
Foal 4: Alicorn, Broken horn and a missing leg;
Foal 5: SBS foal, cries all the time;
Foal 6: Unicorn, overly sensitive to all noises;
Foal 7: Unicorn, demands only milk from his mother (until today);
Foal 8: Earthie, Smarty. Demands all the milk when it’s not sleeping;
Foal 9: Earthie, Special baby, can’t talk and cries when his mother is away;

Personal Notes:

As I always like to remenber: this whole idea was proudly created together with Depresso (RandomAirPeople). I’m not a big fan of selling adoptables, so selling foals with stories in which people can buy and see a new drawn ending for them is pretty cool for me :3
Feel free to ask questions about them if you want to.
To commission an ending for them, feel free to contact me here on PM or on discord: Matt__#9892

All foals endings can be found linked bellow as soon as they are made:

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me any time!!


I can already smell the misery.


Oh boy! What delightful horrors await us. :slight_smile:


So many doomed fluffies.


Shiiiit, look at all the failure shitlings.
I almost don’t hate the mother/herd for abandoning them…

…but they’re still fluffies so they’ll most likely get an ending of their own.


How does this work?

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Some nice looking rocks in this lineup. :slight_smile:



Is foal 3 unable to walk and talk, or can it walk but not talk? The description was unclear.

The following would be clearer if the former:
“can’t talk or walk, and cries all the time;”

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I forgot to mention they were abbandoned by a herd, I was real sleepy xD

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fixed it, thank you!

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People can commission an ending for a foal they want to see an ending.
It works just like a simple commission, and then I draw the ending they wanted

It’s the best way to go about it in my opinion.
People not only get to choose their fate but get the art to accompany that choice.

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Oh, I know what you are implying… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you.

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the rock when it’s night

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When you bury yourself to sleep but ‘accidentally’ leave your ass hanging out in the air.

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How did a bunch of disabled foals get so far?

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abbandoned by a herd again
they left the dead weight behind

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